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Monica is rehabilitated self-loather finally enjoying the person God created her to be. She’s also feeling free to say “no,” and repeats it often. Monica blogs at Elevate Ideas.

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  1. I love this post…I can imagine that many times in my life, even recently, God has looked at me and said, “Stop telling me what to do.” And your line, “But lately I haven’t even been asking, so he can’t answer.” can be so true of me as well. I think we get wrapped up in our daily lives and think we have it all under control that we forget to ask. This is a great reminder!

    • Can I just ditto what you wrote? wow, I needed this reminder. I’ve had four miscarriages in less than a year. We’ve tried obsessively controlling the situation with every possible intervention, we’ve completely left it up to faith and put it in God’s hands, we’ve even taken the middle ground. Still no snow, and I have been so afraid to pray for snow! I am afraid that my prayer won’t be answered… pregnant again and holding my breath. Maybe it’s time to get on my knees.

      • Stacy,

        Thank you so much for the transparency of your comment. My heart breaks for you having experienced the heartache of four miscarriages. I don’t know much, but I do know God has an amazing way of threading together our tragedies and tears into very beautiful moments and experiences. As I wrote, I understand the fear of asking for snow. To me, though, the sweetest thing about God is that He knows how scary it is. And whether He makes snow for us or not, He will still bring showers…but they will be showers of love, peace and grace.

        I will pray for you as you walk down this path for the fifth time. Please let me know how things go.

        Love, Monica

  2. This is a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant post. I’m glad April linked it. My problem has been responding to “Stop telling Me what to do” with an “OK, then do something already!” Then when I don’t see anything happening in the areas were I want God to move, I take it back and think that He’s not lowering the temp enough to snow.

  3. Letting go of control. Surrender. So hard…and yet, ironically, the only real way to freedom for our hearts. Taking a deep breath and leaning into Jesus again. Thanks for this reminder, Monica!

  4. I received a similar rebuke from my 4 year old son this week. We adopted our son 4 years ago and 3 years ago we applied for a second adoption. We are still waiting for our 2nd child. A couple weeks ago I felt like giving up and just accepting that God wanted us to have 1 child.
    In the kitchen one night I said to my son, “you are such a wonderful gift and if God chooses that you are the only child I ever have, I am so blessed.” I thought this was a good statement until my son replied:
    “Mom! God is God!”
    I realized that I was not showing contentment (as I thought), but a lack of faith in what I know God has called our family to do.
    God has not forgotten us–He still speaks to us through our little ones!

  5. You have no idea how I needed to hear this message today. After some unwelcomed news following tests at the hospital yesterday, I had already decided the results and was planning how I was going to handle the diagnosis. I only saw “rain”, not “snow”. Even though conditions point to “rain”, a flurry of “snow” is still possible. So, instead of carrying an umbrella, I’m going grab my mitts, and wait expectantly.

    Thank you for the hope…and for letting me see that “rain” is not the end of the story…even if it does come.

    “Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” Matthew 6 v34, The Message

    Blessings to you,
    PS. I hope it’s ok…I gave a link to this post on my Facebook page 🙂

    • Joy, my prayers are with you as you move forward during this journey! I love that verse you quoted from the Message version…”don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.” The “may or may not” stops me dead in my tracks every time. I’ll be waiting expectantly with my mittens on too. Please let me know how you’re doing! Monica

  6. Wow! This is so beautiful and convicting and challenging and encouraging…all wrapped up into one stunning post. Thank you for this profound reminder!

  7. I’ve found myself trying to take action rather than wait on God’s timing. His perfect timing is always the best option. Yet it takes renewal, focus, and reminders like your post to get my focus on what I think I have to handle and give it to Him! Thank you for this post.

  8. Monica. Beautiful. I’ll never forget that February morning when schools were closed for the first time because of snow in years. I know Kennesaw in particular gave me the day off because they hadn’t had to close their doors in nearly 7 years [if I remember correctly]. Ironically I sat across the restaurant from the college president that day and laughed that we’d all played hookie. It was a glorious day off…to meet Jaana. God writes the most beautiful stories.

  9. Oh…. “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!” To truly LET GO and let GOD be GOD….that is my wish and my prayer this Christmas. Not to mention, let me TRUST in this entire process. Your words and heart are SO honest, Monica- I am so blessed to call you a friend! xoxowendy