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Joy lives in Arizona with her husband and daughter with one on the way. She loves the Lord, blogs at Scottsdale Moms Blog and has a passion for community.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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    • Yes, now if we can only remember that as we make our lists and run our errands before Christmas day! I must remember daily!

  1. That’s right All for his Glory! It’s easy to forget isn’t it?!
    You have a beautiful daughter! Blessings as you continue to pour into her life!

    • Thank you so much for the sweet encouragement! It’s amazing to see the Lord’s handywork up close and personal in a little child.

  2. Ah, His glory. A good reminder. I also just wrote about glory and the attraction of it. I am thankful it can be found in the mundane and in the marvelous! And humbled that we are to reflect His glory in all things.

    • Linda,
      “Glory” is an interesting study… and the more that I learn about God’s Glory, the more I am amazed by it.

      I first came across the REALITY of it in Exodus 33, where God’s Glory passes before Moses and God shields Moses from His face and shows Moses His back. It is truly mysterious!

  3. Joy,

    Thanks for the reminder. It seems as though God is trying to tell me something today. Each of my 5 devotions and your blog all had to do with “Doing small stuff all for the Glory of God”.

    Sometimes it is easy to forget that God is in the small stuff as well as the big. Nice to be reminded that he cares for us no matter what we’re doing.

  4. Many years ago I read somewhere to be grateful for dirty dishes because this means we had food and to be grateful for dirty laundry because this means we have clothes to wear. A house in need of cleaning means we have a place to call home. Those sticky fingerprints that appear about a foot up on the walls indicates that precious little children live with us. Over the years I’ve seen several different versions of this idea and as a woman who would far rather read, paint, plan or go for a drive than do housework, this thought has blessed me tremendously. The housework is here because the blessings are here. Father, help me keep my home as a service to You and my dear family.

    • Oh, I LOVE that! Thank you for the reminder to Praise the Lord in the midst of EVERYTHING!

      Yes, I can grumble about this or that, but would I want to be anyplace other than in my home with my little one? Nope, not a chance.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement!