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I grew up in Jonesboro, AR, where I was known as one of the "Houston girls." (That's pronounced house-ton). I was the third of four girls, and my house was full of love, laughter, and excitement! I started writing in the second grade and never stopped. My parents sat and...

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. I have prayed for parking spots for years. and God has given them to me. It has been a great testimony to my mom. She used to laugh at me for praying out loud, now she often prays for it before I do. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness to us even in such ‘little’ things.

  2. Hey Girl! We are sorority sisters!! It made me smile to see the ZTA house on the U of A campus when I opened this page this morning. I lived there for three years. Thanks for the fun walk down memory lane and for reminding us all that God cares about the details of our lives (I prayed for parking spaces too)! 🙂

  3. I know some people think God doesn’t care or doesn’t need to waste His time with parking spots, but I’m kind of with you–I think He really does care about the little things in our lives. One time I drove one of my daughters into Chicago for her birthday–we were going to pick out an American Girl doll, but we didn’t have much time since she had to be back at 1:00 for school. So on the way I told my daughter about our time dilemma, and I prayed out loud for a parking spot so that she could see God at work. (Of course, I was also silently pleading with God in my heart.) We arrived at the store, which doesn’t have parking in front of it, but in the very next block where there was parking was a spot with our name on it. We didn’t even have to drive around the block!

  4. The Father truly does care about all the things we are concerned about. I love this post but the part I love most is that He tucked at your heart to heal a place that was hurting and you were willing enough to go there with Him. Thanks for the reminder that big or small the Father sees, He knows and above all else He cares.

  5. God is so good and cares about the little things that really are big things to us…I have prayed for countless parking spaces, especially when I was in college, too :o) Parallel parking is NOT my favorite thing to do, either! Thank you so much for this post!

  6. That is so amazing and only God can do that type of thing. Isn’t it wonderful when you listen to what God is asking and let Him work out the pain of life.

  7. Just finished a Priscilla Shirer Bible study where we discussed the small and big things we can trust God for…then I saw your post what a great reminder that there is nothing too small to concern God with. If it concerns us, it concerns Him. BTW, my daughter is being initiated into that very house this very night! Hope she finds a sisterhood of other believers there that will encourage her in her own walk of faith.

  8. What a blessing to enjoy this story and the comments evoked. I get so invigorated by the unity of His children by His Spirit. Considering how frail and incompetent we are on our own, and that fact that most of us have always believed in our own strength, will bring understanding that the greater battle is His patience waiting for our surrender to His grace. Then all these things are added unto us when and as we need them, His supply is inexhaustable and His mercies are renewed every morning. Taste and see that the Lord is good. When you trust in Him, nothing can overcome you; He is inconquerable, unfailing and loves you without end. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the cross, and for every moment of confidence in your loving care.