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Myra spends her days loving her husband and son, decorating, writing, conquering the laundry monster, crafting and spray painting.

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  1. i so needed to hear this – its exactly where i’ve been lately.
    thank you for sharing. God bless.

  2. Thank you for this post. Some days you think you are the only one struggling with these issues. I have been so distant from Jesus past few months and I know it. I know why I am stressed and yell at my kids and not happy with my hubby. It not cause of them it cause of me and my relationship with Christ. I tell myself every morning “ok today I WILL read my bible and today I WILL give Him more then a 2 min prayer” But just like yesterday I find one excuse after another. And as I lay down my head at night and I tell Him how sorry I am and how much I love Him, I know he forgives me. I dont deserve His love or His forgiveness, but I am so glad I have it.

    • Girl, we are all so undeserving. I’ve found that it’s true in my home too…that if Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” If I’m not where I need to be with Christ it shows everywhere. Thank you for your comment. You are definitely not alone! 🙂

  3. I could SO relate to what you wrote! I experienced that dark cloud recently myself. In the midst of the darkness, I knew in my heart God was doing some refining, so I had His hope. It was still a dark pit, nonetheless. Afterward, I realized it was a time of major healing in my life. I bawled to Christian songs. It was like I was listening to the words of decade old songs for the very first time! During this time I realized I didn’t fully trust God, so I decided to give HIM my whole heart. WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT HAS MADE. I feel more joy and peace now than I ever have before in my life!! Like you, I realized how much He LOVES me! It’s taken me YEARS to “get it” but now I look forward to talking to Him and reading His word. My heart and life has been forever transformed because I know now, finally, that HE LOVES ME! HE LOVES ME!!

  4. Awesome post. I feel this way at times, and it is incredible when songs come to mind in the midst of it all to remind us. This one comes to mind as I type this: “Jesus, lover of my soul…Jesus, I will never let you go. You’ve taken me, from the miry clay. You’ve set my feet upon the rock, and now I know… I love you, I need you. THough my world may fall, I’ll never let you go. My Saviour, my closest friend. I will worship you until the very end.”

  5. Oh, beautiful Myra, it was so good to see your face here this morning and at Relevant recently. Your words here are like a hand gently guiding us back to that light–THE LIGHT. We can all wander and find ourselves in the shadows. Thanks for helping us turn toward home, toward Him, again. So happy your words are with us today!

    • Thank you Holley for the opportunity to share a little bit of my story here. I’m so blessed to be surrounded with amazing, Christ-loving women. 🙂

  6. I received this post in an email from (in)courage. As I read it I was thinking… her too… she knows… I have got to follow this woman’s blog on the Internet as we have the same feelings.

    I got to the end of the post and was delighted to find that this woman is already my friend. God had already led me to her and her blog. I had just forgotten how warm and wonderful God and she were together. Thank you (in)courage for the reminder.

    Thank you Myra for the awesome post. You touched my heart again lady!

    I love you,
    Grandma Patty Ann

  7. Great post, cousin! And so true for all of us – I think we all wander away from the Light at various points in our life… It’s so neat to see how He can use the simplest truths, or even songs, to bring us all back into His beauty and peace! Thanks for sharing your heart, Myra!

  8. Myra
    Thank you!!!

    I am in this place right now that feels like such a struggle. It just happened. I wandered and now it seems like such a far place from God but I am so glad that you wrote this….it was such a encouragement

  9. Oh, Myra. The line about not trusting He could get you out of that situation, but knowing He was the only one who could STUNG my soul. That has been my predicament, the bump in my Christian journey for a very long time. I’ve struggled to put words, a face, to this faceless, nameless thief of the night. And the enemy fooled me into believing it was within me, when in fact, I allowed him to place that DOUBT on my heart. Thank you is not sufficient enough to explain to you quite how prolific this was to me personally; it’s an “AH HA” moment, for sure. I have got to trust Him, my Father, even though I didn’t have an earthly father I could trust in. The Lord is the only way out, and He’s the only one that craves and desires that role: my Savior. Beautiful post, from a beautiful person. You are blessed, my dear!

  10. Such a beautiful, powerful post, Myra. Thanks for sharing this! It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and lose our focus. I am so thankful for His love and grace that draw us back!

  11. Wow Myra that is a wonderful testimony and you put into words what I have felt beautifully. Struggling still but there is light…
    Continue ministrying to those who need to see that glimmer of light and hope. It does matter, you matter and they do. GOD sees everyone. :0) Elaine

  12. Satan loves to trap us in the dark and he does it to everyone. It’s hard not to run around in fear trying to get out of the darkness. It’s hard to remember to ask Jesus to be our light. I am terrible at wanting to do everything for myself. Control is my biggest weakness.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. Trust that we are all in the same boat. You are a blessing to those who feel alone in their world.

    • Darlene, you are so precious! Thank you for your sweet comment. I think that we all have to fight the daily darkness that tries to take over our souls. I’ve been meditating more even today on Him and His light. xoxo

  13. I have been in the wilderness for so long, I just couldn’t find my way back. So lost… I love your projects and love coming to your site, and it was not by accident I came upon this, but by God’s wonderful, glorious grace. Oh the joy that floods my soul and the sweet repentance! And His loving grace. I just sit here weeping as His love washes over me cleaning my brokeness away and giving me a new heat… Back to the promised land. <3

  14. Living out the word is Faith … and its not always a dance through flowers. Our Soul fight against the stretch and our Spirit fight for us to make us. It’s a dark time depending on the height/depth of the Next Level. Your rope was Yes, Jesus loves me, mine is Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of peace to give you a future and a hope …” There’s something I’m believing God for and “I” feel like it should have happen quite some time ago, but it hasn’t and not things are topsy turvy, but I know God isn’t trying to hurt me .. they my rope to hold on. storm clouds gather, but my anchor holds because I know his thoughts toward me are Peaceful. Even when he stretches and it hurts …. His intention is for my good and not to harm me.