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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. Just a few little nourishing weekend plans here:
    Breakfast on the front porch
    A walk through the woods
    Maybe some more bread baking?
    And then to pass Christ’s grace to the right: making a peach pie for Grandpa Voskamp and sharing a happy Sunday afternoon at his house with all the kids…
    Just some simple moments that He makes into a feast!
    And you? 🙂

  2. Wow, those are some powerful questions to consider and pray over. Ann, I just adore your writing. It really is the highlight of my day when I see a new post from you.

  3. Ann! You have inspired me…
    I think I will have to plan a little morning brunch for my husband…we are kidless this weekend and rather than clean out the garage we need to delight in all that God has done in our lives this past year and yes, feast on His goodness.
    And when said kids come back…we are planning to watch a movie on the beach!

  4. Hmmmm……soul nourishing. One of the things I do for that is go out and take a blanket to my field and lay down and watch the clouds. The Lord ALWAYS meets me there. It’s away from the phone, work, and other demands and it’s extrememly peaceful.
    As far as passing the feast to the right? I would like to make a pie for our police dept. It’s a small town so there is only a few, but they are wonderful. They have really been there for us.

  5. going to INDY to shop for clothes after church on Sunday. eating breakfast out at Mary Lou Doughnut’s in Lafayette,IN on Sat. morning…to die for doughnuts…

  6. Love this post! Summer flies by quickly if not intentionally captured and savored. This weekend, my husband and I will take a day trip to the Renaissance Festival. It’s one of our few, precious annual rituals, a day for just the two of us to enjoy the sun, good food and laughter.
    Passing it along? Dropping some fun cards in the mail for friends I know will need a mid-week pickup!

  7. Great post.
    Soul-nourishing: doing some sewing, and planning a quilt.
    Passing grace to the right: working on decorations for a baby shower I am co-hosting tomorrow. And cooking for the same shower. And preparing a sermon for tomorrow.

  8. Soul-nourishment: A walk to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Kent, followed by exploring along the river, and reading at the gazebo.
    Passing grace: baking a loaf of banana bread. Waiting for the Lord to spur my heart to know who might be most encouraged by it.
    Thanks for your gentle prodding to keep the important things important, Ann…

  9. Your words are always so inspiring…today you’re making me wish to slow down and savor. Company coming. Working to pass the grace by cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping to get ready. In the midst of that I hope to be able to nourish my soul with some baby loving, game playing, husband snuggling, Word studying.

  10. Soul nourishing-working on a quilt. While singing bluegrass.
    I encouraged my husband to sleep in and will help him rest all weekend.
    Passing to the right- mailing off a quilt for a unknown child in a hospital. Buying a few special items to help a handicapped adult get through chemotherapy. I want to create a nice rest/care package.
    I have been enjoying doing things for people who do not know me as a surprise.

  11. Hmmm…last night, a family trip to the zoo; today the 12th birthday of my 4th born. Passing the grace…going to get him a puppy!!! Can’t wait to see his face!! Wonderful post as always Ann.
    Much love friend,Dawn in SC

  12. My mom offered to watch the boys this morning- DH is still sleeping- perhaps I will slip them out of the house and sneak back home to snuggle! Soul nourishing and marriage nourishing.

  13. Ann, I’m having a lazy Saturday morning sitting in bed with my youngest daughter, but you’ve made me hungry enough to get up! Lovely images.

  14. We’ve been in the midst of a kitchen renovation for over a month now. This morning, my husband and I cooked breakfast together on our new stove. So we nourished our souls and those of our daughters with eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast. I’m so thankful to have a new kitchen and can’t wait to share it with friends and neighbors!

  15. Anne, my daughter and I love reading your post.! It refreshes our souls each day. Love your photos they bring peace in days like these.
    We live in the city, but our family longs for the country. We are doing a bible study on Rest with Melissa, that’s how we discovered you. Also, my daughter home schools and you have blessed her with you insight and words of encouragement. Thank-you with much love! Nancy

  16. Trying to find a cheaper house to rent. Slowing down to play with my kids in the pool. Shutting off technology so I can hang out with my husband. Driving (well, my husband driving) 44 orphans to church. Eating fresh pineapple from a roadside stand.

  17. Snuggling and reading with precious young ones.
    Passing to the right: baking a pie for new neighbors, helping them to move in.
    Thank you for your beautiful words and amazing pictures.

  18. Sitting in front of the fire way too long!
    To the right…feeding soup to sick bodies with love to heal souls…

  19. reaching 600 in my Thousand Gifts (thankful list)~ reading His promises to me.
    Passing to the right: encouraging my 21 yr old as she prepares to go to Kenya on a mission trip.
    Thank you Ann, over and over again for your words. For the peek into your life. For giving yourself to us… you touch me over and over.

  20. Love your words and pictures, Ann.
    Let’s see…soul-nourishing for me this weekend: reading The Help in the hammock…and breakfast on the back patio with my boys.
    Passing on: Attending a church class after worship with my 8-year-old son.

  21. This may sound completely nuts … but my first bit of nourishment came this morning — before the kids and the farmer awoke, and before the mercury hit 100. At dawn, I took out on these country roads and ran six miles. And who knew that running could be worship?
    Oh, how I love the sense of humor of our God! I run after Him on my weekends, and my soul is nourished.

  22. Firstly, I love the blue eyes of your babe in her “I licked the beaters clean” photo. I love those moments. And I still lick beaters, and spatulas, and the rim of the bowl…
    I made brownies for my husband this morning, when it was already 90 degrees in the kitchen at 8 a.m. He accepts love easiest through his stomach and I am pleased to oblige. (It also helps that I get to lick the spatula!!)
    Nourishing my soul is cleaning out the paper clutter of the past year. Letting go of broken dreams and past hurt. Saving drawings and worksheets done to the best of abilities. Even tucking in hurts scribbled on bits of paper that end with remembering God’s grace and provision. Because it is true to let go hurts but we can’t grab hold of what is next with tightly clasped fists.
    Thank you for reminded us to put our oxygen mask on first, but to not stop there. Turn to the left and to the right to see who needs life giving breath too.

  23. This weekend is family reunion…a time that usually rubs up against my soul hard. Last night the boys and I prayed that we will connect in a special way with even just one family member…let them get to know us better and be blessed in knowing them.
    Blessings sometimes come in unusual packages.

  24. Soul nourishing…I’m studying Ruth and my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. Kari Jobe’s CD – Revelations, Be Still helped to calm my nerves and focus on God.
    For my mother, just released from the hospital and waiting to hear back on test results, I’m fixing her nightgowns with snaps at the shoulders so if she has to go back into the hospital, she will have something nicer to wear. I also took her a batch of her favorite cookie…that was the best part for her.

  25. Lastnight we went swimming in our backyard while waiting for the grill to get good and hot. Then we came in, got in our pjs and snuggled down with the boys for movie night. I think tomorrow morning, we will have breakfast on the back porch too. Sounds very nice. Oh! Just opened the wreath Caleb sent this way and loved it! What a talented young man, thank him for us, and thank you! =]

  26. Soul-nourishing: Pondering words penned by my favorite hero of the faith, Jim Elliot.
    Passing it to the right: Spending delicious moments bouncing my six children around on the “new-to-us” trampoline. Maybe cooling off in front of the fan laying on Mama and Daddy’s bed reading some books to my son who so desperately wants to read better but struggles with it!!!
    Watching the next in the series lovely old black and white movie with my weary husband who has spent 12 hours in a hot uniform keeping the peace on the streets…..after the children are in bed…..:)

  27. soul nourishment: Walking away from technology for a time and reading the word and listening to what it is saying to me.
    Passing it on: Giving others a break by letting to of my expectations of them and letting things BE.

  28. Soul nourishing for me this weekend is enjoying every minute with my daughter and grand daughter before I have to fly home tomorrow.
    I am taking lots of photos to share with my husband…

  29. Thanks Ann for your posts and sharing your heart with others. It is truly a blessing to read you daily.
    soul nourishment: Getting back the very basics. Reading the word and listening to what it is saying to me.
    Passing it on: Giving others a break by letting to of my expectations of them. This is something I need to work on.

  30. Today is a day of preparation, as tomorrow we are living for our first family vacation since January of 2008. I am hoping this trip will be a time for us to reconnect with each other, away from the stresses of our lives.
    I am also hoping to spend time in the early morning, alone on the beach, with my Bible, as this morning I recommitted my life to the Lord. 🙂

  31. What a day of sharing Jesus!!!! Many hours at a Youth for Christ Auction sharing of God’s miraculous ways including the adoption of our newest grandchild! Sharing His love with ever so many people! Even having my Tom with me at the Auction! Tomorrow we hear our 6th son tell of his mission work in Guinea, West Africa at a local church! He recently returned from serving 3 years there! Oh, to be used to share Him with others! What a complete joy!!!!
    Stopped at a garage sale on the way home…. just because. What a shock to see it was an estate sale of the wife of a classmate of mine from 51 years ago! Did I share Jesus with the son who knew many of my seven sons! Only God could plan anything so beautiful – all for His glory!
    Love you so much, dear Ann! Keep these beautiful messages coming! They touch my heart in very special ways! 🙂

  32. Since you don’t have comments enable on your blog, I never get to tell you lovely Ann, but you are my absolute favorite!

  33. Ann, thank you for the restful, peaceful post. Hubby and I just got back from 4 “just us” days in quaint Carmel, CA. So, I’m not sure I will be able to add much more rest into this weekend, except for maybe a rented movie curled up on the couch with Hubby.
    My soul will be nourished with The Deeper Still Bible Study called, “Anointed.”
    Pass it to the right. Check on my neighbor who has had radiation treatments for breast cancer.
    Always love your writing full of grace.
    From My Heart to Yours,

  34. Soul nourishing: Reading through a new book – given by a friend “Radical”. Also a trip to the beach with the kids – on a beautiful summer day!
    Body nourishing – A big pot of Chicken and Sausage Gumbo – and deviled eggs! And for dessert – some chocolate chip coolies!
    Love to you always Ann 🙂

  35. Ann, I love life through your eyes because it’s so much like seeing it through your Father’s eyes too. I imagine He smiles wide when He thinks of you and how you delight in every little gift He gives. You remind us all to do the same. Thank you, beautiful friend!
    I sat on the porch tonight and watched daylight do a dance with dark while the fireflies watched. Soul-healing and good.

  36. Running around scrambling to clean, cook, wash…not today!
    Today I stopped and nourished my children, my husband…AND me!
    Thank you, I tend to forget…

  37. I took a year long overdue beauty treatment my boys had given me and was able to help fiulls someone else’s plate with the reminder of grace.
    On my plate is living open to the one who constantly surprises and satisfies!
    Also planned a week’s menu with the help of a seven and 4 year old which HAD to include our first ever rice krispie cake – fun to make and eat.
    being blessed to humbly receive and graciously give has been amazing this weekend! thanks for this, Ann. I count you among the blessings I humbly receive…

  38. My plan was to finally go to church. I’ve been away for years (though not not away from God, I have “forsaken the assembly” for too long).
    I’ve said many times, “this is it. I’m going.” But always failed to obey the Holy Spirit’s urging.
    This weekend, I did it!! Or rather, God did it. Every good thing is from Him.
    And I offered that same soul nourishment to my 4 year old. He’s hasn’t been in a church since he was an infant.
    My dh and 10 year old son were away camping. I hope they join me next weekend, and every weekend after that.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  39. We celebrated my daughter’s 9th birthday by going to garage sales — and scored an electric violin for $30! — and an art fair. The heat, however, did some of us in as she and her brother ended up with high fevers, so they missed church. But I took the other two and was greatly blessed by the Body of Christ.