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Sara Sophia grew up in a log cabin and sometimes hides in her laundry room to pray. She thinks you are lovely. Find her wonderings and wanderings at her blog, Tout-Est-Des-Roses.

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  1. Thank you for your words today. The feeling of not being loved and accepted is not a new one to me…nor to many out there in this hurting world. Jesus really is the only answer to the unconditional love we so crave. Rather than rejecting food I turned to it as a comfort feeling it was all I could control. Now, years later, I am 100 pounds overweight and I ache inside knowing that I lack the strength to overcome and succeed in the area of treating my body with the respect it deserves. Yet, I know He is my source of strength and can help me thorough—I just need to let Him do that.
    The reminder of His unconditional love and ever present Spirit within me is something I truly needed to hear today.

  2. Sara, you spoke the words that I have never been able to share with others… that ‘I’m not good enough’ feeling that was brought in from the beginning behind my good Yankee up bringing, the one that hid behind the smiles and yet was so present when I stared at a plate of food. I understand and have walked the path you talk about over and over in my life. Thank you for reminding me again how He can heal if I will only cling to him and listen. God Bless.

  3. ((through tears)) My dad’s been gone for some time, but it still hurts me that I was never ‘good enough’ for him. It hurts me more, that I wasn’t able to stop the cycle and now sadly, my 30 year old son feels he was never ‘good enough’ either. I pray God heals our relationship before it’s too late. Thank you for your words.

  4. I was pondering this notion yesterday…
    the fellowship we enter into when we are suffering…
    the tender care of our savior who dwells in a high and extalted place, and also with the lowly and contrite of spirt for the purpose of reviving our souls…
    i am in a season of restoration…and being made new and finding my value in Him alone…
    oh that i would cling to him for everything. that i would endure for his name sake and that i would believe his promise to make me whole again…

  5. I’m convicted when I read this post. I hope in all the “teaching” I do with my girls, I’m not actually whispering something I don’t want to say.

  6. I am so glad these words touched someone–its amazing to me every day the redemption that is woven into each and every life story.
    That is woven into mine.
    I think each of us remember a time when we thought we were too broken to mend–too marred to be beautiful and too distant to hear God.
    I praise Him for His Salvation–for His rescue.
    For telling me I could be His Princess, when I felt anything but.
    Sara Sophia

  7. Ah, this:
    “I had my Holy buried somewhere deep inside
    underneath all the hurt”
    Holy under the hurt…
    And then Jesus hurt for us to make us Holy.
    I love your words… unveiling The Word.
    Thank you, Sara Sophia.
    I feel filled.
    All’s grace,