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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

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  1. I am so thrilled to be able to post a comment to you lovely Ann…your recording of your days not only “inspires [you] to live beautifully”, but oh how your writing inspires me. I so eagerly look forward to each and every Holy Experience post…and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your gift truly ministers.

  2. Oh wow- this post soooooo speaks to my heart! I long to leave a legacy and I long to add beauty and joy to my life! What a wonderful idea! I will be delving more into this idea for sure! In fact I have toyed around with similar ideas for a while but never applied it to my lists, and boy am I an lister! Thank so you much! Inspired!

  3. I have the journal. I have magazines set aside, pages even ripped out of some of them already. I have the desire. I started one two years ago, did two entries, stopped.
    How do I get past feeling like what I write is going to be graded by a teacher? Why can’t I believe that it doesn’t really matter if I make a list or write a meal plan, and then circumstances change and it doesn’t happen the way the pen recorded that it would?
    Please help… 🙂

  4. I had never thought of saving these things, though I find that my husbands grandmother kept a tattered and frayed folder of recipes, not a cookbook, and I love to wander through the pages. Thank you for this post!

  5. Melissa, may I offer a thought? None of life works like our minds frame it to be. It is never so smooth, so seamless. It is bumpy and swerving, and somehow it all comes together. It is the “somehow” that shows the fingerprints of the King. All those swerves and still turning out fine is the life evidence of sovereign grace. Write all the plans–and the changes not only so you see the clear interest and activity of the King and His never ending, always treasured grace.
    Ann, just yesterday morning I was sitting in my big green chair with my favorite pen in hand, journal in my lap, and coffee beside me. WonderBoy, 9, wandered in with sleep eyes and warm snuggles. I sat the journal aside, and he slid into my lap and covered us both with his blanket. “Mom, why do you journal?” How does one answer that without a dissertation? “Is it so you remember, or so we will know? Do you write all that stuff down so you can go back and remember what God said or did, or do you do it so someone later can read it and know about it? Is it for you, or so someday we will read it and know it, too, maybe even when you are not here to remind us in person?”
    I could only smile and answer simply, “Yes.”
    Sweet sister, as someone who has the pleasure and honor of reading so I also know, I thank you for the framing of your life and the King’s portrait in it.

  6. OOPS! My sentence above was supposed to say…
    Write all the plans–and the changes- not only so you see the clear interest and activity of the King and His never ending, always treasured grace, but as a testament for others, especially children and grandchildren, both physical and spiritual. These are the roadmaps in writing we leave behind for them.

  7. Thank you for reminding me what beauty is, and where and how to find beauty in the everyday. Sometimes I forget. Thank you for helping me not get caught up in the drudgery, but to look deeper and see ordered beauty.

  8. Ann, what a beautiful post. I’m only two years into this journey called motherhood and learning to carve out time and space around the edges of an otherwise frazzled day to write and remember. Thank you for this inspiring glimpse into your purposeful capturing of moments that matter.

  9. I “journal”, but the beautiful really comes out in other areas. When I make things with my small munchkins, when I cook with my hubby, when I create beautiful items for my soon to be shop of Etsy. I create beautiful sometimes at my job, by helping people find the perfect hair color, cut, or create an updo style for a special moment in their life. I try to find the beautiful in everyday things, because God created so many wonderful things, and gives us each so many wonderful blessings. Most of the time we choose to overlook alot of these things in the busyness of our day, and focus on what everyone else says we should have or be. We forget who God says we are and all of the wonderful beauty he’s given us, and the giftings he’s bestowed to reach others as well. When I get a moment to myself, if I’m not arm deep in an art medium of some sort, I do sometimes journal. I do love your idea of thrifting to create a work of art to capture everything. Now that I think of it, I do keep a book of recipes and I started a book just for my kids when my oldest was born 8 years ago. I write letters to them, and jot down important things, as well as the funny things they say and do so we can remember later in life. Thanks for the awesome post and thoughts!

  10. I’ve often wondered…..for those of us who feel our life adds up to nothing….will these books be presented back to us in the end? will we find ourselves unable to carry the volumes and need to apologize to God for having minimized the gift of our life?

  11. After many years of off & on journaling, but never staying with it, I began a visual journal on my 64th birthday in November, 2009. I was inspired by Ann’s post about it & got so excited about the idea that I couldn’t sleep until I accumulated all my supplies. My husband & I have a small retail shop, so I have cupboards full of idea magazines to choose from. I always felt my life wasn’t exciting enough to record on a regular basis, but on someone’s post they simply said “life happens every day”, & it just seemed to release me from the bonds I had put on myself. I look forward to my journaling every evening after work…it relaxes me & seems to be the perfect fit for me. Thank you, Ann, for the inspiration I find on your blog each & every day!

  12. “Every woman beautifully has her own unique constitution.”
    Yes, Ann, every woman does …. and you simply RADIATE within yours!
    My to-do lists? If they’re beautiful, they’d fall into that category you sometimes call the ugly-beautiful. -smile- I look over my shoulder now and see the stacks and scraps of things yet undone. Not pretty.
    But I do have journals for my prayers, for Scripture, for inspiration, and for drawing. My girls also have their own prayer and Scripture journals. Eight-year-old Lydia’s entry yesterday is a drawing of three crosses, the sun and these words: “Dear God, thanks for dying on the cross. Amen.”
    I appreciate you, Ann.

  13. How you beautiful women inspire!
    Your comments here — art that glorifies our Creator God!
    Nancy — I slipped over to the Smithsonian and searched for images of that visual diary and found these:
    Melissa — check out that link, if you have a moment? It so encouraged me — her lists are there and she checks them off, and she scribbles notes down and doodles and clips whatever strikes her fancy. And it is plain and it is simple and it is even primitive and it is strikingly beautiful and truly art. Just an everyday life. I am going to scribble more in mine and doodle! 🙂 Let’s do it together, Melissa — maybe that link will encourage you like it encouraged me?
    Jerri’s encouragement with her son — that just encapsulates it. Thank you, Jerri.
    And Anita! Your story brought blurry happiness! Your life is exciting because God is in it and now you are journaling and creating and leaving a trail of His glory!
    Jennifer — I simply love you. And I say Amen with your, Lydia. Yes!

  14. “I drift around my rooms and write
    to shadows, thinking as I always did,
    that writing can only make peace, can right
    and heal that which a life made sordid.”
    Bo Bergman, Somnlos in Aventyret, 1969

  15. Marilyn! What a thought… that God will show us our own books somedays — the art He was making of our every days… that is a beautiful hope. Yes… not to minimize the gift and beauty of now.
    Debbie — *thank you*. What a quote. I am jotting that down in my journal right now.
    Mackenzie — a thrill to join with you!
    Nora — journeying with you is a true privilege, friend…. I send more love today than these thin letters can hold….

  16. I would be the constant list maker, scribbling on the back of an envelope… but this beautiful idea speaks to my heart. Thank you!

  17. Cathy — I can only imagine the beauty of that file of recipes…
    Pattie — to hunt for beauty and God everywhere… this has become the joy of my days. You are right… long and still, I have missed Him.
    Stacey — love this! 1000 of them. Exactly! 🙂
    Sarah– your comment was a thoughtful post! Co-creating with God in making beauty everywhere — in the kitchen and at work and with people and your own creations. Allowing Him to make your life a masterpiece — I slipped over to your corner of the world — and I could see that in all its wonder. *Thank you* — and may God bless the work of your hands as your prepare for your own etsy store!
    Grateful for this community of women hungering for more of Jesus…
    All’s grace,

  18. I don’t know how I would ever get anything done or remember anything without my Everything Books/Visual Journals. I keep a smaller one in my purse and my full-size one on the kitchen counter, or with my devotional basket.
    I began them a few years ago and now they are simply a part of me. The have recipes, to do lists, random quotes, prayer lists, Bible verses I am memorizing, quiet writings I can’t blog, lists of things I want to blog, pictures my kids have drawn—everything!
    It is my life at this time and pages are beautifully messy just like life. To help overcome my perfectionist tendencies, I have colored pages with crayons, written every direction, spiraled the pages to fill in every nook and cranny with thoughts spilling.
    (quiet sharing: I have a button that links to more info on the side of my blog if you are looking for more ideas.)

  19. Oh, my. I read your post through mist and found at the end, my hand resting on my lips. What a lovely sentiment and idea. I feel the same way yet, never realized it. Thank you for your inspiration and “permission” to record and savor my detailed, random thoughts that really are not always mine! Blessings, V

  20. Perhaps my Type A self talking here… This is so beautiful, appealing, and a huge desire of mine – to journal (which in years past I used to do with pen and paper), but a visual journal? That is stunning. Now, as a busy mom – I would LOVE to add scrapbooking (and have it all in boxes ready to ONE DAY start it) to the daily – already busy- day.
    But. How to add one more thing to the day? I guess it is priorities, isn’t it? I went back and reread your tuturiol…I love the freedom that is involved.
    I guess I’ll have to “think about it” some more – prepare myself to add it to the “to do” lists. 😉
    What a beautiful (sentimental) gift to pass on to the upcoming generations…I love it!!

  21. Some practical questions…I have done some like this with some of my notes while reading a book, but it gets “messy” and I did not want to put it away until I finished the whole book…how do you organize your “art supplies”? how much time do you invest on it?
    Gracias amiga…

  22. I’ll slip back here later to listen more… but for now, just a word…
    How to Journal in a busy Life:
    Bevy: I just gather from mags when on the phone… glue out spreads while doing spelling words with children. And then just leave it open on the counter to gather bits of a life, just as it comes…
    Just keeping it simple and easy… not another “to-do” thing…
    and then the visual journal inspires the rest of my life—- *makes* more time with the joy and encouragement and direction it gives me!
    Yes, feel free to try — just if it works for you, Bevy!

  23. Truth be told – I have always been intimidated by beautiful journals. They make my every day lists and moments, hopes and wishes feel so very plain when placed upon their beautiful pages.
    A raggedy old envelope looks so much more like how I feel on the inside.
    And like your Grandma I enjoy the closure of scrapping that list at the end of the day.
    But you have given me food for thought and some courage. Maybe my daily “to-do’s” wouldn’t appear so ordinary when viewed through the grown up eyes of my sons and their some-day children.
    Maybe I should mark in the beautiful empty leather journals I have. Maybe laundry lists will humble them and make them more appealing and less intimidating to me.
    Yes, I like to think that I might become the boss of those hoightie-toightie journals! It makes me smile out loud.

  24. It feels to me as though you are a friend Ann. I have been praying for you lately. May God give you daily the grace you need to be who He has called you to be! Thank you for sharing your heart with us…it truly is a gift.
    Camille (Psalm 138:8)

  25. I need beauty in my life. So much of my life lately has been about survival. Why do I think time spent cutting and pasting is frivolous? I hope to learn from you and follow your example, Ann.

  26. My beautiful hand-made journal sits on the coffee table – looking accusingly at me. I have pasted in all the beautiful decorations and then neglected it. Sometimes just the writing of the simple things seems like “too much.” And yet without the doing of it, things seem somehow unfinished – incomplete.
    It isn’t enough to jot the things down on the calendar pages or pray my thanks – they must be recorded.
    Thank you sweet Ann for the gentle nudge.
    (I must write – I have been neglectful of writing letters too. Forgive me?)

  27. Wow what a beautiful way of doing something so simple .And that is such an amazing thing to leave to the future .Its everyday wrapped with art and prayer and memories .
    So cool!

  28. Hi Ann,
    I keep prayer journals that I illustrate using pen and ink, watercolors, dried flowers, or whatever inspires me. I jot down my scripture reading, my prayers, and what I hear the Lord saying in my heart. Sometimes when I’m praying, certain images will come to mind; I try to record them as best I can. I have several journals saved up over the years, and I hope my children and grandchildren will find them and be blessed. My hope is that they’ll see prayers answered and know that they were loved. I started keeping these journals using the SOAP method: Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. I enjoy decorating the journals because art comes easier than words for me.

  29. This is inspiring…I just posted about this online and shared a few pages of my art journal that I go to for ordinary moments and tough moments. I am art journaling alongside my revelation study and here’s the page and some of the ways art journaling has helped.
    One of the most impacting is doing it with my husband. We have had a tough year, almost losing our marriage and through art, we processed our emotions and made new commitments. One of my pages has our wedding picture with a shield in front of it. A reminder of the battle that we face against spiritual warfare
    I wrote about what God taught me through about that here…and it was discovered through art journaling. GOD IS GOOOD!
    Will definitely check out those books!

  30. Ann,
    I always love a peek at your journal. I had kept a smaller ‘life journal- to do list” moleskine for the longest time. You inspired me a while ago to go to a bigger size. Mine is incredibly random- I don’t have as much visual clippings inside- more words and doodles. The thing I love about these is looking back at them down the road from right now. It always surprises me to come back across things and see how far I’ve come, how far my children and family have come. For being very Type A, artistic type, my journal has mercifully become a place where I can let it all go and it doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect. I don’t know how I got to that point- but I do suspect it had a little to do with you and Elise!
    Love to you, friend!

  31. Oh, I am so blessed by each and every one of you ladies. The openness and honesty within the words. I journal and I list. I doodle some and am inspired to do more letting the little linda out of this 62 year old linda. I needed your beautiful post his morning, Ann…”Beauty inspires me to live beautifully” … yes, I need to remember. I needed the many post to you too. Each one encourages and inspires as well. Living beautifully … loving beautifully. That is what I want to do.
    ~ linda

  32. So powerful and beautiful and inspiring.
    “Bevy: I just gather from mags when on the phone… glue out spreads while doing spelling words with children. And then just leave it open on the counter to gather bits of a life, just as it comes…
    Just keeping it simple and easy… not another “to-do” thing… ”
    makes it so easy and accessible. Thank you, sweet Ann.

  33. Ann, I too, started collecting pics from magazines… but then I find myself not following through….
    YOU continue to inspire me… I am thankful I can leave you a comment and let you know how very much your words speak life into me…. God is working through you… and it calms me.
    Life is crazy here most days… I too, have 1/2 dozen… those baby days are gone. I miss them. God’s peace & joy continues to come….
    reading the other day… at your place about self absorption… I had just talked to the Lord about this a few days prior… asking for wisdom…
    your words always come at the perfect time.
    thanks for allowing us the space to say Thank you.

  34. I’m a 54 year old Christian woman, living a world away down here in the southern US. I’ve never been a mother, never kept a journal, or even thought of all the rich, full activities that you share and pass along. I’m in my 3rd cancer battle in the past 10 years, and my body is tired. I hold very little in common with you, Ann, but rejoice in our common Savior and Lord. Thank you for sharing your walk with Christ – it helps me.

  35. Beautiful. This is why I do web design and photography and writing on my blog. It is, I think, my journal. I’m contemplating a diary, just for me, though. We shall see. It couldn’t be something on a to-do list for me.
    I love leaving you a comment. It feels so underhanded somehow, with them disabled at your home site.
    Thank you for sharing you as much as you do. You really are such an inspiration.

  36. I have been a journaler for years and years–but just started keeping a visual homemaking journal in July, inspired by you. I absolutely love it. Thanks for the inspiration. Mine ends up filled with beautiful quotes from this lovely woman named Ann Voskamp 🙂

  37. Love this…I’ve always done this just naturally. Added beauty bits to the pages. Now as a list making mother I’ve created and printed myself a beautiful ‘Daily Do List’ that I print and then can take with me on errands and shopping. The other types of lists, like thoughts for gifts, or ideas for baking do stay in my journal. Love it! And we do have the journals of my Grandma (who also happens to be Ruth!)…I love to know who much she paid for her milk, and what age she began to ‘potty’ her six. Its beauty!
    Thanks again for your inspiration…I visit you daily, and you’ve changed by habits in such wonderful ways…
    Thank you Ann!

  38. This post reflects my favorite thing about you dear Ann. I just love how you linger over life– whether in counting your thousand things or cataloguing beauty as you take stock of your life. I love your heart and the way you inspire the same kind of thought life in the rest of us!

  39. To journal, yes. I just read this quote today – “…create space for God in your life.”(from Spiritual Direction by Henri Nouwen) That is what journaling does for me – guides me spiritually. Yet I did not consider making room for the daily activites of life. As always your words inspire. Thanks.

  40. I’ve always wanted to tell you how meaningful I find the serenity of your blog. Your words and photos on Ps. 56:8 were especially timely. I think my bottle inventory must be quite something. Thank you for the way you share your heart and life with us.

  41. I recently found your blog, Ann and I am enthralled with the creative spirit the Lord has given you. What a gift! ANd I thank you for sharing your beautiful words. It doesn’t surprise me that you need to ‘beautify’ your space before writing your lists. For me, I must have a ‘certain’ kind of pen – the kind that makes my script look more ‘Edwardian’ so that I enjoy reading back over my journey. I recall so vividly my own mother’s handwriting.
    But she was not the one who taught me Love and so I am careful to journal not so that my legacy to my babes will be script but that it will remind them of His Love for us. Thank you for your inspiration!!

  42. I’ve never been brave enough to write my thoughts down on paper, needing to keep them inside where they can stay unseen. I hope one day I’m brave enough to do what you do.
    …I saw “Read aloud Diary of a Country Priest” on your page. Such a beautiful soul exposed in that book.

  43. Ann, I love love love your posts. 🙂 I love reading your blog everyday. The gentleness and humbleness that is wrapped around the words that flow so gracefully out of your heart, it’s beautiful. I love to be able to read and be a part of it.
    I feel every day that I read your blog, my heart stops. Quiets. And soaks in.
    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your everyday journey through your blog. I honestly love it and am so grateful. 🙂

  44. Kimberly — your journals inspired! Thank you for sharing — beautiful!
    Becky — I lighted at your idea of visual journaling the quotes and notes from a book you are reading — I very much like this idea. Yes, that would be a longer project. I generally lay out 5 spreads at a time. Never anything too detailed — just a few images from magazines glued down. I just browse magazines while on the phone, and glue down when calling out spelling words for children. And then the glue stick away and the magazines back to the closet. I suppose a pretty basket with some pens, glue, scissors, magazines might be helpful if it were a longer project? I don’t spend very much time at all… but my spreads are very basic with little ornamentation… Does that help at all, Becky?
    Gypsy Mama — your comment here is wise. I get that. I have journals that I just can’t crack open because I’m all intimidated! That I just squiggle notes down in a cheap, spiral notebook — this helps. I so like you!
    Thank you, Camille, for the gift of friendship! You bless… I treasure your prayers…
    Betty — it *does* seem frivolous doesn’t it? And then I find that time invested in making beauty … inspires me to live better — so what seems a questionable investment of time — turns out to be a wise investment! You are doing so much, so well, Betty…
    Linda — you are always loved. Thank you for sharing, sweet friend!

  45. Raya — it is pretty fun! 🙂
    Kristen — ah, love makes all things beautiful — so if you love to-do lists on scraps and envelopes — that makes them beautiful! 🙂 I think you are wonderful!
    Megan — Easy — yes, it has to be for me, or I just can’t do it ~weak smile~ I keep writing you notes in my head — soon, more!
    Teena — you are a beautiful, brave heart — -thank you for all the ways you love and offer yourself. Only journal if it makes your heart sing, Teena — don’t do if it is a burden. Envelopes might be just the perfect thing then! Just know always: you are loved, sweet friend.
    Beth — I’m grateful that we could email and share today.
    You women! What a community! I feel like I won a free workshop to learn from such creative, vibrant women — thank you!

  46. I love to journal. Sometimes I draw pictures…no they are not pretty but mine. Sometimes it is quotes I write and sometimes whatever is on my heart. They are my thoughts of conversation and listening to God. I love lists…so I have a notebook..I am a teacher..who writes things down and amazingly it has almost as much as my journal but a different part of my life. I have never thought of adding pictures I have some lovely magazines that I love because of their beauty and quotes…maybe it is about time I put them to use. This was a wonderufl post that I enjoyed.

  47. Anna: Oh, this: ” to keep them inside where they can stay unseen.” You crack my heart right open. With words like those, I am only certain that the words inside of you are the most exquisite ones. God dwells within, The Word, and He is Masterpiece in each of us. He will give you courage to share himself. I so appreciate you, Anna. Thank you for your bravery to leave words here. They were lovely.
    Dre–*Thank you.* Can I confess that many days I feel like Anna? Not feeling brave about sharing the words found on the inside. Some so ugly. Others stammering. Thank you for taking me anyways, Dre. I will never get over the grace of that. Of community and love. My sincere, humble thanks… for your friendship.
    Feeling happily filled to overflowing with all the God-creativity of each of you wondrous women! What a gift you all are to the world!
    Thank you, each and every single one… what radiant souls!
    All’s grace,

  48. Wow, this really touched me. It is so beautiful, yet simple, and something even I could do! I am not creative or crafty, and in fact, most things I try turn out crooked and NOT pretty. But I love the idea that writing my life, and leaving it for my children, is something to be treasured. Like Cathy, I have a book of collected recipes that my grandmother made. Some are torn out from the newspaper or a magazine, others are photocopied. What I treasure most are the notes she wrote on the recipes. I imagine her experimenting with new recipes and giving them her special touch, and then writing it down on the pages I now cherish. I want to give my children a gift like that. Thank you for inspiring me!

  49. Ann, you have so inspired me today! I am forever clipping quotes and pictures from various places, stuffing them in a box or envelope or folder somewhere. I never find the time to go through them again. Now I know just what to do with them. I am so excited by the possibilities I want to run and start right away! But with sick little ones this week, sleep is calling me and I should probably answer the call. But tomorrow will be all the more sweeter with this to look forward to! Thank you for sharing this idea, and really for all that you have shared here and on your blog–your words speak to me, they challenge me, they inspire me, they help me grow in faith and grow as a mother. Thank you so much!

  50. So lovely! I have always thought saving the snippets of every day life is important. Words – lists – little bits of this and that. I love that you frame them up in such a fun way. The results are beautiful… and the process intrigues me… it seems like great fun.

  51. As a (very) young new bride, I wrote on the blue cover of a thick spiral notebook, “My Happy Homemaker Journal.” I spent the next year filling the pages with notes, to-do lists, doodles of my new name, menu plans, recipes, ideas. I filled the back pocket with articles I read and wanted to savor. I’m not at all artsy-crafty and my pen scratchings are the only decoration on the pages, but, now, several years and five houses later, I still carry that notebook with me from bookshelf to bookshelf. A chronicle of my first year of wifehood on plain, old, unromantic lined paper.

  52. Oh, Ann… I’ll never be able to truly express how God uses you to bless me so richly! Thank you for this inspiration. I have fresh resolve to weave something like this into my busy homeschooling days — both for my own soul and for my children later on.
    BTW, We actually had a decent snow here in Atlanta last weekend and I thought of you and the quiet beauty of your winter photos.
    Thankful for you and praying for you and your sweet family today…

  53. Thank you for this wonderful post! I loved every word of it. I keep a poetry journal. It is the journey of my life in poems. I also fill notebooks with various thoughts and pieces of life. I like the thought of scrapbooking, it would be something beautiful to pass down to my daughter – though I have not yet done this. May God bless you 🙂

  54. how it blesses me to see my name there, ann. my little watch beeps on the hour and i find it automatic now: “for Ann, dear Lord…”
    such a gift, this unexpected sisterhood.

  55. Ann, I love your creativity, the creativity that God has put in you for his pleasure and for his glory. Sometimes I meet people and think that when God was dishing out the measures of creativity he trippped and a bit more spilled out than should have! You are one of those people. You have such a gift of writing and I am inspired and touched at the way you tell everyday stories which hold eternal truth. Thank you for your idea about journalling the everyday – I’m inspired once again. Since my early teens I have always had a little note book on the go for to-do lists and thoughts and sermon notes and I love to look back on those because they remind and hint of the journey I have been on. I am going to give your idea a go and see what happens and what creativity may spill out. Thank you for being you and for sharing your life with us…bless you & your family.

  56. I love your post today and have just begun work on my own visual journal. I saw a photo of someone’s journal online about a month ago and started gathering things for mine. You have given me some great ideas to add to mine! I have only put one page together, but it sparked several new ideas for me. Thank you, Thank you!!

  57. I have carried an “idea book” (as I call it) for a while now, always jotting down fleeting thoughts, ideas for articles or blog posts or just — ideas. Then I began writing down my to do’s in them. These idea books are tiny, carry in my purse small, just a wee moleskin. Now I see a larger version is my “upgrade” waiting to happen. THank you so so much for the inspiration! My heart spills over and needs the upgrade.

  58. This is so lovely. I have beautiful, unread magazines in my house that would serve nicely. Unfortunately for my household, it’s only the Photoshop ones that get read, not the Southern Livings, etc.
    Ann, you continue to inspire me. You make me wish I could go to Relevant. I would LOVE to meet you!

  59. wow, wow, wow, I first saw your journal last year and wondered how you were so inspired. Thanks for laying down some basic how-to’s and for encouraging us to leave a story behind!

  60. I think I just decided I need a beautiful space to write my mundane. The way you write adds beauty to anything, Ann.

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