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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Deidra, Thank you for guest posting here and introducing us to your voice. I was swiftly drawn in and encouraged by your words.

  2. wow, that is some amazing writing!! i love it. it’s hard to hold onto hope and i appreciate what you’ve shown us…the tiny word “yet”.
    thank you!!

  3. That was so very incouraging! Thank you. Holding onto hope is sometimes all we have—sometimes all we need. I loved the dance scene on your site.

  4. Deidra you write from life and experience. You remind us that often our hope is what comes from walking with hopelessness, of feeling lost, of “hanging on”. We remember hope as we turn to our faith to say “please do not let me drown” and our hope opens wider as we realize we are never completely lost as long as we have our faith.

  5. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this. Great peace have they which love the Lord… (From Psalm 105, I think…) comes to mind after reading this today. Blessings to you today, Angela

  6. Yet again you give voice to and remind us of the love and hope that surround us if only we will pause, listen and see. Thank you.

  7. My bloggin’ buddy Deidra! You write so beautiful, and you God-given gift captivated me!
    Aren’t you so glad for this thing called HOPE?!?
    Where would we be without the hope that Christ gives.
    Thanks so much!
    Keep writing, keep blessing, keep being obedient. Prayin’ for your situation.

  8. Oh Deidra,
    Such power at that 300-thread-count altar …
    At that altar, you called down the “Yet.” The world turns upside-down on that word, doesn’t it?
    You’ve captured it beautifully.
    You *shine* with resurrection power. Contineu to speak the “yet” into the darkest places.
    Yes, you shine…

  9. Deidra….
    Your good words, His words, leave me with few words.
    Just a place to lay my head down, and hope-pray with you. Oh, *yet* — yes!
    His art in you captivates and I linger long, running hands along the truth-beauty.
    Thank you, radiant friend….
    All’s grace,

  10. Deidra, you always encourage and inspire me with you beautiful words. Thanks for this word to carry with me today. YET. So small, yet, so big.

  11. Hi Deidra…
    As always, it is time well spent reading your posts…and you often lead me to prayerful moments.
    I am also a mother of grown children.
    …and YET, deep in my soul, I find I am still a child who needs an eternal Father…

  12. Deidra, I truly enjoy reading you posts. You words truly touch the core of my heart and have such an impact. Thank you my friend for sharing your gift. xoxo

  13. learning to listen, and to hear our prayers can be so powerful
    taking time, making room, kneeling down and letting go –all good reminders in this busy thing called life.

  14. God knew I needed this today! I have been unemployed since February 19, 2009. God has provided times of temporary employment since then, but that permanent job hasn’t come. As my financial situation continues to become ever tighter, I start to lose hope, a little more each day. Thank you for the reminder!!

  15. Thank you for that simply but powerful word. In my own life, coming to terms with the death of a dream and laying it down on the alter of GOD, it’s sometimes easy to forget about hope (yet).

  16. Wow! what a riveting piece and what beautiful writing. I can so identify with what you wrote as we are holding on to our “yet’. Only yesterday I was meditating on that portion of scripture.
    Thank you for doing such a great job.

  17. Deidre, thanks for taking me, your reader, swiftly to the soul of the matter. I feel like I have been right there on my knees beside you. And we’ve all had moments like that, far too many in fact, when we felt helpless and wondered how we ever got to such a place. But how wonderful to get up from your knees with new resolve and a fresh dose of hope. HOPE. amen.