"Lord, I believe.
Help my unbelief!"
- Mark 9:24

Her circumstances might not have been as dramatic as the father
begging Jesus for a miracle, but Robin felt just as desperate in her
faith. Feeling lost in a spiritual desert, this was the most
honest prayer she could offer.

Can you relate to struggling in your faith but longing to believe?

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Faith is tidy and neat for some, never unwavering and always so sure. And maybe thats how you used to feel, but now your once-sure beliefs are less certain, the prescribed faith of your youth no longer enough.

Perhaps life isn't turning out like you thought it would. Heartbreak and challenges stir doubt. Sunday school answers fall short. God seems distant. Inviting you to find hope and healing in your own story within the pages of hers, in For All Who Wander, Robin Dance will help you:

  • Abandon the guilt and shame attached to your questions or doubts.
  • Broaden your understanding of God's grace and faithfulness.
  • Release hostage-holding lies to enable you to embrace your identity, hope, and value in Christ.
  • Reframe your view of difficulties and disappointments as you understand their redemptive and transformative value.
  • Trust that God is working in your wandering to restore and strengthen your faith.

As you walk through Robin's story with her, you'll find out for yourself that sometimes wandering is the path that leads you back to God.

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Robin Dance is a writer, speaker, and contributor to the (in)courage community and The Art of Simple. She's traveled to India as a blogger and child sponsorship advocate for Compassion International, and her writing has been featured in ten book compilations as well as HomeLife and Mature Living magazines. She and her husband, Tad, are enjoying newfound freedom as empty nesters, but they keep their fingers crossed and the back door open for their three adult children. As Southern as sugar-shocked tea, she currently lives in Macon, Georgia, and online at robindance.me.

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