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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Amen sister! I need to show up more! Sorry for your loss. I’m glad Jesus reached you by using the actions of your loved ones far and near!

  2. I learned this truth when Amy died. Showing up is powerful and more meaningful than I imagined. This is a great reminder that I should show up more often. Thanks, Robin. Love you and I can’t wait to hold a copy of your new book in my hands!!

  3. Robin,
    Reading your post, I think about all the people who showed up through a succession of six major surgeries. Friends made meals, ran errands and grocery runs. One friend who lived far sent a freezer package of meals. It blew me away. When I’ve had episodes of anxiety and depression, a good friend came over and did my laundry for me. Nothing says real love like folding someone else’s socks and underwear. I am challenged to think of whom I can just show up for this Advent season. I don’t want to say, “Call me if I can do anything,” I want to just do it. So thankful that Jesus chose to just show up in the middle of our messy, failure-filled lives. He came not to be served, but to serve. I want to be more like Him. Thanks for the invitation…
    Bev xx

    • ” I don’t want to say, “Call me if I can do anything,” I want to just do it.”

      You get me, Bev…you’ve been on the receiving end, you want to be on the giving end…and I can tell you heard my heart here. 🙂

  4. There is comfort in knowing that we reflect on Immanuel, He is with us always. There is no strenuous effort on our part. Bask in His presence, embrace His love.

  5. So precious and loving…. What a gentle reminder to not overthink or think showing up won’t matter! I’m a little on dense/distracted side sometimes when I could’ve just shown up. Keeping this tucked away in my heart for those times and when I debate another funeral home visit….

  6. This is so beautiful, Robin. What an important reminder. Given that we exist for relationships, it makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing this. ❤️

  7. When my son was killed in 2006 I had so many people show up. They showed up for love and support and for meals and for meeting the plane and for following the hearse home for 2 hrs at 2 am. I had 100 Patriot Guard members show up for his funeral, none of which I had met. I’ve had friends show up to care for me and my home while caring for my ill husband. I’ve had friends drive me 2 hrs each way for my Dad’s service. I’ve had friends show up to move my Mom closer and eventually clean out her house. I’ve had that same friend move her from her bed to her hospital bed and friends who kept her company to I could continue to work. He’s also been the one that move beds so many times and always said, It’s not problem. I’ve had friends drive me to eye appts and eye surgeries. I’ve had friends bring me meals and make sure I have a ride if it’s dark. Thank you for reminding me of all who have blessed and lifted me up. I’ve been used to do the same and so hope that I can continue to bless others as Jesus has allowed others to bless me.

  8. Robin, thank you for such a lovely post. I think it was the best reminder for me this season, to just show up for people. You are certainly right that a hug makes all the difference! What a blessing your writing always is and I’m excited to read your book! Praying for you and your family. Erin

    • Erin ~ Thank you sweet sister-friend :).So grateful for continued prayers….Christmas will be hard for my sweet father-in-law. My dear MIL loved it so (and him so much more…).

  9. Robin,

    Like you people have shown up for me lots of times. First time was when I moved out of state for college. My neighbor down the hill brought dinner the first night & numerous times through out the semester. We had a blizzard & the day after the Superbowl we took left over pizza over to the workers stuck at the nursing home. Years later I met a dear friend through church. She & I were both going through aging parent troubles. One particular Saturday my next door neighbor called to say her son died. I called my friend to see how she was doing. She had her step dad & dad both in hospital. Hubby & I went to KFC & got food for the neighbor & for my friend & hubby. We got to my friend’s house just as she was arriving home. I got food for them two more times during that period. That same friend brought food the day my dad died. It helped as I had a sister coming in from out of state. Just last week she brought more food for our FIL’s death. During my FIL’s illness I got food often for them. Once a month, if I could, I would get a baked spaghetti casserole & fruit. For my MIL’s birthday the last two years I just made 2 casseroles. It was what she needed more than anything. For others in my church I would show up at the funeral & just be there for them. I’m the encourager/ do something person.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. Thank you for this lovely reminder – I thought you may like to see the poem I wrote after my husband died in Palliative care last year – 2 days after our 55th wedding anniversary, and following 11 weeks in hospital. All the folk who “showed up” for me and my family, during and after, most from our Churches, but strangers too, and of course, Jesus was there, making little miracles happen like close parking spots every day while I was suffereing osteo-arthritis. And I hardly needed to cook the whole time. God bless, Camilla

    Blessings abundant,
    blessings galore,
    Too many to hold
    in memory’s store,
    God’s been so gracious,
    merciful and good,
    So even through trials,
    we’ve all understood.
    He gave us some time
    to be prepared,
    Enveloped us in love,
    to show that He cared,
    He sent many angels,
    both stranger and friend,
    To comfort and pray,
    and on Him depend.
    And all through the anguish,
    many moments of joy,
    Loving-kindness and humour,
    our spirits to buoy.
    He gave us rich memories
    to hold in our heart,
    Anniversary – family service
    – Lord, how great Thou art.
    Camilla Diann 12.6.2018

    • Oooo…how special! These words, in verse, are a poetic tribute to folks showing up! Thank you so much for sharing with me and our community, Camilla. I’m sending you big hugs because I’m sure your grief might still sneak in. xo

      • Yes, thank you Robyn, for your hugs, grief does sneak in from time to time; after 55 years of marriage, my husband’s death has left a void. But I choose to think on the positives, like how cold he would have felt last winter, so for his sake I was able to feel glad he missed that. And he had had enough of suffering, I couldn’t wish to keep him longer for that. God chose exactly the right time for him to go, and we both understood that. Praise God.

      • Yes – thank you, Robyn for your hugs, After 55 years of marriage my husband’s death has left a void, But I choose to think on the positives, like how cold he would have felt last winter, so for his sake I was able to feel glad he missed that. And he had had enough of suffering, I couldn’t wish to keep him longer for that. God chose exactly the right time for him to go, and we both understood that. Praise God. God bless you, Camilla

  11. As a military wife and one walking through loss on an intimate level here today… THIS is so comforting. Of all the things I need right now, I need most for people to show up. Thankfully, God’s providing those people in this new town. Slowly, but surely, community is forming. And I just relate to every word of this. Thank you, Robin!

    • ((((Danita))) Yes, sweet friend, you must still be raw with the newness of it all. I’m so thankful you’re beginning to find your people. Starting over is always tough, and you NEED those real life people! xo

  12. Dear Danita, (just showing up for you today) I pray that ‘ The Light shines in (your) darkness & the darkness has not overcome it’. That God would comfort you in your loss, today & in the future. That you would experience His presence day by day as He leads & guides you. X Ros

  13. Robin, your post reminds me of when my daughter, Lillian, was having a very serious surgery. It was strange to me that the people who “showed up” were not the ones I expected. At first, I was offended (blush). These were complete strangers – friends of friend of friends. My take away? God will care for me, through His servants, no matter who they are – known, or unknown. I just have to open my eyes and receive. They will always show up as hands and feet of The Most High.

    • Bonnie, Isn’t that interesting? I love your honesty here, but even more so, your wisdom. Just because you didn’t “see” at first, doesn’t mean you never saw the gift (clearly, you did). Thank you for sharing something that we might’ve missed otherwise. xoxo