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  1. Dear sweet incourage sister, please pray for a job for me in accordance with Gods plan. For my relationship to grow deeper with Him and make his path as plan as day.

    Since I am the first I pray the Lord will hear all our prayers and draw us closer together. Amen

    • Lord I pray for Jas that you will provide the perfect job that will allow her to use the gifts and talents you have given her. Help her to see your path and plan for her life clearly and lead her into a deeper walk with you. Be her everything. Guide her each day in the direction she should go and thank you for meeting every need she has. In your precious name I pray . Amen and Amen.

    • Father, Be close to Jas and help her to feel Your presence… You know what the next path on her life journey is, help her to rest quietly so she can sense Your leading and direction… may this time of uncertainty draw her closer to You… thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Jas,

      Praying still for a great job. He can & will send the right job in His perfect timing.


      Deepen Jas’s relationship with you. Help her to hear you & want to be in the word daily. Make the path you have for her clear. Show her the right job you have planned for her. Thank you for being with Jas through her master’s degree. Guiding her writing & helping her deal with family during this time. Now dear Lord hear this prayer for Jas. AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

      • Thank you Beth, it means the world to have you as my prayer warrior. I do feel disenchanted I have to say. But trying to lean in and wait patiently.

    • Jas –
      I work from home as a consumer wellness. My company is looking to expand. I would be happy to share it with you to see if it’s a good fit.

      Either way, I pray that God will reveal his will for your work life.

      • Thank you Elizabeth. I am not sure that it will be as I thought I was going in the direction of social change, with a Peace and Conflict Masters. But I am not sure where God is leading me right now so it can’t hurt. Please email me at jasmine.wilson.nz@gmail.com

    • Dear Jas,
      Praying over you right now that the very doors leading you a new job will open, and you will walk hand in hand with Him through them. Praying peace and contentment over you as you wait.

      • Thank you Sara, I can so envisage walking through a door holding hands with Jesus! Praying Gods blessings over you right now.

    • Lord we thank you for the gift of opportunity to pray for one another. Please send Jas the job miracle that only you can give. I pray that you will match her with the perfect job for her. Please give her the faith to know You can and will send it in Your perfect time. In Jesus name I pray that I might know what You want me to do with the rest of my life. amen

      • Sharon lifting you up in prayer:
        Lord tonight I thank you for my incourage sisters and their prayers on my behalf. I thank you for this global community where we can come, connect and learn all in your name. Please light your pathway up that you have for Sharon’s life make your presence known and the opportunities Sharon needs to walk with you, just as she has asked for me. You said ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find. We are both seeking you and asking from you provision and direction from you so we can partner with you God in your timing and your will. In Jesus name, Amen

      • Sharon,

        Guide Sharon on the next steps in her life. Make the pathway clear for her. Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm. Plans to give you a hope & a future.” Teach her to be patient & trusting. We know that your timing is perfect. Please lead her on the journey that you have mapped out for her.

        Blessings 🙂

    • My dearest in courage sister, I pray that God’s deepest and best envelop you now as He opens doors for you to walk through and sends you that job you’re built for and that He also guides you to and through experiences that will draw you nearer to Him now and forever more. Thank you Lord for hearing us all and connecting us in this community through our faith in You.

      My prayer is for peace in my mind and a resolve that in due time that Lord you will send me the right relationship. Until such time I maybe lonely but I am not alone. Your Angels are protecting us all from harm. In Jesus solemn name. Amen

      • Please Lord provide a relationship for Nicole. As she waits please blanket her mind with your peace and comfort. I ask this in your name and with your perfect timing. Amen

    • Please pray for my daughter as she seeks God’s direction in her life. She is a senior in high school and is trying to decide what’s next.
      Please also pray for me, that I will be able to trust that with God’s help, she will make the correct decision.
      Thank you!!!
      I pray God’s blessing on all of us and I will be in prayer for you Jas.

      • Thank you Sheila x

        Lord please guide, protect and guide Sheila and her daughter in this particular stage of life. Please provide for them both and nurture their relationship with each other and with you. How amazing to share in a love for Jesus and you God. I ask these things in Jesus precious name, Amen

    • Laurie,

      Dear Lord please provide a job for Laurie. Allow provision for her home, to be clothed and for bills and food. Provide opportunity for her to be exactly where you need her to be. I pray she will know your great love and see the magic/miracles of you at work in her life. Please watch over niece and unborn baby. Be with mother and baby, keep them healthy and for the safe arrival of her unborn child! All in your good timing! Amen

  2. Please pray that my faith will not fail. I am at the brink of losing all hope. I’m in a season where my very faith is being tested. My son continues to have seizures in his sleep for the last 2yrs and another son that’s struggling with learning and some social emotions. My husband and I are very exhausted and drained. I’m fighting to hold on and trust but it seems I’ve been fighting all my life and I’m just burnt out completely exhausted!! Praying that I won’t let go.

    • Praying for Arnesia and her family, that they will be able to pray together and feel the blessed rest that only our loving Father can give them. I pray for healing for their whole family and they will able to leave their burdens at the cross and they can find healing and rest at the Cross.
      Praying in Jesus name for all those who are in distress over their families and loved ones. Amen

    • Please dearest Father,
      The bible says where two or more are gathered in your name, ask and they will receive? Even in a virtual sense we stand around Arnesia she is suffering! Here her cries. Bring carers into her life to take some of the burden away from caring for her sons. Please give them the help they need and heal their sons. And provide the right care and connections to ease their sons suffering and bring this family some relief. You are the God of all creation and of us, please work here a Lord your daughter is calling on you! She needs you! Give her strength and let her feel and see your fingerprints in her situation! In Jesus name, Amen

  3. Oh great God, hear my prayer for Jas…. I thank you for the way you watch and care for her and see her needs! In your time please show her the vision and job you have set in place. Thank you Father for your love! You are our daily blessing, fill us today with your Spirit!!!

  4. Hello incourage community, I am asking for prayer for confidence, wisdom, and strength for I am able to continue to do what the Lord has me to do regarding my career, relationships, and finances. Thank you beautiful ladies for creating a community of Godly women that has a hearts to minister to other Godly women.

    • Lord here Meshas prayer. Make yourself, your plan known to her I her career, relationships and finance. Let her trust in you Lord and lean in for direction and to be under your love and protection. I ask in Jesus name, Amen

  5. I’ve been praying for a husband. Please pray for me to know that I’m loved and complete even though I’m still single and trust in God’s plan for me and his mate for me. I met someone on line and been talking to him for a long time and yet we haven’t met. So I decided to let that go and trust God.

  6. In Courage,

    This world is so cold, unfriendly & in disunity. It is easy to fall into the trap of feeling like everything is out of control. God is in control ALL the time. He never stops loving & caring for us. The world says do it on your own you don’t need help. In fact we DO need our Lord to save us from our evil selves. My world was shaken up in 2016. My aging dad’s dementia got to the point of needing to be hospitalized (geriatric psych). I was scared. Didn’t know what would happen or what to do next. Several times I would stop in the hospital lobby & just cry. I asked God to take my dad if this is how his life would be. God had other ideas. After 1 month dad was back to “normal”. He was my daddy again & we could do things together. Due to that I readily trust God. My world doesn’t get shaken that easily anymore. I know God has my best interest at heart & He will answer ALL my prayers in His perfect timing.

    Blessings 🙂

  7. Please pray for Jas and help her get the job God feels is the right one for her. Also please pray that the Lord takes me out of the darkness I’m feeling and bring s light into my life.

    • Dear Lord,
      Shine your light so fiercely on Deb!! God loves you! You are a miracle, his miracle! Fearfully and wonderfully made. Let Deb see this truth and live in it! This is an especially important prayer God! In Jesus name Amen

      I know it’s hard at times Deb but believe it!!! You are amazing x

  8. Please pray for my daughter to be delivered from the despair of depression and anxiety and the bondage of eating disorders, especially bulimia. Pray that God will protect her and save her, and that He will be glorified through this trial.

    • Praying for Julie’s daughter, may the Lord touch her heart and mind. Provide encouragement and love to her soul. If her anxiety is chemical based we ask that you would heal her body and restore to a healthy state. Helps her to see the lovely person you have made her and free her from the bondage of this eating disorder. I pray for Julie, as a mother myself, I know there is no greater pain, than watching your child suffer. Send your peace and love to her and bring her a renewed hope in you.

  9. I left an abusive relationship with my daughter’s father over a year ago. We finally settled things in court and I relocated. I’m not, however, feeling the relief that I expected I would feel. It’s a struggle to adjust to a new area (despite being closer to family) and I desperately miss the love and support of my church community. Can you please pray that I see God’s vision for my life and truly begin to heal?

  10. Please pray for me, I have ongoing pain with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Depression and also I injured my Shoulder.
    I live on my own and find life a struggle.
    Praying for God to sustain me and lift me up, and bring help to me. You are a waymaker and a light in the darkness. My God that is who you are!

    • Prayed for u!! I have a pinched nerve on my shoulder and went to the alter for prayer this morning at church. We also sang a song about “Waymaker, Promise Keeper, etc but I added Healer to it so praying for u!! He is r Healer !!

  11. Father I pray for Jas I pray that you may open doors for Jas and you will provide a job for her. You know the perfect place you would have her. You know the plans you have for Jas, plans for hope and a future. May she trust in your perfect timing in your way today. Grow her deeper in her relationship with you Father. May she rest securely in your perfect plan knowing you have it all under control. Father we thank you for already going before and preparing the way! We are so thankful for your provision and your faithfulness! We love you Father!
    I ask prayer for a family situation that is happening right now and that You Jesus would work in my families hearts and lives drawing them closer to you. That you would open their hearts to truth! Lord give me love for them and help me to go deeper with you threw this. Help me to trust your perfect timing. Jesus thank you advance for your answer, in your time and your way. Thank you for your prayers sisters in Christ!

    • I second Darlenes prayer. Provide light and love for her family and her relationship with you. Turn those in her family to you and in close relationship with you. Bless her and her family Lord. In Jesus name, Amen

  12. Jas, I pray that God will answer your prayer in such a way that the fullness of His love and provision will be known to you and those around you. I also ask for prayers for provision within our family that will honor God and be a blessing to many.

  13. I pray in Jesus Name, that God provides the job that is just what you need, Jas. That all your needs are met through this job, and you have like minded coworkers. May He also draw you closer to Him through the process, and allow you to share His Love with all that you meet.

    My prayer is for my husband of 21 years. He has had issues with addiction a good part of our marriage, but was clean and sober recently for 10 years. Depression kicked in a few months ago and he was being treated and began counseling. Nevertheless, he relapsed on Wednesday and finally sent a text yesterday. Nothing since then. The kids are 15 and 20, but still devastated and very angry and disappointed. I’m really done this time. Loss of a another job, possibly his vehicle, the deeper depression and anger with himself, and all of the aftermath is just too much. Praying that he will contact his sister and seek help and not make the situation any worse. I need prayer, please sisters, not advice. Please.

  14. Please pray for continued healing and recovery from minor dermatological surgery. Also, please pray for improvement in my finances, health and parenting a teen and one adult—I worry all the time.
    Has, praying for God’s perfect plan for a job for youAlso pray for your faith to grow, as your relationship with Him grows and you see clearly His will and plan for your future. ❤️❤️

  15. My mountain? Which one? My son in jail and hoping for a release this week? The same son who was in an accident in July and broke his neck and is not done healing from that yet? My mom in hospital after surgery and my dad at 91 at home by himself during this time because all siblings do not contribute to looking after him? My ugly divorce settlement to a an abuser and narcissist? My court case next month for his assault on me? My farm that I am looking after myself? My younger son who bought a house and 4 months later was laid off? I know God is working but it is hard. Those who know me cannot believe how nothing is going right. And yet my faith has grown and is stronger and more evident in life than ever ,but I am so weary and exhausted. I have been in the fire now for so long and so I lift my eyes to the hills. My help comes from God, maker of Heaven and earth. Please pray for my son to be released this week, my mom to heal, and for my peace in court. And most of all for Gods will to be done.

    • Dear Lord,
      When You spoke into chaos, creation came into being. When You called, Lazarus walked out of the grave. Today I ask You to speak “ Peace be still “ into the storms raging over Tammy and her loved ones lives. Help her to see Your hand bring healing over open wounds and light into darkness. Shield Tammy and her family in Your loving arms , protect them, guide them and walk with them .
      Thank You Lord for Your mercies are great every morning.
      Love, Lisa

  16. Jas…super heartwarming, may you sense the warmth of our Lord’s love today, as He declares…John 17:26
    This is my prayer request too.

  17. Heavenly Father I pray for my sister in Christ, Jas, that you will knit her heart ever closer to You and strengthen it daily. Fill her, by the power of Your Holy Spirit, with all wisdom, discernment, insight and revelation as to her job search. We ask you to make her way direct and plain to see. Give her eyes and ears to see and hear Your still small voice. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayers. Amen

    I need prayer for my healing journey as I embark on an intensive personal study called Mending the Soul. For the Lord to guide and guard my way and to safely unearth and purge what needs to be purged to bring healing to my soul and body. Thank you for praying.

  18. Lord, please give Jas peace as she continues in her job search, and I pray You would also grow and strengthen Your relationship with her. Finally, I also pray that You would lead her to the opportunity You gave for her.

    Father, I pray that You would lead my husband to the job You have for Him. Please also give me a hunger and thirst for You and Your Word and protect my time with You. I love You so much!!

    In Your Name, Amen ! <

  19. Thank you my sister. Lord, please lift up Jas and bless her with a good job, according to your will. Show her that you are walking beside her as she grows in her faith. Amen.

    Please pray for each of my family members and friends who are suffering. There are so many going through their own struggles. God knows each detail and I know that he will lift them up. Please pray that this new and exciting opportunity that I have, my health will stay well enough( no hospitalizations) that I can manage it all as I help others with rare chronic diseases.

    Thank you and blessings for the new week ahead.

  20. Please pray for my daughter, Jewel. She deals with anxiety and depression and she has had Bronchitis the last 2 weeks. She is in her freshman year of college 3 1/2 hours from home and is worried about catching up in her classes and passing them.

  21. Please pray for relief from anxiety and depression. I hope to find suitable work and have peace in my life.

    • Sheila Young, I struggle with those same things and I understand. I will be praying for a release from that, and for you to find that suitable job. God already has it waiting for you. The Bible says that our steps are ordered of God, and that includes you, sister, so don’t worry about missing it, God will show you the way and you will hear Him. Love you, sister, have a blessed day.

      I don’t want to write out all of what mine is. It’s a long story. I’ll just leave it unspoken. Thank you

  22. Beginning this 87th year of my walk in this life Father I praise you for this incourage community of women who lift us up and share with us even their vulnerability in walking through life with us. I lift up those who ask for prayer concerning job situations, those who struggle with family and ministry and the needs of others. I pray especially for those who pastor your sheep and become weary at times with the constancy of the needs they face. I pray Lord that others might have the joys I received through my prayer ministry and the times when poking through beautiful book stores there would be the one book that was not for me but drew me back to it again and again until I would pick it up again and say, “who is it who needs this book Father?” Thank you for giving me the joy on my young pastor’s face when he drew that book out of the gift bag and said, “How did you know?” It was on his booklist for his studies for his doctorate and he’d not been able to find a copy of it.

    Thank you for Dayspring Lord. In this time of my sorting and setting aside things to bless others I am enjoying all the beautiful items there are here that bless my heart and make me glad for the young women who are building their homes and have such loveliness to choose from. Help each one of them to make just the right choices as they build their dining room, and the entryway that greets guests as they step into that home. Thank you for the women here who are walking in the hard places and holding out their hands to those coming behind who may one day be faced with the same experience.

  23. I pray for you all, ladies.
    I ask for prayers for my sister and her marriage regarding fertility and my mother who lost my dad not long ago, and gives too much of herself sometimes to mask the pain.
    I ask for heavy prayers over my marriage and my children. I’m not sure that what we have constitutes a marriage except that simple paperwork. I know my children are suffering because of it. Must husband needs to be a father, friend and provider. He breaks me down so that I have nothing left to give.
    I suffer on my own with medical and psych issues. It’s a vicious circle. Please pray for me, for us.

  24. As I read & prayed over all the many needs of your precious sisters, I know that You are still in control, Jesus, and we thank you. Please be with each of these ladies in a special way & comfort them. I once again lift up my precious grandson serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. Please continue to put Your hedge of protection over him. Father, our nation is so far from what you want it to be so we lift up our President & those in authority to be in obedience to your desires for us. Thank You, Jesus, for hearing our prayers.

    • Praying for your grandson! Hubby just recently retired from the Army, deployments are something I understand well, unfortunately. BUT God … is still just as much God in Afghanistan as he is in the US and he sees your grandson every moment. Praying for protection for him and that he will see God there and for peace for you and the rest of the family.

      • Thank you, Holly. Please pray God sends another Christian to be James’s friend..He is so lonely. You are sweet!

  25. We all have Mountains but we have great big God. Please go on to Youtube listen to this song by Don Moen God will Make away where there seems no way. It will help you lovely people matter what Mountain. You are going through that God is there for you. No matter what. Keep trusting Gods word the Bible and the promises in it and prayer though your Mountains. On those hard days put on praise music and keep praising God not mattet how hard it is. As the Devil hates it when we praise God. Especially when going through our Mountains. Songs like Don Moens. Will really help us. As God will make a way where there is no way. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

  26. I would appreciate prayers!

    Several things going on:
    1) Eldest son who is not walking with God. Living with his girlfriend, not attending church, needing health insurance as well. He’s incredibly smart and a very talented singer and actor, while I’m happy he is on his own and has a decent job I wish he would return to what he knows is right.

    2) Both our daughters recently moved back home after the end of their jobs. Both needing direction and clarity as they pursue the next things.

    3) Hubby is overseas contracting after his recent retirement from the military, and while we can do separations well by now it’s still not fun. Really needing to pay down debt which is why he is there.

    4) Direction and clarity for me as well, as homeschooling has ended after 21 years (our youngest just started college), military retirement, the women’s ministry I have taught in/been in leadership with for 25 years has changed and I feel like God asked me to step back, empty- ish nest, taking classes through Truett Seminary but also wondering if I should go back to college or what?, just knowing the next thing as I keep hearing God say “get ready” but I’m at a loss for what or how?

    Thanks you kindly.

  27. Hi Jamie,

    I just wanted to say that God sees you and he knows everything (even what you don’t say) because he knows your heart and it’s fears and desires. I pray for God’s Will in your life. I also want you to know that you are not alone, I, too have been in a marriage for years that is basically a marriage because of that simple piece of a paper. I think sometimes we can love each other and be good people and even be friends but not necessarily be husband and wife.

    My husband and I (although still friends) have been separated for months and filed for divorce this week. I’ve been applying for jobs in another state since we separated (I am not employed where we live). I have had good interviews but so far no offers. We are listing our house this week and once it sells I’ll need to re-locate. So, it’s “go time”, I need a job offer. . .this is my mountain right now. I’m educated and I have a lot of experience in my field. I had 2 interviews last week and I need God to bless me with a job offer as soon as possible. Please pray that one or both of the jobs I interviewed for last week result in a job offer this week! Thank you!

    • Hi Kimberly! Praying that you receive job offers this week and you pick the one that is right for you! Praying also for peace for you. God has you tight in His hands and He is moving the mountains.

      Please pray for me, that my mountains move and that I experience Gods peace. Also pray that my faith does not fail. Thank you. ❤️

      • Hi Stephanie! Thank you so much for your prayers!! I will be flying the week after next (Oct 23rd – Oct 25th) for a second interview for a job and I have a good feeling!! Please pray that this is the one God wants for me and that this is the place He wants me to start the next chapter of my life.

        I pray that your faith is made stronger than ever and that you feel God there with you every step of the way as He moves the mountains and you feel the peace that only He can give.

  28. I am at a crossroads…..to move to Florida which we have wanted to do for years but doors always seemed to shut. I lost my job this summer and I have been working for myself as I have always wanted. Now I have a job to take, still working for myself, in Pensacola but an obstacle is 1) enduring paying for two homes until the one we leave behind sells and 2) will this be ok for my boys as the trajectory of their lives will be changed forever. We will be moving to much better schools and school environments. I think the affording two homes is the biggest deal. Even though we will rent, it’s still affording two homes. It will truly be a leap in faith to move but is that what God wants us to do? I ask prayer for decernment, peace in whatever decision my husband and I make ( I have to sign and send in contract this week to the new job), and for me to keep my head between now and moving (January 1 over winter break from school). Thanks, PM

  29. Today has been a month since my older sister and only sister/sibling went home to the Lord. I have so many emotions. I am so heartbroken, sad, lost, angry, hurt, happy she is no longer in pain free from all sickness and disease but it hurts so bad. Reading this devotional brought me comfort because I haven’t felt close to the Lord since Labor Day when I arrived at the hospital for my sister. Thank you for sharing. Please pray for me and my mom as we go through this.

  30. 77 Year Old Father With Cancer, Also Possibly Neuropathy, Frustrated with Biological Mother’s Efforts to be supportive in my life months in duration! Also still in dire dire need of A GOOD JOB! I Have a Master’s Degree from College, and still Years Later after praying/suffering/going through trials STILL NO GOOD JOB!!! Still seeking God’s will for the Very Good job God wills for Me at His Perfect Timing! FED UP WITH GOD promising and him not providing!

  31. I’m a single mom of two girls. I’m working 2 jobs and trying to put myself through school. I’m exhausted and struggling to keep my head above water. I need a serious breakthrough….

  32. I’m praying for all of the prayers and concerns that we’re cast before my comment. God is a healer, provider, miracle worker, way maker, and light in the darkness. He hears all and knows all and will take care of his people. I stand on the promises of God that he will do it for all is us. Including me who is going through a difficult time in my relationship. He has never left us and I have the faith to continue to hold on to his hand because I know he will see us through. In Jesus name I pray.

  33. My husband has not had a paycheck in a year and the funds at home are pretty much gone. He has torn his rotator cuff and some muscles around it and has to have surgery. I need prayer for safe surgery, healing and funds to pay the medical bills (and other bills that we have).
    I know that we are not forsaken. Thanks for the reminder that we serve a BIG God!

  34. Hello sisters in Christ,
    For almost a year my body feels “stressed” for no apparent reason. Even if I walk a small distance my body feels as though I”m pushing it. Doctors say I’m fine and I’m not stressed; I am prayerful to God and am at peace. Just seems like my body is acting independently. Can’t do anything physical and my hair is falling out. I’m doing what I know to do and am hesitant to see another doctor since all three say I’m fine…but I know something is wrong. I want my body to be at peace, not stressed, for my hair to stop falling out and to be able to work/ walk/ function as I go about my days. I know the potential and power in prayer, thanks

  35. Please pray that my ongoing struggle of my ex spouse trying to assume the mortgage will turn out favorably after the breakdown of our relationship due to his actions of unfatihfulness and deceit. I continually pray for him yet i need closure and this is a very heavy load.
    Thank you

  36. Dear Lord:

    I’m thankful for this beautiful day. I’m and healed. I’m recovering from bunion surgery and colonoscopy, but I’m well. I pray for my two grandsons I raise, for my finances, and for those who care for me and my boys. Bless my sons and their families in Brazil and my daughter.
    bless the writers and readers at Incourage blog. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


  37. In Courage

    So many sisters her are looking for great jobs. Lord I ask you to work in their lives & provide the right work environment for them as you have done for me. Bless them with great co workers & bosses. Enable them to use the talents & skills you provided.


    People are battling illnesses. Many sweet sisters have mental illness or cancer. Please put your healing hand on them. Help them through their struggles. Many have chronic illnesses that aren’t readily visible. Help us to a balm to them. Make us willing to give them a hand if needed. Send your healing salve & peace to their lives.


    • Dear Lord,
      Please pray for all (in)courage sisters that are in need of your love and grace as they tackle new journeys of seeking a job, relationship or good health. May our faith in You give us the peace we are searching for so that we are not troubled by life’s challenges. I’m finding courage from reading everyone’s stories to cope with my health issues. I’m suffering from diverticular disease, abnormal uterine bleeding, and anemia. I will be having surgery on 11/1. Everyday I read devotionals from this site to inspire me to stay focused on Your love. I’m learning to surrender my fears about the surgery so that You can heal me.
      Dear Sisters: May God heal all of us and provide what we need. We are all deserving of his unconditional love. Keep the faith always!

  38. Dear sisters in Christ,

    Over 3 years ago I lost my job in the insurance sector. Since then I have been struggling to secure a job in the country I reside Bahrain . Desperate for a door to open soon.

    Thank you

    • Dear Lord Jesus, I lift up Lisa in prayer to you. I pray that Lisa will feel comfortable, knowing you answer all prayers according to your Good, Pleasing & Perfect Will! I pray you draw closer to Lisa & reveal your plan to her. I pray that you open doors for her revealing job opportunities that will touch her and say, hey, this is exactly what I want & simultaneously letting Lisa know He will be with you the whole way. In Jesus’ name I pray! Amen!

      I am having back surgery on October 17 & 24. Please pray for my surgery to go well & my healing to be great! Thank you sisters! I pray that God blesses you all!

  39. My husband and I have finally found a ministry which we are both completely sold out to. Please pray that as we face a crossroads of how to proceed, that God gives us His wisdom and makes it abundantly clear what we should do and how we should proceed. Pray that it will be so facilitated that it will be obvious. Pray for my health because I had to back out of the most recent trip due to a medical issue. Thanks in advance!