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Kellie lives right outside of Atlanta, Georgia in her newly emptied nest with her husband Tim. She writes to encourage others to shift their gaze towards God through her stories. She has written a devotional "Simple Faith" and hopes to see it in print one day.

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  1. What a beautifully written devotion! I know that this will help me. It’s been over 13 years since my parents have passed on and I still have moments like you described. When we have family get togethers, it’s at my house now when it used to be at mom and dad’s house. I think the closeness of us “kids” are a testament to our parents love. What an awesome reminder of God being there for the broken- hearted. We have also lost 2 sisters. It’s now just me, my brother and my sister. Thank you for the reminder that God is always with us.

    • Peggy,
      I’m so glad that you continue to gather regularly with your siblings. I believe God uses times like those to help heal our pain even as we still grieve loss. You are honoring your parents work as you gather together, I agree.

  2. What perfect timing God has! I lost my dad this weekend – he was 92 and ready to go! But there still are moments where I start feeling sorry for myself, and I grieve. Other times, I can think on God’s mercy for taking him quickly, but allowing us to say goodbye first. So, yes. Grieve. Mourn. But also, rejoice in the hope of “see you later” rather than a permanent goodbye!

    • My mom was only 70 when she passed earlier this year but I can still relate to you recognizing that God was merciful when your dad passed. I will pray for you today as you begin this grief journey for your father. Aren’t you glad we have this great reunion to look forward too? God is good!

    • Elaine,

      So sorry for the loss of your dad. May God send His comfort & peace to you. Be grateful he didn’t have to suffer long. Rejoice in the hope of see you later. I’ve noticed that Christians are better able to handle death as they know where their loved ones are going. Please remember the good times you had with him. Smile & laugh at the fun times. Let grief have its time also.

      Blessings 🙂

  3. My Father brought me straight to this first thing this morning. The single most important thing I’ve read since the deep grief started in my life 20 months ago. My 3 yr g-son drowned. More than an hour with no heartbeat or breath, Praise the Lord, we had a pulse. Once out of the coma 2 months later, extensive brain damage is not the baby we knew before. Although, recvry has manifested greatly with treatments & therapy. We could have not known, of course, 4 short months later, my Mom, my best friend, would go home to be with Lord. I have felt a deep grief I could have never imagined. She lived across the street and both of us living alone, we went everywhere, did everything, together. Just yesterday evening I met with my 21 yr g-daughter to have her Pippy (dog) she’s had since she was 9 yrs, more than half her life here on earth, that went everywhere with the family,put to sleep due heartworms. The grief I felt for my g-daughter’s heartbreak was such a deep sadness.
    Thank you for sharing this, Kellie. I have now begun to see grief as truly a gift from God. That He can flow through me, His love out on others. I will begin right now to see this grief and accept it as a gift, no longer holding back tears and being angry with myself for not being ‘over it.’ It will now be the gift that brings me closer to God, others and even who God created me to be.
    Again Thank You So So Very Much!
    God bless you and yours, Big!

    • Oh Kathy, you have experienced a lot of loss in a short time and for that I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing with us here, it’s an honor to know parts of your story. Embracing my grief has deepened my faith and brought me closer to my Heavenly Father. I pray today as you see grief a little differently, that you feel Him pulling you in close.
      God bless Kathy,

    • Kathy,

      So sorry for all the losses you’ve experienced. May God send peace & comfort to your weary heart. Losing a pet is just as hard as losing a loved one. Pets can become a part of the family. Try to remember the good times you had with Pippy & your mom. Let grief have its time. Talk to God about how you feel. He understands better than anyone. Praying for healing of your weary soul!

      Blessings 🙂

  4. Thank you, Kellie, for healing words.
    We know that if we are feeling the sadness, our hearts are still alive, and God has promised his presence even on the darkest days.

  5. Stepping into the moment of unexpected grief w a dear friend a week or so ago was a blessing I wouldn’t have traded for anything.

  6. You said it well! I wish I could say the grieving will stop but, for me, that’s not the case. My dad has been gone for 26 years and the smell of Cuban coffee or the sound of a whistle (he always whistled for us when it was time to come home) have the power to, both, bring a smile and put a knot in my throat. My mom has been gone for 5 years and her laugh still rings in my ears and her favorite recipes I fix sometimes fighting back tears. It has been 3 years since I lost my sister and I want to call her every second of every day, especially when I watch my grandson’s daily escapades and when I’m at the beach.

    But, even though I feel the sadness I am thankful. I am thankful because it is only because how well we loved each other that I can feel their void. And, yes God is there to always remind me of that.

    • My friends who have lost their parents before my experience tell me frequently that the grief never ends, and for many, the tears will still show up for years to come. It’s a funny thing to build our lives together and then one day realize our precious ones aren’t with us anymore. Thanks for the reminder to continue to be thankful to God for all of it. He is good all the time.

  7. Thank you, I needed to read this today! I lost my Mama 3weeks ago today, and although she was 92, and lived a great life, the loss is huge, as she was a best friend too, and I made sure I saw her just about every single day!!! I rejoice in knowing that she’s with the Lord, but, me as her dearly. Thank you so much for the reminder, that this grieving process is all so normal, and just to EMBRACE this gift from God!!!

    • I’m sorry for your loss Ange. Praise God for the hope of seeing your mom again one day. That thought for my mom helps me tremendously on the hard days.

  8. Thanks for your words Kelly, my new 3 week old grandson has been born with a very severe and life threatening epilepsy, his brain will never develop because of it. I am struggling to come to terms with why this has happened. I prayed all through my daughter in laws pregnancy that the Lord would knit him together well in his mother’s womb but this has not happened. He is perfect in every way but will never be awake or develop. This is we are told a one in a million chance of happening. I struggle to trust God now as I feel He has let us down by allowing this, why can we have his body but not him and why will he die because of it? Answers we will never have but it has shaken my faith big time.

    • Mary, I am so sorry for the pain your family is going through and the grief associated with having to give up what you thought you would have with your grandson. You will grieve the loss of those hopes and dreams and today I am praying for you to feel God’s presence and remember His promises. I read Lysa Terkeurst’s book “It’s Not Supposed to be This Way” earlier this year and it was a game changer for me when dealing with hard things. I encourage you to give it a look (when you’re ready) and above all else, keep talking with God. He knows how you feel and He can handle it.

  9. Gief is the unwelcom gest that knocks at ever door. I don’t know if I will see my Mum in glory again. She will be two years passed away in January 2020. I prayed for her Salvation. You could not tell her she needed to be get saved. I am the only one along with my Husband in my family saved. I pray for them all. I want nothing else from them but to see own for Gods kindgom. My late Mum used to say Dawn where did I you from you go to Church read your Bible and say your prayers. I just said God has me hear for a reason. As you could not tell her she need to get saved as I said or you ger told of. Just live your life as God follower in front of her. I belive even though we might miss our loved one on this earth if saved. We yes we will still cry over them. But they would still want us to remember them speak their names and even if not saved do the same. But if saved we have not lost all. We will see them again in Glory with Jesus if they were sick with brand new bodies no more sickness or suffering. We would not want them back to sufer again. We yes miss them but be glad they are with Jesus and are healed with brand new bodies. We see them one day and be together again with them and Jesus for ever. If our love one just passed away if saved yes we will miss them and also cry now and then over them at maybe special times of the year when they passed away their Birthdays or Christmas as we can’t celebrate thesee special time with them anymore that is normal. But we can also rejoice we will see our loved ones again one day when our time up on earth. As they were saved. With Jesus in Glory for ever and ever what a wonderful day that will be. We have that to look forward too. Excellent reading. Dawn Ferguson-Little

  10. Kellie.

    Great informative post. This world can be cold. They say “get over it” & “get on with life”. God allows us to grieve with us. He is near to the brokenhearted. Everyone grieves losses differently. We need to allow grief to happen. Go ahead cry when you hear a song or see a reminder of that person. Remember the good times you had & laugh some. Give yourself permission to heal from the loss. Talk to God about your feelings. Grieving is cathartic. You are expressing your God given emotions. Through that healing will come. Talk to trusted friends about your grief. I work in ICU Step down unit at hospital as clerical. Often families are dealing with death. I try my best to comfort them. Tell them I will pray for them & offer words of peace. Losing a loved one is never easy much less at a hospital.

    Blessings 🙂