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  1. In Courage,

    We live in a hostile world. So much hatred & disunity these days. This world desperately needs hospitality to show God’s light in this dark world. I remember the first time I went with a group to the state prison about 1 hr. plus drive away. They were doing a Kairos walk, similar to Emmaus walk. We stayed at a local church down the road. Women cooked meals, cleaned up while the men went into the prison to converse with prisoners who were selected. All prisoners got 1 dozen cookies. Each man on walk got a homemade birthday cake. One man commented that this was the first bday cake he ever had. There were tears by those on the walk. It broke down barriers. They continue to go up there twice a year. Such a great ministry.

    We have a local church that gives out free clothes. I took a bunch to them. While there I gathered clothes for a woman who had shoulder surgery again & a friend’s son. Another great ministry.

    It is so easy to show hospitality. Just show up with food, call/text or write someone. Let others know you care about them. Shine God’s light down here.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thanks so much for this encouragement. I wholeheartedly agree with that hospitality becomes part of our character, of our personality. For me it is staying connected and meet whenever there is time in between, no matter where it is. Just this morning a friend texted she is in town and spontaneously we will meet for lunch before she drives back home, about 5 hours away. I met her at the live Beth Moore event in Calgary and haven’t seen her since….first opportunity and we jumped on it. I even get to meet her 2 boys (adopted from Uganda). I am so excited…it is just minutes away now.
      Also, I did prison ministry for many years in the Federal Women’s prison and it is a blessing to lavish God’s love on them, on those that are treated like “numbers” instead of humans. It is heart breaking. I was privileged and blessed to witness many women accepting Jesus Christ into their heart and life. I made some good friends and still support them “outside” now.
      Hospitality connects us and makes us stronger together, it unites us, just what Jesus taught us to do…every single day of our life. Let’s go and DO it…
      Tonight I am with another friend out in the City feeding homeless people. They need us, especially since it gets colder…
      Many blessings to those who care…