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(in)courage is a virtual living room where we build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage.

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  1. It’s amazing Gods love and friendship for us, to never waver for us even when we sin he still loves us. I hope to be a Ruth to someone and to find other fellow Christian friends!

  2. IN Courage,

    I, like Ruth, have a heart for others. I am forever checking on my (step) MIL. Wanting to help & encourage her any way I can. It is hard as she is 84 & trying to care for my 91 yr. old stubborn FIL who has stage III bladder cancer. Told my husband many times I will constantly look after his parents. Whatever I need to do I will. My feeling is we owe it to them as they-FIL raised my husband. Thankful that Jesus is unwavering in His love & care for us giving us an inheritance we don’t deserve. I feel this is one thing I can do to sort of repay Him for all He’s done for me.

    Blessings 🙂