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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Jen,
    I never would have done this years ago, but 3/4 of my kitchen floor is ripped up, as are the hardwoods in my power room and the “throne” is missing (burst water pipe), but I’ve welcomed friends into my home for coffee. It’s only taken almost 60 years, but I am learning to “get over myself” lol. Entertaining is all about me, my house, my culinary skills. Hospitality is about the person/people I’ve invited, their lives, their need to be loved. Jesus stepped into messy situations and pointed people to His Father. Can I not invite people into my mess, and point them to Jesus? I think I can…great reminder this am.
    Bev xx

  2. I am ready to open my door, especially this summer as we are having a wedding here come September. I need to be ready to open and invite all who may never have been here before with the way it is.

  3. thankyou for keeping us grounded. I too believe we can introduce people to Christ in the simplest ways in a simple area. I’m very sure the upper room where the apostles met was not beyond fancy in decor. Jesus did alot of his ministry walking in nature along the shores or on a hill…no fancy couches needed !!
    the best and most relaxing visits I have had were at an old picnic table with lemonade.
    I appreciate your message …its about Christ and having others introduced to him.
    May the big fancy churches find this revelation !!

  4. I hope to move soon into my own place, and I plan to invite lots of new people that I haven’t even met yet! The (in)courage online study we did this spring has encouraged me SO much – thank you!

  5. I would love to start this. We have been fixing the back yard snd the family room to create a welcoming feeling. Trying to get last
    Minute things done.

  6. Jen & In Courage,

    Lisa-Jo in her book “The Middle Matters” talks about the first house she & hubby bought. She saw it as a gift from God. One that needed to be shared often. She & hubby open their home to kids, friends & a Tuesday night church group. She finds it is a quick & easy way to get to know people deep down. I agree. We get to see the everyday you in sweatpants & T-shirt. My pastor & his wife open their home to others on holidays for meals. They call it a potluck. It is a multitude varying in age, marriage, life stages. We all eat & have good conversation. It is a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday that otherwise would be celebrated alone. You are spot on with the idea that the home & all its furnishings is a gift from God. That gift should be shared with others. It is what Jesus would do.

    Blessings 🙂