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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Karina,

    Thank you for this post and the reminder that our trials and struggles and set backs will serve a purpose in God’s timing. 2018 was a hard year for me as well but 2019 rang in with the same difficulty starting at day 1!! *sigh*

    But, I’ve learned much through this season, at the top of the list is a fierce perseverance. I cling to the hope that the Lord DOES have a purpose in all of this hardship. And every day I pray for protection and provision again discouragement, distraction and disappointment – the 3 D’s in Satan’s toolbox working against me.
    I’ve also learned to fiercely trust even when the way seems impossible to me. I know that the Lord goes before and behind me. Even in the darkness, He is always with me and I can count on that!

    • Rebecca,

      Praying for you sweet sister!! May God send His loving arms to surround & hug you with love & peace. May you have calm in 2019. Asking God to help keep discouragement, distraction & disappointment away from you. Keep on persevering & clinging to the Hope that is Jesus. He is the only one who can see you through!


    • Amen Rebecca! I am standing with you and believing for God’s peace and provision to be worked out this year. He is good and faithful. Trust in Him and His perfect ways.

  2. Karina,

    Praying for you in this hard season. May God bring some peace to you life in all areas. Blessings of calm & rest for 2019.

    God does not waste anything-especially trials. For several years I dealt with aging parent’s dementia. That can be stressful never knowing when phone would ring or what the next day would bring. Through it all God grew my faith. I no longer fear anything. He can handle it all I’m sure of this!! During that trying season I held onto the hope of Jesus. It was all I could do. Times got scary but God was there for me each time. It is never easy when dealing with the elderly. You can’t know their minds & the body doesn’t work like it used to, Patience was a big teacher for me. I can see know that God was preparing me the this next season of life. I got separation papers from a part-time job earlier this year. Chip Ingram (Living on Edge)”Breaking Through Life’s Biggest Barriers” states that we should use our God given talents, embrace our God given personality & leverage our past experiences. God has seen fit to help me with the last one. I thought about & applied for care giving positions. One company called & wants to interview me Monday. My wilderness experience was not wasted one bit. I learned patience, grew spiritually & am now off to use my experiences to help others.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Karina,
    I have learned so many lessons in the wilderness and I have trekked through many miles of wilderness. Sometimes you think it will never end and you simply have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Seasons can last for weeks or years. Like you, God has drawn me into a deeper and more intimate relationship with Him. I believe that suffering and struggle are necessary in order to dive below the surface in our relationship with God. We need to get to that point that we are either going to embrace God or push Him away….that’s the crucible point where faith can really grow. As I look back at all the valleys God has walked me through, I have developed perseverance and perseverance produces hope, and confidence that God will be there no matter what the future holds. I can’t say that I would have that confidence had I not seen God’s faithfulness through past struggles. I don’t know if we ever come to an “easy street, phew I’m glad that’s all over with” season in life?? But, God does give us reprieves and He encourages us to enjoy the small, often overlooked joys in the heat of the struggle. Joy and sorrow can coexist….this, for me, has been a hard lesson to learn. Awesome post Karina, and praying that this next year will hold peace, calm, and much joy.
    Bev xx

  4. Your lesson was so needed today. My husband and I are very much in a season of wilderness. I am struggling with fear, depression and anxieties over our current situation. I tend to be a type A personality. Highly organized, problem solver, planner. I need a plan to move forward. I am now in a situation where none of that works and it leaves me sad and confused. I know in my heart that God has my back. But I am definitely having trouble believing it. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I truly hope that this year will be your best year yet!

    • Sue –
      I’m feeling the same way. I’m praying that this is YOUR best year yet.

    • Thank you Sue! I’m praying for the Lord to make a way in this wilderness. May His peace and grace overwhelm you and sustain you. This season will past. May He get all the glory!!!

  5. When I read your first paragraph, I felt as if you were writing about me. I feel as if the wilderness continues to dominate the start of 2019 despite my hope for a fresh start. I’m praying that the trees will clear soon.

  6. I am in a season of unknowing. In December I left a job I enjoyed in the midst of caring for my dying mother. Mom died January 4. I am home again, but things are different with no job to go to or routine to settle into. I watched God work in ways beyond amazing while I was caring for mom, so I am sure he knows what’s next and will bring it about in his time. Trusting him in this season of waiting is going to be key.

    • Anne, my husband passed away on Jan. 4, 2017, after a lot of illnesses. I had to move away from him in 2014 for my health (disabled since 1991) and safety reasons but I still end up being his caregiver until he expired. The 20 years we were married was such a great wilderness for me and I didn’t think I would make it through. God spoke to me one day and said “Jeremiah 29:11”. That verse became my path out of my wilderness. I knew in God’s season HE would see me through. I was lost in my daily life because I didn’t know my purpose. I’ve continued following and growing in God’s word, my growing and stronger walk with Christ Jesus, and the forever presence in the Holy Spirit. I’m learning that God wants us to just “be still and know He is God”. That is my forever purpose as He leads me through each day. Be blessed in the Lord!!!

    • Anne, I’m sorry for your loss. May He be near to your broken heart. May He fill you with His supernatural peace and strength. Follow close and He’ll lead you into purpose. Trust His ways and timing.

  7. Thank you SO much for this post. It was exactly what i needed to read today. I am going through a brutally tough season (separation/divorce that I do not want) and sometimes feel so alone and distracted and disappointed. But deep in my heart and soul I know He has this – for whatever unknown reason to me. Hoping your 2019 brings you peace.

    • Thank you. May the Lord speak peace to your soul. Get quiet and close to Him. He’ll speak truth and promises to you. Let Him lead and guide you. He’s good and faithful.

  8. Karina,
    Thank-you for sharing. I’m sorry things have been hard, and pray that it will get better for you soon.
    January 2018 began well, but by March things changed one the other. But in the mix there would be delightful surprises that I now appreciate their meaning even more.
    In everything give thanks
    I hope that you all have a blessed day,

  9. New levels of faith. Deeper understanding of Who God is & His ways. As I stay in grace, He supplies. For it’s under grace that I learn to rely on Him as the Father Who loves me and is faithful

  10. Thanks, Karina! This message truly blessed me. I felt the same about much of 2018.

    Wishing you joy and peace in 2019!

  11. “I know that God was not the author of anything bad that happened, but He sure has brought immense good out of it. That is what He does, that is who He is.

    God is a Father who is good to His children — even in the wilderness.”

    What a testimony! Thank you, Karina, for giving voice to God’s goodness in your life even in the context of the most painful year. I’m so grateful you’re here. xx

    • Thank you Becky! I have only made it through because of His grace and the community (near & far) He has placed me in! I love you sister! Thank you for walking alongside me!

  12. Goodness..do I know about the wilderness 2018 had given me. I felt like I was in the desert walking aimlessly looking for a sign. I had never experienced loss and grief like this before and in several days, it will be a year of losing someone who was like a sister to me. I felt the tug of my emotions being pulled in all sorts of directions. I have great days and then when I think I am finally reaching the promised land, I am hit with memories and I am right back there with this grief. Unbearable grief that at times, I wished the good Lord will just take me. But I know that God made a promise when he sent Jesus to die on the cross for me, to forgive me of sin and to show me that no matter how long I feel as if I am wandering and looking, He is there for me. He is here and we must hold on to faith in this wilderness called Life… Thank you for sharing Karina..