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  1. Hope. I was a bit surprised that it came out tops. I found some of the multiple choice options hard to choose between (I want to be so many things in Christ and all the options sounded very positive/worthy). The phrase “abound in hope” has always resonated deeply within me, so maybe 2019 will be the year to do so at all times, especially when things look bad. Thank you for giving me a positive word to focus on.

    • Hi Gillian:

      I took the quiz even before I even read this article so I think the Spirit is definitely giving me Divine Direction to be lead by a “word for me” that will encourage, Uplift and inspire me in 2019… Your word is HOPE. I love that word. From the quiz answers, my word is “COURAGE.” Last year, my words were multi-FACEted and they were: “TRANSFORMED.RISE.”

      As I was driving to church service Christmas Eve, putting a wee bit of “pedal to the metal” on the highway, I was spontaneously reMINDed by the Spirit to catalog the “transformed” word. To look back on that word as I was driving the highway ahead and forging to the horizon of a New Year.

      I was absolutely astounded and exhilarated in one Breath as I was able to catalog instantly how God had Mightily “transformed” me in so many ways (actually too many too mention!)

      A huge scripture for me in that transformative process was Romans 12:2 “Janine: …be TRANSFORMED by the reNEWing of your mind…that you may prove the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.”

      Along with that scripture, I had to hold onto HOPE at many intervals and intersections of life. The verse that was what was suggested today was my go-to-verse of my heart, mind and voice: “NOW, may the God of HOPE fill [me] with all joy & peace in believing, that I will abound in HOPE, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.” God led me to the King James version which starts with “NOW” (God used that often and a lot, reMINDing me to focus on NOW and to claim NOW as the NEW…as I embraced HOPE in many surprise packages) As I write this to encourage and share my hop into HOPE 2018, as God metamorphosized me through a “TRANSFORMED” mind, my heart is “burning within me”.

      In encouraging you, I encourage myself and am encouraged by His Spirit to recall and receive that :

      God is faithFULL. He will perform it!

      My WORD! I am laughing as I consider that phrase said by my elderly ancestors who were exasperated. maybe we should say that over and over and over: “my word!” But mean it as a Way to acknowledge the fact that “God is faithFULL. He will perform it. He does and will perform it every day, in Mighty Ways in 2019…my Word!” LOL!

      My word is “courage” according to the Dayspring fun quiz I took today.

      And God gave me a Word He suddenly spoke into me by His Spirit the other day which was/ IS:

      …SOAR. I think it is another transformative thing He wants to keep doing. Since He kept His Promise to RISE (my 2018 word that held hands with transformed)

      Yes, a WORD makes a difference. A definite difference.

      I pray that you will indeed “HOLD onto HOPE” and your word of HOPE… like a helium balloon that makes you FLOAT INTO HOPE in 2018.

      Bask in HOPE and bathe in HOPE. Be refreshed that JESUS is “The Word” and the God of HOPE will cause you to achieve the WORD He impresses on the pathways of your heart and life in 2019!

      For all women reading this, I cheer you on……walk in your Word, dance in your Word, sing out your Word and multiple-pirouette, being steady in your WORD …hold hands with The Word (Jesus) when it seems like it is too difficult to keep on keeping on.

      He IS faithFULL and …He WILL do it!

      Be blessed sisters in Christ!

  2. My word is Delight! I want to abide in Him and find delight in every circumstance. I want to find the best in everything and everyone even when it’s hard. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me this year!

  3. I got courage. Not much of a surprise because I know I need to let go and let God take control. I need to have courage and step out in faith.

  4. My word is courage!! I took the quiz several times before I had read today’s devotional!! I got courage twice. I got to thunki ng how I have been so fearful this past year. I loomed it up and one of the words that is opposite of fear is courage!! Woo goo! Bring on 2019! God’s got this!

    • Hi Daphne:

      I love how you said:

      “God’s Got this! ”

      Thank you for that perspective that inspires. He has it and does it. We don’t have it and we don’t need to do it. We don’t strive but believe and receive: God’s Got This!


      Yes…and isn’t God so Great to take us on a journey with Him?

      He’s got it but we get to be a Great Part of it.

      Thanks for that beautiful perspective that I think I will remind myself with all year when I am tempted to hear the lying voices of the enemies of courage: defeat, fear and insecurity. I will shout out and battle your words instead:

      “God’s Got This!”

      And in doing so, I will remind myself that if God has it, then… He has me. It is settled. it is finished. Courage is mine (because of Who God is!)

      My word from the quiz was COURAGE too and now, as I write this, the Spirit is reminding me that in the last month a few times in prayer, I asked Him for “courageous courage” – an adjective and noun.

      I need(ed) daily dollops of COURAGE.(sometimes minute by minute!)

      And God has what we need “in abundance”. His well is never dry but overflowing! May we overflow with COURAGE. Courageous Courage!

      I will lift you up for God to “bless and keep you in His Courage” and to make you stronger than King David ever was as a shepherd boy – – when He blind-sided that Goliath bully!

      Nothing is too impossible with God. Let us both – and all and anyone needing courage…abound in God’s overflowing Courageous Courage, by abiding in Him.

      Our Defender.

      Our Courage Champion! God equips us with Courageous Courage.

  5. My word is Hope!! Looking forward to what God has in store for me in 2019, for my hope rests in Him!!

    • I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment by itself, so I will reply to Angela as my word also is HOPE! I was expecting it to be BLESSED so perhaps that would have been my word for 2018! I have always loved that hope verse, so I look forward to seeing how *HOPE* will play out in my life in 2019. GOD bless you all real good!!!!

    • I don’t see my comment??? My word in my own heart/head felt it should be HOPE and after the 7 questions, Dayspring chose Gratitude?????

      • HI NRT….I came back from an extended visit with my parents out of town and went off the TECH grid. Upon my return, this was on my laptop and I started reading again. I wanted to offer you some humble perspective on what God may be up to…He says: My Ways are so much different than your ways – as far as the east meets west, so far are my ways different than yours. Well, you wanted HOPE and so God is just taking a detour road that will lead you to “abundantly beyond what you could HOPE for or imagine.” I think that gratitude is a main ingredient that leads us to the wellSpring of HOPE – the Source being Jesus Christ. He will use gratitude to pave your road into a horizon of HOPE…He will do that and more. Trust that it begins with gratitude and “praising God in all things – big or small – even for the things you don’t understand or agree with. Why am I taking time to write this to you? Because God used gratitude like a megaphone to His ears as every word of grateful prayer started to chisel away at my hurt and hardened heart…he started to lavish me with JOY – unspeakable and unfathomable joy and it began with a painful journey of “praising and thanking Him for and in all things” – especially the circumstances I didn’t understand or agree with . I started to do it and it became like the oxygen I breathe…involuntary and just spontaneous without thought. This led me to the most authentic JOY I have ever experienced…and it was exquisite. So, I would like to encourage you to definitely begin with gratitude and watch all the layers of Goodness God slathers in on that pathway into a HOPE that can not be diminished. “Now, may the God of HOPE fill you with all JOY & PEACE in believing, that you will abound in HOPE through the Power of the Holy Spirit.” I hope you enJOY your HOP into HOPE year ahead. Blessings abundant!

  6. My word is GRATITUDE. I have always been grateful for everything I am blessed with. God is good and answers prayers, even though He sometimes says NO or NOT NOW

  7. Delight- be thankful and cherish all that is around me. Even if it’s the 5th load of laundry for the day, or mess after mess that 1 of my kiddos makes. Delight in Him!!

  8. My word: COURAGE! I am in a season of intense change both personally and professionally. I really want to face this new year with COURAGE to step out as a God is leading! I have a new job opportunity in a new state and that means a lot of change! I need a lot of COURAGE to step out and go for it. I want to trust that I am in God’s will and not keep second-guessing the path. Father, help me to be strong and courageous…trusting that You go before me!


    • Amen, Pam…He does go before us and prepares the way…my word also is courage…In Him we are courageous, because His Holy Spirit resides in us! May He take you on a GREAT adventure as you trust Him.

  9. Delight! My word is delight. And that’s what I want to do this coming year.
    When the word ‘delight’ popped up the verse from Psalm 37 immediately
    came to mind …Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires
    of your heart. My #1 desire for the coming year is to take delight in the Lord
    at all times. To really truly find enjoyment, peace, and fulfillment in Him…
    No. Matter. What.!

  10. My word for 2019 is COURAGE. I was surprised because I feel that it has been a large part of my life for many years now. Health and life struggles of very close family members have guided my daily life and I have relied on God’s promises every day. The phrases and Bible verses were definitely hard to choose from; I could have checked all of them in several instances. I, too, am excited to see how God’s plan for my life unfolds this next year! I want to live each day being the light of Christ to others.

  11. My word for 2019 is gratitude. The questions asked were a bit hard as I could have chosen each one of the answers. I shall trust that this is what I’m to focus on in my walk with God this coming year.

  12. My word is Gratitude. I want to be grateful/content with what I have and not long for what I don’t have.

  13. My word is Delight! I know I need to have more Joy in my life, but I also need to learn to Trust God in and for all things. So Delight seems to be the best word – thank you!

  14. My word is courage. May I walk this coming year in bold courage and faith where ever and in whatever the Lord leads me to.

  15. My word is Delight! My goal for the year ahead is to choose joy daily and to find a place of peace where I can rest despite the chaos. I want to delight in all that God has blessed us with and let that gratitude overflow my heart.

  16. I’m SO glad you returned to the workforce…it gave me the opportunity to meet YOU <3. And, we're twinning--my word today was "courage," too :). With the year I have coming up, that's really no surprise.

    Sending you warm wishes for a a HAPPY new year, friend. xoxo

  17. My word was courage. 2018 brought many changes to my life and I’m hopeful that I will have courage to face all that 2019 holds.

  18. According to the quiz my word is HOPE but I had already felt God laying the word OVERCOMER on my heart. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and 2019 is going to be a battle. I know with God I am going to over come all the things that stand my way and having a little hope along the way can’t hurt either!

    • Praying hope and healing for you in 2019 Keara! You are an OVERCOMER and God has you in the palm of his hand! Blessings and love to you always! P.S. my word is also hope! 🙂

  19. The quiz said my word is Hope. I need to remember to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that’s in me. However, I had already decided several weeks ago that my word might be Peace this year. Then on Christmas eve the message was about Peace. Yesterday, out of the blue, my husband said to our son- in- law, “Want peace? Know Jesus and keep him front and center.” That kind of cemented it for me. ☺

  20. I have chosen the word “Arise”. There are things that I want to accomplish this year that will cause me to step up to the calling God had placed on my life so that he will be glorified. Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.”

  21. My Word is Peace! I work a full time job as a CSR. I work a part time job at my church (planning and directing the Worship Music and Choir.) I am grandmother to seven grandchildren and actively am involved in taking them to ball practices, games, violin lessons and rehearsals, and babysitting when I can. My husband and I plan about 4 camping trips a year, but with kids, grandkids, and friends. Rest isn’t in my vocabulary much. I long for rest and more quiet time with Jesus!
    Blessings in 2019

  22. Delight. A word I may not have considered. I have been striving to find ‘joy’ in everyday life (as the name of my blog implies). While I’ve never really been one to choose a word for the year, last year the word ‘abound’ stood out to me during Bible study one night. I want so much to abound in so many areas of faith and life, but it is a process, isn’t it? I think the word ‘delight’ goes nicely with both ‘joy’ and ‘abound’. Intransitively, I need to see the Lord’s hand in all circumstances of life and take delight in it as He makes me more like His Son. Transitively, I need to share the delight that they may experience the fullness of His love!

  23. Peace- I was thinking my word would be remember this year, but remembering the promises of the Lord does bring peace to my soul– maybe I have a new direction in peace!

  24. Hope…such a strong and powerful word as I go through a sad divorce after 32 years of marriage.

    • Praying for you this morning. I cannot image the pain you are facing. I am approaching year 33 of marriage and cannot imagine life any other way.
      Praying for the freedom to experience all the emotions guilt free. Praying for strength to put your hope in Him. Praying for gimpses of His mercy and grace as you walk through this season. And on the other side of this season, I pray for inexpressible joy! Lots and lots of joy!

      Hope is powerful.

      • Thank you for your kindness!
        I am always happy that others enjoy the gift that marriage is.

  25. My word is Choice. There is a lot I have no control over in life – but I can choose how I react, how I handle things, how I live and how I feel.

  26. My word was Delight. I have been thinking of Intentional. I think the two words work together. I want to delight in the Lord, being filled with His Spirit, fully aware of His presence, and be intentional in all that I do, in my service to Him, in my family, in my marriage, my work, my home, my life. I plan to retire from the workforce this year, so my days will look very different and I’m excited to see where God leads.

  27. My word is courage. Even typing that scares me, so apparently I really need it. Hahahahaha. But seriously, I’m really focusing on bettering myself this year by being involved in three different groups: group coaching, a weekly bible study that I’ve been involved with for the last three years, and a discipleship group. It’s given me the hope I need to keep on going in the midst of making some big decisions. Thank you for all of your posts and giveaways. Sometimes they’re what keeps me going on some days.

  28. Courage. I was afraid I would get that! Ha! Thank you for sharing your story and I will remember it as I face my own challenges.

  29. My Word is gratitude!!! I want to be grateful for all the blessings the LORD gives me everyday!

  30. Courage: Which is so accurate. I struggle with stepping out of my comfort zone and having the courage to let God fully shape me into His design for me. I often hold onto things of the past. But I’m claiming Isaiah 43 as my verse and promise for the New Year and with courage I’m going to fully trust God and allow Him to transition and shape me as He sees fit.

  31. Courage. I need to have the courage to do what God is leading me to do & have the faith that he will help me do what he is leading me to do. There is a lot going on in my life right now – I need to start & stay eating healthy. For some reason, I seem to have no control over myself when I get home in the evening. There are things that I think God is calling me to do but until I get the courage to believe he will help me get healthy, I will be held back.

    • This resonates with me entirely. Courage is my word, as well. May we both receive it abundantly in the New Year.

  32. My word is PEACE!

    As soon as I read it, I felt the God the Holy Spirit stir in me this verse: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27 (KJV).

    I needed to hear this!
    I have been emotionally struggling with resting in Him and abiding in Him these past couple of days.
    Thank you Lord! for knowing what we need and providing for us; reminding us of your love and faithfulness to us when our emotions overwhelm and get us sidetracked from remembering Your TRUTH-the truth of Your Word.

    Happy New Year to all! Blessings on the upcoming year!

  33. “Courage”- I am always questioning myself and others; am I following the path I should be, how can I change the path I’m on- home and work, why am I in this place that seems so negative and stifling? “Courage” and Trust in God that WITH Him and He WITH me, I can be who He wants me to be and have Couage to follow Him, believe in Him and continue to pray for His guidance and give up making it my way today and tomorrow.
    Thank you for my/His word and His world!

    I feel I’m at a crossroads at my job – not enough time to do what I truly feel called to do, yet not enough money to leave where I’m at to pursue this passion/calling. May I have the courage to step out in faith.

    • Thank you for sharing. This is also me in a nutshell right now. I’m feeling stirred recently, like it might be time to leave my job and trust God will open the right door(s). However, financially this seems daunting at best. Praying that COURAGE, which is also my word, permeates my very being in 2019… and yours as well!

  35. Hope.
    I’m wasn’t sure about my word but I feel like it could actually be what I need. I have felt God stirring me up for new things and I feel nervous, overwhelmed and inadequate but there is also that feeling of hope and excitement for things to come. The Lord led me to start a blog recently for the purpose of improving my writing skills. I have such a deep desire to write and be used for God’s glory in this world. Let his will be done and may I live in hope. ♡

  36. HOPE. My son has been ill with serious disease for several years and costs keep rising and rising affecting our retirement years greatly. Praying for his healing so he can keep working & support his family. So we need HOPE …

  37. My word for 2019 is peace. It means a quiet in the storm. Not the absence of turmoil, but a state of being that says ‘it is ok’ and ‘all will be well’. It reminds me of Jesus in the boat with the disciples during the storm. While the disciples were frantic Jesus was calm. That calmness came from within, and the assurance that the waves and the winds could not overpower Him because of an intrinsic, supernatural power source. I want to tap into the supernatural power source of the Holy Spirit more in 2019. Knowing it is well I can say to myself, “PEACE BE STILL’.

  38. My word for the year will be Gratitude. I know that I need to be more thankful and complain less. I will also begin a journal to write down one thing I am thankful for or a positive experience that happened that day. Without gratitude, I will continue to live a joyless life and perpetuate the sadness that I feel so often. I am deserving of this joy….only God can help me believe that!

  39. Courage, it was pretty tough on a few selections but I always want to be more courageous and patient.

    I have been wanting to volunteer and do more for others so I think that’s what this year will be about..be more courageous and stepping out of my comfort zone more.

    Hope y’all have a blessed 2019!

  40. That tech shift is brutal, isn’t it? My sons have to help me figure out “simple” tech stuff all the time. Pencil and paper is my favorite, as well. 🙂

    I’d already been in prayer and received a word for 2019. My word next year is “Soft.” I can’t wait to see all the ways God grows me with it in the coming year. — The quiz gave me “peace,” which sounds like it fits very nicely with “soft.” 🙂

    For the first time, I’m hoping to choose a verse-of-the-year as well this time. Still praying for God to direct me to the verse He has for my 2019.

    May God grace us all in 2019 with more and more of His presence. Happy New Year! ♥

  41. My word is courage. As others have commented several questions could have had several options. I have been tossing around the idea of starting a bible journaling group in my retirement community. I’ve only been Bible journaling for barely two years myself, so I’m not very experienced myself. A few of my bible journaling friends have offered to help me and I will be leaning on them for sure. Teaching about God’s word frightens me a bit. I know as I continue to pray about this venture God will help me.

  42. Peace is my word. I have struggled with anxiety this past year and really need to rest and trust that God is in control. Thankfulness, gratitude, and rest in Jesus is in. Worry and turmoil are out! Lord be with me and guide me this year as I focus on peace in you.

  43. My one word is Hope. So appropriate! I am currently caring for my mother, who had a neurological event recently and has Alzheimer’s and is living with me. I am also caring for my younger sister who has Stage 3B cervical cancer and did not go into remission after treatment. There is no cure. She has a vibrant 6 year old daughter and a 24 year old son with autism who is unable to live by herself. They are all living with me as well. Then I have my own son who is 16 with autism as well. All of this has effected him tremendously. Her son and daughter are scared of her because she has nephrostomy (kidney) tubes leading into bags. I am the only one who is able to care for them. My word is perfect because I need hope that this year will be much better than 2018 and hope that God gives me the strength and patience to deal with it all. Hope

    • My word was also *Hope* Bonnie. My husband has Alzheimer’s and is now living in the local nursing home. I understand a little of what you might be going through with that. With all the other stuff on top of that, *Hope* surely is a good word for you. I agree in prayer with you for strength and peace as well!

  44. COURAGE: I’m not surprised because I battle anxiety and poor planning every day. I need to grab ahold of a good dose of COURAGE from God and let it settle in my heart this year❤️ Thank you for this quiz!

  45. My word is hope. I definitely already thought about this word because I have a new book coming out called “Hope in the Hard Places” But I didn’t want to be too obvious about it. I really didn’t think the quiz would turn up with the word and it DID!! So I’m sticking with it, hopeful about all God will do with the book and its message.

  46. Peace. I am excited for 2019 and the Peace that will fill my heart and life.
    It will be a challenge to look for the Peace in my day as the crazy business is going on around us
    Thankful for the word.

  47. Courage….I too am stepping into the corporate world. I’m scared as a 40 yr old. The mom in me struggles with daily internal tantrums screaming inside I just want to stay at home with my kids and be a mom. I never wanted to be a corporate womean. But after a divorce and horrible situation I have to have the COURAGE to work and provide and be the adult for us to survive. I have to have the COURAGE to believe God has a plan and better purpose and future for me and my kids.

    • Taylor, praying for you this very morning. You can do this. I didn’t want to go back to work either, but it was necessary. Hubs is a pastor and teens are expensive.

      God has given me so much opportunity to minister to women in the workplace. It has been remarkable. I wish more 40+ women would go back, these young wives and moms out here, need us.

  48. I got Courage. I wanted to pick everything but we cant have everyting. This past year i had two sisters going through chemo treatments. They had courage like no other. I wish I would have that. Dec.6th our sister Betty Jo (53) who was so special lost her battle with infections and side effects of chemo. Our other sister Carla who is so brave had her year check up and is great to go. Our mom isnt in the best of shape. She is 84 and wakes up everyday with pain and breathing problems. I dont know how long she will be with us. Our families have been hit with so much the last couple of years. God has gotton us through so much. This next year it will take Courage. Thank you always for your devotions because they have also gotton me through. God Bless

  49. My word is courage…which is just what I need. I’m overjoyed with excitement and anticipation for where God will take me in 2019. Fear has been a close companion for so may years. Now I’m ready to take a step toward my freedom in Christ. BTW I love this site!

  50. HOPE …. Holding Onto Peace Each ______!
    Exactly what I needed for each day, each moment.

    I received 2 cards this Christmas with word Peace…thought this would be word for this year. Like how God put together what I needed not what I thought.
    Love this message from God. He is faithful.

  51. Hope – My word could not be more appropriate. I just got out of an abusive relationship and am trying to figure out how to best navigate the courts and support my young daughter.

  52. My word is Peace. I’ve been intending to get some quiet time with the Lord and ask Him for my word, so I’m anxious (in a good way!) to see how this aligns with what He tells me.

  53. My word from this quiz is HOPE and it fits nicely with the word Strength that the Lord has already given me for 2019. This is my 5th year choosing a word, and I completely agree with the author of this article that this is powerful New Year’s tradition that will stay with you throughout the year.

  54. My word is courage! Something, I need …I need to be employed very quickly in the new year!
    Prior to last year, I never heard of focusing on one word for a year with scripture. The thought of finding one slipped my mind this year. Thank you for the quiz to start a new journey and path for the new year. It might be good to have a mid-year reminder for those of us who might slip-off focusing on our word for the year.

  55. Delight.
    Finding Joy in life as a woman who wrestles with emotion driven responds and action, is difficult.
    This is a perfect word for how to get to the Joy.

  56. Gratitude – when I stop and think, all the times I feel left out, out of sync, set apart, burdened- that one word, gratitude, could refocus it all. I need to be grateful; literally full of all the great that is in my life. All the privileges I have. All of the great people. All of the opportunities. So much to appreciate and thank God for, instead of focusing on the lack.

  57. My word is GRATITUDE! I am an empty nester and I feel lonely… I have everything that I need and more. A loving husband, a house, two dogs and I feel depressed a lot of days because I miss my children. God has been so good and faithful to me and my family.
    Thank you, Lord!

  58. My word is Courage. In 2019, I’m going to have the courage to pursue my calling to write for the Lord. I’m going to have the determination to get back to a healthy weight so we can have another baby. And I’m going to trust the Lord will provide for all our needs according to His good and perfect Will for our lives.

  59. Kim,

    Technology is moving ever so fast these days. Constantly changing. Hard for older workers to keep up. I took the test before reading the article. Some of questions could be multiple answers for me. My word is behold. I need to see God in everyday life. Not get bogged down in how I feel or what is happening. Just know that He is working everything out for my good. For we know that all things work for good to those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28.

    Have a blessed holiday & a Christ filled 2019!! 🙂

  60. My words for this year are: “delight”, “courageous” and “gratitude”. I want to be grateful for all the Lord has done for our family. I want to delight in where we are now and where we want to go in the future. I want to be courageous and step out in faith to see what God can accomplish through my husband and me.

  61. I took the quiz and my word is Peace. The goal is to silence the noise around me and focus in on the voice of Jesus. To cultivate time to be still, rest and listen to where He is guiding me this year! It seems that Jesus keeps reminding me to “Be still and Know”

  62. Thank-you for piecing this together for us Kim…I hope that all is well as you forge ahead.

    So before I learned my word was Hope, I thought of Endurance,
    “We also glory in tribulations knowing that tribulations produce patience, and patience character, and character Hope.”
    Romans 5:3-4
    Blessings to all,

  63. My word is courage. I had previously thought it was bold. And I can see the similarities in the words I have been given. Thank you for creating this survey. I am sharing it with my consultant team.

  64. The quiz gave me the word peace. I felt like I could have picked multiple answers with every question.

  65. Before I took this quiz, I had already determined that my word for 2019 was to be “Artist” after much thoughtful deliberation and prayer. I had chosen artist for multiple reasons, with the biggest being to develop stillness, calm, and time alone with Jesus. So after taking the quiz, the word “Peace” was revealed. Doesn’t “Peaceful Artist ” sound divine for 2019?

  66. My word for 2019 is HOPE. My guess would have been BLESSED so perhaps that was my word for 2018. I have always loved the HOPE verse in Romans 15:13. I am looking forward to see what God will do in my life in 2019. Many blessings to all!

  67. My word, according to DaySpring, is GRATITUDE.
    I DO intentionally choose to be grateful for the many blessings which are mine daily.
    The word that has been surfacing in my reading is “love”. Will need to ponder on the commonality of the two.

  68. Delight is my word. The verse that goes with it is on an Amy Grant CD, which I love!! I will look upon 2019 with delight and an open heart to where God leads me!

  69. My word is hope! It has profound meaning to me because of my current circumstances. There is so much in this one word for me and I look forward to the Lord’s work in my life in 2019.

  70. My word of the year is HOPE. I had it picked out before doing the test, but the test gave me the same word. 2018 has brought the biggest trial of our lives with the death of our first baby Aaron. Hope is what I have to hold on to for 2019. I can rest in the hope we have through Christ. I have the hope of a future wether or not that involves bringing home a baby in 2019. I know that God will bring us through.

    • Lauryn, I am so sorry you are on this journey of loss. Hope will get you through. My road was different, but Hope was and is the answer. Love and prayers to you and your husband.

  71. I was very careful in selecting from those 7 questions, I wanted the true answer, the true meaning for my being personally.
    And so PEACE surfaced as my word.
    My understanding how Peace is Jesus.
    He walked in it. Knowing His Father’s love and care. And so PEACE for me is the assurance of REST too, that all is well in His Capable Hands. I can just be His Child. Ahhh Peace at last!

  72. My word was “courage.” I had been thinking of my word to be “strength,” which really goes along with courage. I feel like the Lord is placing events in my life where I am going to need His strength and courage for the road and year ahead of me. If I remember that He goes before me and will never leave me or my loved ones, I can get through anything! Blessings to all in the new year!

  73. Thank you for posting What’s your Word. It has been a focus to start out 2019 with a word that could show meaning of what I am searching for and this quiz gave me closure. I honestly thought my word was to “Pause”, however; after taking the quiz my word for 2019 is “Gratitude” which truly speaks to me. Over the past couple months thinking and searching for what I am yearning for the word “pause” kept coming up and honestly that is a part of feeling gratitude. To “pause”and realize the “gratitude” of doing life with my husband, family, my job, freedom of reading my bible wherever and whenever, my church, health and a roof over my head. Life is fast, we are busy…I just don’t want to miss another moment without giving gratitude for this life I was gifted!

  74. Delight is my word for 2019. Psalm 37:4 has always been one of my favorite verses. When I “delight myself in the Lord,” it is much easier to trust Him, obey Him, follow Him, totally depend on Him, and wholly love Him. He never leaves me. He never forsakes me. He is faithful!

  75. My Word is- Gratitude… I am learning to be grateful in all that has been given to me. I know I have been so blessed beyond what I can see and yet at times, this world, this society tells me that I still have not achieved much. Lord, I know You had always been there with me every step of the way and I need to remember all that You had done for me. Thank you for this message Kim. I truly needed this reminder.

  76. My word is Delight. I was already leaning towards the word Joy for this year and so Delight just confirms for me what I’m hoping to focus on this year. Delighting in the little everyday things and delighting in my God.

  77. I took the quiz and my word was hope. I have picked a word for many years. Over the years I have chosen, trust, relationship, grace and rest. This year I have chosen curious faith. I want to grow in my faith.

  78. My word for the coming year is also Courage. I have let doubts, fears, & worries due to many a circumstance make my faith waiver & feel shaky @ times. My newborn son is still in the hospital (a month+) & though I know God is with me in this trial, I have had a hard time seeing past this dark horizon. I need courage more than ever now.

  79. My WORD is HOPE. I have a lot of Hope for my life to change in a positive direction for 2019. This past year has been full of hardship and struggles, so I am hoping in the Lord that 2019 will be better.

  80. My word is Remember. I want to take time to remember ALL that God is ALL the time. I want to Remember all the blessings He gives daily that I miss out on. I want to Remember the big things and the little things. Intentionally Remember every day!

  81. The word I got was “Delight”….and I am delighted! 🙂 Cannot wait to dive into the Word with a fresh approach.

    My word for 2018 was linger. I wanted to slow down and not feel rushed all.the.time. I do feel that having a word helped me to refocus my hurriedness, and just taking the time to “be” in the moment.

  82. My word is ‘Delight’. The word delight brings a smile to my face which is a good thing since smiling is not something I have done very often recently.

  83. My word was Delight. A little surprising and yet entirely appropriate. It’s so easy as a busy, working Mom like myself to get caught up in the mundane or feel like you’re stuck in a rut, but when we delight in our tasks and serve in our daily routines as unto Him, we can see His beauty reflected in our everyday existence. We can delight in the ordinary and find the extraordinary amongst it.

  84. Peace. I do this every year and wasn’t sure which one to choose. But this hits the spot. It’s been a tough year: moving twice, selling most of my stuff, hubby diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, son in-law out of work, settling in an apartment. I think peace after the chaos of this year sounds heavenly.

  85. HOPE is my word and j felt a smile cross my face. It is what I believe all HOPE lies with our amazing GOD.

  86. My word is gratitude. when I am down and depressed I try to count my blessings. I need to do it daily.

  87. My word is “Delight” which doesn’t surprise me. I need to find joy in the Lord when my circumstances are hard.

  88. Delight… I even took the quiz 2 x . I desperately need to delight in the small things God has given me. Enjoy those little moments and let Him take the lead.

  89. My one word for 2019 is peace. I had prayed and sorted through a few words and decided on peace. A lot has changed for me in 2018 with getting married and relocating and quitting a job. I need God’s peace in this season. I took the quiz and also got the word peace! I am looking forward to seeing how I can lean in to God’s peace more in 2019.

  90. My word is Peace, and it was no surprise, as God has been telling me to “be still” in numerous ways recently.

  91. Courage
    Courage to step out in faith to persue a job more in focus with my abilities and personality; courage to reach out to friends and family members and to reflect and heal.

  92. HOPE. As I’m always looking for HOPE and change in the ‘new year’ my word HOPE perfectly fits and will inspire my quest for 2019.

  93. Without doing the 7 questions to find my “word of the year” I would have definitely chose for myself the word, HOPE; but, my word through the questions came up with “GRATITUDE” – whoa! How can I have the word gratitude when I feel no HOPE!

  94. My word is Gratitude from the quiz. My own word is HOPE. I don’t see my comment showing, so I will post this again???

  95. My word is Delight. This is perfect. I have been struggling with finding joy and hope in the every day. The daily routines are mundane and I fear it is starting to affect my family. I am praying for release from anxiety and constant worry. Freedom from the darkness that weighs me down. To find delight again.

  96. Delight! I thought I would get gratitude! I will need to look up the words and find the differences! Thanks!

  97. PEACE- my word is a Peace and boy do I need it. My family & I are in “A Season of Change” right now (as my husband calls it). We are moving due to a job change for him. I don’t have a job yet or any possibility of a job. My children are still in school so I have no idea what school to put them in. I have been saying that I need PEACE about all this. There is nothing ironic about PEACE being my word this year!

  98. Courage! Exactly what I need as I face an upcoming surgery. Courage to reach out to the doctors and nurses caring for me. Courage to share the faithfulness of the Lord thru this new chapter of the my story HE is writing.

  99. My word is courage….after reading the above I’m not sure why it isn’t gratitude….oh well, I’ve never been a good test taker lol!
    Will hang on to courage in 2019 as I have a new job – babysitting a grandchild, which I’m so grateful to be able to do & with God for me,
    Nothing shall be against me!

    Blessings to All in 2019!

  100. My word is Peace.
    Man, I could use some peace in our very busy family of 4 kids and 2 dogs. This word actually makes sense.
    We have been talking in our family about how to have more peace in our home.
    I will definitely be accepting this as my word for 2019!

  101. Peace – my word, my longing, my anchor & my courage for 2019. Can’t wait to discover what the Prince of Peace has in store in the midst of the storms ahead.

  102. My word is Delight. After a quick search through the Bible I see that the Lord delights in me and I delight in the Lord. Very excited to live out this word in 2019!

  103. Change is my word from God this year. He will help me to embrace the changes I face in the present and future as I venture into this New Year!

  104. My one word is HOPE and it fits perfectly with my mission to help people get re-stARTed Living BeYOUtifully anew, remade in the truths of Christ. A $100 win would go a long way to helping with workshop supplies where I get to shar God’s amazing truths. Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. I got courage which is definitely something I need, having dealt with a tremendous amount of anxiety over the past number of years.

  106. My word is Courage. I long to show Gods glory through writing devotions. I have so many journals filled with treasure to share. I feel selfish holding on to these great truths God has shown me. My fear is in writing for others. My perfectionistic tendencies kick in and I mull over it so long that I stop trying. I have a lot to share on what God’s done in my life. I know it could inspire others. I just fear that I’ll mess it up in the presentation.

  107. My word this year developed on own. This time i took the quiz and I’m going off that. My 2019 word is courage. I need courage to meet my ex’s girlfriend and to trust my mother in law to keep my ex and his gf inline when they visit. Courage to talk to him more. And courage to take initiative and leadership for VBS another programs I’m leading this year

  108. Decided to take the quiz, and the word chosen for me was Gratitude. I do keep a gratitude journal every day. Still praying on the word for 2019… Acceptance was in 2018.

  109. After loosing my husband December 16th I feel alone with no hope. I took the quiz and the word is”Hope”. God is telling me something and I am listening and waiting for His still small voice. Thank you God!

  110. my word is Peace, the peace that comes from God.
    Proverbs 3:17 Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

  111. I have taken the quiz Four Times. My results were: “Courage” twice and “Hope” twice… Courage, then Hope, then Hope again, and finally Courage again.
    Perhaps I will be needing both in 2019!?! Two helpings of Hope sandwiched between two helpings of Courage… 🙂

  112. My word was “Hope”, which confirms that yes, it is in fact my “word of the year” because that very word came to me in several other forms in the early morning hours of this day. How cool is that! Unfortunately, the printable won’t download, and I’ve tried several times. Isn’t there a graphic of the word itself, as well as helpful hints and scripture references (as in the past?) If someone (tech person on your end) could assist with that, I’d love to keep it as a reminder.

  113. I love this! My word for 2019 is fragrant. I always like to look up a corresponding verse to go with my word so I am focusing in on 2 Corinthians 2:14 “But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” I’m so excited for how God is going to use this word in my life this year!

  114. My word for 2019 is Life. As in we brought in a new life to this world and its given me a whole new perspective on life.