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Catherine is a wife of one, mother of five, actor, writer, singer, speaker, and Jesus lovin' homeschool teacher. An award-winning performer and playwright, Catherine hung up her costumes to pursue motherhood full-time. She has returned to her creative roots with a dynamic blogcast called "That Drama Girl."

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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
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  1. God’s timing is amazing! Bringing Philip Yancy’s words and Joe’s life across your path at the same time is further evidence that there’s something pretty amazing about God and His grace.

    • He is amazing! I couldn’t believe it when Joe told me his last name. And then God reminded me of Joe just when I needed His grace written over the lies of the enemy in my life. Thanks for reading and responding. God bless!

  2. This doesn’t surprise me in the least…to see God at work in your story as I have witnessed Gods grace and unbelievable provision in my own life this past two years in particular. The simple fact and truth is Our God is amazing and He orchestrated you to meet Joe, prepping you with reading the book before you met Joe amongst other things- Gods power and wisdom is nothing short of magnificent! We honestly are so so so lucky!!!!

  3. Catherine,

    God planned that meeting years in advance. It was no surprise to Him. He wanted you to tell Joe that he is loved by a God who will rejoice over him with singing. Nothing is to hard for our Great & mighty God. I’ve been fortunate to witness two miracles in two years. My aging dad’s severe dementia was healed for a time & he was able to enjoy life. My 90 yr old FIL survived stage III bladder cancer & is doing well for now. Out mowing his yard. God is always up to something good. He wants us to trust Him & share our beliefs with others. I do that by acts of kindness to others. The more I do the more I see a sparkle in their eyes. Perhaps one day I will hear of people who got saved due to my seed sowing just like you did.

    Blessings 🙂

    • What incredible miracles, Beth! Thank you for sharing. I’m working on another piece right now where I wonder the same exact thing about how amazed I will be in heaven at the impact of these simple acts of seed sowing. Will be posting that soon on my website. It is encouraging to think of how God sews all of our seeds together and grows such a beautiful garden, doesn’t He?

      May God bless your seed sewing!

  4. I love it!

    “And he’s right. I am all of those things. But my God isn’t.”

    We don’t have to be great, our God IS! He is I AM! And we can be whatever he wishes us to be.

  5. Oh my! I never tire of hearing these amazing stories. God meets us right where we are with a NOW word that changes everything! Thanks for the ‘in’couragement!

  6. Love this so much Catherine!! God’s amazing, undeniable gracious love and forgiveness. “…. extended to us as a gift we don’t deserve, but grace is also His unmerited favor. God graces us with His favor which accredits us for every good work that He whispers into our dreams.” just wow

    • Thank you, Renee. It is so kind of you to encourage me! I’m just starting out in this journey, launching a website and a blogcast this week, and you’ve been doing this for a while. It means a lot that you would take the time to lift up a sister who is just passing the starting gate. That says a lot about you. Your piece was such a blessing to me as well!

  7. Thank you for this word from God today. Just this afternoon, I wrote a letter to God confessing my sins, fears, losses, and even wrote these exact words describing myself – Unforgivable. Unlovable. Unworthy. Unattractive. – and then I read this devotional.

    Thank you for the reminder of grace, the unmerited favor and blessings in my life even if my circumstances don’t change, I am a daughter of the MIGHTY KING!

    • WOW! Just wow. I’m blown away by this. That sly serpent isn’t very original, is he? He’s saying the same exact thing to you, me, and every other woman on the face of the planet.

      Here’s what is even more amazing. I wrote and submitted this piece months ago. They could have picked any day to publish it but they picked the day you wrote those words in your journal. That is incredible! The enemy isn’t very original but God sure is. I just have to laugh at how perfectly God exposed that nasty devil. Verbatim! That seriously makes me laugh. I’m going to screen shot your comment and keep it for when that sly serpent comes calling again.

      I pray for the grace to endure whatever you are going through, Rebecca. And I pray for God’s blessings to abound in your life!

  8. If I had a dime for every low, destructive, demeaning thing I have heard the enemy whisper about my name….I would be rich. Since being forced out of work because of a body one Doctor measured roughly 30 years older than I am making my skeletal structure 78 . I have made progress but not enough for anyone to risk their license marking me,”Fit for work.”Now the reason I love to hear about “Joes” is because during my time “not fit for gainful employment”. Please I mean no disrespect but a man takes half of his worldly identity from his job. The other half from his wife. So even with that blow, I found the place that God wanted me I volunteered at a crisis pregnancy center for three yaers only ten to twelve hours a week. God used me to repair and organize the dvd players transfer vhs to dvd format and rebuild the men’s program. That way men that came with women to the center were encouraged to step up and be fathers. I was also the only certified male crisis pregnancy counselor. God was not surprised when spurs started forming on my spine blocking nerves, He was not overwhelmed when Crohns disease and Barretts esophagus teamed up and robbed my body of necessary nutrients causing my teeth and hair to come out so quickly. He added to my level of compassion to those in situations beyond control. I met my share of people that had been lied to all thier lives. God has given me a point of common ground to accompany a passion to heal the broken hearted. I have known you for years and have seen people make the mistake of not getting to know your heart for people,I am glad you are sharing.Don’t stop.

    • Thank you for the encouragement, George! I am so glad to know that God never marks anyone “unfit for work.” Congratulations on being the “only certified male crisis pregnancy counselor.” That is awesome. Both my mother and father worked for that ministry for years. Your heart and mind are of great use to the Lord even if your body has its challenges. I pray for tremendous fruit in your life!