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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. They are called Gym Rats and you can do this girl. From a former personal trainer to YOU, don’t compare yourself just make you a better, healthier you.

  2. I woke up feeling like a failure. Like maybe God really doesn’t want me on the path I’m on because I sure am not getting a whole lot of postive feedback from him. When you pour your heart into something and you get nothing in return, it makes you weary. And then I read this. Thank you for being a messanger from God to me! ✌️

    • I’m glad you were encouraged by this awesome post!! Don’t worry! Trust on Him, and He will direct your steps! He knows what He’s doing, and remember: you only see a little corner of the big picture! 😉

    • Kim,

      Remember God doesn’t make failures. Put your trust wholly in God and He will direct your steps. Don’t worry about anything just pray about everything. Think on the good things in life. Make a list of all the blessings God has given you. You will be surprised how your attitude change. Praying for you sweet sister!!

      (((((Hugs))))) 🙂

  3. Aliza,
    Thank you for a smile this morning…you un-eco-friendly water bottle carrying girl lol. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but I used to be an idealist (like you) as each new year rolled around. I would set high ideals and great expectations only to have them dashed or abandoned and then feel like a failure. Perhaps I’m getting to be more of a steady cautious optimist. In the past 5 years I’ve had 5 surgeries. So you know what lingers in my head as I start this year. But, I got through each of those surgeries and God built my faith and trust in Him and ultimately my confidence. So I know I can make my plans, but it is ultimately the Lord that determines my steps. I guess I now focus on each new day (knowing His mercies are new every morning) vs. putting so much weight and expectation upon a New Year. That’s too big a chunk for me to bite off. But, I will be cheering you on gym-rat girl as I get back into my exercise routine. Together we can do this, even if our ponytails are not bouncy.
    Bev xx

  4. At the beginning of every year, I have to return to the truth that we don’t pour our life out to God all at once, but one drop at a time we become more and more His in our daily choices and intentional following.
    Blessings to you from the least athletic person in the U.S.

    • I literally laughed out loud at your last sentence, Michele. Thanks to all of you dear sisters for the support, encouragement and love you show to everyone here. You often make me smile. You always give encouragement. It is a safe and wonderful place for me to begin each day. You are all the best. Smiley emoticon.

  5. On how I wish those endorphins would kick in for me! I love that His Grace and Mercy are new every day. Beautiful devotion!

  6. Aliza, I love this! I also read your words this morning in my copy of A Moment to Breathe. Your writing hugs my heart. I’m with you on that new grace everyday business. I’m also realizing “continue” is a valid direction, and baby steps are valid transportation, even if I don’t know my destination. Here’s to continuing our baby steps in new grace every day! (PS – Bouncy ponytails hurt my head.)

  7. I have at different times in my life been part of the gym community…….but I get so self conscious of seeing all the skinny peop!e just having fun!! I have a hard time relaxingI don’t have friends who support me. My friends are all slim.as

  8. Love this Aliza, and that I’m not the only one that’s intimidated with mirrors all over the gym!! 😉 You can do this, and with each step, you’ll get closer to your goal!! What a wonderful perspective for the New Year…and each day!

  9. One step, one day at a time. No comparing, just do what you can do and all else will prevail. Take it slow or you will be so sore you may not go back. Epson salt baths are amazing as well.
    You got this!

  10. “…a rhythmic journey set to the tune of grace–that is what provides true freedom.” — Yes. Amen. Love that. And that Matthew verse is priceless. — Day One is underrated, don’t ya think? I mean, there’s hope and vision and grace-gifts set apart for the obedience of Day One. — Prayers for strength and blessings for you, Aliza. Getting back to exercise again myself this year. Got busy and side-tracked last year, and my health paid the price. — Happy New Year! ♥

  11. Thank you for being sooo real. From a person who is 50ish and still working on this lifelong journey…thank you.

  12. Oh how I appreciate these thoughts Aliza. This is perhaps the first time in my almost fifty years that I haven’t resolved to be or do “X” then share that certain failure with others. I have goals in mind for the coming year, of course. But I think refraining from calling it something has me feeling set free! I pray you find joy and grace and rest and Him in so many things this year…that pursuit is always the most prolific. Much love in the New Year!

  13. Aliza,

    Thank you thank you so much for reminding me that we always have grace. That even when we mess up or forget there is grace. That Jesus loves us even when we slip up or take that wrong turn. That Jesus is always there with open arms to help pick us up and start fresh again.


  14. Everything good about us comes from the inside out, especially as believers. I used to exercise 4 hrs a day in my 20’s, just couldn’t keep it up. It is better to follow Jesus and follow love, then you can run the rat race.

  15. Aliza,

    New Year’s resolutions are for the birds. I don’t make any. I’ve been through a lot in the last 4 years. Like Bev God has strengthened my faith. Now I just look at life one day at a time. If I fail one day I ask forgiveness & start fresh the next day. This year I’m going to try & get more active & lose a few pounds. No bouncy ponytails here just short hair & a willingness to try.
    I plan to follow after God more actively. I want more of Him & less of me. I will be doing more this year for Him!!

    Blessings 🙂

  16. Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m with you on missing the endorphins! I was a sports girl in high school & college, but I detest running, unless it’s in a sport. Zumba is fun, but other than that, I’ve never found the right “workout” concotion to enjoy(?!) consistently. Like you, I always feel tired afterwards if cardio is involved… maybe that feeling is because of adrenal issues. Anyways, your words on grace touched me. Bless you in your journey towards closeness with Jesus!

  17. I have made the same resolution every year since I was a single mom in my twenties. A dear, older woman told me that she never bothered with those; “I just made up my mind that any time anyone blesses me in some way I will let them know.” And I have been blessed many times over by seeing things as blessings even when they at first don’t look like blessings.

    My word is Simplify.