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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Yes, a quiet knowing that Jesus is the True Gift doesn’t race up the spine like the tingle of Christmas magic, but it’s a gift to receive the sustainable Gift of Love that holds us in faith year long. I see the magic dimming a bit for my kids as they get older, and so my prayer for them is that the worship of Jesus will move in and take the place of “glitz and glimmer.”
    Thanks for this lovely offering, Becky.

    • Michele, I love that prayer for your kids, “that the worship of Jesus will move in and take the place of “glitz and glimmer.”” Joining you in that. Merry Christmas!

  2. Becky,
    Thank you for your beautiful reminiscing walk through Christmas’ past. I, too, was fortunate to have such lovely childhood memories filled with Christmas magic. As I’ve gotten older, I realize how blessed I was. Many children in the US don’t get to experience this and now, working with orphans in the Middle East, most of them have never received a Christmas present. Jesus has so many facets. I was blessed to be introduced to joy, and happiness, and lightheartedness. Others, come sooner to know Jesus on a deeper level – as sustainer, protector, as the one who loves on a much more spiritually mature level that goes beyond presents and pretty paper. They’ve been forced to grow up faster and get to know that Jesus that really, truly is the bread of life. I love my childhood memories of Jesus at Christmas, but I love Him even more having seen His faithfulness to bring me through such difficult times. He can be Savior on so many levels – childlike magic Jesus as well as gritty rubber meet the road rescuer of our souls, Jesus. The best news is that He Came, He still Comes to us each and every day, and He will Come again. That is a Jesus worth celebrating. Thanks for the smile you brought to my face this am. Have a joyous Christmas!
    Bev xx

    • Bev, what you’ve shared here has touched my heart this morning. Just nodding along in agreement and reverence and thanksgiving. Yes, some never get to know the lighthearted magic of Christmas as we’ve known it, but I stand with you in total agreement that I would trade all the “sparkly” moments for the painful ones when I have come to know my Savior in the most intimate and life-changing ways. Praying for all the precious ones who know Him and need Him as Rescuer today…which is really all of us. Blessings to you, sweet sister.

  3. Beautifully written reminder of the blessings of Christmas as we go through the stages of our life and the abiding joy of getting the true “gift”.

  4. Dear Becky,
    You have so eloquently captured a feeling that I cherish, the magic of Christmas. Though it’s sad that the magic has faded, I am comforted in knowing that I am not alone in missing this feeling. I so enjoyed hearing of your childhood tradition, it made me feel as if I were in the car with you singing 🙂 . As a child you never imagine that one day you will celebrate without loved ones…so now that this is a reality it’s difficult to remain cheerful and not be overwhelmed with sadness of mourning their loss. Thank you for sharing this and for reminding me that the gift of our savior is eternal and that is what I will hold on to this Christmas.
    Merry Christmas – Christine

    • Christine, I’m so thankful to know this post put a smile on your face. And yet, I too am well acquainted with the mix of joy and grief the holiday season can bring. Christmas 2010 was the last day I saw my dad, not knowing then that he would suddenly pass away a month later. Though our relationship was strained, I can’t go through these December days without a deep ache of longing for him. I don’t know your story of loss, but I am praying you feel the Savior’s nearness today who does. Much love.

    • Christine,

      Christmas can bring joy, happiness, sorrow & sadness at the same time. So sorry you must celebrate without loved ones. That can be so very hard. Praying you can find peace & comfort in rejoicing & celebrating Christ’s birth. This is what Christmas is all about!! This time of year can be difficult. Most of my family lives out of state/Country & we don’t get together. Add to that I lost my dad this past March & mom has been gone since 2009. That makes it hard to be merry! Prayers for you sweet one!!


  5. Becky,
    Truly beautiful, thank-you so much for sharing.
    The gift of God’s love is everlasting, and outshines all else.
    Blessings to all,

  6. Hi Becky
    That really makes sense and gives me actually more peace and I can stop feel bad about not having those same feelings as an adult! I also see it in my older teens and wondered why (am I doing something wrong? 🙂 )but to understand and realize that it is normal is very helpful and freeing. Because by this age teens and older teens know that the world is not magical in the same sense because they have experienced some very hard things.
    Blessings to you!

    • Hopeful, I’m blessed to know this resonated with you! I think changing our expectations about how Christmas is supposed to make us feel really helps in allowing our focus to land squarely on Jesus. Each life season offers its own blessings and challenges. I’m thankful for the Christmas magic of my childhood, but now I have an even deeper gratitude for the Savior’s gift. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Becky, just soaking in the music of your words. And nodding my agreement. The burdens for those we love weigh heavy. But, while it may take the shiny new out of love, it reveals the unfading beauty underneath. Grateful for your post. Thank you.

  8. I don’t think it is ever gone really, it’s just that we get caught up in more grown up pursuits, and we give it away to other people instead of cherishing it for ourselves.

  9. Becky,

    I remember some fun Christmas magic. It has been years since I’ve enjoyed those things. Christmas just doesn’t seem the same to me as I’ve gotten older. One reason is that it comes to soon-right after Halloween. There is the constant barrage of commercials for what to buy. It seems we’ve forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. The simple joys of baking shape cookies, making goodies for neighbors, etc. People don’t go caroling much anymore. I miss the old days when holidays came one at a time & you enjoyed them. Also first Christmas without both my parents and my in-laws are ill. I will rejoice & celebrate in the birth of my savior!! Happy Birthday Jesus!!! After all that is what this day is all about!!!!

    Blessings 🙂