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Stacey is a farmer’s wife and mother of four in central Indiana who’s mastered the art of meals on the side of the road, most of the time in the shadow of a tractor, and escapes the crazy by writing weekly devotionals at her blog

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  1. Stacey,
    “The everyday hardships of life are an opportunity to know Christ in ways the peaceful path doesn’t allow.”…I love this and how true. In the past several weeks, I have faced yet another storm – one the size of your potential tornado you witnessed. But, God…He has been so faithful to walk me THROUGH the valleys. He hasn’t left me stuck there. I can look back at the past that He’s brought me through and it gives me confidence and hope that He will be there whatever the future holds. The storms have built in me a reliance and dependence upon the Lord that is solid. In God’s economy, crisis tends to bond a relationship not sever it. I guess you could say God and I are “tight”. It would not be this way if my path had always been peaceful. So because of this, I will thank Him even in, and especially for, the storms. Such a truth-filled post!
    Bev xx

  2. These words are such a gift, and they remind me to continue to pray for all those (Puerto Rico, Texas, Florida) for whom the storm has landed hard. I’m thankful that God walks with us through the storm — and the storm warnings.

  3. Praising God for giving you the gift of insight and Godly commentary, so that we too get to be blessed by what God is doing in you’re life.
    Thank you for being transparent and driven to lay you’re heart out there for all to see.
    Kinda scary at times I’m sure, but we weren’t called to be scared.
    We are called to be bold. Joshua 1:9

  4. Thank you for your beautiful post this morning! A great reminder that what ever storms we walk through He will be there with us all the way! Just a great reminder of Gods faithfulness. Blessings!


  5. Thank you Stacey!
    So beautiful! The image of that sky just made me tear up, lift my arms, and praise HIM for all HE is.
    What a blessing !!!!

  6. Wow!! This devotional was indeed what I needed today as a reminder. To not fear the storms in this life’s journey To stand, watch and see the Lord’s majesty and awesome power that no matter what He will gets us through with an outcome of our faith soaring to a higher level.

  7. Such powerful words used to invoke an image of something we all have experienced whether it’s an actual storm or the looming clouds of spiritual storms in our life! God is powerful and mighty to allow us to see the storm and intercept it if he chooses to. Thanks friend for the encouragement today! Love ya!

  8. It is so true that we can (and must) know God better in times of difficulty. It is an inevitable part of life, so the sooner we embrace this truth, the better. It’s not easy, but I’m thankful for a God who not only loves us and sees us through the hard times, promising to stay with us, but uses them for our good if we will let him. Our struggles and hardships can serve to equip us to better understand and support others, as well.

    I love it when God stills a storm! But he is equally to be praised when he allows us to go through hardships for his glory.

    Thanks for sharing this reminder today.

  9. It is in the storms, the uncertainty of the next day, even the next moment, that we find Jesus involved in that storm. What He allows, He directs. Beautiful analogy of the impending storm and seeing His power and might wrapped up in all of it.

  10. “And I realized at that moment, seeing the storm had done more for my faith than avoiding it completely ever would have…”
    And oh how I love to pray for safety and ease, but how absolutely true these words have fleshed out in the last 18 months. I know Him and trust Him in ways I would not, had I not seen and experienced the storm.

  11. Thank you for sharing! This is definitely a resemblance of me when I had PPD with my first. We’re are now considering another so this devotion hit home! Thank you! He’s never left us or forsaken us!

  12. Stacey,

    “And I realized at that moment, seeing the storm had done more for my faith than avoiding it completely ever would have.” I just love this. I have found this to be true in my life. All the storms – and they’re raged so hard I thought life might be over – have saved me from a life of ingratitude and lack of purpose. My faith has strengthened in the storms, and that survival in the storm is something I try to use to encourage the women in my life.

    Thank you again for sharing.

  13. Stacey,
    Your post was amazingly pronounced with your outpouring Faith in Him. Thank-you so much for sharing how He helped you weathered your storm. After I’ve overcome a storm, it’s also left me humbled beyond gratitude knowing it was He who carried me through.

    Have a blessed day all,


  14. You’ve learned an advanced lesson at an early age: “The everyday hardships of life are an opportunity to know Christ in ways the peaceful path doesn’t allow.” Amen, Stacey! And with you I want to affirm: “No matter the storm, no matter the outcome, my Savior will walk me through. And when He does, I’ll praise Him for it. Because I know, on the other side, the promise of God’s presence will be more tangible to me than the day before.” Wonderful truths to hold close to the heart. Thank you, Stacey.

  15. Amen. We NEED storms in our life as it keeps us focused on our Almighty Heavenly Father. Thank you for a great post which was pointed to God.

  16. Stacy,

    God said “in this life you will have trials, but take heart I have overcome the world.” Praise God. The reason for trials & storms I believe is to bring us closer to Him. It is in the storms that we cling to Him more tightly. On the peaceful path we don’t often think about Christ that much. I had several trials with my aging dad & his health. It was during those trials that I clung to Jesus more. I believe I grew as a Christian. I got to witness to others by doing for my dad. They got to see the love of God in action. Trials strengthen us in so many ways.

    Blessings 🙂

  17. Stacey, I know for sure that every time someone reads this there is a whole choir of hearts joining yours in songs of praise to our God. What a beautiful witness! And one I’ll be keeping. Thank you! <3

  18. Love this, Stacey! And, I love that you wrote it far in advance of the devastation that has happened this month in the world. So true! If it weren’t for the hardships, I certainly would know my Savior in the way I do now. God is so good! Thanks for allowing Him to prompt your heart and being obedient to share with all of us!