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  1. I’m celebrating reaching the end of Tearfund’s Mean Bean challenge: a week where we’re sponsored to eat only beans and rice to remember those in poverty. It’s not been an easy week, but it makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have the abundance of food (and choice!) we have in the developed world.

    • Thanking you for all the encouraging words you share every day. The Lord supplies sufficient strength through your loving labor.

  2. I’m celebrating all the laughter I share with my loved ones everyday. I’m celebrating just being able to be in their presence. I’m celebrating all the good things that each day has to offer. This is not a everyday moment but I’m also celebrating my brother getting into the college of his choice!!!!!

    • I am asking God to help me renew an attitude of gratitude for every little and big thing He provides for my family and I. Nothing is too little or too big for God. I am grateful for God’s mercy for my husband and I, my family, our conutry. His mercies are new every morning. Praise God for His Son Jesus Who came to give us His salvation!

  3. Today I am thankful for a beautiful autumn sunrise (I live in South Africa) with soft orange and pink clouds filling the sky. I am also thankful for a good book and a cup of coffee, a nice chat with my younger sister, my cat sleeping on my bed, lovely cool autumn days with fall colours starting to appear everywhere and so I could go on… Thank you so much for reminding me to be thankful in the everyday, I feel like I have forgotten to do that the past few months. Being thankful for little moments and things is like finding “hidden treasures”. Like Isaiah 45:3 says; “I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.” If God’s love and beauty can be found and seen in even the mundane ordinary days, it makes me wonder if these days are truly as ordinary as I think.

    • So cool! I’m enjoying a beautiful spring day here in NC and after a terrific lightening & rain storm this morning it was cozying with the Lord and my recovering husband
      ( he had knee replacements) coffee and homade muffins. We thank God daily for these provisions as the earth is His and everything in it! I’m listening to the birds sing.. sun has returned and windows are open.. Just a wink of heaven today is how I feel. Not going to visit my problems as they will be there tomorrow. God will ask for them again as He does each morning and gives me my coffee time with His awesomeness
      What a good good Father we serve

    • I’m celebrating that spring is finally showing it’s face here in Wisconsin, and I hit my target goal of steps by walking my three year old granddaughter to the nearby store. I have Fibromyalgia and terrible back pain, but when I share time with her I can replace my pain with joy for a little while. God always gives us a way to handle our burdens so every day I can walk and smile is a day worth celebrating!

  4. (In)courage friends,
    I’m celebrating the wonderful Starbucks coffee certificate I won in Lisa-Jo’s book launch drawing!! Guess what I’m celebrating with? Meeting with a good friend for ….you guessed it…..coffee!!! Also celebrating being part of this community of readers and encouragers! (In)courage blog is one of my first stops in my early morning quiet time (after being in the Word) – sorry you rank second lol.
    Blessings as always,
    Bev aka “The Bev” – that’s for you Anna 🙂 xx

  5. I am celebrating having had the last three weekend with my parents, my Christian mentors. Its been a fun time of tearing out and building new along with much faith sharing.

  6. I’m doing the “It’s Friday and my college boy is comin’ home for the weekend” dance. His fiancee wants to learn how to make apple pie “like mama makes it,” and we’re planning just to spend the weekend looking at their happy faces.

  7. Good morning, friends! I’m celebrating a couple of things. First, I’m SO excited about the first days of spring! I just can’t wait to enjoy nice walks outside, warm sunshine, and blooming flowers! I’m also celebrating a new season in my own heart- sensing that God is rearranging some things, showing me more of his grace, and helping me to let go and surrender false assumptions I had made about who He is and what He expects of me. Yay for new seasons!

  8. After losing over 100lbs… I hit a bump in the road, more like a road block. Instead of feeling defeated because I have more weight lose I decided to focus on non-scale victories. Such as: being able to walk again, to drive again, to volunteer again, the list is endless.

    • Woohoo! You go, girl! Losing that much weight is not easy (let’s just say losing any weight is not easy!) but with a good attitude, determination and perseverance all bound together with God’s help, you will reach your goal!
      What a celebration!!

    • Martha,

      Congratulations on losing all that weight. With God’s help and determination you can lose more. The important thing is to change your eating habits and exercising whatever you can do! Again WHOOT WHOOT!!

      blessings 🙂

  9. I am celebrating spending the day with my daughter, she is visiting for the day. This would be the perfect gift for my other daughter that just moved to a new town to start “adulting” on her own and she is feeling a bit lonely.

    • I hope you win a package, Kim – may be just what your daughter needs for an all-round boost.

  10. I am celebrating the fact that the mercies of God are new every morning, even when I mess up! He loves me so passionately and desires to have a real relationship with me if I just offer up my heart. How great is our God!!

  11. I am celebrating today that I am able to get up out of bed and go to work (I love my job as a church secretary) and I also work at a Fair Trade store. I am celebrating today that I have two beautiful smart and healthy daughters who I love dearly. I am celebrating today that my husband is celebrating his retirement after 39 years of working – beginning next Tuesday he gets to begin his “honeydo” list lol!

  12. I’m celebrating a new friend coming over today to help me pack to move from our rental house to one we are buying. We’ve only lived here 6 months and God has already blessed me with a good friend who prays for me, encourages me and now will be helping me in a very practical way!

  13. I’m celebrating the little things. The one time out of ten my toddler obeys. That extra hour of sleep I got before a kid woke up yesterday. The words my developmentally delayed kid are now reading. Sometimes in this season you just have to celebrate the minute ordinary things to keep yourself grounded.

  14. I’m celebrating the peace and quiet of my house early this morning. Enjoying the silence and basking in it.

  15. Today I celebrate the gift of new life in Christ❤With a great cup of coffee and the assurance of his great love! And the blessings of gifted women who write and possess the gifting of expressing it on paper and Ebook! Celebrating this new day!☕️

  16. I am celebrating my daughter’s passage into high school. Excited for her but a bit sad…She moving in a new direction away from me. I miss my little girl but I can’t wait to see who she becomes!

  17. I always love the joy you share here, ladies. God is a God of celebration and delight, and you do such a wonderful “job” of exuding His joy. I am celebrating my salvation (which obviously I assuredly do *not* deserve!!), and His provision in a recent trip to the UK to the remote island of Iona, off the far west coast of Scotland. I was petrified to travel alone, but I felt God’s call. I am celebrating His faithfulness in getting me there and back in safety, the deep heart lessons He taught me there, and the glory of His magnificent creation on that side of the globe. One can’t imagine the raw beauty of that place. Again, thank you for celebrating our Lord at every turn, and may He continue to bless the work of your hands!! So look forward to reading your words.

  18. Celebrating early mornings. Jesus and coffee. Celebrating how He’s been revealing things to me about myself (some good, some not so good) and how He gives me the power to overcome them. Celebrating my new job even tho it has some hiccups. And celebrating my new home along with my children. When we write out what we’re celebrating it opens your eyes to just how truly blessed we are.

  19. Thank YOU for allowing God our Father, to use you as His instrument to connect with me. Your blogs have brought me so much peace, I couldn’t begin to tell you. So Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

  20. I am celebrating and praising God for His never ending mercy, grace, and blessings. This week brought to our lives a death of a faithful and loving servant, my precious mother-in-law, and my daughter’s 18th birthday. Both experiences to be remembered joyfully and poignantly for God’s presence was seen and felt greatly.

  21. I’m celebrating good friendships. I recently moved to a new place and it has been hard making friends. People are friendly but they keep you at arms length. The place I moved from is three hours away. I’m celebrating my friends coming up from my old place to have a fun weekend of high tea, women’s church event and sharing our lives together for a short weekend. I praise God for these wonderful friend who have not forgotten me since I moved.

  22. I’m celebrating being back with my amazing roommates after two weeks apart for spring break! My roommates know how to encourage and me and make me laugh, and they also always push me to grow closer to Christ!

  23. Today I ‘celebrate’ a couple of women who have come through really tough times and challenges and our able to look up and still say “God is good!” The waves still ‘crash’ from time to time and yet they are not ‘struck down”.
    April (almost upon us) is also a cause for celebrating 43 years of God’s faithfulness to me since I rededicated my life and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior! What a journey it’s been as I’ve come to know Him amidst the fears, the silences and joys. Thank you wrieters for the immense encouragement and insights given to me…writings I often share with women of all ages who need encouragement.
    sal williams, Sri Lanka

  24. Today I am celebrating my first grandchild Jackson. It is grandparents day at his school and I get to go have lunch with him. He is so precious to me and I am beyond blessed to have him in my life. God is SO good and I rejoice in the very precious gift of my Jackson. He is one of the loves of this NaNa’s heart.

  25. I am celebrating a new season in life that my husband and I are experiencing. Kids are grown. Have grandkids we adore. We love each other more than we did 38 years ago. I have been set free from lies of my past and am helping other women with the same issues. God is good.

  26. I am celebrating the gift of my husband who is going through my breast cancer treatments with me and making me feel special and loved. He is such a blessing to me and I love and appreciate all He does.

  27. I am celebrating who God is & the refreshing rain comforting the ground & slowing me down to rest & heal.

  28. I am celebrating waking up to a beautiful morning. I have so many blessings but just waking up is a great one.

  29. I am celebrating all the time I spend with my elderly cats. I love them, and some of them are so old, and not long for this world. I celebrate these special moments every day.

  30. Today I am celebrating the frantic chaos of getting ready to leave on vacation and looking forward to a week of family time. I am also celebrating the blessing of my parents returning from a month away in time to have dinner with us before we leave!

  31. I’m celebrating a completed morning workout and a day to be at home playing with my 15 month old son. Oh, and coffee…always coffee.

  32. Today I’m celebrating/thankful for/looking forward to 4 hours of child care being provided tomorrow and Sunday morning while we’re at our church retreat while the grown ups all go deep in God together.

  33. I’m celebrating the privilege of spending every day with my 5 year old son! We decided to homeschool this year, and I am so glad that I get the extra time with him. It isn’t always easy, but it is definitely worth it!!

  34. I love y’all so much too and thankful your messages resonate with me right when I needed it. Today I’m hurting and confused by the betrayal and dishonesty in a relationship, yet after reading this I’m celebrating that this person is exposed and God can restore it/us!

    • I’m praying for you today Crystal. I too have lived through some betrayals in the last couple of years. God used the “Forgiving Forward” DVD and ministry of Bruce Hebel to help me and family and friends to understand true forgiveness that releases us from torment. I highly recommend it.

  35. I am celebrating that my husband is alive after a quadruple heart bypass surgery on March 14. We have taken long walks through our neighborhood, park, malls and a cemetery. We count squirrels, watch the birds fly, turtles swim and marvel at the beautiful butterflies and adorable cats everywhere. We’re reminded that God is so very good. He heals. He provides. He lets us have new starts and reminds us about what is really important in this life and the next. I’m thankful for our time together as his heart and chest heals and for the Amazing Doctors that He used to bring about His healing.

    • Prayers for you & your husband Lori! I looked into forgiving forward, thanks to you, and will order the DVD and study guides for us. We’ve been thinking about something we could do together and this looks like a great fit for us. Thank you Lori!

  36. So thankful for your (in)courage to on a daily basis! With the hustle and bustle of life, it is a blessing to receive God’s word for you each morning!

    • I agree with you. This has been a challenging week for me at work and I need God’s help to face the next one. Praise God because we can trust Him every day!

  37. Be it through a scripture, a devotional, a Facebook post, or the words of a dear friend, God can and will speak to us when we but take the time to listen. He’s been doing that for me this week in abundance, and that is why, today, I celebrate. ☺

  38. Today is pouring down rain so I’ll celebrating life with my 2 yr old daughter, a cup of coffee and Bubble Guppies. My heart is still celebrating precious moments I celebrated last weekend. I’m a military spouse who has spent the last 6 years on the opposite coast from home. Last weekend I had the joy of going home to celebrate my family and connect with my sister-in-law and a lifelong friend who happened to also be home for a visit. There were new babies to hold, laughter and conversations to fill my heart – a heart that was desperate for connection. My heart is still full.

  39. I’m celebrating that it’s Friday and the end of a long week of standardized testing. (I’m a second grade teacher.) We made it! That’s worth celebrating!

  40. Today I’m celebrating with a time of early morning quiet alongside the Lord–coffee in hand, before my world gets buzzing.

  41. I am celebrating work, purpose and friendship. These are areas in which God is transforming my mind. He is taking me from one level of understanding to something so very un-American but vey Biblical. I am celebrating that God pursues me and loves me enough to mentor and train me!

  42. I am celebrating a great night pre planning our Sister events at our church. We lifted each other up & laughed & laughed & laughed. Nothing starts a Friday better than to feel rejuvenated & empowered by a group of your Sisters. We are a bunch of women that love Jesus.

  43. Today I am celebrating change. My husband has been employed with the company he works for many years. He has often wanted to give the nod when another position opened within the company but always felt insecure of himself. Today, we are celebrating his very last day at his current position and eagerly looking forward to what Monday will hold for him. But God!

  44. I’m celebrating a husband who works so hard, whose intentions are always to love and serve his family.

  45. I’m celebrating my youngest daughter’s health. We are heading into the Sick Kids Hospital later today for some testing. I think about her future BUT look back and see the journey she/we have been on. The Lord has been with us every step of the way!!

  46. I am celebrating this week I have spent with my children while they have been on Spring Break. They don’t have much time left in school and before I know it, they will be spreading their wings to fly.

  47. I am celebrating the love and care of our extended family. They always take such good care of us and help us when we are in need. They have given my husband and I so much support as we journey together to find what God has called us to do in ministry. Our families fully support us, and we are blessed by their love and care daily. I am so thankful for family who gives and gives!!

  48. I am celebrating comitting our marriage to Christ. Spending intentional time with my husband and God with devotion and bible study. I am excited to see what God will do and praying that even through the hills and valleys we will see Gods grace, truth, and love together!

  49. I am celebrating that I was just able to be a messenger for God and provide a meal and toothbrush and toothpaste to a homeless man. I know it was all God in that moment because I really needed a pick me up!!

  50. Wow! Celebrating time with a dear friend and our kids exploring God’s creation yesterday!

  51. I’m celebrating intimacy in relationships, sitting in a quiet room listening to the rain, God speaking to my heart letting me know that He is there and that he cares, road trips, weekends with friends and family, birthdays and coffee. Praise and glory be to the God of love, who loves us all SO much.

  52. I try to celebrate everyday. We are not promised tomorrow so I strive to make every day one to celebrate; however, my son is getting married this weekend so this day calls for even greater celebration! Both he and his fiancee are 35 and this is a first marriage for both of them. They are marrying in our little country church and the entire community will turn out to celebrate. God is so good!!

  53. Good morning. After many weeks of illness and health challenges within the family, and wrestling through fear/faith many of those days.. celebrating renewed love, grace and strength in Christ today and everyday. Thankful that I can share that with my daughter as she matures into a young lady.

  54. Today I’m celebrating being 57 and feeling worthy, not only by our awesome God, but by an amazing new employer, who reminds me often of my value. How blessed I am! Thank you!!

  55. My husband & I have enjoyed having our 10 year-old grandson spend his spring break with us. He is “sandwiched” between a high-achieving, 18 year-old brother & a sweet spirited 5 year-old sister. We have found this young boy to be kind-hearted, sports enthusiast! We have enjoyed his daily greetings & still-innocent comments about life. He is a blessing to our family & has a true servant heart.

  56. I’m celebrating it’s Friday. I’m worn out and exhausted from a lot of uncertainity, but I should be finding out more next week.:)

  57. I’m celebrating getting through my first cycle of chemo with the support of good friends who have helped with meals, rides and prayers. It’s a blessing to have friends willing to travel this journey with our family, just being there to listen and encourage.

    • I am thankful for being able to take my eighty six year old father half way across the country to visit, possibly for the last time, his son and my brother in a federal prison. I am thankful for the Grace of God and all those prayer warriors who bowed their heads and prayed for traveling mercies for the both of us. A bittersweet trip but a necessary one, both for my Dad and his son. God is good!

  58. Today, and always, I am grateful for our wonderful next door neighbor. A beautiful lady who is 90 years young! We are so grateful to her for being a shining star in our community!

  59. I am celebrating the joy of being a grandma. I will be taking care of my precious 10 year old grandson this
    weekend. I celebrate the lives of my other three grandchildren for the opportunity to love, mentor, and enjoy
    watching them grow.

  60. Today I’m celebrating the everyday moments of just loving loved ones. First off, it’s Fri-YAY! That’s worth celebrating. I’m rejoicing in new beginnings and new seasons, for a time it has been a difficult season in some areas of life. Praying through all the chaos and confusion. That waiting has now come to fruition and God is just busting doors wide open! At the end of January I accepted a position at my job as Assistant Director of our child care center it has been very challenging and frustrating at times, but a learning experience. This week our new pastor at church approached me about taking an interim children’s director position at church to rebuild and grow our children’s ministry. Things are starting to fall into place where a few months ago things felt as if they were falling apart. Also celebrating little things like family members that are reconciling with each other! God is so faithful! So thankful for every step He leads!

  61. A 10yesr old friend of mine,Keira, (please pray for her) is in the end stages of cancer (rhsnodomyosarcoma. Earlier this week she was in a ton of pain and paralyzed because of the pressure some of her tumors were putting on her spine. Thank God!!!! With radiation she is not needing as much pain meds and even (with lots of help) took s step yesterday. I am so proud of how brave and strong she is! #keirastrong

  62. Today I’m celebrating the fact that my parents are still with me. As caretaker, it is hard some days…but after standing by my best friend whose mother just passed away, I consider it all joy to be able to take care of my parents at home…just as she did. I cherish each moment…both good and bad. This would be an incredible gift to share with my best friend.

  63. I am celebrating spring with pots of red geraniums and the fun my daughters and I had planting them.

  64. Each day in my morning prayer time I thank our Jesus for at least 3 things. Today I’m celebrating 45 years of marriage to the man God chose for me. (Of course, it was the perfect choice!) An after retirement job that I really love. Three sisters and one brother. (I have only come to know one sister and my brother in the last 4 years.) God is so good.

    Blessings to you and yours!


  65. I’m celebrating the goodness, grace and faithfulness of our Almighty. For ALL of the ways He just shows up just when we need him to! I’m thankful for you, Jesus. I’m thankful you equip us each in our own ways. I imagine your smile and joy as a loving parent when we exhibit your fruit and share your love. When we do the inviting and listen to each other’s hearts and share hope. I could list so many things but right now I’m thankful I have so much to be thankful for!

  66. I’m celebrating springtime and the joy of being outdoors, planting flowers, feeding the birds, seeing everything new again and feeling new again!

  67. I am celebrating the sweet morning start with my Lord and Savior and about to take in moments with my husband and two of my children as I get them where they need to be this morning. In the past I have complained about all the driving to and fro but the Lord has shown me the gifts. Moments of sweet relationship building, worship, laughter and serious character growth all take place during the driving I do. I am thankful for what the Lord has placed in front of me!

  68. I’m celebrating safety from the storms that rolled through our area last night with a beautiful sunrise. Celebrating the possibility of a new work opportunity and always the friends and family who love me, along with my Heavenly Father

  69. I’ll celebrating “yes” moments… In the midst of the ordinary, about a month ago, God challenged me with a request to step out in faith to do something that doesn’t quite make sense. I said ‘yes’ and He’s showing me each day what it means to trust Him even when the ‘yes’ doesn’t always seem logical.

  70. I’m celebrating my love for God and his love for me. A new day, our freedoms, friends, and the beautiful sunrise God showed us this morning.

  71. Celebrating the gorgeous sunshine on the glistening snow. Celebrating the blessing of my sweet 3 year old grandson playing on the floor with trucks and cars with Nana. Celebrating the gift of life, God’s great mercies and the beauty of a fresh start each sunrise.

  72. This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Though circumstances in life are not easy, I will celebrate and rejoice in God, my Savior, who gave all for me when Jesus went to the cross. Hallelujah to the Lamb! This is a reason to celebrate everyday.

  73. This is so fun! I’m celebrating a rainy day (yes, rain! my favorite!) and a work day full of fun design projects ahead, and then resting before running a 10k tomorrow– something I didn’t think I’d do again after quite a few knee surgeries! God surprises me. 🙂

  74. I am celebrating the start of Spring Break with my daughter. Time together to get outside and take walks and play and start working in our garden.

  75. I’m celebrating another day of life
    The sudden death of a precious loved one put into perspective and remembrance how important it is to make the time for those around us. Your site has been a source of encouragement on a daily basis. Thank you.

  76. I’m celebrating that even though life is an evolving transition, and it just keep rolling, God is our rock and I am learning how to find deeper roots in Him. Thank you for publishing stories about real women’s lives with their real and raw. It gives me courage to be appropriately real and raw in my own little world.

  77. I am celebrating being released from the doctor after having back surgery. It was an 8 1/2 hour surgery in March 2016, with 4 weeks in the hospital, having my back fused from L-3 to L-5; untangling nerves that had gotten all tangled up. With Gods help I am doing great. I am so Thankful for being able to walk, sit, sleep, be with my husband and family without Pain!
    InCourage has been with me everyday and has helped me so much! Thank You for always sharing up lifting and encouraging posts.

  78. I am celebrating the fact that my God goes before me and He has again answered prayer. I am so grateful for His mercy that in my frailty when I am heavy burdened, He knows the need before I even cry out to Him and He already has the answer in place. He see’s the big picture so much better than we ever could.

  79. I’m celebrating my first round of chemotherpy related to breast cancer. Although their are good and bad days i know that I serve a God that is for our Good. And even though I may be going through a difficult time in my life a broken health situation I can give thanks to God for finding my tumor ata very early stage, having it quicly removed and having a test done on the tumor that scores your best course of treatment. Without those things in place I would be risking a greater chance of reoccurrence. I celebrate with friends and family and people I didn’t even know that have come alongside me.

  80. Celebrating the first day of spring break with my kids. Drinking coffee, no alarms set, and not rushing to go anywhere. It’s a wonderful thing!

  81. I am celebrating that I heard the paramedic driver sing a funny tune this morning, even in such a serious job. That spring has started, my little herbs on the balcony start growing. That I keep trying to fulfill this new job right, even though I feel a little dread these days, due to the seemingly giant obstacles on my road…
    I hope I can enter the give-away by the way, since I do not live in the United States. If not, still thank you for reading this and have a lovely and inspiring day!

  82. I’m celebrating life being able two wake up one more day. I celebrate our fathers grace and mercy every day because without it I wouldn’t have anything to celebrate.

  83. I’m celebrating the gift of an amazing husband who came home last night with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a book for me “just because the day was so bleak” (Minnesota in March! 🙁 )

  84. I’m celebrating my husband coming home early from work this week! With his full schedule we don’t get a lot of carved out time together, so this will be a treat. I’m thankful for this. Marriage is a gift.

  85. Celebrating life!!
    Celebrated a grand daughter’s 2nd birthday this week,
    Celebrating a new grand baby for friends tomorrow over dinner,
    Celebrating a successful fundraiser for the Free Women’s Center, to which
    I am on the board, and Celebrating spring and the Lenten Season!!

  86. I am celebrating my future-even thought I am unsure as to what path God will have me take…I am excited to see Him move on my behalf and giving HIM the glory!!

  87. Thank you for all you do-the inspiration, encouragement and challenges to walk closer with God and each other

  88. Yippee!! Thank you so much for doing this! Such a blessing to whomever gets it!!

  89. I’m celebrating God’s goodness in the sell of our home and purchase of a new one!!

  90. This is awesome! Thank you so much for this giveaway. I’m so thankful for all God has done in my life and all the hard times he’s brought me through. His love and grace is enough to make me celebrate everyday! I feel so blessed to know Him.

  91. I have been so blessed by the messages here. They have spoken to me in a way that nothing else has. I really enjoyed the in-courage book and it really spoke to me in a lot of different ways. I can relate to a lot of what was written in the book so much so that I bought 2 books. I kept one and gave the other to my best friend. Thank you for writing this book and helping to in-courage us both. I can’t wait to get never unfriended. Because it’s so wonderful to know that I can never be unfriened by God. Because I have a hard time with very few friends. I often feel so alone and this helps me to know that I have a friend that I can talk to anytime and He will answer in His time.

  92. I’m celebrating that I have the choice to find joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Thank you for all the wonderful uplifting posts! Keep up the good work

  93. I am celebrating the small things that bring me joy. The gift of a TV in my bedroom so I can have some quiet morning moments, pictures of my best friends on my walls, and the blessing of a friend crashing at our place tonight as he travels across the country.

  94. This morning I’m celebrating the success of our school Open House last night and the wonderful teachers I have the privilege to work with each day! Our small Christian school is making a difference as we impact the world for Christ! Oh, and it’s FRIDAY!! 🙂

  95. I’m celebrating our Lord died for our sins that we could be reborn and hopefully participate in the resurrection in Heaven! Also we will be re-united with my husband/kid’s father for the weekend as he is working out of state. While we are in a different state trying to sell her house so we can be fully reunited! Appreciate all prayers said for this intention! May you all have a blessed day!

  96. I am celebrating today that I am alive,able to work at doing some decluttering & deep cleaning in our house.Over three years ago,my knees gave out on me,& at one time I could hardly get around with a cane.Today,after treatments,my knees are where I can walk & work without pain,even tho I have to watch & not twist them or overdo.All this in my mid-60s,with no medication,just treatments & a few herbs & God’s Healing!

  97. Today we are celebrating a huge step in seeing our dream of running a non-profit become a reality. We are putting the final touches on our paperwork and getting it ready to submit tomorrow! So that’s a huge thing but we also celebrate the little things today. A good cup of tea in the morning, a kiss from my husband, the squirrels running around outside the office window…

  98. I’m celebrating another day in grace. I woke up this morning feeling down and began thanking God for every thing he’s provided me: car, clothes, housing, etc. Speaking out loud how grateful I am for the small things in life that we take for granted. And with that my mood began to change #FindingGraceFriday

  99. Celebrating encouraging women who pray for my family and allow me to unburden my heart for my family!!

  100. I am celebrating a happy Friday at work and taking a look back at a full week of efforts made toward bringing our community together through the work of the YMCA on NC.

  101. I am celebrating the struggles and joys of being a mother, wife and daughter. Surviving my daughter’s teen years, loving and learning with my son who has a learning disability and caring for my mother who is going through her second battle with breast cancer. BUT…God is good, he is gracious and he is love!! This is a wonderful world that we get to do life together!! Blessings!!

  102. I am celebrating my husband today, being thankful I have him with me. My dear friend lost her husband 2 days ago and is grieving heavily. I am thankful we both still have good health and are able to enjoy a kids meal at Cracker Barrel tonight when we get off work. (trying to stay healthy and not overeat). I am thankful He is my friend and confident and listens to me when I babble on and on. He scrapes ice off my car windows before I leave for work in the winter. He takes care of my car and our yard and helps me with everything I ask him to. He is my soulmate and today I am celebrating him with a text of appreciation! Thankful to be married to a Godly Faithful man!

  103. I’m celebrating & enjoying my daughters singing & dancing to a mix of worship songs & princess songs as we slowly start our morning.

  104. Today, I am celebrating another day. I am so grateful for the many people who smile my way, making me smile back. Thank you! Thank you for this giveaway, too – what a great set of your favorite items. Gorgeous!

  105. You always seem to know what to say at just the right time. Has to be a God thing. 🙂

  106. I’m celebrating a quiet morning and getting to see some family later this evening.

  107. I’m celebrating that Jesus is with me in all my days, and soon we will be observing Easter and what He did for us! Thank you, Jesus!

  108. I’m celebrating that my husband is finally getter better after having bronchitis! And that spring is here with all the green and lovely blooms:)

  109. So today I’m celebrating time in the Word…seeking sweet truths and new revelations. Also, the joy found only in Jesus. Even though we are in our third continuous dark and dreary day, I know that these rainy days will bring forth new life, which makes me think of New Life, which makes today a beautiful day!

  110. I am celebrating being able to just rest in God. I have been on a sabbatical for the last two years. As someone who has been active in ministry and career for over twenty years, this was difficult for me, but it was necessary after discovering some health challenges which necessitated rest and living a stress free life. I celebrate because my husband of one year did not frustrate me about not working but understands my season and encourages it also. I celebrate because I am stronger spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. I celebrate because my latter will be greater than my past.

  111. This morning I am celebrating God’s goodness in and through all things in my life. Tomorrow I turn 61 and my life is nothing like I imagined it would be, but because of God’s goodness, it’s above and beyond what I could have hoped for in my relationship with Christ and the deep friendships God has blessed me with. Yes, in all things He works for our good, this is what I am celebrating today and every day.

  112. I’m celebrating that my home has been more stable-less yelling, less anger, and less complaining. It has been a hard journey. I celebrate that this season has been more joyful, thankful and forgiving.
    It is a nice surprise and so good to dwell on the good things

  113. Today I’m celebrating being able to go to work, having reliable transportation and a warm cozy home to come back to. I celebrate knowing a Heavenly Father who provides all these things and so very much more for my family. I celebrate being able to see the good even when much is far from good or pleasant.

  114. Today I am celebrating time with my granddaughter on the last day of her spring break. We are going to buy food for a food box that is going to the hungry over the Easter holiday……..and LUNCH!

  115. Everyday moment celebrate today a wonderful mentor.thank u for giving us this opportunity to win

  116. Today I am celebrating the beauty of waking up to a new day of opportunities surrounded by those I love.

    I don’t take for granted the feeling of joy I get knowing I am waking up to someone who cares for me.

  117. Today I am celebrating God’s gifts to me and that I have a day off from a wonderful job and that I am so close to retiring and for my beautiful 87-year-old neighbor who has become a best friend/mom. For God’s word and promises and the Holy Spirit and His help. God has been so good to me. I am thankful that my soulmate is waiting to walk me into heaven one day for my true retirement for eternity. Thanks for the opportunity to offer my thanksgiving.

  118. Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s hidden. Even when it’s messy and not pretty . . . He is good, and He gives good gifts. This statement is very real in my life right now. I lost my Mom on March 21st. The past 10 days have been surreal. The emotions, heartbreak, anger, have all been overwhelming. I know that in time I will be able to get my smile back and be able to look up from grief. I joined (in)courage several months ago and have appreciated the wisdom that I have gained through them.

  119. I’m celebrating my 4 healthy almost “grown” sons!!! And my sweet husband! They bring me so much joy! Life is good & we are blessed! No matter the daily bumps & struggles my family makes everything worthwhile!

  120. Today I’m celebrating the anticipation of a special date night with my hubby in a couple of weeks and shoe shopping tonight for that date. 🙂 I’m celebrating the fact that we didn’t have the anticipated bad weather forecasted for yesterday and the coming weekend that is supposed to be beautiful. But most of all I’m celebrating the fact that God chose to heal me from inflammatory breast cancer three years ago. I was vividly reminded of this while watching the episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night. The character diagnosed with it passed away and that could have very easily been me. But God…….

  121. Today I’m celebrating life. After a long grueling trip to the Mayo Clinic, many tests, many diagnoses, a long journey toward health, I am truly celebrating the life God has given me. The simple pleasures many take for granted. Short walks filled with dew drops upon the early morning grass, hearing the church bells from afar, hope in my journey along with these daily encouragements to keep me fighting. God has blessed me with this trial for an unknown reason. I’m choosing to see the positive, God at work in my life, refining me, the silver lining appears, telling me to slow down, notice Gods blessings no matter how big or small, life, breathing, breathing in all of Gods goodness. Thankful I have a God that is bigger than my fears.

  122. I am celebrating with a grateful heart to enjoy a day with my family. No work and no school! We get to hangout together all day. I feel very blessed by the Lord to have these days!

  123. Today I’m celebrating my welcome into the very presence of my God. Through His Son. Thank You, King Jesus.

  124. I am celebrating the faith my littles have in God and how he has been so faithful to answer their sweet prayer requests and build them up in him.

  125. Today I’m celebrating the fact that I finished my first month ever of doing a scripture writing plan. God has really worked on me this month. The past 20 months have been such a dark season of life and while I’m not out of it yet, I know that He is walking with me, hand in hand and step by step. It’s because of his love that’s never ending, his mercy and grace that I’m able to continue each day. I’m so thankful that He is making himself known in my life. All the Glory belongs to Him indeed! Be blessed!

  126. I’m celebrating friendship that makes me love Jesus more. The kind of friendship worth getting up early every week to meet at Starbucks for prayer before our kids get up in the morning. Every Friday, my heart leaps as I get out of bed because Jesus meets me first thing in his word and through friends that love me sacrificially in real life!

  127. I’m celebrating the sweet conversation about God that I had with my daughter as I drove her to school this morning.

  128. I am celebrating my 4 year old who comes in every morning to give me hugs and snuggle with me while I work from my couch at home.

  129. I am celebrating this new season. After a long winter, not just physically, but also winter of the soul I can see the new signs of spring and I choose to live courageus, declare His breakthroughs in my life, let go of fear, jump in faith and love boldly each day. I abide in Him daily, choose to surrender to his will and live victorious as a righteous daughter of Christ. There’s much power available to me so I pray for wisdom and ability to live according to His promises for my life. God bless you all!

  130. I’m celebrating a warm, sunny morning, a pair of comfy jeans, and a job that’s both challenging and fulfilling. Happy Friday!

  131. I am celebrating the time I am building my relationship with God. I am also grateful for all his love and being there for all of us!

  132. Just want you to know that I enjoy your blog so much. It has lifted me up so many times.
    I am going through terminal cancer and so many days I find just the right word to speak to me and help me through the day. God uses so many things to show his love and your site is a big one.
    Thank you and Gods blessings.

    • Praying for beautiful YOU, Judy!
      Just your simple comment inspires me❤
      Thank you!!!

  133. I’m celebrating….a new day with new mercies! Thankful for God’s love, presence and word that ALWAYS give me comfort, direction and perspective. Celebrating 4 beautiful children as they walk out their journey with Jesus. Celebrating 26 years of marriage by grace alone. Celebrating the beautiful, messy community I live in with beautiful people, us all Broken and needing hope and healing and believing in just that with Jesus❤❤❤

  134. I’m celebrating a day at home with family, relying on the Lord to supply peace and patience as I strive to be a more godly wife and mom.

  135. I’m celebrating my daughters’ commitment to urban mission work and praying protection over their trip this weekend.

  136. I am celebrating the life of Pappy who is being laid to rest this morning. I am celebrating that he has a big family who are here to remember him and continue his legacy of living, laughing and loving our Lord, even though they are mourning. I am celebrating the recent rains that have quench the dry earth. I am celebrating the tulips and daffodils that are budding out and getting ready to bloom and remind me that God is there in the little things that we experience everyday. I am celebrating the kiss and embrace my husband gave me before we went our separate ways this morning. I am celebrating the recent infusion of medication my son received this week to keep his chronic diseases in remission. I am celebrating the puppy kisses, wagging tails and muddy paws prints on my floors. I am celebrating the very breath that I take as I write these words and realize that I take so much for granted everyday and that I need to stop often and celebrate and give thanks for all the gifts I have received from our Lord. Amen.

  137. I’m celebrating life and friendships. Life isn’t always a bed or roses and friendships aren’t always easy…but they both are gifts from our heavenly Father who loves us so. What I’d love more than anything today would be the chance to sit down with a friend and just open my heart, knowing that I won’t be judged, that I’d be understood and that the bond would just grow stronger. I have friends who are hurting today as they wait on the Lord for answers and miracles. I would love to celebrate their answers today if God would so choose for this to be the day to give it to them. He knows best.

  138. I’m celebrating a rainy day here in PA…..so it can be used to bring all of the wonderful spring flowers. I’m also just celebrating having freedom to worship a God who has changed my life completely……..thank you Jesus!!

  139. Enjoying the beginning of spring and overnight rain by planting some flower bulbs in our yard today and picking up more goodies to plant at a friend’s nursery tomorrow with my daughter. Celebrating all the beauty of blooming trees (dogwood, cherry, and many more currently) that delight the eyes here in NC. Missing the CO mountains (we moved to NC last June), but thankful for the beauty God puts wherever we live if we just open our eyes to see it.

  140. I am celebrating being Cancer free! I was diagnosed with stage 4
    Breast Cancer in May 2016. I was told by my oncologist in January
    that my CT scan showed no cancer! This was great news for me
    and my family. A wonderful testimony to the power of God and
    the power of prayer! Jesus is Lord!! Would love to read these books.
    Thank you.

  141. I’m celebrating the fact that I have students who come from challenging circumstances, but that they want to do great things! AND celebrating the fact I get to see my nephew tomorrow who is home from grad school. AND celebrating my 6 year and 7 month wedding anniversary today with my husband! AND celebrating the fact it’s Friday, and there are only 7 more Fridays left in this school year!! 🙂

  142. I’m celebrating changing diapers today, because he’s my last baby, and it all goes by too quickly!

  143. I’m celebrating a simple thing: hubby went off to grocery store by himself “just to help me out”. A small, but caring gesture. It reminds me that God is at work in my marriage and for that I am thankful.

  144. I just preordered Never Unfriended…cannot wait to dive in! The rest of this is beautiful. I am striving to be more intentional with the relationships I already have! I’ve lived as a victim of my circumstances for a long time, but I’m realizing that my life isn’t about me.

  145. We are celebrating another day with our dog, Gunner. His time is very short now and we are just soaking up as much of him as we can, and thanking God that He let us be Gunner’s family.

  146. I’m celebrating that my brother-in-law, Tom Dykes, is running barefoot in heaven with his Lord and Savior. He went to be with Jesus on March 29. After being a paraplegic for 36 years and being on a ventilator for 5 1/2 months, he chose to remove the vent. It was his decision and his alone. He sincerely wanted to be with Jesus. And I am sad that we have lost this wonderful role model but very joyful that he is finally at peace with God.

  147. Today I am celebrating that my children and I get to pray together every morning before day begins. We prayed and thanked God for the rain this morning. We choose to show love and kindness on the good and bad days. We are so thankful!

  148. I am celebrating “no alarm clock” week – spending time with my family on Spring break – what a treat!

  149. I am celebrating my renewed focus on gratitude. The last couple weeks have been challenging and I realized I need to focus on what is going well (count my blessings) and focus less on what is going wrong (especially those things that I really can’t control). Hoping that reframing things in my mind will improve my attitude and motivation.

  150. I’m celebrating Jesus. I’m so grateful that even in what should be some of my darkest hours…there is light because God so loved the world. I’m grateful God is my STRENGTH & my PEACE. I’m celebrating each & every breath God gives me for this testimony He is growing ❤ May God bless & keep you ALL.

  151. I am celebrating the last couple of rainy days we have had. Spring is my favorite season, and because of that rain, the grass is turning green again, and my plants are beginning to come up (a bit early for my area). As I was typing this, I just got a call to inform me I am going to be receive an offer for employment (after having lost my job for the second time in two years). Double the reason to celebrate!

  152. Everyday I celebrate the life of my daughter by thanking God for her precious life. Other than God Himself, she is the best part of my life and I am thankful that God has blessed me with her. He has used her to not only show me His love but to teach me how to love unconditionally with patience and grace.

  153. Good morning friends! Today I am celebrating quaint, quiet mornings at a local coffee shop. I’m celebrating a week well-worked and a wonderful month coming to a close. I’m celebrating old friends moving home.

  154. I’m celebrating having 2 beautiful little girls who I don’t feel I deserve, and a loving husband. God is good.

  155. This is so sweet! I’m trying to celebrate my students this week as we prepare for state testing- the pressure is on but I still want them to feel valued as individuals beyond the assessment.

  156. Time with family recounting God’s goodness and gtace. Gods faithfulness is seen each spring revival of life in bloom. Yesterday, my daughter and I were traveling together to complete some chores and then to walk through a garden with our two dogs. We were in a car laccident that rearranged everything. BUT, God was not taken by surprise, and we were helped by officers and strangers. We were encouraged by God’s goodness in those who passed by and offered their help. We didn’t get to the park or the chores, but we did feel the love of God surrounding us.

  157. Hubby and I are celebrating some special time this weekend on a retreat with other couples from church. Always love spending time with my best friend.

  158. I’m celebrating the quiet I have here at my beachouse that God so lavished on my husband and I. Learning to hear Gods voice more and being more Thankful in the small things.

  159. I am celebrating God’s love for me, a sinner who God forgives each day. Without Him in my life I would be nothing but a lost soul trying to find my way. This is why I love reading (in)courage. The stories are real and it lets me know God is at work everywhere just reach out and He will find you. What a way to celebrate each day with my loving Lord and Savior.

  160. What a great giveaway. Thanks for your words that so often speak straight to what I am needing to hear. I love what you do.

  161. First let me start by thanking this wonderful group of women. I recently had surgery and your words, facebook posts helped me through a painful recovery. To God the glory. I share your words with my girlfriends as to encourage them as well. Thank God for you all.

  162. I am celebrating working in ministry with women from my church – women I see every week but normally don’t get to spend more than a few minutes with. Several of us are part of Oklahoma Messages Project, helping men and women in prison send video messages of love and encouragement and books to their children so they do better in school and at home and are less likely to go to prison. We get to spend hours together traveling to the prisons and then working with the men and women there. And we have also made additional friends with the other volunteers of Oklahoma Messages Project.

  163. I’m celebrating a “normal” day back with my students after a crazy week of testing and kindergarten screenings!

  164. I am celebrating the wonderful family and friends that God has blessed me with. On St. Patrick’s Day a group of friends surprised me with an early birthday party (my actual birthday was 3/23) with cake, balloons, flowers, champagne, gifts and the gift of their presence. It was my first surprise party of any kind ever and I was touched by their love and kindness.
    This week my nieces (ages 7 and 9) are on spring break and they came over for a sleep-over Monday night. After going to a playground and Applebee’s for dinner they wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie and have a “spa night”. I gave them a foot bath, face wash and mask, and then let them pick out colors to paint their finger and toe nails with. They picked a different color for each nail. I am thankful for the chance to create great memories with them. 🙂

  165. I am celebrating the faithfulness and goodness of God. In our prayer group, God has blessed us with many answered prayers that seemed impossible to man but possible only through Him. We continue to pray and believe that He is faithful and has an everlasting love for His children.

  166. I am celebrating every day God blesses me with!! I am also celebrating the upcoming birth of twin grandbabies!! Have a blessed day everyone!!

  167. I’m celebrating warmer weather, anticipation of weekend plans, reconnecting with old friends, an anniversary, and the comfort of God’s plan for my future! Little daily doses of happiness 🙂

  168. Wow, what an amazing giveaway!

    I’m celebrating the tulips pushing their way up in my yard after a very long, cold and snowy winter. So ready for spring!!

  169. I am just celebrating the stillness today. Life has been hard. But God is good and I’m just resting in Him today.

  170. I am celebrating the simple joys of quality time. The laughter and the long talks. The quality time that’s important before a weekend a part. Also celebrating the wonderful answered prayers God has so preciously answered, even when the answer is no, or not right now. Very thankful today 🙂

  171. I’m celebrating 10 years of marriage tomorrow. I’m amazed at the everyday moments and decisions that helped our marriage thrive in those 10 years. Thankful to friends and family who supported me too with a listening ear, prayer, laughter, and tears!

  172. I am celebrating working with my mom. I work for my family business and as she ages, I realize more and more how precious and unique my situation is and how blessed I am to work so closely with my family.

  173. I’m celebrating the fact that Jesus loves me unconditionally. There is nothing I can do to earn his love for me. He loves me just as I am, and the older I get, the more I realize what an amazing gift that is.

  174. Celebrating the hubby having the whole weekend off work! FriYAY hooray! Thanks for the daily doses of encouragement!

  175. I am celebrating the sunshine and nice spring weather. We put up a new hummingbird feeder and have had one visitor. I am hoping that with the sunshine I’ll have more visitors. I consider them God winks.

  176. We live in the Desert where the temperatures can often be extreme … Oh but the Sunrise and Sunsets are our reminder that God’said ever present bounty

  177. I want to say Thank you incourage! By reading your emails & seeing the new book “never unfriended” coming out, I realized I was not alone. I’ve been feeling lost, left out, disconnected from church & people in general. I always thought it was just me, my introvert personality. My raw hurt was seen & my insecurities came out. As more heard I realized its NOT just me! So I’m finding those also feeling disconnected/lost& we are trying to get together to lift each other up. I’m not letting the devil win & God gives me peace.

  178. I’m celebrating not getting stuck in the pouring rain this morning like so many others did. I’m thankful for the warm dry office that I’m sitting in.

  179. Today I’m celebrating one more day in our lives! My son is autistic and he is going trough a rough path with allergies, so today, my husband and I are celebrating his life, his health and our love for him.
    Thank you for your daily words, they’re helping me every day.

  180. God is good and I am thankful for a healthy family and kids. I love reading the daily inspiration from this blog.

  181. Celebrating God’s goodness every day! He has given me time with family, health and new friends to minister to and with. I couldn’t afford to retire, but God told me to and He is providing generously day by day. God is truly good!

  182. I am celebrating this community. I have much encouragement here and often share the site with my daughter-in-law and others. Often, when someone has asked for prayer in a particular area, this site speaks to that request, so I can share this encouragement as well as lift them up in prayer. Thank you so much for speaking the hearts of women, saying what so often we ourselves would leave unsaid.

  183. This morning I celebrated a hot shower. I take one everyday, but this morning, for some reason, I especially enjoyed the hot water.
    Everyday during lent I’m celebrate that God values our prayers, that they are precious to Him, and that we have the opportunity to pray Him.

  184. I’m celebrating life! All you wonderful encouraging women out there! Thanks for being such a great place to land & share joys, & sorrows-good, bad & ugly. I’m also celebrating God & His perfect timing. When life seems to go “wacko” and you feel frazzled-He sends encouragement your way. I have been blessed to win prizes at just the time I need them.

    God is singing over us all the time! Lets rejoice and be Glad!

    Blessings 🙂

  185. I am celebrating my sister in law. her husband recently had a 14 pound tumor and a lung removed and is heading in soon for chemo and radiation. She is his rock and so positive. Thru all this my father in law passed away and she came here to support her siblings. She is so strong and positive.

  186. I am celebrating two things: family and teachers. I celebrate family by spending time with my sister. We enjoy sharing simple things together like volunteer projects, creating our own art pieces, and experiencing the many beautiful wonders our area of the country have to offer throughout the year. Sisters are a special blessing from God. I celebrate school teachers (and all campus employees) by making encouraging cards for them and praying for them. I send cards as God leads me to do, so that these hard-working, caring, dedicated, & compassionate people will be reminded that what they do matters. I am blessed by God with a creative spirit and encouraging heart. I celebrate that too.

  187. I celebrate a wonderful month full of God’s grace, mercy and love. This month I turned 31 and can say I am truly truly blessed. 

  188. I am celebrating how I have felt God stirring and fanning the glowing embers of my spirit back into flame. I’ve been talking the talk but not walking the walk. But in the past two weeks, that old familiar excitement, yearning, and heart’s desire to dig back into HIs Word and spend precious quality time with the Lover of my soul has been stirring deep within. “Life crises” have long been distracting me, but He is faithful to remind me that HE NEVER LEFT ME–I’m the one who stepped back and didn’t take the time to meet with HIm. PRAISING HIS HOLY NAME….He NEVER will leave us or forsake us! Amen!

  189. It is sunny and it’s Friday so I’m celebrating the end of the week by wearing a new outfit and drinking my coffee.

  190. I am celebrating family and love today. Thankful to be surrounded by a family that loves me as well as the constant love of Christ.

  191. I’m celebrating the timing of my current devotions, The Beloved Disciple./ Beth Moore. With Easter approaching it helps me refresh the COST to My Father to save sinners!

  192. I am celebrating that I am alive. I am celebrating the chance to get together with a new friend, spend time with my sister before she moves out of state, hug my family members, and show love to the world. Everyday is a gift.

  193. Everyday I am so thankful for our glorious God! His precision in where He has placed us in this life, the people we connect with, every being who crosses our paths. our God is an AWESOME God!

    Thank you for the chance to win these incredible gifts. Your group (in)courage is an incredible gift to me.


  194. I’m celebrating Jesus speaking to me in the midst of a storm: “When he was reviled, he did not revile in return; when he suffered, he did not threaten, but continued entrusting himself to him who judges justly. – 1 Peter 2:23

  195. Today I am celebrating 17 years of wedded bliss with my amazing hubby! We’ve both been married before but God redeemed the lost years and brought such beauty from the ashes of our past broken relationships. I am grateful every day for the tender love we share. He is my best friend and my soul mate. Praise God for His faithfulness, grace, and mercy!

  196. I’m celebrating the beautiful spring sunshine, and the ability to enjoy it with my two-year old and my 8 month old. We go on “treasure hunts,” and my toddler gathers sticks and leaves and pinecones and rocks while I gather memories.

  197. Today I’m celebrating because it’s Springtime (my favorite season) and I’m thankful for my health. I have several autoimmune illnesses, but I’m thankful it’s not life threatening. 🙂

  198. Today I’m celebrating laughter! When you need to laugh talk to a 4 year old. They occasionally say gross things, but they’re pretty funny!

  199. I am celebrating no longer letting the state i.e. the mess, control my daily/current mood. This has been a struggle for me especially since being a new mom. The balance between work/housework/family has been REAL. Celebrating this today and everyday!

  200. Today is a day I get to just be alone & quiet. I’m so happy to be able to celebrate just being today after a couple of busy weeks.

  201. Today I am continuing to praise our dear Father for the strength he has given to the family – mother passed on February 14th – it has been challenging over the months & God has been there each & every step of the way. The growth & deepening of the relationship I now have with God is sooooo very very uplifting to me. I have even more excitement in wanting to share my testimony with others.
    Our God is Good – All the Time
    many blessings to you

  202. Celebrating friendship.
    Finally Spring in northern MN- the snow has melted and the weather is warmer which calls for means to celebrate the the “Ladies Neighborhood evening walk” time to resume. Love getting together with the ladies in the evening. We can walk, chat about married life, kids, God, & celebrate the joys of lives, as well as the trials & tribulations that might be taking place. It’s an evening to share free of judgment and just being their for our friends. Love my friends and the time we get to share & relieve the stress of the day together…and get some much needed exercise. Life is good!

  203. Three fold celebration today! Celebrating time with a friend tonight just catching up over dinner. Celebrating God’s daily renewing work in my marriage with time in the Word with my husband. Celebrating friendship with Jesus, rejoicing over how He humbled me in our time together this morning because pride was keeping me from peace and joy in our relationship.

    There’s a lot of everyday redeeming, renewing, restoring, and rejoicing to celebrate! Thanks for hosting this giveaway- I keep hearing about those two books and the other goodies are so sweet!!

  204. I’m celebrating waking up to sunshine for the second day in a row. It’s been such a grey and wet pnw winter.

  205. I am celebrating that there are so many wonderful women who have heard the Lord’s call to share their lives with us each and every day. You inspire me, you make me cry, you help me to remember that I am not alone. Thank you!

  206. Today I am celebrating a God who has walked me through the trials of divorce, a blended family with 6 children, cancer, addiction of a family member and more…but now am celebrating my marriage and being a Mom of 6 healthy adults, a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law and 4 healthy happy grandsons. God has walked us through, blessed us immensely and we know whatever the future holds he will be with us through anything. So today I have every reason to celebrate!!!!!

  207. Hi! This is such a wonderful giveaway! Im thankful today, and celebrating today, getting to spend the weekend with my family who I haven’t seen in several months. Im so thankful that God always brings us back home. A reason to celebrate!

  208. I’m celebrating my wonderful amazing husband that I never want to take for granted and celebrating the chance to take my good friend to lunch for her birthday even though it is a rainy day! Also, celebrating having the “courage” to actually comment on a blog! Waayy out of my comfort zone!

  209. I am celebrating the blessing the (in)courage newsletter has been to me. The writers really open up their hearts to readers and share there struggles and success. Reading the stories lets me know that I am not alone in my struggles or success on this journey with Jesus. We are all struggling with something for me it just happens to be with – fear, doubt, the unknown. We also have successes – for me is it a great job, friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helps in anyway with (in)courage. It is a continual blessing for me. May God continue to guide you and keep you as you (in)courage your readers.

  210. I’m celebrating the freedom to Lament , to grieve relationships and deep pain, the spring energy to clean and beautify and renew the inside and out . I’m celebrating Life and the remembrance that I am Worthy !! I am Loved and my true identity is in Christ!

  211. We are celebrating the Sun Shinning today, it’s been a long week for our family!
    Celebrating that uncle is getting out of the hospital today after a week of being in there. Thanks for the reminder to celebrate today!

  212. I am celebrating my Army son, Andrew has gotten his heart right with God and is once again excited about Jesus! <3

  213. I am celebrating the presence of family. My grandchildren were visiting for a few hours this morning. Now the rain continues to fall while my husband finally rests, my twenty-year-old daughter continues her watercolor painting, and my eighteen-year-old son slows down for a few moments. We had a blizzard in early March with thirty plus inches of snow that caused our barn roof to collapse. I was in that barn only one hour earlier. My husband and sons have been working diligently since the storm to provide a safe environment for our five beef cattle then demo the remains of the barn. This was undertaken yesterday. Our LORD God has been so gracious to us all. I am, therefore, also celebrating His continued providential care.

  214. Today I am celebrating casual Friday at work, since it’s cold and rainy in Pennsylvania and my fun spring work wardrobe does not pair well with puddles!

  215. I’m celebrating the every day by choosing to love and rejoice in the season that God has me in instead of wishing it away for the next one.

  216. I’m celebrating the ability to have been able to sleep in today and just rest. I’ve been on the go for the past month, so I’m definitely grateful for some needed self care.

  217. I am celebrating God’s grace mercy, the twins as we call it. He is so good to us, better than we are to ourselves.

  218. I’m celebrating the peacefulness of this dreary day. Sitting in my favorite chair watching the wildlife and birds and reading The Word. What a glorious life!

  219. I’m celebrating the sunshine and blooming plants and flowers today after a week’s worth of rainy days.

  220. Today I’m celebrating the start of a weekend that I get to spend with my two amazing kids. I did not choose divorce or single parenthood, but I try to make the most of each moment that I get to spend with my 16-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. They are precious gifts from God and bring immense joy to my life. They kept me “showing up” when I felt like my world was falling apart after 20 years of marriage. I can’t wait to finish up my workday so that I can rush home to spend time with them.

  221. I’m going to celebrate while Spring but not actually be here, Winter is over. Amen, Hallelujah. In God’s Love, sheila

  222. I’ve been trying to celebrate all the little moments of quality time with my 2-yr-old… simply reading together and playing and eating together!

  223. After a completely nasty day (weather wise) yesterday, I am celebrating the gift of bright sunshine today with beautiful snow-kissed mountains in the distance! I love living in Idaho! 🙂

  224. These emails are the first things I search for every morning. They are thought provoking, enlightening and encouraging! Thank you

  225. The everyday moment that I’m celebrating today is a nice quiet house (for the moment)…the calm before the storm (when spring break starts).

  226. I am celebrating the ways that God works in us both big and small, and the blessed truth that he pursues us…even to our death bed. his love is that big.

  227. I’m celebrating the fact that I have a loving husband who lets me know of his love for me every single day of my 36 year old marriage. I am truly blessed! Thank you Lord!

  228. I am celebrating being pushed out of comfort zone by God to interact with other women, for His glory. And the unexpected blessing of being cheered on by my teenage daughter. I sometimes forget how much she sees, even when I don’t think she’s looking. She is such a gift!

  229. I’m celebrating getting to walk again outside with a good friend twice this week! The weather cooperated and the time together was glorious! God friends and walking are just the BEST!

  230. Throughout the years many people have come and gone in my life but those whom which I take the time to get to know, to really know, become my precious treasures. I am thankful to have a heart filled to the brim with amazing and wonderful friends…but there is always room for more! 😀

  231. I am celebrating spring. I love how God brings things from winter rest to waken and spring forth in life. He just amazes me how he does this and I love the first rain well I could go on and on

  232. Today I celebrate a God-given friendship. This morning, as I ran with my teenage son (a celebration in itself), a passerby waved to me from her car. It was a neighbor that I’ve become friends with over the past few months.

  233. I’m celebrating just being alive: feeling better after being ill. Shopping my house to lighten up after winter instead of spending money I don’t have. Praying for my neighbors who have had heavy medical events and are trying to recover. I’m happy knowing there is this online community as a resource for encouragement, edifying and an expression of God’s love in this needy world.

  234. A day does not go by without my thankfulness to God for my adopted daughter. There are things in life that cannot be explained by mere coincidence or luck. Thank you dear God for my beautiful, sweet, smart daughter! Her autism and health ailments are blessings in disguise which taught me patience, unconditional love, and opened my eyes to what really matters in life.
    Thank you God for providing me the most precious man as my father who passed away this past November. His death made me realize the incredible souls we are blessed to encounter each day on this amazing planet.
    Thank you for protecting our souls!

  235. I am celebrating my sweet mother’s birthday today. She is celebrating in Heaven. I miss her so much, but am so thankful that God allowed me to be her daughter and she my mother. I am so thankful for the life lessons she taught me and the faith life she lived.

  236. A dear friend was very, very ill with an infection and had been hospitalized for many days. God answered prayer in an amazing way. The fever is down, the white blood cell count back to normal. Today I was able to speak with my friend on the phone. Celebrating the fact that God still works miracles and that He cares about every detail of our lives!

  237. I’m celebrating that my 15 year old son still thinks it’s important to tell me all about his day in daily texts and conversation. Also, it’s Spring Break this next week for my two boys. 🙂

  238. I’m celebrating today! So thankful for our two grandchildren, a wonderful gift from God! Thank you Lord that we have connections to lift each other up and share our hopes and blessings! Thanks for the invitation to join! Sharon

    • Celebrating God’s mentors in our lives, especially my 101 year old faithful friend who has been soooo encouraging to so many!

  239. I’m celebrating the love of Jesus and all the blessings in my life, including my beautiful family and friends and daily inspiration from incourage! ❤

  240. I am celebrating learning to see God in both the light and in the dark and understanding that He has a perfect plan for each one of us. And for all the blessings in my life, to include finding blog sites like this one that I know God helped me find.

  241. The past storms have helped a lot of wildflowers bloom here in the usually sunny California, including these cala lillies by my mailbox I thought have long died. I’m celebrating finding the beauty (in flowers) everyday, on the side of the roads, in the mountains (I’m in a valley), and right next to my mailbox.

  242. I’m celebrating making it to the end of the week with two little ones under three, and our second full week of swim lessons!!

  243. I am enjoying a quiet day at home with my children. Nothing planned and nothing to do.

  244. I’m celebrating having my family safe at home for dinner tonight with no where we have to go!!!

  245. I’m celebrating the goodness, grace and faithfulness of our God. For all of the ways He just shows up just when I need him to. I’m thankful for you, Jesus, just to know that he was their with me in my ups and downs.

  246. Wow! So many celebrations. God is so good. I’m celebrating my “sisters” in my Veterans Spouse support group, every Friday. And I’m celebrating my “sisters at a distance” here at (In)Courage everyday. You all are such a blessing to me! Thank you all and Thank You, Jesus!

  247. Celebrating the new life that Spring brings with my kids as we enjoy the sunshine and plan our veggie garden.

  248. Today I am celebrating my body healing, my family being provided miracles of providence through our storm, and the hope and courage that a loving Father is quieting me with His love and singing lullabies over me through it all (Zeph 3:17). Wishing you many blessings! Thank you.

  249. I’m celebrating the gift of my students today. It’s been a long thirteen weeks since the Christmas break and we still have another week to go before Spring Break, but they have worked hard today and made me smile. I’m thankful for the privilege of being able to teach and encourage the children, and share in their laughter and smiles.

  250. I’m celebrating a coworkers pregnancy but also struggling with the fact that we will be shorthand at the end of the year.

  251. My husband and I were able to have a lunch date and talk about our family, our goals and how much we like food. 🙂 Connecting with him this busy work season hasn’t been easy so a simple taco salad lunch was awesome.

  252. I’ve heard such great things about both books — can’t wait to read them! Here’s to amazing friends!

  253. I’m celebrating the Lords gift of rest on a Friday afternoon with my son and husband reading books and a kitty in my lap.

  254. Celebrating, my new move, across the country, a new home, new neighbors and a new mission field. My loving Father, God has orchestrated it all, for He has ordained all my days. He has me right where He wants me. This time the house is not about me. Jesus wants me to love on my neighbors and minister to them and hopefully earn their friendship, to share the Gospel. Wow God!!

  255. I am celebrating the gifts of laughter and love from God, and friends & neighbors who laugh with me!

    I am grateful God has lavished support, encouragement and prayer during my battle with stage 4 cancer and as yet unidentified GI problems.

    God’s Peace and comfort to you all.

  256. Celebrating that I am healthy and able to do so much. This has been a tough year losing a lot of relatives and friends to various health issues. Quite a few of them were relatively young Happy that everyone of them was a believer so I will see them again one day.

  257. Today I’m celebrating Jesus in the storm! I’m celebrating the timely song/verse/text/email just when I need it! I’m celebrating the victory of child training when I wonder how God trusts me so much to train His jewels. I celebrate my husband and pray for spiritual healing in his life. I celebrate my teenage son who has overcome and is still working through his pre-adoptive trauma. I celebrate the healing in my daughters life and in mine in the midst of our chronic illness. I celebrate the joy my loved ones are experiencing in heaven while my heart is torn and bleeding from grief. I celebrate Jesus who is the only way I can celebrate.

  258. Today I am celebrating the goodness of God as I look out the window and enjoy the beauty of the day.

  259. I am celebrating the beautiful mess that is motherhood. I’ve been blessed with two beautiful children and a third on the way. The days are long, but my 15 month old’s belly laugh and my 3 year old saying “I love you” always melt my heart and remind me how blessed I am.

  260. I think just being able to enjoy those everyday moments. There are days that are insane and then I have days that are quiet. Those quiet days are what I look forward to and taking the time to hear the birds sing (my favorite) or just enjoying letting fresh air in. It’s those quiet times that I take in the most

  261. I am celebrating health–that my husband didn’t cut his hand off with the power saw, and the damage he did do was repairable; that I am on the tail end of the flu –God is good!

  262. I am celebrating several things. For one, I am celebrating the fact God has blessed me with employers that have gradually allowed me to share more and more of Christ in the workplace. I am celebrating my son’s passion and devotion to continue to strive and pursue his education for the kingdom of God. My son has been blessed and provided the opportunity to study Global Studies with a Missions focus…completing,his second year, next month, I am celebrating the blessings from Christ and His unconditional, agape love.

  263. I love how important friendship is to you all. I get that. Me too. I love the support that you offer each other and my guess is you might not even know each other. And I love what I’m learning about resiliency this year.

  264. I’m thankful for a meal out with my child that ended in smiles and food enjoyed by both of us. With food allergies and sensory differences, eating out is typically difficult, but today was a good day!

  265. I’m celebrating the word of God which is sharper than any two edged sword dividing between spirit and soul…judging the thoughts and attitudes of the heart! So grateful for the word coming forth through my sisters of Incourage, reviving dry and broken bones and a lonely soul. God bless you and continue to do what you do!

  266. I am celebrating God’s goodness, grace, and love. He is so good and I trust in Him even though I am going through a season of loneliness. I know God has great plans for me ❤

  267. I’m celebrating spending spring break with my family. Spending time together in the sunshine on the beach. Taking lots of long walks, relaxing, and laughing together.

  268. I am celebrating a pain free day today and I spent the day with my kids at a fun kids run!

  269. I am celebrating the many blessings that God has bestowed upon me, and His faithfulness.

  270. I am celebrating the physically ability to get up daily and complete a full days work. I am celebrating the energy to care for my disabled husband on a daily basis. I am celebrating that my needs are met by the Lord and that His promises are true and that gives me hope and strength to move forward.

  271. I praise God for His Mercy and Love each day! Your ministry has helped me dwell on blessing others while being a caregiver.

  272. I am celebrating the joy of knowing Jesus Christ. Even in the midst of the uncertainty of my future of my marriage, God loves me and is holding me up.

  273. I’m celebrating the gift of soul communication, of sharing honestly with good friends the renovating yet sometimes painful work God is doing in our inward places.

  274. Today, I’m celebrating just being able to sit home and watch tv with my hubby!

  275. I’m celebrating my 3rd year of marriage and God’s faithfulness to us. We have moved from Michigan to Hawaii, made some wonderful friends, and found an incredible church. He is faithful.

  276. Today I am celebrating kind words that a dear friend said about me. And my daughter’s cozy bed as she and I snuggle and chat before she falls asleep. And middle schoolers who still want to talk to their mom about friend drama and boy-girl crushes. And my toddler son’s magical smile as he whispers to me “you’re my girlfriend, Mommy– okay?” And an argument with my husband that ended in a hug and an “I love you.” And hearing a stranger’s courageously vulnerable story about how she is struggling as a new mama. And how I was able to share with her my own challenges in that journey– and see that it brought encouragement and inspiration to her. And blog posts that show up in my mailbox at JUST the right time. And bedtime!!!

  277. I’m celebrating being out of bed after spending five days in the quiet, darkness of my bedroom with a migraine and all the nasty side symptoms that goes along with it. Today I’m celebrating being able to open my curtains and welcome Jesus and his glorious light into my life and home. I know that the Lord will wait for my foggy mind to clear so I can catch-up on my dearly beloved Bible Studies and abide in him before another migraine attack hits.

  278. I celebrated the end of a buay but fulfilling week at work and at church and I look forward to celebrating a birthday of a friend tomorrow.. We should get rain too!

  279. Celebrating all the memories of the past & the future of the memories ahead. Thanks

  280. So thankful for your blogs. They seem to give me just what I need when I need it. I’ve just celebrated the gift of family by returning to my home town for a week. Sharing time with children & both our parents …good tears & not sone not so good tears….embracing this season of life in faith by grace.


  281. I’m celebrating my daughter turning 5 and my son turning 3 in the past month. They are healthy and happy and I am so grateful for that! I’m a Pediatric ICU nurse and I see everyday the heartbreak that can come to families with their sick children. I celebrate that I can help them the best that I know how, then run home to my family and soak in the blessing of hugs and kisses and stories of their day!

  282. I am so encouraged by your site every day, thank you and may God bless your ministry.

  283. I am celebrating everyday moments of friendships and adventures! When you can get time off and hop a flight to see those you miss! Plus get someone on same wave length as you when comes to Jesus and all things life!

  284. I am celebrating that I have made it through a challenging week and celebrating a small spark of hope in me that these books could help me pursue relationships after a season of multiple lost relationships.

  285. I’m celebrating God’s faithfulness in every situation in my life. I’m dealing with a lot of hurt, uncertainty, and insecurity. I just came across these books and site this morning on Facebook. I’m sure that’s not by chance. Thank you for your words of encouragement. These books look like what I need in my life especially at this moment.

  286. Thank you (in)courage for all you do to connect the minds and hearts of those who, just like me, are seeking daily encouragement and spiritual growth – and for providing ways to keep connected to the One who loves us all on joyful days of fellowship, on difficult days of walking through valleys, and even on the ordinary everydays (because the Lord continues to do extraordinary things!) Thank you for blog posts, and books, for Bible studies, for gifts of all kinds, for beautiful faith-based artwork, for community and for caring. I share (in)courage constantly with friends – with anyone! You are a much-needed lifeline to so many. Bless all who are a part of this awesome ministry and all who receive a blessing from it.

  287. Thank you for always encouraging me each day! I am celebrating being healthy and able to spend time time with my granddaughters. I am so blessed with their fresh and happy ways they enjoy life! I also feel blessed to have been able to adopt a new little dog after my previous one passed. She gives me a happy outlook each day with her energy and attention! Especially since I have a handicapped husband; who she helps keep happy! Thank you for your generous giveaway.

  288. Today, I am celebrating how God speaks to me through others. It never ceases to amaze me that I can read a blog post or devotion, and it relates to my issues, even if that isn’t the intended topic. My God is here and real, and He cares about ME! I’m not sure I’ll ever fully grasp that.

  289. Today I am celebrating the fact that my husband and I are completing chores around our home. I know this may sound weird, but it’s only by God’s grace and goodness that we live in this beautiful home! 🙂 Walking around each room as I’m cleaning makes my heart glad knowing that God has provided for all our needs in such amazing ways and will continue to do so because He is faithful!! 🙂

  290. My everyday moment is realizing the precious value of each moment, every day. Like today, when our children tried to “prank” us with something that really would have been more like a disaster (ketchup in my husband’s shoes!?) — and then hearing them roar with laughter when they caught my attempted retaliatory prank (bubble gum in their breakfast sandwiches!?). LOL Yes, we’re THAT kind of family on April Fool’s Day. Thankfully we’re much nicer every other day of the year. haha I love my family. And I’m so thankful for every moment of every day with them. I’m also thankful for shoe inserts which can be easily removed and rinsed! This is a WONDERFUL giveaway! Thank you, (in)courage!

  291. I’m celebrating that my wonderful hubby took the 3 year old and occupied him so mama could sleep in! I do love Dayspring and Incourage! I wish I could work for you!

  292. Today, I am celebrating that God has given me a husband and a son, whom I love deeply and I get to take care of everyday. Being a wife and mom is my greatest joy!

  293. celebrating God delivering me from a circumstance and pit that I was so stuck. Thank you God for your deliverance, grace and mercy and love beyond my wildest dreams.

  294. I’m celebrating water. Fresh drinking water. Water from the Lord for the gardens and yard. Water because I’m thirsty. Water for my tea and bone broth. The Lord is giving us water and I’m so very glad!

  295. I am celebrating being a stay at home mom and wife. I am thankful for a husband that works two jobs to allow me to stay home to raise and teach our children. Some days are more difficult than others and it is on those difficult days that I am thankful for the goofy and funny shenanigans of my son….and a pot of coffee!

  296. I am celebrating being a mom to two amazing children. I feel overwhelmingly blessed!

  297. I’m celebrating spring. The rebirth of the land with grass becoming green, trees budding and flowers beginning to show their heads above the earth. Each spring reminds me both of the seasons of life that God has given us to enjoy and prosper but also the resurrection. What wonders to be thankful for each day.

  298. My small moment today is reading incourage posts for this past week and watching the sunrise. Reading God’s word each morning upon awakening while having my first cup of coffee helps to put my heart in God and helps me spend the day trying to please him first. The forsythia bush is starting to bloom. A sure sign that spring is here. I have felt restless and unsettled as of late, I know that my path of life is going to change, I am just trying to wait and see where that path is from God. Having finally realized that I need his help and answers has given me peace.

  299. Celebrating the little things is so very important to me! The sight of a butterfly up close or laughing with my anxiety riddled daughter. Assembling a piece of IKEA furniture or taking my first watercolor class. Beautiful flowers blooming too early and my house falling apart at every turn. Music, laughter, the ocean, family, friends and good food. I can celebrate it all if I take a moment and focus on the One who gives it all. Not always easy but always worthwhile.

  300. (In)Courage has meant so much to me since I subscribed a year ago. I spend my Sunday mornings, with my coffee and catching up on the week’s reading, and I always find something that speaks to my heart. Thank you so much for encouraging me as we walk through life’s difficulties.

  301. Thanking God for staying with me thru some depression. Trying with His help to be thankful for ALL things

  302. Members of my church family coming alongside me to pray as I was having a bit of an emotional melt-down.

  303. Today, I’m celebrating that I get to see spring in North Carolina, for the way the dogwood trees are blooming and the sun is shining.

    I’m celebrating that I’m back home after being away for awhile.

    I’m celebrating a cellphone that lets me talk to my parents in Oregon.

    I’m celebrating that Jesus brought me here and to a church where my pastor talks about weakness from the pulpit and reminds me that God’s grace really is made perfect in our weakness.

    Much to celebrate! Thank you for reminding me TO CELEBRATE the little things!

  304. I am joyfully celebrating the fellowship I shared with 22 other home schooling mamas this weekend as we worshipped and prayed, laughed and cried, crafted and played. I am eagerly seeking God’s direction and instruction as I strive to create the home He has envisioned for our family. “Be Thou My Vision!”

  305. My husband playing tag with the kids. He usually says yes to their desires to play where I always find some excuse not to. He’s a good example to me.

  306. My husband taking care of me after my surgery last week. He’s always been kind, but this week he’s shown a tender and compassionate side that I haven’t seen in awhile. I am reminded of what a gift he is to me. <3

  307. I am celebrating the older kids heading back to school after spring break. Last week we celebrated them being home—this week going back. 😉 Also, I feel God tugging at my heart in fresh ways and it is inspiring.

  308. I am celebrating the fact that my youngest son, Andrew is in the Army and was picked from 4 candidates to be the one to meet Lester Holt tomorrow night on NBC; a live program, to discuss the Army’s position in S. Korea and a little bit about him!!!!! I may be crying the whole time, tho! Friday; he sent me a vase of beautiful flowers and the card said, Love you, Mom, see you soon! I cried and cried. He’s never done that! Add to that; he’s reenlisted for 3 years, which means he WILL be sent over to the ongoing war! 🙁 :(. I have to share, when he was born, a woman walked into my room and asked me what I named him. I told her Andrew. She said, “Did you know that Andrew was one of Jesus’ favorite disciples? I said yes. She asked if Wayne and I were Christians and if we were going to raise Andrew in church. We said yes to both questions. Then she said, “Good, because one day, Andrew will be a warrior for the Lord!” Wayne went to help her down the hallway; – She was GONE!. Several months later, I was in the mall with him and an “elf” came up and said, Santa wants to see your baby! ??? I said, do what? So, I followed her, he took him from me and stared at him for I don’t know how long (I was getting nervous). THEN, he said the exact same things that the woman had said! He never looked at me; but stared at Andrew. He finally gave him back to me, and I found a pay phone (shows you how old I am); called my husband and said, you will not believe this, and he came and met us for lunch! My son is covered by the blood of the Lamb! Please, if you can’t watch the show – or if you can; cover him for me. He is in the infantry and will be on the front lines, when (and if) he goes! Thank you; sorry this is so long!!! <3 <3

  309. Celebrating a new season in life & being ready to embrace all God has planned for me!

  310. Celebrating the life God has given me. Wanting to make the most of the time I have living for Christ and spending time with family.

  311. I’m celebrating making it through this more challenging than I thought it would be Monday haha. I’m so thankful for the encouragement I receive through y’all. Thank you for continuing to point me back to Jesus each time I read your posts! 🙂

  312. I am celebrating the beauty of forgiveness from a broken relationship. I am also celebrating thankfulness for all that I have learned on this Journey and hope to be able to share my experience with others.

  313. Celebrating that I live another day and try to remember in the hard moments to be grateful for it.