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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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  1. Deidra,
    I remember that Krazy Glue commercial…lol! And, yes, I have done my share of cementing food to it’s baking container. Actually, I think that when we aren’t always in Martha Stewart mode, our friends are relieved. When they see us making mistakes and laughing – it gives them permission and freedom to be human too. So, I view my mess ups kind of like an invitation of sorts…an invitation to be a flawed person but still loved by God. That’s the key – as you said – to know that God isn’t disappointed, He says, “Great! You made cake!” When I know that I have the un bending un-yielding love of God it makes life a lot easier. I do regret, though, when I inadvertently say things that hurt people. That, I will stew on. Again, God is there with His grace reminding me that all have sinned and fallen short…but His love remains! Love this post and thanks for the smile this am 🙂

    • Bev,
      I always enjoy your comments. They are seasoned with salt and light. I appreciate your transparency, and look forward to seeing how you relate to the messages. Bless you sweet lady.

  2. Wonderful post….made me smile, especially the bit about the leggings and the dress… I once spent a whole afternoon on a boat trip with friends with my dress tucked into my “unmentionables”…..while it was embarrassing for me it gave everyone something to smile about afterwards and I am sure God was smiling too because I am so loved by Him…..

  3. Deidra, you’ve captured my word for 2017 so beautifully with these words of grace. It’s “standing” from The Message’s version of Romans 5:1,2: “We throw open our doors to God and discover at the same moment that he has already thrown open his door to us. We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand—out in the wide open spaces of God’s grace and glory, standing tall and shouting our praise.

    So often I’m busy laboring for that perfect, slide-out-of-the-pan cake when the one that’s already sitting on my table is just fine. And because of God’s grace and glory, I can be just fine, too.

  4. That was so powerful!! What a great reminder. Thank you! Start this year with the right perspective of who I am and who I am looking to for my acceptance. Needed that.

  5. Your blogs address among my favorites! Yet again, you’ve spoken right to me. This is something I’ve been working through recently! Thank you!!

  6. I LOVE this analogy…I LOVE your words… thank you!! I appreciate this timely post! I, too struggle with “perfection”/people pleasing issues. It’s a work in process & this was a great reminder!

  7. Deidra, this is just the message I needed today as I was worrying about how and to whom I should be marketing my book. I sooo remember that commercial! I am inspired from your post!

  8. Thank you. That is encouragement I needed to face this day (another job-hunting one) and it takes forever these days it seems. I need to be reminded I’m not worthless. xo

  9. Deidra, can I just admit that I might have laughed out loud at the comment about the person eating crumbs off the table? Yeah, that would probably be me. 🙂

    I so appreciate this post. As one who strove for most of her life to live up to others’ expectations, all in the vain hope of being accepted, I’ve finally begun to grow beyond the need for others’ acceptance. You shared it so well. God already loves us completely. We don’t have to do things just right to earn His love, or to make Him love us more. We already have our worth in His eyes. What an amazing thought.

    And thank you so much for the reminder that those mulligans truly don’t define us. They may help us become more like Jesus, though, if we work through them with the right perspective, and perhaps a good dose of laughter.

    Great post!

  10. I’m not much of a cake baker either. Once, I used up 5 lbs. of flour trying to make biscuits. Now I bu y the bags, and I know why they have bakeries in the store. Using oil when my cooking spray ran out was also bad my cornbread stuck. But real friends won’t care, even if your cake is stuck, they’ll stick with you.

  11. I probably wouldn’t have made another cake either. I probably would have bought one, because my guess is I’d be too embarrassed (caught up in the small stuff) to actually serve what is a perfectly good cake. Lol…Which is way it blesses us all to share our stories, as they serve as great reminders that these are small things and don’t have even a small impact on how our Father in heaven sees us. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thank you Deidra for your delightful cake story with a big message! Sweating the small stuff seems to be my “speciality”and generally stops me from stepping out…Last year, I did the unimaginable and launched my project (I sweated the small stuff and kept it under wraps for years). I’ve not regretted but certainly thought of returning the project to hibernation mode many a times. Deidra, thank you for reminding me God has purposes for all the things that we experience…thanks for sharing yours!


  13. the only cake I make is the banana bread loaf( I call it cake) from the cake mix. I forgot to flour my pan before adding my mix, and was quite surprised to see the loaf sticking to my pan. Reading your post all of a sudden made me wonder if you knew about my cake situation and wanted to whisper sweet encouragement from above.


  14. Deidra,

    My motto is Martha Stewart doesn’t live here. If you want perfection look elsewhere. I make mistakes & tend to sweat the outcome. All I need to do is realize that no one is perfect and God loves us all just as we are! Let my guard down & be myself-fun, loving woman who is crazy about God!!! Thank you for the permission to be ourselves and not worry about being “perfect”!

    Have a great 2017! Congratulations on the Craving Connection book!!

  15. Thank you so much for these words…I can relate to the cake sticking in the pan (along with other baked goods …they still get eaten, as I found out when one of my friends wanted to try my so-called baking fail and I’d already binned it).
    Definitely need to not sweat the small stuff and to remember to give myself grace…it’s ok to stuff up at times. I’m thankful I have friends who will give me a reality check and remind me that it’s ok to laugh, as I’m sure God does too at times.

  16. I love it! That was me, but I would have never dared serve it. Wish I could be like that, but I get too anxious over what others think. I will say though, He and I are working on me.

  17. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Sounds like you’ve been set free from the perfectionism trap–one that’s snagged me my whole life.

    Wo-hooo! Such freedom!!!! And I bet your friends actually enjoyed the cake even more straight from the pan b/c the best hostesses enjoy their own parties. They don’t stress.

  18. “When I find myself sweating the small stuff, it’s because I’ve set up some sort of ridiculous (and false) expectation for myself.”

    So true. So true. I can so relate to this cake story and wanting things to be perfect and horrified when things weren’t, especially in my younger days. But now after so many hypothetical cakes stuck to a pan in my daily life, I have come to realize that no, these things don’t define me. But they make wonderful and funny stories once we can learn to laugh at ourselves. Now I entertain my friends with these stories and people love them because they realize they can laugh at their imperfections and mistakes too. Life is to fun to take to seriously.