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Barbara is a devoted Christ-follower whose passion is to bring encouragement and hope to women through her writing and speaking.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Barbara,
    Like you, I love looking at bumper stickers and what figuring out what they way about the people who drive those cars. In my life, I have redefined and revisited my aspirations. I wonder what great things I was meant to do? Then, I look to Jesus’ three year ministry here on earth. The Bible records 37 miracles…37 jaw dropping, awe inspiring, miracle making kind of days. But what was He doing the other thousand plus days He was on this earth? He ate with people, He hung out with the dregs of society, He walked along dusty roads with people and washed their feet, He asked questions, He listened and He wept with those who wept. He simply poured out God’s love onto others. The great commandment is all about loving God and loving others as you love yourself. Sometimes I think my greatest aspiration in the everydayness of life is to simply Go Be Jesus to those who need His love. I may have a few walk on water, raise people from the dead kind of days, but what am I going to do the other days?? Yes, I have lofty goals that I aspire to (I have to honestly ask myself if these are God’s goals or my own self-justifying and promoting goals?), but I also need to aspire to pouring out His love everyday. Thanks for inspiring me, either way, not to sit idle and let time wastefully go by…

    • I agree, Bev. Anyone can set goals or aspire to great things, but when aspirations are God-given they are blessed. One of my greatest aspirations is to be a responder – to hear His voice, to feel His prod, to sense His leading and respond… right away.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. ..our aspirations can get easily buried. I’m encouraged to resurrect them

    • Resurrect – that’s a great word. That’s exactly what the bumper sticker caused me to do – resurrect buried aspirations and then edit them with the Spirit’s guidance.

  3. “There is something more than what I see.”
    Yes and amen.
    I need this reminder for all the things that are in my heart but yet unseen. I’ll take that word as a gift from you and from God. Thank you!

    • What peace that phrase brings to my heart, reminding me that I only ever have partial vision. Our confidence is in Him, “that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” (Phil. 1:6)

  4. I like the way you separated aspirations from goals. We first aspire. Then from out of our aspirations, which I believe are God breathed into us, we walk with the Lord, waiting on His direction and we form goals. Following His calling and waiting on His timing we live our lives for Him. You have inspired me to define my aspirations.

  5. Barbara, thank you so much for your post! Everywhere I go, I hear this message! I recently read in a Bible study that we don’t answer these questions because God doesn’t already know what’s in our hearts; rather, He wants US to know so we have clear purpose and direction!

    I aspire to be closely connected to Christ (remain in Him) and to provide a grace-filled breathing space for others to do the same. I aspire to encourage. To be faithful. To live out my God-given dreams and not my fears. To do my part to create/maintain healthy and holy relationships (community). To use my broken voice to break the silence when needed. To be the best arrow I can be pointing to Christ. To please Him and enjoy His good pleasure. Barbara, thank you for the invitation to write it down! It’s very helpful!

    • Pearl, your aspirations are an inspiration! Clarity helps us cut through the mist and remember what we’re about. I believe it frees us to become responders rather than reactors. Thank you for your encouragement.

    • Pearl, I love how you said “He wants US to know so we have clear purpose and direction!” Thank you for those words from the Lord 🙂

  6. Barbara, thank you and praise the Lord for this gracious posting 🙂 Its is a blessing as the Lord asks me to begin to look at what He aspires for my life. All that we have is gift; I am grateful for how you said that goals come in His time and way-I need that reminder that it happens as He prepares us for the goals and action. May we each look at those aspirations that Lord planted deep in our hearts, lifting them up to be unfolded by His Spirit in accordance with His will 🙂

  7. I started 2016 with a word for everyday, I did a Pinterest board, I posted blogs along that line. Gradually, words for the day turned into other words, as I approach October, I am back to, “rest”, I’ve used some of my words over and again. Aspire is a golden word, it rolls off the tongue. We should aspire to do what He instills and inspires in us. He sees what we do not. His ways are higher. We disappoint ourselves if we fall short, but He’s not displeased. His eyes fill with love and He whispers grace.

  8. Barbara,

    I had great aspirations after high school and things haven’t worked out like I thought. Like you I know I had let go of many God-given aspirations. ” The dilemmas of life-caring for aging parents, focusing on myself and allowing discouragement to hold me down.” You’ve gotten me thinking once again about looking into my aspirations, writing them down, and praying about them. Also Bev got me thinking about the ordinary days of Jesus and what He did! So in the ordinary everydayness of life I will go and make disciples & work on my aspirations!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments, Beth. I was challenged to sort through dead-end aspirations that I had thought were from God and refresh those that were still valid. When my dearest dreams crashed I was tempted to despair and give up. I am so thankful for the refreshing of the Holy Spirit and His gentle voice.