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Heidi gets excited about finding God in daily life. She’s a proud Redbud Writer’s Guild member.

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  1. Love this! God really does have a plan and a pattern in what looks like crazy to us. I’ve had that feeling of struggling to put down roots, too. I hope you are able to rest and see the good things God has in store with your move.

    • Thanks, Amy! Maybe some of us are called to keep short roots to our places and deeper roots to our source. Though I wouldn’t mind if I got to stay in one place for awhile. Blessings on your week!

  2. “Not so we can have perfect lives… But so He can show his power.” Thank you for speaking that hard reality Heidi. Needed to hear this this afternoon. We’ve had some hard moves also… He’s always shown up.

  3. I’ve always appreciated the imagery of God’s tapestry & how we often see the underside from our perspective (messy, knotted, jumbled, etc.) and look forward to the day when God shows us what He sees – the beautiful picture being created. I love perspective of being a thread in the tapestry – not just looking at it – because we do have ups & downs and we will be tugged and pulled. But, most importantly, we are always and will always be in the Father’s hands. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. After being with your family this weekend, I see a strong tapestry being beautifully woven. It is surely strong enough to withstand tugging and pulling, as Christ is so definitely your family’s guide. Very comforting piece, Heidi!

  5. Heidi, as my family is looking at move #14, with two teenagers in tow and another new country, I was in tears this morning. We are facing so many obstacles, but the reminder that God has already been there, He alone knows the outcome, and it will be beautiful was exactly the reminder that I needed this morning. As my Mom has always said, “Has He ever let you down before?” God’s blessings in your transition.

    • Lois, that sounds like so much to manage! But I trust that as you look back, you will see exactly why God has called you to where you are going and will shower you with his peace, new friendships and confirmation. Blessings to you as well!

  6. My life revealed from the “looking back” after 17 moves in 31 years of marriage, then 14 moves in 10 years without marriage comes rushing to mind in this story. ( No one in my life to date, except my former husband who is no longer in my life, can relate.) Yet, here You are a stranger who has also “lived it.” Bless you for being Spirit-led to share.

    Yes, just as the correlation of all the different people being God’s tapestry (a weaving) so can we use this illustration for our lives.

    I agree that he has often woven my life on the underside or dark side of the weaving. Yet to truly trust his wisdom leads me to know that underside reveals his glory on the topside.

    Thank You.
    Bless You.

    • Sometimes God gives us stranger-sisters to relate to! Thanks for sharing your story and though I am guessing some of the trials you must have been encountered challenged your faith, they also provided a solid foundation as you have seen God work. Blessings sister. Heidi