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Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change, writes as a friend offering meaningful encouragement for each season of life so you can see it with hope instead of worry. She and her US Air Force veteran husband, David, have three children and live in Colorado...

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  1. I would love to win because my recent divorce rocked my work and threw the biggest change possible. I love this message, and would love to read the book!

  2. Yes I made the wrong decision and that has made a painful change in my life. Always looking for a God boost.

  3. Change has been my season for the last few years. I’ve had to get used to things not always being the same. Lately, the changes have been better and easier to handle. Change is something that is always in life it just depends on how you react to it. I would love to read this book and embrace change a little bit more in my life 🙂

  4. Change…has been something that doesn’t come easy to me, but it’s been a huge part of my life, and more recently, moving to a new state, starting a new family business…my dear husband says the only things that haven’t changed are his God & his wife!

  5. We have been in a season of change , and it feels like a long time. Sometimes my perspective becomes skewed. I would like to change inside, in hope that something good can come out of all of this. Thank you, Kristen, for blogging, and for writing this book. I appreciate you taking the time to do that. And to do this. Much love to you, and yours… ,

  6. I feel like change is something I am constantly fighting. I don’t like change. I like it when things are the same and I feel like I am somewhat in control. This current season is one that God appears to be changing me. I’m doing my best to lean into it. Curious if this book is going to be a tool to aid that process.

  7. In them midst of change/transition in our home as all my kids are now in school and I am working to be sure what I am filling my time with is the work God has for me to do today!

  8. I’ve always loved the story of Joseph and how faithful he was during the most outlandish wait periods (prison? left to die by his family?). Change has been what has defined our prior 3 years. This year, I’m in recovery.

  9. I’m currently in a season of change, so I would love to read this book! The part of this post that challenged me the most was “This is not the end.” There is always hope!

  10. I would love to read this book!! I have been in a very long season of loss and change and I need encouragement so badly.

    • Kim,
      So sorry for all the losses in your life! May God bring peace & contentment to you mind, body and soul!! I pray for a time of resting and quiet with Him!

  11. I think it would be awesome to read this book because I am in the season of life where my kids are becoming adults now and that is a huge change!

  12. I’d like to win a free copy as there are two constants in my life right now: God and my husband. We are embarking on a new season of life. With a year and half of marriage under our belts, we’re moving away and both starting new careers. I know that your book would be both a blessing to both of us. I appreciate the opportunity to enter. Blessed be.

  13. I am in a season of change- new city, new job, new phase of my life, and even though I chose most of it it has not been easy! And there has been unexpected change with a family member (actually quite a few) so that has been challenging. Thank you for the reminder that god can use change to rewrite a better story in my life!

  14. I love the story of Joseph, it has a lot of parallels to things going on in many of our lives. You don’t have to share all your “God given dreams” right away, “brothers” can be cruel. But God never forgets us! Whatever hole we are in today, can be turned around quickly.

  15. Awesome post. Thanks for the reminder!! The same God who helped Joseph, is still in the business of restoration no matter what kind of pit we are in!!

  16. I am in a phase that I am so tired of being alone, I have been divorced for 8 years now, my son is 10 and he is growing, oh is he growing and I find myself alone. And well, it’s lonely and I find myself sad and just not like myself at all.

    • Paula
      Prayers for you and your son! May God bring male mentors for your son!!! I pray for a sense of peace to come over you mind, body and soul! May God take away the loneliness and bring friends into your life!

  17. Honestly, what this post left me with is a sense a faith. Knowing that God has a greater plan for me than what I even understand at this current moment is truly amazing. it is such a blessing to have such a God that “has my back” more than any other creature could.

  18. This would be an awesome book for me to read right now as I am 26 days away from getting married and becoming a stepmom

  19. I so need this book! Change is soooo hard for me. I need to make some changes but I often let fear control me.

  20. Yes, in the pit. I can relate to this story much more than I would like to admit to. Could certainly use the words of encouragement from this book. Listening to someone who has come out on the other side brings hope.

  21. Love/hate relationship with change! I was encouraged by this short article and look forward to reading more.

  22. I am leaving an amazing ministry position and unsure what God has for me next. I am slow to embrace change, even when I know the Lord is with me.

  23. I struggle with change…. but I know that often change equals growth. *sigh* 😉
    I need to read this book!

  24. I would like to win because I am going through a shift right now and I could use the extra encouagement.

  25. Yes! Losing all my children plus a debilitating chronic illness that took away many abilities and the job I loved would have destroyed me had it not been for God’s grace and goodness. HIS plan for me is greater!

  26. As a divorced mom of 5, trying to start a homebased business and go back to school, I’m looking to make some major changes in my life

    • Laurel,
      Prayers for strength to make it through each day! Being a single mom is tough–much less 5 youngsters! May God bless you and give you the courage, strength and endurance to continue on in this race!! May your home business boom and your schooling go well!

  27. Change is something we are always facing. I just graduated college, moved to a new city, started a new and first job, and am working night shift. It’s hard, it can be lonely, and it can be challenging. Trying to branch out, meet people and make friends, all while learning to be an “adult” on my own in a place where I don’t know many. I trust that God has a plan for this time and that it will be part of my journey, and time of growth.

  28. Change is my life recently. Would really rather be done with it for a while. A girl can only take so much you know.

  29. Kristen,
    Change has been in my life these past few years! Moved aging dad into assisted living. He had multiple medical issues causing stress at work (more than normal)!! Work changed for the worse for me & I ended up quitting my job! Hubby , (CT Tech), worked at 3 different locations last year for same company. Next week he will start at yet another location differing hours. So much change and neither of us likes it much! We much prefer rut!!!

  30. I would love to read her book because I’m in the very throes of change and could use some help!! Post-cancer, over fifty with an eight-year old adopted daughter, and also an incredibly supportive husband. Trying to embrace this season and desire to know how to adapt through all the changes. Sounds like a great book for a small group.

    The blog reaches to the depths of my need so many days. Thank you for sharing your days in writing.
    God’s blessings!

  31. Experiencing Empty Nest has been a roller coaster of emotions. Learning to glorify God – even at my lowest moment – has been my biggest challenge. I would love to read to the book because I am constantly looking for fresh insight on how to navigate these waters.

  32. I would love to read this book because I daily deal with change. I’ve never thought I dealt with it well. I would love to hear what Kristen has to say!

  33. This year we adopted a 5 and 4 yr olds from foster care – going from a family of 3 to a family of 5. Even 8 months in (since our new son and daughter moved in), the aftershocks of this change continue rumble, sometimes in unexpected places.

  34. Our family has faced a lot of change already this year and have a move to a new city coming up. I would love Kristen’s words and wisdom to accompany me!

  35. I would love to see encouraging stories of how God used change that seemed hard or difficult and brought good from them. I would love to win this book!

  36. Change is inevitable in all our lives but so many women I know struggle with it, fear it and resist it. I would love to share this book with my friends to help them grow in their trust of our Lord.

      • Praying your words will help inspire me to get the message to them. We must remember that all life is God’s plan. When the going gets tough, it is easier to lean into Him than to pull away.

  37. I’m days away from one of the happiest changes – the birth of our long-prayed-for baby! This new season will bring joyous, exhausting, exciting, overwhelming changes to both my and my husband’s lives. I’d love to read the book through it all!

  38. I really enjoyed the lesson about the changes in Joseph’s life…the fall from the top was God’s plan to bring God glory through Joseph in the end. I am intrigued by the idea that God making changes in my life will being Him glory. I would love to win this book to help me trust Him on this journey.

  39. Going thru changes with my health and mentally… Looking for something to guide me thru…

  40. I made the decision to get a divorce over 10 years ago. I thought that it was the right thing to do. I struggle with all the changes that it’s brought my family. I really need help,
    Thats why I’d like to read the book
    Kimberly jooyan

    • Whether through Girl Meets Change or through some other tool, I pray you are able to feel your burden lightened. You are wildly loved, Kimberly!

  41. Thank you for the opportunity to win. I am going through several big changes right now and would love to read Kristen’s book. Good luck to everybody!

  42. About to move to China with my family, and preparing for some big changes. Feels like a perfect time for a read like this. 🙂

  43. There is so much change going on for me, especially at work….I have been miserable. The thought of changing my perspective is actually refreshing. Could the change in my life that feels so much like a curse really be a blessing?!?

    • Tracy, I humbly propose that it could–even though it’s hard to see how. Praying for you, dear one. I know that miserable feeling all too well. Much love.

  44. This books sounds amazing! My daughter jus started middle school this year… And that’s a big change… There are lots of things changing in my life… Some people can see and lots people may not realize but me… God is changing me .. And this book just sounds perfect for where I am in my life right now!

    • High five to you, Destiny, because my daughter started middle school this year, too. And you’re right–that *is* a big change.

      Much love to you!