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  1. Dear InCourage. Thank you for another beautiful post. I’m already reading “You’re going to be okay”, I’m not far into the book yet, but I can say it’s already changing my life, such an encouragement and teller of Truth which my hearth has been longing to know for years. I would love to soak in the beauty of the other books as well. Have a lovely day! Much love all the way from Denmark! 🙂 Natasia

    • The book “A Million Little Ways really, really, taught me to see myself and my gifts rather God’s gifts and talents through a brand new set of eyes!

    • Natasia – Danmark!! Had to say “hey”, as that’s my husband’s native land and I do love the Danes!

      Have not read your book…..but the idea of “breathe” & begin again is so needed in parenting/mothering. I’m 50, have 5 children ages 15-27 and I SO remember those needed apologies, my children’s sweet replies of forgiveness and the times when I needed to walk away to a quiet place……breathe and ask God for grace. Blessings Leeana and all the moms out there…….the beauty of family is a gift worth striving for…..and many times a place where Jesus met/meets me in a special way……God’s grace in and through it all!

  2. I have read many of your recommended books and have done several of the bloom book club books. The last being AMillion Little Pieces only I just listened because I didnt have the book. Afterward I bought the book I gave it away to my daughter in law. As Ive done with my past 3 copies of 7, my past 5 copies of One Thousand Gifts, my past 4copies of Crazy Love and on etc. So if you pick me not only will I enjoy all these wonderful books but I will pay them forward. Thanks for all your wonderful book recommendations

  3. They all sound so good but if I must choose one a Confidant Heart catches my interest. Thankful for the blessing of each blog.

  4. Hope Runs is on my wish list!

    I was encouraged by this post to keep breathing in grace and keep beginning again. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Powerful post. I’ve scared my kids before, too, then tried to justify my actions. I need to breathe and begin again every day! Now I want to read this book. Thanks for the chance.

  6. I finished Found Art a few weeks ago, so I am anxious to read Breathing Room by Leanna Tankersley!

  7. I think I’m most excited to read Finding Spiritual Whitespace, though they all look amazing. I’ve already read A Million Little Ways and would be delighted to have an extra copy because I’ve already thought of at least 3 or 4 people I’d love to give a copy to!

  8. Since I totally connected with that book excerpt, I’m going to have to say “Breathing Room”. Great prize package!

  9. “What Your Heart Needs For The Hard Days”, definitely. Because they’re all hard days, aren’t they? Particularly when one is stubborn and has to be constantly driven to one’s knees :-}.

    Thank you.

  10. “Finding Spiritual Whitespace” & “Breathing Room” are both jumping out at me. Have just finished reading “A million Little ways” after reading and hearing about it on here last year.

  11. I’m excited to read “What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days”. There seem to be quite a few of them lately, but I love this post and it’s reminder that at any point we can “breathe and begin again”. What a blessing.

    I recently read “You’re Going to Be OK” and it was fantastic. I was actually thinking on my way in to work this morning that it may be time time already to read it again. 🙂

  12. All of these books look amazing. I’m looking forward to reading all of them. Thanks for this encouraging post.

  13. I would like to read ” You’re going to be okay” it sounds like something I need to hear so much!!!

  14. Several of these books are already on my wish list and the rest will follow, but Hope Runs is the one I am most wanting to read!

    Sorry about that day….so thankful for grace. Have been there and received it many times while raising 3 boys!

  15. I read A Million Little Ways last year and gave away two copies because I loved it so much. I’ve never read anything by Holley Gerth, though, and all of her titles look so great, I’m hoping to get a couple of them knocked off the list this year.

  16. I’m most excited to read A Million Little Ways. As a college student with a constant stream of responsibilities, deadlines, and to-do lists, the prospect of learning more about how God has created my every day to be a conduit for art and creativity is both intriguing and refreshing. So hope I win this giveaway! I’ve had this book (along with many of the other)s on my to-read list for some time.

    And thanks so much for this excerpt! I too struggle with allowing myself renewed grace each time I fall, even though I know God has already given it long ago. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and wonderful writing!

  17. Breathing room. I’ve been feeling like I need some lately. And Your going to be OK. Need to be reminded of that too. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. They all look so good! There’s no way I can pick just one when it comes to books…

  19. I needed this post! With 4 teenagers / pre-teens in the house, and visits to crazy town pretty frequent, I’d love a copy of Breathing Room!

  20. Now I’m excited to read Leanna’s book! Some of the others are on my to read list already, but now Breathing Room is on it too!

  21. I started reading a Confident Heart…on my Mom’s kindle. And what I read was really great. I’d love to have a copy of my {very} own. Thanks for this great giveaway!!

  22. Timely reminder about grace for the crazy days … and all the days. All the books look fabulous! I am especially interested in Hope Runs.

  23. Great post. We’ve all been there. I think they all look good, You’re going to be ok may be the first one.

  24. Ok. I want to read them all. Every. Single. One. But- sigh- if I must choose one, it would be Breathing Room, which today’s excerpt is from. While my kids are all taller than I am and I no longer can swing open – or slam shut- car doors to get a point across to them, my lack of feeling inadequate and severly like I have nothing together resonates with me and I need to begin again many times a day. I can remember being Mom Down just when I was on my way to teach one of my three a thing or two, and it was like God putting me right back into place where I needed to be at that moment- humbled, and in His grace. Not a right-fighter, but a peace lover. And oh, how frustrating it can be when we are not allowed to wallow in our pity party for just a while! Ugh.

    Anyway- Whether I am chosen or not, I’m going to be reading them all.

    Every. Single. One.

  25. They all sound wonderful but after reading this post today I can’t wait to read “Breathing Room” it had me laughing, crying and oh so relating to that story of a typical day with children. Thanks

  26. A confident heart…I want to read this to maybe use for my women’s Bible study next.

  27. I am looking forward to reading “What Your Heart Needs for Hard Days”. It seems like at least once per week I hear of cancer or even the death of a loved one, and that makes for hard days. Keeping my heart in the right place is becoming more and more important.

  28. Wow, what an amazing post I can for sure relate to. As a mom of two, I admit, I’ve lost it at times and felt that overwhelmingly guilt. My children are sweet and tender and when they see me loose it, I feel I can’t go back in their eyes and redo what just happened. I feel ashamed. But, its so beautiful to know that yes we can begin again. God gives us mercy and love to start over. I am so excited to get a chance to win these books. Breathing room as well as finding whitespace are standing out to me like a warm cup of mocha!! I would be honored to read all them 🙂

  29. I’m excited about Finding Spiritual Whitespace. I already have a couple of those books and won’t spoil it for anyone but they are great too! I’m looking forward to this one because I’ve been praying that God would take me deeper in Him and His Word but I’ve been so busy working and taking care of family and this or that and something always seems to get in the way of my time with God.

  30. I am most excited about You are going to be okay…. but they all sound great…. thanks.

  31. Love being reminded that grace is constantly being renewed.

    I’m excited to read “What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days”

  32. I’m looking forward to reading all of them, but if I had to choose one it would be Hope Runs.

  33. All of them! I’m a new mom and a pastor’s wife and first in our circles to be a parent (young church!), so would love to receive counsel and encouragement and inspiration from all of those;)

  34. I’m excited just LOOKING at these books. My absolute favorite pasttime is reading Christian literature, including the Bible. However…any of you mamas know that with a toddler and two teenagers, you barely have time to go to the restroom alone, much less read. Add to that the fact that I work part time as an accountant (currently in the “heat” of tax season) and some days I wonder how I haven’t lost my mind yet. 🙂
    My “vacation” this year is allowing myself time, maybe not every day, but at least every other day, to let something “slide” and indulge myself with some mommy alone time and some amazing books. And I would like nothing better than to spend that time reading each one of these books pictured!!!!

  35. Oh, that would be “A Confident Heart” with the devotional which, when finished, I would pass to my Daughter immediately! She is pregnant and will need all the faith she can!

  36. They all look like books my life would benefit from. The one that speaks to me is You’re going to be Okay. Life gets hard sometimes and that phrase is what I need to hear most.

  37. We all have our moments. We’re human. Our children need to see this so they can learn about redemption and forgiveness. I would LOVE A million little ways!

  38. Thank you so much for your post today, it really spoke to my heart.

    I am excited about You’re Going to be Okay by Holly Gerth. Thank you for offering this give away!

  39. Several of them are on my To Read list already! And now I will be adding Breathing Room as well! I am really looking forward to reading A Million Little Ways.

  40. For me it would be the two holly gerth books you have for august . I suffer from depression and some days are really hard to get through and I wonder if I will get through the day!!!!!!!!!

  41. Love all the choices but I keep reading amazing things about A Million Little Ways!

  42. All. Of. Them. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

    I have two of these, though have not finished yet. Love Holley. Love Emily. Can’t wait to finish theirs. But now that I’ve read this incredible excerpt…I mean, using the word “salvific” and “Man” in just a few short paragraphs and then “…spewing unsavory sentiments, I felt practically rabid” a moment later?!?! Could anything get better than all of this raw and real crafted together, not haphazard at all, but each part of a complicated, whole woman? CAN’T WAIT for “Breathing Room” too!! They are all blessing…they are all valuable…thanks (in)courage for always rooting these gems out for us!

  43. I love a good book. Any book. I’m not picky as long as it’s well written, and I always love diving into a good devotional. I’m excited to get into Holley’s, “You’re going to be okay”. I think that’s something we all need to hear heart deep more often. After reading this post, I believe I’ll be putting Breathing Room on my ‘to-read’ list as well. 😀

  44. They all look wonderful but I’ve been hearing such good things about “A Million Little Things” I think that would be my first pick.

  45. I have just begun again…and I am really excited to read You’re Going to Be Okay and Breathing room. Thanks for the daily (in)couragement!!!

  46. I needed this.TODAY.THIS MONTH.LAST MONTH. I feel like the mom that has gone to crazy town one too many times here lately. thank you for sharing this…on a day that I needed the most.

  47. I’ve never left a comment…I was moved beyond words in reading Leeana’s words. So true to my life right now with the stage I’m in with a 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old…thank you for directing me to learn more about Saint Benedict…I’m going to enjoy that journey. All the books look great, I’m especially curious to check out Spiritual Whitespace and your’re going to be okay. Keep on writing ladies, you are making a difference!! Much love, Renee

  48. I have to admit, I would love to read all of them but if I had to pick one it would be A Million Little Ways. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  49. I LOVED a million little ways. I think breathing room and finding spiritual whitespace sound very necessary!

  50. Breathing Room, what a great title. I would love to read more. The excerpt has peaked my interest and the has shown me we are not alone in our brokenness and we many times take it out on the ones we love most.

  51. I’m just finishing several years of school and can’t wait to start reading for fun again! Some Breathing Room sounds good right now!!

  52. I enjoy reading your posts. They really encourage me. I Love being reminded of his grace and love. I have read a few of the books and they really been blessing me and I have shared with friends. I have ready started my spring cleaning.

  53. The post was good. Reminds me to be more compassionate to myself and not just to others. I would love to read a million little ways.

  54. Now that I am a “wise” Nana, do I need Breathing Room? Absolutely! Yes, I’m more patient and have some wisdom, but these little sweet rascal grandchildren can still stretch me. Especially my 2-yr old grandson I babysit 5 days a week! Love him like crazy but as he and I approach the independent “no’s” I need many reminders like St. Benedict’s “Always we begin again.” Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    Thank you for this offer.

  55. Thank you for sharing Leeana’s beautiful post. I can’t wait to read Breathing Room. As a Navy spouse, living life as an ADD mom, raising an ADHD child, I can completely relate to this post and the crazy making mornings that happened so often. So humbled by the number of times I was a scary mom. And yet there is hope because we can all begin again. My children are grown now but we are all still growing up in Him. Thank you for grace and the reminder to breathe and begin again.

  56. Tough decision but I follow Bonnie and can’t wait for ” Finding Spiritual Whitespace” and “Breathing Room” Sounds fabulous!

  57. Finding Spiritual Whitespace.

    Used to be a graphic designer and that just appeals to me on so many levels.

    As for the rest I’d love to have copies to hand to friends as all of those are sitting on real bookcases or virtual ones.

  58. What the heart needs looks like a book I could enjoy. I’ve enjoyed a million little ways and “Always we begin again.” is such good advice because so often we
    fail, but to know we can start over and do better is a GODSEND.
    Thank you for your encouraging words.

  59. What a great reminder. So many of those days for me and my kids on the way to school. “Always, we begin again”- Thank you for that! I am so excited about your giveaway. I would love to read “You’re Going to be Okay” and “Breathing Room”

    Thank you for your ministry and encouragement!

  60. ‘A million little ways’ has been on my list so I would be diving into that one with joy!

  61. I’ve been a fan of Leeana’s since she wrote “Found Art,” and I am anxious and excited to read her newest book! (Great writing as always, my Gypsy Ink friend!)

  62. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Breathing Room by Leeana. Love her raw authenticity and the humor she weaves into her writing. We could all picture ourselves in our crazy moments, right? Laughing and crying with her. “Always, we begin again.” This has become a mantra of mine.

  63. I have a few of these in the stack on my bedside table. (: I am currently doing the Confidant Heart study. I am intrigued by Finding the Spiritual White Space as I am a graphic designer. Thank you so much for the continued encouraging posts.

  64. Can’t wait for Breathing Room! I love Leeana’s authentic faith and find hope and encouragement from her words!

  65. “Hope Runs” is a book that sounds very interesting. All the others on your list are ones I’ve wanted to read as well. Thanks for the opportunity!

  66. I’m looking forward to reading any books that help me handle motherhood/being a wife in a better way!

  67. Oh my goodness… how do you choose just one? I love all of those books but the one that pulled me in is the Finding Spiritual Whitespace… aaaah yes! It’s just so easy to fill it all in, and up, and overflowing!

    Plus – that excerpt? Wow… can’t wait to read that book as well!

  68. Finding Spiritual White Space is most definitely intriguing to me! Thanks for a great post and new blogger to follow!

  69. I am so excited to read Spiritual Whitespace. Some days I feel so out if control with stuff. Thank you for the opportunity to read some great words

  70. I have not yet read any of the books listed, but they all look like they would speak to my heart in a different way. With that said, I would be most excited to read Breathing Room. As a mother of 3 little ones I often have the same experience as Leeana. My children will ask, “Mom, are you frustrated?” I often have to breathe and try to put myself in their shoes with God as my parent. How much grace does he show me? Do I deserve it? How would/does he respond to me having a tantrum? It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only mom going through this, and i’m curious to see how Leeana deals with these issues.
    Thank you for the chance to read this book!

  71. I’d love to read “Breathing Room” and I’d love to have “You’re Going to be Okay” for my best friend who recently lost her daughter. Love these morning emails of encouragement!

  72. Many times we as parents get frustrated with this thing called “Time” Time robs us of the moments we should spend with our little ones, our spouse and most of all You Lord. Let us not be so worried about the time and embrace the moments, the present moments.

    I would love to receive the “You’re Going to be Okay” book. We all need to hear that once in a while….

  73. So grateful to know I’m not the only mom that frequents crazy town! Begin again!! Would love to read A Confident Heart.

  74. I am most excited to read Kelley Gerth’s “You’re Going To Be Okay”. I so enjoy reading her blogs. They give a great lift to my days. I have already preordered Bonnie Gray’s book “Finding Spiritual Whitespace”. I also love her blog. Such wonderful writers and such positives for my day. Faith going forward.

  75. I would love to read “You’re going to be ok.” It looks like it is a book full of encouragement

  76. I love the idea of the book and devotional “A Confident Heart.” I think that is where the enemy strikes at us the most – in our confidence. And with many he starts his game early in our lives, when we are vulnerable and unsuspecting of his schemes. But having confidence that no matter what, God always has our good in mind brings security to our often seemingly fragile lives. I would love to use this set as part of our monthly bible study for the women in our church. Thanks!

  77. I would love to read a confident heart. As a women in leadership I am hearing God whispering: stand up tall and speak with confidence about e story I have written on your heart!
    I’m trying to grow in this. Thanks for continued posts that speak to me!

  78. Thank you for your honesty! I have wanted to read all of these books, but to pick the one I’ve wanted the most is Emily Freeman.

  79. What a blessing it would be to win these books. Some I would give to friends since I already own them, and the others I would add to my library after reading them. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  80. Oh wow..these books all look awesome…but A Million Little Ways really grabs my attention as our life with 3 young adults and ALL of their school, work and activities leave me DRAINED…I need some creative time..quiet and still…I. would.LOVE.to win!! {SQUEAL} thanks 🙂

  81. Every book looks really inspiring,,, but “You’re Going to Be Ok” seemed to reach out and speak to me… I’m going through some struggles in my life right now and I think that would help me. And April 14th is my birthday, what a nice surprise that would be!!! Thanks!

  82. I’m looking forward to reading It’s Going to be OK. I’ve really been needing to hear this lately

  83. Wow I think I would love all those books. But I think Bonnie Grays book is the one I would look most forward too. Her blog has blessed me so much. The Breathing one sounds awesome too. I need to learn to breath and start again…..

  84. I’ve read excerpts of all of them and have been drawn to them. I’ve read A Million Little Ways and would give that one away to share. They all sound like books I can learn from. Since a choice is being asked for, I would choose Breathing Room.

  85. Oh, I laughed after this devotion. It is so me. Every time I feel justified by my anger, I either hurt myself or break something. All of these books would be wonderful to read but Breathing Room would be my choice.

  86. Oh golly, it’s a tough decision, some of these books I have read and loved so I would definitely pay them forward. I haven’t read either of Holly’s books (though I have purchased them and given them away!) so I would love to read either of her books.

  87. I’m going to read them all-even if I dont win-I’m going to get them all, because right now i fill my days with words like this to keep hoping and keep going.

  88. I am excited to ready ‘You are going to be ok’….it sounds wonderful. Actually, every book looks great! thanks for the chance to win them!

  89. How do you choose? Each month’s would be EXCEPTIONAL! And to be able to pass them on to others would be a double blessing! Thank you for the wonderful give away!

  90. I think any of the books would be fantastic, but the title – What your heart needs in the hard days, just struck me today. I think I need that one more than anything today. I loved the story and loved how I could so easily relate!

  91. I’ve been blogging along with Faith Barista for the last few months so I can’t wait to read ‘Finding Spiritual Whitespace’ but I loved this excerpt today – it sounds like my life, and it’s beautifully written! I definitely would love ALL of the books though 🙂

  92. How to choose one? “Breathing Room” first because this post had me laughing. At myself. Then on to the others.

  93. A Confident Heart. Something the enemy is constantly trying to steal from us!
    Thank you.

  94. I can SO relate. I have one daughter who has her own struggles and she can singlehandedly push all my buttons so I short-circuit 😉 I love when you remind yourself that you can begin again…

    I think I am most looking forward to the finding tje white spaces and breathing room books… I alway
    s feel like I need some more “air” or “room to breathe”

    Thank you!

  95. It’s too hard to decide. I want to read them all. Sigh. How’s that saying go: “too many books; so little time!”

  96. I have read ” A confident heart” during a recent episode of deep depression. God is The Lord of beginning again, how well I know this! I would love to read any of the tree last books on this list. Loved this author and her honesty!

  97. I loved this. As an empty nester, I can recall those days, almost tasting its frenzy ….crazy, tender, frustrating, hope-full. I am glad I am passed them, and grateful for the life lessons I gained. Today I can assure young mothers that they will live thru this and so will their children! I am looking forward to the next phase of my life, where I can find renewed relationship with my God, and the book Finding Spiritual Whitespace sounds like just the thing to begin the journey!

  98. I would love to win Breathing Room!! I am a home educating mom and the blog post really spoke to me!

  99. After that delicious morsel from Leanna, I Would love to read more. But, also, where I’m at in life, “your going to be Okay” just blew some fresh air in my worried face…so, that is a ‘Must Read’ as well!

  100. I would LOVE to just sit and read EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM…and have the hours and hours to just sit and read..I just got Surprised by Motherhood:Everything by Lisa Jo Baker…and its waiting for when i can sit for more than 5 mins…MAN I HOPE THAT IS TODAY!!

  101. Super exciting! I’m looking most forward to A Million Little Ways. It’s been on my wish list for a bit now. Now that I’m a SAHM, sometimes my days seem so routine and I’d like to get back to that place where I see the beauty in all things and can dig deep into my true self.

  102. Wow today’s blog post was just what I needed to read! I am copying the St Benedict quote and hanging it on my refrigerator. I am a single mom to a 14 year old girl and I have to admit last night I got a little crazy, and I’m sure, scary! It’s always good to know I am not the only mamma who struggles (even though I know it to be true it’s nice to actually read encouraging words from others) I wold have to say I am most looking forward to reading the rest of Breathing Room.

  103. They all would be wonderful, but right now, “A Million Little Ways” would be my first pick! Thank you so much for the opportunity! 🙂

  104. That is an impossible list to choose from, but I’ve really been wanting to read Holley’s book, You’re Going to Be Okay. (in)courage is such a blessing!

  105. Looking forward to “Spiritual Whitespace” being released in June. I’ve been working this winter on slowing down, taking time to be still with God.

  106. With two small children (a 4-year-old and 2-year-old), oh how this post ministered to me and to keep breathing and start over again and again.. My pick would be Breathing Room.

  107. “You’re Going to be Okay” catches my eye! Because I’m constantly saying that to myself more than once a day!!! Thanks for the chance to win & for the real life post.

  108. With six kids and a husband who just got laid off unexpectedly…I’m really wanting to read”you’re going to be ok”. I am trusting God to direct our steps and provide….but His timing is definitely not what I would have chosen.

  109. I am blessed to lead a ladies group of 10 beautiful souls and coleading with my sweet man a married group of 5 couples. We have travelled so man hard roads and God has simply said to me “Sharliss Jane, there is Nothing Wasted”. I want to read all these books that will help me help others but I will start with What Your Heart Needs For The Hard Days. Thank you!

  110. I’d love to read “what your heart needs for the hard days”. It helps to be able to recognize it’s a hard day, that your heart is searching for something to ease your way.

  111. Ohhhhhhh….do we really have to pic faves? Eeeesh. A Million Little Ways…..and You’re Going to Be OK.

  112. Incredibly encouraging post this morning, thank you 🙂 I’m most excited to read, well, all of them. They all sound incredibly inspiring and I love to read all sorts of books. 🙂

  113. Oh I love the prayer at the end so much! It’s so honest and simple ~ perfectly said.
    Thank you.
    “Here I am again, God, walking the worn path of need. Walking the worn path of your love. See you again tomorrow. Amen.”

  114. I have to pick ONE book I’m looking forward to reading? How about all of them? Wonderful post. I can see myself, and even though my kids are a little older, and it is a little different (some easier, some just different) I still feel that nudge to Begin Again. all.the.time. sigh. I thank God His mercies are new each day and remind my boys of that as well.

  115. A confident heart. That is what my heart needs right now.
    This message was so encouraging to me. Thank you for speaking to my heart through your words.


  116. I would love the opportunity to dive into A Confident Heart and the Devotional. Renee Swope is so real and I would really like to read her book(s).

  117. It’s honestly a relief I’m not the only one who has been to crazy town! GReat post, I needed to hear this today. Imperfectly moving forward is way better than being stuck!! ALL of these books look like amazing reads I can’t just pick one! I’ve heard great things about A Confident Heart and A Million Little Ways. Thanks for the chance to win!

  118. How many times have I done the crazy thing! And yes, I have pulled the car over. Once I yelled for Satan to get out of my car because my kids were fighting so badly that day. Immediate quiet followed by blank stares. To which I responded: “My kids don’t fight like that, so Satan must be attacking” I know, not my best mom moment.

    Love to read Renee Swopes, but Emily and Holley are great books too! I already have them, but would definitely give them away to someone in need.

    Thank you!

  119. I am looking forward to all of the books, actually. I have read A Confident Heart several times, but would love to use the journal. I am intrigued by all of the titles.

  120. Oh gosh! How to pick just ONE!??!? I have read A Million Little Ways and even that one I dream of re-reading! Hope Runs looks right up my alley, but Spiritual Whitespace sounds like something I could really benefit from. This would be half-a-year’s worth of such tremendous blessing, no doubt about it!!! Thanks for the giveaway and growing my GoodReads “To Read” list! 🙂

  121. Thank you for this wonderful post! It was exactly what i needed to be reminded at the moment- to breathe and start over with God’s help.
    I would be so delighted to read “You’re going to be okay”! im going through a rough season in life and this title stood out to me, it sounds like something that would help change my perspective at the moment.. To know that I will be ok no matter what will happen because God is with me. I would love to read what’s inside that book, what the author used to expand on the title “you’re going to be ok” 🙂

  122. And this…”See you again tomorrow.” Yes, indeed! How many times is that me. Too many to count. Today on the way home from school with my son. We have meltdowns between him and his sister every. single. day. She is not sharing with me. She is hitting me. Mom stop her. And it goes on and I get mad and I scream and turn into that crazy woman, too. And then I apologize. Again. For the 1, 425, 877 time and then they cover me with grace. And so does God. Again. As He will tomorrow. Love your words here and the continual support I’m finding in this community to know I am not alone. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

  123. Wow. Thanks for writing this honest description of what feels like my day! This blessed me so! I need to accept and show His grace.
    I’m wanting to read them all but I choose, You’re Going to be Okay.

  124. It seems so hard to just pick one! There is something in every book that I can relate to that I need to work on in my walk with God.

    Hope Runs sounds like a great book! I am very interested in reading how she went on a vacation and God forever changed her life.

    A Confident Heart speaks straight to my heart. I struggle with keeping my relationship with God. I forget to pray in the morning, forget to do my bible study, and forget to stay in God’s word every day. Then I doubt myself and the skills he has given me because I can’t even remember to say good morning to him. It is easy for destructive thoughts to creep into my head because it is not filled up with the hope, love, and encouragement of God’ word.

    In Finding Spiritual Whitespace I can relate to the anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia. Sometimes I feel like my emotions are on a rollercoaster ride and I just don’t know why I feel the way I do. I know when I start my day off with God everything is better but I struggle to remember to start my day off with him.
    In A Million Little Ways I’m excited to read about how the small things I can do will show God’s love for people. In my busy life I tend to forget the small things I can do to show God’s love and let him touch someone’s life.

    I love reading anything by Holly Gerth so I’m excited to read You’re Going to Be Okay. I do struggle with the way my life has turned out. I thought I would remarried by now (since it has been 12 years since my divorce) and I thought after I graduated from college in 2010 my career would be further along (not just starting out at the bottom). I do know God has a plan for everything we go through and that has kept me going.

    Breathing Room sounds like it is going to be an awesome book! My daughter is 18 and going off to college this year and I have had a lot of times when I need to just breathe and begin again. In fact I had one this morning! My daughter has a job waiting on her to be a camp counselor at the local Girl Scout camp. They have been waiting on her to turn in her application for two months. They finally contacted me about and we had a talk. She accused me of pushing her into doing things too much. I honestly didn’t know what to say to her. If you knew me I don’t push my daughter into anything. In fact I am one of the most laid back parents I know! Well I finally told her it was time to grow up and become a paycheck earning adult because I was not going to work to jobs and let her sit around on the couch all summer doing nothing! I told her she had until the end of the day to tell them yes or no and if it was no then she was going to Arizona for the whole summer to sit around on her dad’s couch and do nothing. After reading the excerpt from Leanna’s book I really need to breathe and begin again. I should have not yelled at my daughter, what I told her was right but the way I told her was wrong.

    Sorry for such a long post 🙂

  125. Wow! It’s hard to choose! I don’t get a chance to read as much as I would like, but I have read Holley Gerth before, and I am definitely looking forward to reading more from her…

  126. Upon my retirement from 35 years of teaching, we discovered that my husband’s secretary had been embezzling and not paying the 941’s to the IRS. Long story short, he lost everything, including business, building, and property already paid for. Thankfully we have my teaching retirement. But our retirement is not what we planned. We have prayed for her and have forgiven her – at least most of the time I feel I have forgiven. But there are days that it “seems to hit me in the face”. That’s when I bend my knees for forgiveness and strength. “What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days” would be my first choice.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  127. Wow, what a great book this sounds like. I am new to discovering your site and find it so uplifting and encouraging! I would be excited to receive any of these books but one that’s been on my list is The Confident Heart by Renee Swope. This post resonated with me… I think I was raised in crazy town and I don’t want to raise my children there. I will write down that prayer:  Here I am again, God, walking the worn path of need. Walking the worn path of your love. See you again tomorrow. Amen.

  128. would love to read all of them, nice and slow, to savor and allow to soak in. but if i had to choose i’d pick “a confident heart”. needing that. thanks.

  129. Brand new to your site and a new mom. Thank you so much for introducing me to these encouraging resources.

  130. I Love your posts, and I have seen myself in your writings from a lot years past, there is 4 and Half years between my kids Oldest one is now 39 with 4 beautiful kiddos and I have seen her in some pretty tough discipline her kiddos (are 13-12-9-5 the 5yr is my only grand-daughter), issues but never raises her voice she does hold her breath till they think she will explode and some says something to that affect and everyone bursts into laughter, She walks out of the room saying I may have lost the battle but I won the war……and with prayer the day continues on. Now my son is 34 and he has twin boys…..and him a his wife , and a puppy, wow One hoppin house they are just like there dad when he was a boy fast—they can crack a dinner table full of kids and adults and can a noise or funny saying and the whole room erupts in laughter. Kids are the greatest, love them!!


  132. I am new to (in)courage and am grateful I found it! I am interested in A Confident Heart. Both my husband and I are looking for new jobs and a book that addresses doubt in light of God’s promises would be most welcome. Thank you for this wonderful community.

  133. Breathing Room, based on this excerpt would be great. I have noticed myself in similar situations lately and have been wondering how I could get that “Breathing Room” again. Finding Spiritual Whitespace is another I would definitely be looking forward to. Even though I would love to read them all, these would have to be my top two.

  134. I would love to read What your Heart Needs For The Hard Days!
    Boy, do I need that!!!!!!!
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  135. Oh this post was so good. A needful reminder to extend grace to myself. I am looking forward to reading most of these books, but to pick just one? a Million Little Ways because Im discovering my own artistic self thi year

  136. I love to read anything by Holley Gerth! I think she reaches women in such a special and real way from what I’ve already read by her.
    How exciting that you are offering book(s) each month…they all must be wonderful blessings!

  137. Looks like a giveaway to Book Heaven!! I actually think that Breathing Space is what fits with my life at the moment. I already have three of Holley’s books waiting on my Kindle. This would be such fun to have and to give away.

  138. I don’t know whether you meant books from Revell or books in general, but two I’d like to read this year are “God is Just not Fair: Finding Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense” by Jennifer Rothschild, and “A House in the Sky: A Memoir of a Kidnapping that Changed Everything” by Amanda Lindhout.

  139. Breathing Room! I already pre-ordered it…but I’m sure books in the same vein would be welcomed in my home!

  140. I really want to read “Breathing Room.” I have a necklace that says, “Just breathe” on it and sometimes it’s all I can do to just breathe. Now I have three words to add to my mantra of “just breathe”…just breathe and begin again. I love it!

  141. A Million Little Ways would be my first pick. But they all look great and would be a blessing to read and the pass along and recommend!! Blessings to you all.

  142. I’d love to read Breathing Room. I’ve done the parenting thing (my baby is 21) and would give those to the church library. Breathing Room resonates. When I’m done, I will give it to the library, too.
    Thanks for the honest post. God has a way of getting our attention. On steep hills with pointy doors and little children’s large eyes. None of us want to be scary. May God help us give up that anger and allow God’s balm to soothe the frazzled places.

  143. A Confident Heart….I have read a lot of Renee Swope’s devotionals and look forward to reading her book! Thank you for such a great opportunity to win!!

  144. I am without a doubt most excited for Breathing Room! It can’t come soon enough, but I know when it does, it will be the perfect time. Leeana’s first book Found Art was life changing for me and I continue to read it over and over.

  145. This was a great post. I have so been there. So thankful that his mercies are new every morning.
    I am looking forward to breathing room… the others look good too. I am a bibliophile. 🙂

  146. I am definitely looking forward to reading “Breathing Room.” Because that is what I need so much right now. Thank you for this opportunity, and for such a great post, too!

  147. I would love to read “what your heart needs” or “a million little ways” (this second choice for a friend!!)!! Oh, thank you so so much for all the inspiration you give and give and give!!

  148. MY! I felt the breathlessness, the door hitting the back of the calf, the angst inside as I read this post. How God can take a moment and turn it around to face the next in His way. May God continue to grow you (and me) as we walk His path and follow Him each day.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    I must admit that I have looked at several of these books on the bookshelves, but have not read any of them. They do all look good. The title that draws me in tonight is “Finding Spiritual Whitespace.” I am not sure why except that I often need a new beginning as Leanna needed in her post. I often need to have a blank wall and cleared hearing and nothing before my eyes in order to hear and see God in this world, in my world. Thanks.

  149. I absolutely love Leeana’s writing. I have her first book and she puts every thing in perspective. I would love to get Breathing Room. Leeana is right, don’t we owe it to ourselves to begin again. If we don’t give ourselves permission to breath, who will?

  150. Probably Breathing Room … so need that sometimes. They are all great titles and would love to pass them on to friends as well.

  151. Finding Spiritual Whitespace would have to top the list for me. Spiritual whitespace sounds lovely and inviting, and something my soul is desperately thirsty for. At 53 years of age, I am finally beginning to grasp the necessity of beauty and rest.

  152. Most looking forward to A Confident Heart. I would love to read them all! monk5 at charter dot net

  153. I would love to read Holley’s books for August. I feel like I have spent the last four months in a war zone … my husband got addicted to meth, cheated on me, and committed burglary. I spent this past weekend absolutely terrorized waiting for him to return my car after he had been missing for over 24 hours, doing who knows what, and knowing that as soon as he returned the sheriff would be waiting to pick him up. My heart aches at how his choices have destroyed us, and so many other people. I know that I will be okay … but I know that reading Holley’s words telling me that I will be okay will make this journey easier as I try to sort out what to do next and how to get there.

  154. They look like great books, and I’m putting them all on my reading list, but the book that really caught my eye was A Confident Heart.

  155. I’m excited to read A Million Little Ways, although all the books look good!

  156. I cannot wait to read A Confident Heart. My words for this year are “forward” and “steadfast”.
    I desire a Godly confidence to have courage and say “Yes, Lord!” to whatever he has for me.

  157. I have heard of a few of these books and read one…but the book “You’re Going to be Ok” really spoke to me when I read a synopsis of the book today. We are all going to be ok when we rest in the arms of Jesus!

  158. Thank you for this. God sends me exactly what I need when I need it! Ahhh, Begin Again! I’m looking forward to reading “You’re Gonna Be Okay” (probably got the title wrong) Anyways I’ll need to order now:)

  159. Definately excited about Hope Runs since Hope is my word for the year. I even got an engraved bravelet done by Ann Voskamp’s son which I love wearing as a reminder.

  160. All of the books look great! I think this moment in time for me, …”Spiritual Whitespace,” sounds like what I need to read! Thank you for offering these wonderful books!

  161. I am interested in reading all of them! But, if I must choose one, I would choose Holly Gerth’s You’re Going to be Okay book. Holly was my first writer from encourage that I read. I love her writing. I also have been going through some hard times these last two years, and could use the encouragement.

  162. Just starting A Confident Heart w/ my mom and sister (all of us in different cities!) today! Can’t wait to see what will transpire. My sister does not yet have a relationship w/ Christ, and I’m so excited about her enthusiasm to do the devo as a family!

  163. Thank you sooo…much for todays post. “Begin again” I needed to drink that in. I seldom give myself permission to begin again, its like if I don”t get it the first time I’m destined to fail and fail hard. I love this community and how it (in)courages each of us wherever we find ourselves on the journey. there are hard days but I click on my email and see what has been sent, by golly its always what is needed in that moment. Blessings to all you writers for this website may his divine hand guide your words and writings. I would love to read all the books you’ve listed but my real real desire is to be blessed by recieveing “Finding spiritual white space by Bonnie Gray. To every woman who posts here
    we are all gathered here for such a time as this, for such a time as this.”

  164. Thank God for the new beginnings. The never ending, new beginnings. Where would I be without them..if I would “be” at all. It is hard to pick one of he books but I choose Breathing room…probably because I never can get enough of it.

  165. Can’t do it……..choose, I mean! Would love to read all of them. Have read ” A million little ways” — it is excellent.

  166. I’m currently reading Confident Heart. I’m beyond humbled & surrendered, and learning or relearning truths I can claim! I’d love to read Spiritual Whitespace. I just read about it in Unglued and I’ve meditated on finding that rest for the past few days!

  167. They all look fabulous, but I would especially enjoy the Holley Gerth books. You’re Already Amazing changed the way I view being an introvert and helped me accept and embrace how God made me so that I could explore a ministry that fits me. But, I am an avid reader and would love each month’s choice!

  168. I would love to receive the book, “Breathing Room” As I read the excerpt this morning, I felt myself begin to breathe more deeply. I actually felt the weight of long past and more recent mistakes and over reactions begin to loosen their hold on my heart. I hope by providing my email here I will receive information as these beautiful books become available. Thank you for this ministry to an overwhelmed culture that longs to hear from others who are struggling!! Joy and peace be with each of you!! Amen!

  169. PTL! Just what I needed to hear. Caring for my 2 year old granddaughter…I find myself going to crazy town often. Very reassuring message. Thank you.

  170. I love this excerpt from Breathing Room because it is so real!! I would love to read the rest of it!!

  171. Thank you for this post! I so often allow others grace and forgiveness yet hold myself guilty for my weakness and failures, ignoring God’s amazing grace. The truth of this post is very powerful.

    I would love to read all of the books in this package, but especially “Breathing Room” — soaking in His truth with every page.

  172. I can so relate to your story. I would love to read Breathing room.
    It is often hard to admit that we went crazy over a child’s tantrum. We
    act as they did, but we are the grownup so that makes it ok. I love books
    and do read many so any one would make me happy , but learning to
    speak in God’s voice at the hard times is awesome and children help us
    get there. Thanks for the post and the oppurtunity. God bless you.

  173. I don’t know if I could choose! I am absolutely excited about each of the titles in this giveaway! I love being able to pass along great reads to friends and family. Then, I encourage them to pass them along to someone else when they are finished. That way more people have an opportunity to be changed by the truth that is found in each one.

  174. What a wonderful thought to begin my day: “Always we begin again.” Thank you for the encouragement. I am a retired teacher and grandmother of twins boys (2 1/2 yr.old) so i am older than some of your readers and authors, but love the lift I receive with every post. I am eager to read Breathing Room, but now seeing some of the other titles, I want to read them all!! Thank you for this ministry.

  175. I’m excited to read “breathing room”…..because who doesn’t need more of that??

  176. This post really touched my heart! Guess you could say I have really felt “stuck” lately. Oh to begin again….feels refreshing and hopeful but scary! I don’t know which book I would want to read the most. I know I need some encouragement and truth and I’m sure they all have some packed inside.

  177. To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure which one I would love to read since they all sound great. I would love to read all of them, and then pass them along. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  178. A Million Little Ways has been on my “to read” list for awhile, but they all look great. Love to get books and share them with my friends…

  179. Wow! ALL of those books look amazing! Right now, the idea of “Breathing Room” speaks to where my heart is.

  180. I think Breathing Room would be the perfect book to go along with what God’s teaching me and my family this year. He leads me continuously toward the word “simple” and 1 Samuel 16:7 as I learn that He doesn’t need my accomplishments and outward appearances. He just wants my willing heart. And the work He gives me may just be in my own home during this season of life. And I’m praying for contentment in that. Thanks so much for sharing!

  181. All of them! But if I have to pick one, “What your heart needs for the hard days”. Thank you for this great post, I can so relate.

  182. Are you kidding me… choose? I guess I would go for Breathing Room, right now that seems the fit but it could all be different a while from now 😉

  183. They all look amazing (and one I’ve read already, and can say it is) but the one that is jumping out the most is Finding your Spiritual White Space.

    I think it must be something I need-maybe something we all need.

  184. I love reading “A Millions Little Ways” with the Bloom Book Club. I hope we are doing another one soon. I am looking forward to reading “You’re Going to be Okay”. We all need to be reminded of that from time to time.

  185. I am excited to read A Million Little Ways. It’s in the stack on my nightstand, so winning would allow me to bless a friend!

  186. I love to read and learn from other gals in ways the Lord has encouraged them and inspired them. I would love any of the books; they all look great.
    God Bless you gals as we all march forward to the finish line.

  187. Today- most definitely ” what your heart needs for the hard days”. But ” you’re going to be ok” might be just as valuable. Today was A hard one.

  188. The book ” Your Going to be Ok”…. a must read for me after a move to another state after 45 years of relationships and family, church , to no-mans-land… or so it seems. Just lost out here in SC, trying to rebuild a life. I really need the encouragement that im going to be ok…

  189. A Confident or A Million Little Ways are 2 books I would like to read. I have seen posts by both of the authors

  190. Love the honesty! We all go to crazy town now and then. Look forward to reading spiritual white space. Space is my word for the year.

  191. Always we begin again. What a great post this is. And these books are all on my reading list.

  192. Wow! How do I choose? I’m reading a confident heart and I love it. All of the others sound amazing. Thank you for the chance to win any or all of them.

  193. I haven’t read any of the books but am excited about being introduced to this site.
    Thank you Kerry for leading me to this.

  194. THANK YOU so much to all of you for reading the post and sharing your lives and your stories here. What an amazing community! And can’t wait to find out who the lucky winner is!

  195. I would be interested in all of the books. My top three are Confident Heart, Breathing Room and Finding Spiritual White Space, and I look forward to reading them all. I am very excited that I found this page and this group of women who are their to support each other. May God Bless You All!!

    Michele Frank

  196. For me?
    Spiritual White Space and
    A Million Little Ways are on target at the moment…

    HUGE THANKS for not only the generosity, the paced deliveries –
    timing the arrivals for when a new read is needed !

  197. All these titles are great! Looking forward to reading all of them. First up would be Finding spiritual white space!

  198. After reading a small excerpt from this book, about getting your leg slammed in the car door and really losing your cool with your kids, I had a moment when I finally breathed a sigh of relief – I am not the only one who lives out crazy little stories like this!! I am really looking forward to reading this entire book, doing a lot more breathing, and learning to rise about these self-righteous moments so that I can love my husband and children to the fullest and having a deeper relationship with my Savior.

  199. InCourage, thank you for all your beautiful posts and a great giveaway. They all look so interesting. I’m currently reading “A Confident Heart Devotional” eBook and it is wonderful. I look forward to reading “You’re Going to Be Okay.”

  200. “Breathing Room” resonates with my soul, along with what God is revealing through his spirit. Thank you!!

  201. My last year has been a cacophony of difficulties and tragedies, yet with the single drumming beat of the Word and God’s love coming through.. So,when I saw “Finding Spiritual Whitespace,” I yearned for it. Thanks for offering these to us in this way.

  202. Leeana, I just had one of those temper fits half an hour ago. I tried to improve our wifi network and instead I shut it down; my little kids were begging me to take them to a party an hour from home first thing in the morning (and we’d have to pack a picnic lunch) that I’d forgotten about; plus I’m hosting an (in)RL meetup Saturday and my house is in that torn apart stage before it’s ready to go. I beat on the keyboard tray of my desk and it’s a wonder it didn’t break off in my lap. My husband looked at me like I was nuts. He obviously didn’t see what that could possibly accomplish. {sigh}