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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. I’m a commuter – one hour each way – so I’m VERY ready to see this long, hard winter come to an end and clear roads return once again! And I’ve so missed running outside…so I’m eager for warm enough temperatures to do that! But in the non-tangible sense, I’m so thankful for the way God is also bringing spring to my heart as He’s stirring and remaking things in my life. Loved this post and the way it so fits with what He’s doing!

  2. Jennifer,
    I am seeing hope through the words and scriptural reminders from friends (both in person and cyber) that God IS making all things new in my son. I may not see the evidence in front of me right now, but I am reminded that God is ALWAYS at work to renew and restore. I see hope through His faithfulness in trials past, that He will continue to be faithful in this current trial.
    Thanks for a needed reminder this morning!

  3. Hope. As there are 26 inches of snow on the ground, 21 days below zero and this morning no different. I long for hope. You see, our son was killed in a car accident in July. My mom had just died 7 months before that. 3 months after our son died, my hard working, farmer husband was diagnosed with cancer. Now the joy thief has knocked his door in and he is battling clinical depression. So I am looking for hope. Searching with every fiber of my being for hope. The sun is shining today even though it is 5 below zero and I will cling with all I am to the hope of Christ.

    • Hi Tammy,

      I read your comment and just had to reply. Please know that you are not alone. These terrible trials serve to make us stronger in faith. Our family suffered some back-to-back losses last year, and I can empathize with your drainage of hope. He’s still there, working in you and your husband. Take the time and space you need, rest in God, and He will see you through…. God’s peace to you, my friend.


      • Tammy,
        As I can’t imagine the loss of a child, my heart cries for you. I am, however, in the same situation as you with your husband. Mine was diagnosed with glioblastoma mutliforme (Multiple malignant brain tumors) July 18, 2013. We have gone through surgery, chemo & radiaiton and now a trial drug which seems to be doing what it is intended to do, stave the tumors, but there is no medical cure for this disease that has robbed him of so much. My husband that could build any type of building/structure showed to him and was an excellent cook, can’t even shave himself or bathe by himself due to the tumors pressing on his brain. His speech is very compromised as is his comprehension. He takes an antidepressant every night in order to get through the next day.
        My mother is 84 and has started showing signs of dementia and is forgetting to eat. She was very used to me coming by her home everyday, however with my husband’s diagnosis, my time is very limited between work, home and her.

        It seems as though each day has it’s own challenges. I do, however, find so much comfort in these scriptures and the words that are sent to me each day in this blog. I know it is God placing his word before me and he is using these wonderful ladies to show it to me, just as I need it.

        I am so full of hope and faith because I know that though his Son, Jesus Christ, we will all be healed. It may not be on this earth, but I know that this is just a detour on our way to our eternal home with HIM! That is where we will see those that have gone before us and be reunited for eternity!

        My prayer for you is that you find Peace and Hope in our Saviour and his word. I firmly believe that God will not give us more than we can handle…….sometimes I just wish he didn’t trust me so much….but then I remember, HE IS BIG ENOUGH AND GOOD ALL THE TIME!
        Blessings to you and your husband!

        • Jill, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through right now. You give me hope and encouragement as I read your words. It is such a beautiful thing to hear you know it is God placing these words before you and that He uses woman here to reach out to you. Such a comfort to know no matter what you are going through that He is in your daily life. We can only handle so much because He is handling it with us!!

        • Jill,

          Prayers for peace and comfort for you. My mom had dementia and it went to Sundowner’s. It was hard to help dad care for her for 2 years as she was bed ridden. Finally the Lord called her home and gave her an end to the suffering.

          My prayer is that God will give you strength to endure these trials and courage to stand strong in the midst.

          Check on getting hospice to come help your mother. We were able to get hospice to come in and help out each week. It was all free!

          Prayers and blessings 🙂

      • Yes. Stepping moment by moment into His grace. He will see us through. He will be glorified. And He will use this to shed His light. . . He already has in so many ways. In rural Vermont the call is to bring great light and truth.

        • I know what you mean Tammy. It seems as though God is using us as an example. There are so many people praying for us and now there is one more praying for you and your husband all the way in Texas! it seems as though at least every week, another miracle is placed before us and I just have to say to myself…..Yes…I know that was you God!
          May the Lord bless you and keep you (and yours)!

    • I, too, am completely drained of hope this morning. The closer spring comes, the less hopeful I feel. We have not endured physical losses but spiritual ones that are devastating as well. Watching grown children have a choice, and not follow in the faith we raised them in is heartbreaking and runs like a low grade fever every day, crippling and making us ache all over. Last Easter my son chose not to come home or go to church with us, and we never really resolved that issue so therefore I am dreading this Easter. The promise of spring brings no promise right now- I cannot see God’s hand moving anywhere in our stale, stagnant lives. I wake up to the same stresses daily and it’s wearing me out. I am so sorry for your losses- it seems like too much for one family/person to bear. I do not understand why God doesn’t stop more, doesn’t heal more, doesn’t prevent more.

      • Beth, I feel your hurt. I am sorry that is something you have to endure right now. Believe me, I totally understand how hard it can be to see God’s hand moving when we are in the midst of a difficult time, that seems unending. But He is there. He is working in ways we can not understand. Most often when I reflect back to those times in my life, that is when I see things that were *totally God* even though at the time I didn’t. Prayer gets me through. Leaning on Him and trusting in that plan He has for me that I am not seeing and I am not understanding, gets me through. I pray for peace in your day. I pray you begin to feel that wash of hope over your day.

    • Oh Tammy, I am so sorry for what you are going through. In these most difficult parts of our journey, when it is most difficult to see hope, to feel hope and sometimes even think about hope… those are the times when we must cling to our hope in Him even more. We can not understand what is happening, but we can just put our faith and trust in Him because He is the one who knows. He is the one who understands. And then come to a place like this and let these beautiful women lift you up like they have. So many people can relate. So many people are praying for you. I am praying for you.

    • Tammy

      Prayers my dear sister! May God give you strength and courage to endure these trials! Know that there is hope that one day you will get to see your son again! Prayers for Sunshine and warm days to warm that heart of yours and your husband’s.

      Father God,

      Please bless Tammy and her family! They have been through so much in the last year and need to feel your loving arms and a glimmer of hope! Shower them with your warm, loving arms and make known to them the hope that only comes from you!



      I do Relay for Life to help find a cure for ALL CANCERS!!!

      Blessings! 🙂

  4. I live in an area that gets four seasons too, and I am so thankful! Every season has a lesson in it for me – from winter which reminds me of the way God works in our lives when we can’t see to spring, which reminds me that God does indeed make all things knew! Thanks for this post and the printable. What a great way to start my Monday! 🙂

  5. Jennifer….I too am so blessed to live where we enjoy four seasons. Spring is my favorite. I love looking each day to see new life bursting through the no longer frozen ground. Those small emerging bits of green make my heart sing. There is such newness and freshness and hope in spring. My heart is eager this year especially. This has been the coldest winter I ever remember…in more ways than that which the thermometer measures. But….HOPE rises in my heart. 🙂

    Thanks for the lovely printable. He does make all things new!! Today and tomorrow. 😉
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

    • I also love seeing that new life bursting out from behind what was just winter. Amazes me every time. I love hearing hope rises in your heart, Diane! I can even feel it in your words!

  6. Hi Jennifer!

    Unfortunately we are getting snowed upon as I type this! I am grateful for the distinct seasons we get in the Mid-Atlantic; however, I am SO ready for Spring! Reading your words today was like looking at a glimpse of what’s yet to come – green and flowery buds, butterflies, grass, leaves, warmer temperatures, hanging with friends and family in the outdoors …ahh!

    It’s funny you should say, “He is continually at work in our lives. Continually. Isn’t that an amazing thought?! He is making all things new. And He’s doing it right now. Even when it might be hard to see and even when we begin to feel impatient, He is working in us. We can trust in Him and in His word. When His time is right, we will see. There is so much hope in that promise!”, because I am working through that right now. My husband and I have actually gotten to good places where each of us now take rest in God’s time and God’s plan – we are actually more patient in that than ever. So, I am particularly grateful for your words today as they reinstated to me that God is always at work in our lives and it’s always, always for good.

    In response to your question, I always feel a little leap in my heart when i experience the wonders of the outdoors. I feel such power and presence just being in God’s creation – especially in Spring and Summer. Warmth, gorgeous sunsets, time at the beach, time at the barn, even just sitting in the grass and looking at the stars….always amazed.

    With a grateful heart,

    • Thank you so much for sharing that about you and your husband, Kristin. We had to learn that lesson early on in our marriage through my husband’s brain aneurysm. His timing. His plans. Not always easy, but it has been a great teacher of patience!

  7. Amen for making all things new! This reminds me of 2 Cor 5:17 — if anyone be in Christ, he is a new creation. I recently lost my mom, so I see Him doing a new thing in our family. He’s helping us adjust to our new “normal” and covering our grief with His comfort.

    My tiny crocus peeked out last week when we were having sunny 60 degree days, and now they’re covered in snow and sleet. Can’t wait for spring!

    • I am so sorry for the loss of your mom, Susan. Grateful to hear He is covering your grief with His comfort.

      Funny how things are ready to grow and come out… then winter hangs on just a bit longer! Warmer days are ahead!

  8. {Melinda} With all this is going on in our country and in the world, sometimes it’s very hard to feel hopeful. Just this morning, I was asking God to help me through His Holy Spirit to not fear, but to concentrate on the hope that I have in Him. That He will be there with me every step of the way, no matter how difficult. And one day He will forever make all things new. Thank you for the printable!

    • A beautiful prayer… to not fear and concentrate on hope in Him! One I often have as well, Melinda! So easy to let fear overtake our thoughts, so focusing on hope is exactly what we can do! Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. my husband & i celebrate our 4th anniversary on the 1st day of spring; how’s that for new beginnings? =) our life so far has been wonderful but very hard. after being married in mar., my father-in-law was diagnosed in june w/ a cancerous brain tumor. during the next 3 yrs., our life was a roller coaster of treatments, good & bad reports, 2 brain surgeries, & then finally, 3 mos. of his steadily declining health until God welcomed him into Heaven. during all that, we began dealing w/ infertility as well as health issues in my husband.

    as i think of this spring, it really resonates w/ me that a new, fresh start to our life is being given to us. yes, there is still grief & many changes to deal w/, much waiting & hoping, but as we trust, God is walking w/ us. contentment is so elusive, & i truly believe that God has used the rough past 4 yrs. as His refiner’s fire in our lives, drawing us to Him in a deeper & closer relationship.

    as the yr. 2014 began, i chose the word “becoming” for my word: becoming more loving, less selfish, more patient, less critical, more giving, less demanding, more kind, compassionate, gracious, & content. because Jesus makes all things new, i am confident that this will be accomplished in my life through His power!

    • Hi Joanna,

      I felt compelled to respond to your post because through all the hurt, you are relying on God’s will in your lives and seeing/waiting to see the good He will provide. I,too, struggled with infertility. It is a long and windy journey that you and your husband are traveling. Please rest in God’s plan for you and your husband, and keep hoping. Whatever His plan is, it will be for your benefit. I LOVE your 2014 word, “becoming!” Mine is “release.”

      If you ever want to chat about infertility stuff, please let me know.


    • I can relate to the beginning of a marriage being difficult. Within 2 years of our marriage, our journey of my husband’s brain aneurysm and all that comes with that, began. And continues today. Although I would have never asked for it, it really did draw us to Him in a deeper and closer relationship with Him and with one another!

      I love that your anniversary is on the first day of spring! An awesome new beginning! Happy anniversary, Joanna!

  10. Thanks for this post! So encouraging and a great reminder to throw off the weight of this world and strive harder toward Him. He truly makes all things new.
    Praying for you that commented and mentioned these burdens in your lives.
    My husband and I struggled with infertility and eventually adopted. We don’t have complete closure in that area, but are confident that He has a plan for our family. We will celebrate 11 years of marriage next Saturday and while it has been great, it has come with many rough patches. We have struggled financially for most of our marriage, he continues to have health issues, and we are praying for a different job for him. All the while, the Lord has continued to show his faithfulness and provision in our lives. I constantly am thankful and stand amazed at his marvelous works in our lives. We are richly blessed and thankful! I go into this season of new beginnings with hopefulness that he will use us in a mighty way to minister to the hurting in our community.
    May The Lord bless each of you.

    • “All the while, the Lord has continued to show his faithfulness and provision in our lives.” Yes, yes, yes! There are always going to be struggles, but to know that He will be there with us through each and every one of them makes it doable, right, Amanda?! Thanks so much for sharing. Happy anniversary coming up!

  11. I live in Florida where we have little change between seasons. The weather has just been beautiful this year. But we have hope in friendships, hope in family, and hope in our Savior. Also my family has 2 new litle ones growing inside their young moms. That brings hope when the family needs a little encouragement. We have all had minor difficulties this year that kind of piled one on the other. But Jesus’ nearness is a comfort and my hope. I’m praying for Tammy, the girl in the comment above. I can’t imagine and I am so sorry.

    • How exciting to have 2 new little ones going the family this year, Donna. Certainly a beautiful source of some family encouragement! So kind of you to pray for others in the comment thread. Thank you. Praying for you and your family as well!

  12. Thank you Jennifer for so sweetly pointing me to The Lord…He is making all things new. Is. That word of no beginning and no end. Continual. Ongoing. So I see me, and all of us above, and it filled me with sorrow. Then I see us clustered together in this post, looking to Jesus for hope in the midst of hard times. It is by no accident but by The Lord guiding Jennifer to draw us in to focus on His word “Behold I Am making all things new.”
    And a glimmer of shining brighter than gold pokes in on our day. We hear a bird chirp. We smile. We see a cloud or a blade of grass or a lilac blossom. And God feels near and these nature reminders help me, do they help you too?, to see Our Lord making all things new. Thank you so much Jennifer. Your choices of gift of free printables and purchased gifts scattered around my home remind me to focus on God, our Father. God the Son. God the Spirit

    • You wrote your comment so beautifully, Gwen. “Clustered together in this post looking to Jesus for hope in the hard times.” Yes. That was my hope for this post. To gather in hope! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Happy to hear you enjoy the prints, friend!

  13. Girls who are hurting deeply, take hope that this is only for a season. While you are in this season, God asks that you lean into Him, ask Him to hold you, trust that intimacy. I read your posts and am praying.

    • Wonderfully put, Mary. We can take hope that these things are only for a season and during this season we have Him to lean into! Thank you for joining your prayers for others. Praying for you too!

  14. I LOVE spring, too. 🙂 Even more so after such a long, bitterly cold winter. All the new life energizes my drooping spirit. I get so excited when I see my first robin. The other morning I heard one as I lay in bed, but I couldn’t find him. Then yesterday as I sat in the living room, one stood on the housetop next to us and sang his little heart out. Such a glorious ray of hope. It makes me reflect on how I need to open my eyes, my ears, my heart in order to see, hear, and receive the glorious rejoicing Jesus has over me, how with joy He suffered and died for us.

  15. I love that this encouraging post came on another SNOW DAY in the DC area. It has been a rough winter in more ways than one and I am so glad for sign of spring … for that reminder of rebirth … the beauty that comes from knowing that LIFE wins!! Thank you also for this beautiful printable!

  16. I am battling a cold and feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed . . . so you words this morning, Jennifer, were a love letter from Him to my heart. Thank you. Soaking it up now. Bless you!

  17. I love beginnings. A new year. A new month. A new week. Because of this very scripture. New HOPE is born and an excitement, an anticipation of God doing something in my life, my world that He hasn’t done before. Hope is the very essence of my life – could not live a moment with the Hope only He gives! I’ve printed the printable and it will be in a frame before the day is over! Thank you!

  18. Hope has been a meditation of mine since last summer…I’ve been weathering a hard season in moving overseas. It seems like everything has had to be stripped bear that I might be built on hope from God ultimately fully forever. Ps. 62:5-8. In the midst of this journey is the encouragement of a friend or the way the sun peaks through the clouds and always the strength for the next step. He always gives us something sweet as we pour out our hearts to Him in desperation & that mustard seed of faith. He is tender with the bruised reeds…His hope to you all!!

  19. Rest and flowers and birds and smelling of the lovely spring smells all around us. Enjoying the sunshine and laugher and giggles and happiness of this season and waiting for the hot summer to come along with the children laughing in the pool and giggling outside. Just so looking forward to this year ….. totally.

  20. You are lucky you enjoy the distinct seasons. I moved away from northern Illinois to southern California to escape the winters. They grew too long and harsh. But I appreciate what you say about spring. There is something exciting about spring – even the air smells differently. And with God’s help, we are becoming the excitement of spring – the new growth, the beautiful fragrance, the stunning colors and the warmth of love.

  21. I understand your sentiments because I have my own story of renewal, about how the Lord renewed my health. However, the verse about making all things new is taken out of context here.

    Unless it is somewhere else in the Bible, this scripture refers to the new heaven and new earth in the last days:

    A New Heaven and a New Earth
    …4and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.” 5And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” And He said, “Write, for these words are faithful and true.” 6Then He said to me, “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give to the one who thirsts from the spring of the water of life without cost.…

    Again, I understand what you are saying. I almost posted a very similar post until a friend pointed this out to me. His mercies and hope alway abound and it may seem like a technicality but even in the little things we must be deligent when it comes to scripture.

    • I used this particular verse to show the power of God to make things new. I find hope in His promises here and wanted to relate that to finding hope in my everyday! Thank you, Meinwords!

  22. An acronym for HOPE:

    Hand of God

    On His children,

    Promise-Keeping, and

    Ever-working on their behalf.

    (Nothing like Springtime hope to lighten our spirits!)

  23. My heart breaks to hear some of the tough times in some of the comments. I will pray for you. I understand how hard it must be. Wish I could take your pain away just like that! But I can offer you hope knowing there is a reason for every season and the Lord is standing right next to us through our trials. One day at a time He gets us through and will be there on the other side. He has a purpose planned for each and every one of us and He will use our circumstances for our good and His glory. In His time. The winters in our lives don’t last forever. His love does. Hang in there. Thank you Jennifer for this encouraging post filled with re-fresh-ing spring-time hope!

    • I feel the same way after reading some of these comments… all we can do is offer hope and encouragement. He has a plan and He will see us through. Thank you so much for offering your encouragement and prayers to those in need, Maria!

  24. Jennifer,

    I love Spring and Fall-for the beautiful colors. They both give me hope that life can be renewed. I get a sense of God in all that. Things seemingly dead can pop back to life with vibrant colors.

    My husband’s work was slow, very slow for a long period of time. He was afraid of being unemployed for the first time ever in over 25 years with the same company. Through much prayer his work is picking up some now. He is finally seeing the hope of keeping this beloved job.

    Blessings 🙂

  25. Thank you. I really needed this encouraging reminder today. After nearly a year of separation, for the first time I see some movement in my husband’s heart. Just a tiny glimmer of hope that God is bringing about transformation and redemption in him.

  26. Thanks, Jennifer, for encouraging us…even though we don’t have a clear break with snow…I always appreciate it when bare hydrangea branches start to sport a little green…blessings to you 🙂

  27. How uplifting and encouraging are these words today! He is making all things new! It is such an incredible blessing to see Him at work all around me! Spring is on its way and is a great reminder of the hope that I have in Him who saved me!

  28. 2 weeks before the wedding, I decided to postpone the wedding. I didn’t have peace in the timing. And my fiancé was really hurt and broke off the engagement and relationship entirely. I was really hurt. He doesn’t want any contact. Or to even talk about what happened. It all happened so suddenly. We are both hurting..and healing. I know that he is the man I want to do life with. But I’m praying that we jusg desperately seek Him first. And I’m praying our hearts are kept soft and not hardened or bitter. I’m praying and believing that God can restore anything and make anything new. The hard part is waiting. But I guess that’s what God is teaching me – patience and humility and completely trusting Him. Afer all- we live for Him, and Him alone. He is faithful, I have to trust Him – regardless of if we end up together or not. God is still good. He still has a plan. And everything is made beautiful in His time. He’s never too early or too late.

    • Yes, Angela. In His ways. In His time. The waiting can be so hard… I get that! I am sorry you have to go through this difficult time. What courage it had to take for you to make that decision. Only with strength through Him. Praying for you as you wait for His plans to take shape.