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  1. My ordinary is looking to buy a home close to the familiar, instead of a farm a distance away.
    The dream of caring for animals, having a place for a retreat, a barn for creative & fun gatherings, a garden for growing our food, . . . That’s all too scary and unrealistic.
    Besides, other dreams have turned out messy, at that very least
    Knowing what to expect is much more comfortable.
    But you have me thinking.

    • Patti,

      The way you describe farm life makes me want to move! Praying God leads you in your “thinking” 🙂


    • Wow! Sounds like my kind of life!! My hubby and I live out in the country, but would love to own a few more acres away from people and in the quiet. After years of living in a big city I long for serenity!

      Praying God eases your fears and makes dreams come true!!

  2. Everything about me is ordinary anymore. A few years back, I met the love of my life and we had 13 years together before the Lord called him home….from there I developed a pinched nerve in my back which still bothers me to this day (it’s been 4 1/2 years now)….from there I developed arthritis in my left knee and my mother’s health took a turn for the worst and she just went home to be with the Lord last month…a week and a half after her passing, I developed shingles……so you see now I am faced with time for other things and I am at a lost as how to get started again with the life I am blessed with. I have in the meantime, joined a local church and I now have a new family and they make me feel like family too! I have helped in the music ministry at church so I am hoping that that will lead into something wonderful…..only time will tell. Yes, I am believing and hoping for an exciting future and I know that I must be patient and wait upon the Lord…..that is the jest of my ordinary—–I am waiting to see what the Lord will do next in my life and looking forward to the extraordinry future He has in store for me.

    • S.Frank

      I am so sorry for all that you have been through. I am trusting God with you that your future will only be extraordinary! Praying for you as you begin to dream again.

  3. My dream is to teach internationally… a dream that will hopefully be realized this fall as I move to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to teach at Haven of Peace Academy for the next two years. The plan right now is to move in July, though I still am not at 100% support, nor do I have housing arranged for when I get there. But God is in control, and He is good!

    • Wow! What an amazing dream and even more amazing is the courage to step out and pursue it. I know God is going to provide for you as you continue to live in faith. Thanks for sharing!

    • Proud of you gal! My career has turned into ordinary also! Not what I expected when I entered college!

      God knows the plans He has for us and where we will best fit in!!

  4. My dream is to remain in our Lord’s grace as time and again with Life despairs He alone as provided for our family. My extraordinary would be to grow in His word and to minister to our community according to his purpose. I am a huge fan of apologetics of the christian faith and would like to grow in this discipline.

  5. Motherhood feels ordinary to me most days. I’m praying God will help me to embrace extraordinary by changing my perspective right where I am.

      • Tristi & Kimberly,

        I agree 100% with you! There are no “Thanks mom that was a killer diaper change” or “Best lunch ever mom! Great job”. You don’t clock IN or OUT and the pay is well… you know.

        But I do want to encourage you as a mom of a soon-to-be seventeen-year-old. WHAT YOU DO MATTERS! Every piece of laundry you fold, every kind word of encouragement you give and even the times of repeated discipline you hand out are worth it. YOU have been given the gift to forever change a life one ordinary day at a time and that is what makes you and parenting extraordinary!


        • Trisha,
          You are so right! My four “boys” are all men now with families of their own. So often as they were growing up I worried if I was doing a good job. I worried that they missed out because I was a military mom and wasn’t home all the time, didn’t make the costumes and bake cookies for every class party.
          Now, years later they tell me that they had it great growing up and that our home was where their friends wanted to hangout. I guess that’s true. We have at least 4 other men call us Moms and Pops.

  6. I experienced the ordinary after finishing a run last night on the road I grew up on…I never thought I’d be living on my childhood farm again, but I know God has something extraordinary planned for us there.

  7. My life feels ordinary. I take shortcuts in our marriage that hinder any growth. I would like to go back to school but I whittle away at my dreams with reality – homeschooling 4 kids and a pile of debt I would accumulate from going to school. Just keep everything status quo. Dreaming big is too risky….. and boring.

    • Kimberly,

      Dreaming is scary for sure. Often times we struggle with defining “dreaming” by doing something dramatic. While often times that is the case it’s not the only definition. Like I said in the post sometimes God just wants us to take a step and not a leap.

      Maybe for you its not going to school full-time or even half-time but one course at a time and paying as you go. One class is stil closer to graduating than no class at all. Living beyond ordinary is simply choosing to do something extraordinary in the midst of ordinary. I think taking just ONE class AND homeschooling four kids is pretty extraordinary! 🙂


  8. My ordinary is raising 4 kids while homeschooling 2 of them and trying to maintain a livable home through it all. It becomes so mundane.

  9. We live in a tiny town and there are tons of kids. There used to be a park but it’s all run down now. We’ve been praying for a way to put in a playground at our church for our whole community to use. That way those of us who are at home with our kids can have a place for kids to play and we moms to hang out. Very few of the moms go to our church but they would come and hang out at the playground. My dream is that God would show us the money for the playground SOON and to turn ordinary days to extraordinary times of play, friendship, mentorship, and encouragement!!!

  10. My ordinary has been my jobs. I taught preschool for 10 yrs. & just recently transitioned to a job at a car dealership.

    My dream is to do Christian counseling with JHIGH & HS girls. I want to write devotionals and lead discipleship groups. It’s hard spending so much of my week in a place that sometimes makes me miserable. I have God moments in my day but overall I don’t feel like my gifts or potential or passions are bring tapped into.

    • Karina,

      Praying God leads you to clear next steps to follow your passion and the courage to step onto that path. Your heart and passion is a much needed resource for the confusing and demanding culture our teen girls live in these days.


  11. Honestly. I’m still trying to find my new ordinary. I’m not really sure if anything anymore. So I guess my ordinary is me trying all I can to save marriage. And being home with my kids and trying my nest with them.

    • Natasha…thank you for your honesty. Praying that God leads you and your husband beyond ordinary and into the marriage that He desires for you. It is hard, but it is worth it.

  12. Being a mom feels ordinary. But I have lived an extraordinary life my high school sweetheart divorced me because if his drug alcohol addiction and wanted me to have a better life, cheating spouse but our marriage has been transformed by God, moving 7 times in 8 years and raising my children without family near, so far from what I have imagined, but Gods plan is perfect.

  13. Although Monday – Friday appears nothing but ordinary to the outsider in my world; it is utter chaos ordinary. Does that make sense? I mean, as a working mama, we are always running but always to the same places. Ordinary chaos; yes, that is what I would call it! The day in and day out of living a chaotic life.

  14. My whole life seems ordinary. I feel like I’m just existing instead of living for God. Every week it’s the same old thing and I know that’s not what God has intended for me, but I can’t seem to get out of it. I just need to get on the path that God wants me on, but where is it?

    • The great news, Jeanine is that everything doesn’t have to change…maybe just one thing. Just taking one step toward God is a game changer. Praying for you this week.

  15. I believe I am living pretty “ordinary” and to be honest I am thankful, but yet at times restless, if you know what I mean.
    I have a God-fearing husband who loves me, healthy children & grandchildren, a good job, close to home that I can wear pretty much anything I want, we have are part of awesome love filled church, and hosts of friends and neighbors who share the of Christ… I am very blessed and very comfortable in this “ordinary” !

    • That is a great place to be…what you describe is content. There is a restlessness that is healthy at times as it calls us to something greater…but a peace that comes through contentment that only God can provide. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I’m about as ordinary as ordinary can be…. But right now I’m finding myself struggling with starting over….ca new dream,.. Or bringing them back to life…Clive has hit me hard and this season has been long…. Frustration, discouragement has brought me to an all time low!!!! In fact, I find myself not even knowing what to do to start again…..

  17. My ordinary is my marriage. We are struggling he had an affair and things have just kept plowing along but things are hard and getting harder. We have three young boys so we just keep going but we are tired. He also suffers from depression making him angry and hard to try to work things out with. We are in a rut. My dreams were so much bigger than this.

    • Praying for small steps of healing for you and your husband. May the Healer come in and gently place balm over deep wounds! May The Lord fill your house with His Presence. He will fight for you.

    • Tired,

      Praying for God to swoop in with His loving arms and heal this marriage. May He surround you both with His grace, mercy and love!

      Loving God please heal this marriage. Help the husband with his depression and anger & get them back to the feelings of love for each other! Take them out of their rut!


  18. My whole life is ordinary. My family seems to be stuggling all the time. My extraoridnary would be a little happiness and peace.

  19. My home life and marriage. I look around and see clutter and disorganization everywhere, which affects my children and husband and myself to be honest. One of my favorite quotes right now is, “It is love that makes t

  20. I would have to say my whole life is ordinary, but marriage and motherhood are what bug me the most. I have been bothered by this for some time but I just don’t know what to do. So far I can only do step 1, pray. I am not sure what step two will look like yet!

  21. Great Question! “Life is so daily,” I once learned. When our daughters were young, I kept a self-written note by my kitchen sink that stated emphatically: CELEBRATE THE ORDINARY! And it is ~ but … GOD! He makes everything GLORIOUS ~ shining, shimmering, actually! When I step back in my “ordinary” & look at it with HIS EYES, I see the obvious I ordinarily overlook. I see gifts that I might otherwise take for granted: my eyesight: colorful hues, dimension, texture; my hearing: other loved voices (some now cherished only in memory), the invisible presence of the wind, the song of the birds; and other soulish delights & beauties ~ plus, my spirit being made to CELEBRATE her MAKER! Oh, what JOY even in the painfully stretching, trying, ordinary times of living in this earthly encasement.


  23. My home life and marriage. I look around and see clutter and disorganization everywhere, which affects my children and husband and myself to be honest.

  24. I’m not sure ordinary is bad. I live a ordinary life, married to my best friend for 38 years, with children and grandchildren who bring me both joy and challenges. God meets me at those points, both good and bad, where I need Him, and He draws me closer to Him. A quiet life, fairly ordinary, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

  25. I desperately crave for my marriage, family relationships, & goals to be restored and moved into the extraordinary. My story mirrors much of yours and too often I feel yesterdays chains are hindering todays life and tomorrows dreams.

  26. Things haven’t felt ordinary for me since nearly a year before my husband left. I don’t want to go back to that ordinary- I know God has something bigger and better. I’m just working on praying and believing for reconciliation, restoration, renewal, trust and a deeper love so my family can be together again.

  27. My ordinary is a full schedule with lots of homeschooling and lots of meal preparation. By God’s grace, it can be extraordinary.

  28. I have a hard time labeling ordinary as a negative. But I know God wants more. He wants me to receive His gifts and be ” wow”ed by them. That is my prayer, that I recognize all good things are from God and they ARE extraordinary! and that I will unwrap each one and delight in Him and see His goodness 🙂

  29. My ordinary is anything but! When I was 10 I was at church camp and had a seizure was in a pediatric ICU for a week unresponsive. When I woke up I knew I was still here for a reason so at that point I said “here I am God” as a 10 year old little girl. When I was sixteen I had brain surgery to remove a lesion causing the seizures. I was told to expect to stay in the hospital at least a week. I went home in 2 days! At that point I knew God wanted me to be a pediatric neurosurgeon! I am 21 now and making that dream happen. I owe it all to Him.

  30. Ordinary. On the one hand, I have longed for an ordinary life as in a NORMAL life like other people seem to be living. On the other hand, there is the ordinary life that turns into the “slough of despond” and mires one down so that even God seems absent. I have been living in this particular slough of Ordinary for so many years that I can’t seem to find that teeny tiny spark of dreams and excitement that I vaguely remember as I child, nor the closeness of God. I have stopped in Ordinary because the demands of caretaking, living, and survival seem to take everything. I want to find that spark and fan it into a flame; the spark of God’s promise that I would write and make public what God has done in my life, the spark of creativity that is strangling under the weight of my job…. It’s still there, somewhere. I know because I have had hints of it . I’m tired of this type of Ordinary. I work toward restoration of my dreams and the life I can have with God.

  31. The routine. Over the past few years, the Lord has opened doors of service and leadership to me through homeschooling, church and bible study ministry. Those doors are swiftly closing filling me with a fear I’ve never known. Everything I’ve known and felt called to do is fading away. I fear facing the ordinary life of a stay-at-home mom and not having some ministry beyond the four walls. I pray. I ask, seek, and knock saying “Is this all there is Lord?” The uncertainty of where and how to serve is daunting to me. The thought of doing the ordinary is unnerving. In my heart, I sense there is something more. Isaiah 58 speaks to me. Yet I have no thoughts, no vision, no revelation. Just trying to move forward, eyes upward, heart bowed, in trust being still knowing He is God and He is good all the time…..

  32. My dream is that God will bless my husband and I with a baby, even though everything in the natural is against us. But I know that God can do the extraordinary, the impossible.

  33. My “ordinary” is the drudgery of daily living. It is the survival mode, dodging disappointment, eluding the things that crush my heart. It is the “sameness” of life, life that has somehow become devoid of color. When I imagine the “extraordinary” it looks like me calling someone close to me and announcing something ecstatic. It would be having a miracle occur after a very long time in “deep water.” It would look like a breakthrough. Deliverance. And not just for the day. For good.

    It would mean dreams that have been dashed are resuscitated, a release of long-standing pressure, recovery.

    Extraordinary would mean garments of praise for ashes.

  34. My ordinary is that I am a 69 year old woman who had to experience that from brokenness comes blessings, from ashes comes beauty. God continues daily to grow me into an “oak of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of His splendor” (Isaiah 61:3). I live daily in the words of I Thess. 5:16, “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. I am thankful that His refiner’s fire has shaped me,
    (is continually shaping me) into a vessel to be used by Him for the display of His glory. I use the words that come from my broken experiences, and words that comes from God’s Word, and people like you who are willing to share their stories of God’s grace, to mentor young women as God instructs we older women to do. My ordinary days and my painful days, by God’s grace, have become extraordinary.

    Thank you for sharing your stories in the many ways you do.

  35. My ordinary is the existence I’ve been living in. In a little less than a month, my divorce will have been final for almost two years. I’ve been barely surviving, putting my pain and grief on the back burner when I have my kids. But for the most part, I’ve been locking myself away in my apartment, distraught over a divorce I didn’t want. I’ve been trying to stand for the marriage, even after two years of post-divorce. I’m on my way to turning the corner and beginning to enjoy the blessings God has in store for me.

  36. My ordinary right now is my marriage. I was highly motivated with your blog post and the book trailer. Thank you for sharing it! I know the Lord can do extraordinary things in my marriage. It’s something to be praying about. Thanks for the encouragement today!

  37. Usually, I love our “ordinary” days with our toddler and baby at home…but at the same time, find myself wanting to celebrate with them and make memories while they’re little. And I’m a comparitive newlywed (2 1/2 years) longing to bring some extraordinary into our marriage, and keep it from growing stale in the years to come. How do we build our marriage strong now, before major storms come?

  38. My ordinary is being “just a mom”, and finding peace in my daily life. My extraordinary is completing my PhD and opening a Christian mental health center for underserved populations.

  39. My daily life right now is taking care of my miraculous baby boy who spent 2 weeks in the NICU before he came home. There is nothing ordinary about this new little guy, but being stuck in the house so much over the winter has felt very ordinary. I’ve wanted an extra way to reach out in the community and make a difference. Some of the days are pretty repetitive, even though I love my baby so much! I also think about the fact that I have no career right now… and I have to remind myself to stay in the moment and enjoy this time, even if the pace feels slow right now. My dream is to find a way to make a difference in many more lives and to have a further reach and impact for Christ.

  40. My ordinary is laundry, vacuuming, daily chores. Honestly, my extraordinary is getting the garden planted and growing *all* the veggies we eat, and having chickens for eggs and meat, and maybe a goat.

    My dream is to see my home full of children. We’ve started the process to adopt an infant, so that dream is in the works.

  41. Right now my marriage seems “ordinary”. We have a toddler who is a joy and a blessing in our lives, and for the first couple of years we’ve focused primarily on her. But I feel we now need to get back to concentrating on our marriage and the two of us.

  42. It’s been on my heart — an aching — to adopt. And my groom has never said no, yet I’ve never suggested we pursue. And here we are, scheduled to meet with a woman about having a homestudy done and what options are available to us in exploring adoption. Just the asking was the extraordinary . . . asking my groom about going. And that is miraculous.

  43. My ordinary is the everyday taking care of cleaning up after my family. Making it extraordinary is very difficult. I have, however, started having my youngest son dry the dishes while I wash. Having a helper, and playing music he and I both like, makes it enjoyable. I’m still figuring out other ways to reach for the extraordinary in this mundane and repetitive necessity. I know I have to be the one to take those steps. I really appreciate the message shared today.

  44. Oh… beyond the simple things I can improve I dream of being a fit and active woman who spends a lot of time writing. Socializing is very difficult for me so some day I hope I’m able to break out of my shell, figure out who I want to be, and have the guts to BE that person.

  45. I had been divorced 9 years and was very lonely and sad. I had not dated during this whole 9 years. I devoted myself to my children and making sure they grew up to be happy, healthy and confident. I looked out the window one night and prayed to God. As tears streamed down my face I told God I was very lonely and to be with me. Two weeks later a man I worked with asked me out. I had 9 wonderful months and then he stopped calling and never returned my calls. I was once again alone and my heart was broken. Four months later I am still heartbroken, alone and afraid to return to the lonely life I had before him. My children are my angels but there is still a void. My dreams are to find love, and to explore the world.

  46. I think everyone’s life is ordinary to them. No matter if it looks revolutionary to someone else, it’s ordinary to us. So for me, it’s about the extraordinary daily decision to live in radical obedience to Jesus, no matter what it costs me. That’s my dream: to live in extraordinary obedience…I too often hold onto my own comfort and ease in lieu of following Jesus with my whole life.

  47. My ordinary is everyday life. I get up and do the same things longing for more. My dream was and is too be who God wants me to be and it has to be more than just being here. We are far from family and friends now and my husband’s new job consumes him. We are thankful for the job, but I’m lonely for a purpose.

  48. I never thought I would survive infidelity and divorce (beyond awful). But God is an expert on making dead things (my heart) live again. I am daring to dream again and God is bringing some purpose into my life. Sometimes I wonder if I’m really going somewhere, but I am hanging on tightly to the author and perfector of my faith.

  49. My husband and I separated a little over a year ago and he recently told me that he was ready to file for divorce and he was praying for the right time to do that. I’ve been living my life this past year waiting for my husband to decide he wanted to come home and be a family again, that’s been my ordinary. I guess it’s time to stop living my life on

    • pause and start stepping out and trying to help people that are in the same situation I’m in. I’m still praying for restoration in my marriage, but I know God has me here for a reason and I think it’s to help people. God can make anything extraordinary!

  50. Life can become ordinary. I know I will have ordinary task like cleaning house, laundry, dishes, cooking,… that will continually happen, but that doesn’t me my whole life should feel “ordinary”, right? I want extraordinary – I want extraordinary for my marriage, my kids, my friendships, my ministry areas, ….!!

  51. My world used to seem ordinary but health issues with family and close friends has rocked that this past 6 months. I want extraordinary in their health and mine. I don’t want to “settle” or worse face the outcome of allowing disease to swallow me up, physically or emotionally.

  52. The part about dreaming again seeming scary totally resonated with me. I think I’ve tried to convince myself that the dreams I felt so passionate about, inspired by, and gifted at pre- marriage and children, must not have been from God, because I don’t see how the 2 can co-exist. Maybe they weren’t from God, I don’t know, but I sure wish I had the courage (and energy, to be honest) to find out!

  53. Wow, what a story. God really can repay for the years the locusts have eaten. : )

    I think I’d sort of been frozen lately…still praying and believing…but just not sure where to go or what to do next. I think it’s probably time for me to take another step out into the unknown. Thanks for the reminder.

  54. Hi,

    My ordinary was a family life, not exactly as I had pictured because there were some unresolved issues with certain family members but always believed God had some purpose for our family. Today, I’m in a whole different ordinary, problems in our marriage because of those same unresolved issues, problems way beyond what I could have ever imagined, but one thing remains is my faith that God can restore everything to make it better than we could ever on our own. Amen.

  55. My ordinary was a family life, not exactly as I had pictured because there were some unresolved issues with certain family members but always believed God had some purpose for our family. Today, I’m in a whole different ordinary, problems in our marriage because of those same unresolved issues, problems way beyond what I could have ever imagined, but one thing remains is my faith that God can restore everything to make it better than we could ever on our own. Amen.

  56. I feel like I am living in the ordinary too much lately. I know that God has extraordinary plans for me and my family and that He desires to do great things through us. I think that I have sort of settled for the ordinary since having kids. Before kids there seemed to be a lot of extraordinary going on. Thanks for the reminder! This was much needed today! 🙂

    • I feel like I am living in the ordinary too much lately. I know that God has extraordinary plans for me and my family and that He desires to do great things through us. I think that I have sort of settled for the ordinary since having kids. Before kids there seemed to be a lot of extraordinary going on. Thanks for the reminder! This was much needed today! 🙂

  57. I see ordinary in my relationships with my spouse, my kids, and my friends. I see how easy ordinary is and how much intentionality extraordinary takes. I need more extraordinary!!!

    • Sometimes recognizing it is the first step to change. Praying that God shows you how to experience the extraordinary he has in mind for you!

  58. My extraordinary life turned nightmarishly ordinary five years ago when I found out my husband hadn’t been paying our mortgage on our beautiful home he built for our family. Over the course of the past five years I came to the realization he had a serious addiction to spending money and last year we ended up losing our home. He has put us through severe emotional abuse and a hell I have never experienced in my life. I have witnessed God through all of this and His protection has been nothing short of miraculous. My husband has still not been completely honest about the things he has done but I can see the Holy Spirit speaking to his heart. I am praying for God to do another miracle and provide us with a real and intimate marriage not just a facade.

  59. In some ways due to finances since we decided I should stay home again has to be ordinary.

    I am simple, our family is simple but I am praying about a way I can feasibly do something extraordinary for my family.


  60. I try to be extraordinary in things that I do.. I love living outside the box and doing things that people don’t expect. I also think this blog post was very timely as we are talking about dreaming big in 2013.. Winning a copy of this book is just what my marriage needs, sometimes i feel like we are just stuck in a rut living the everyday life and could really use something extra..

  61. My ordinary is teaching kindergarten day in and day out… While I know I am changing lives I long to do more. I dream to counsel and help others in places that need me. I wish I could change lives…

    • If you teach kindergarten you are changing lives! Use your position of influence to serve God and those sweet little kindergarteners. Pray God for you to be the most extraordinary teacher and if that is not where He wants you to serve that he will put you somewhere else. You have influence to how these children look at learning for the rest of their lives.

  62. “Ordinary robs you of dreaming beyond the familiar…”. I love those words. I’ve always been a dreamer, but I have to say that right now marriage and motherhood to feel a little ordinary to me. Thanks for the encouragement to pray and take a step towards extraordinary.

  63. My ordinary is …ME. I’ve lost my identity in 6 yrs of being a stay at home Mom. And recently the dream to adopt a child was taken from me. I want to dream again and have vision for myself and family… and act on it. I want the extraordinary but fears are in the way. Lord make a way!

  64. Like so many have said before me, my ordinary is ME! I have a wonderful husband who just recieved a total heart transplant! Husband is doing well, no rejection so far, just myriad side effects of those meds! I am involved with my church activities as well as a master gardener program in our county that is affialiated with the University of Arkansas. This time of year, we (the MG’s) are very busy getting ready for our major fundraiser, the MG Plant Sale. I want to be involved with this more, but my own yard and garden is calling me too! My husband is prohibited from diging in the dirt for a year or more, so the task is up to me. We have already decided that our vegetable garden was too large last year, so we were going to make it smaller. I have only been able to get 1/3 of the area ready to till so far. The weather is still doing funny things here. Today it was 89 degrees, but last week, it was down in the high 20’s! I feel overwhelmed…..

  65. My ordinary is my job. It used to feel good to go and do a good job and see the rewards. Now all I feel is “dread”. The dread of not wanting to be there–wanting days off–out of that office environment all together. Don’t like my new director/boss and the way the clinic is going. Have had many sleepless nights, crying jags over this!

    Praying for God’s plans for me and where He would like me to be in the next 10 or so years.

  66. My ordinary is a cluttered house that I long to organize. I feel we go through the motions of each day and overcommit so we don’t have the time or energy to do extraordinary. We’re trying to make changes now!

  67. Wow! This so spoke to me.Have gone through so much with men over the years. Had finally trusted and thought I was to marry. Found out he was not who I thought he was. I am greatful to God and yet, I have said,”did I hear God correctly?” and “how am I ever going to trust men again and not be a man basher”.I thought this guy was my last chance at trusting.I know I heard God say, one day there will be someone………DON’T want to make the same mistake…………..don’t really want to try………..want to stay safe after I finally heal(when will that come!!!!???) Is that what God wants though!?

  68. I stopped dreaming dozens of lies ago…even ordinary would be better than agony…
    I’m glad your story has a happy chapter in the now, even though you also had the agony of before…but I just don’t believe that it can be that way for me…maybe some dreams just stay dead.