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Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change, writes as a friend offering meaningful encouragement for each season of life so you can see it with hope instead of worry. She and her US Air Force veteran husband, David, have three children and live in Colorado...

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  1. I love your line “step into your gifts.” We were created with purpose — intentional purpose — and we must walk right into it, not create another plan. I’m not sure why it is we fight against our talent, desperately wanting someone else’s. But I know I’m not alone. Thank you for this reminder to embrace the unique, specific ways God calls us to heal and redeem His world. I forget the big picture a lot.

    • Oh, I love the way you say this: “…embrace the unique, specific ways God calls us to heal and redeem His world.” That is what we’re doing when we use our gifts, isn’t it? Beautiful. Thank you, Christan.

  2. Confident is a strong word!! 🙂
    Im learning to be confident in using my gifts. I’ve been feeling defeated lately. But trying to have proper perspective of it all before having my usual knee-jerk reaction of pity, frustration, anger.

    Loved the way you relayed encouragement in this post, through your hubby’s example.

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  4. Thank you…sometimes I’m the kid in the larger-than-life size toy store and sometimes I’m just a kid…I’m still growing into my feet, but I needed to see this, too…thanks again.

  5. Just heard a version of this same message in yesterday’s sermon. What a powerful reinforcement. Thank you for inspiring me today.

    • I love it when that happens ~ when God gives me the same message in more than one place. I always imagine Him saying, “Listen up girl, I’m talking to you!” 🙂 Thank you for being here, Shashi. You are loved!

  6. Kristen,

    I’m learning to be confident in God’s plan for me. No matter what–I may not like it, but must trust Him as He knows best!

    Will step into one of my callings this Sunday and in front of the church do sign language to 2 songs with a friend playing guitar and singing behind me–something new (not having a CD played).

    Love all the challenges He gives us to face! It makes us stronger & better Christians!

    • Oh yes it does make us stronger. Amen and amen.

      And I picture you giving voice to those who cannot hear by signing during worship music, and I’m smiling because what. a. gift! You make your Father smile too, Beth. xo

  7. Oh girl, this struck a chord with me today. You know it is the very message I’ve been trying for years to instill in my children – ‘be you and only you’, ‘God has a specific plan just for you’, ‘nobody can do YOU, like you can do you’ – but here I am struggling to walk in it myself. Thanks for the encouragement, friend!

    • Isn’t that the truth? I can preach something vibrantly to my kiddos and believe it to be true for them with every fiber of my being. Because it IS true for them. But it’s true for me too, and I must believe that just the same. So thankful to have you in this community, Jamie. You are loved!

  8. Oh my, how many times I have tried to take on something that WASN’T MINE?!!
    Certainly not teaching a Physics class…..but in the grand scheme of things, might as well be. God needs me to do MY PART and no one else’s.

    Thanks Kristen! I’m glad you do “your” thing! 😉

  9. Kristin, God’s timing blows me away! As I read this post today I am thinking/preparing to write my first blog post on a new blog I am starting. I needed to hear what you had to share today. Fears and…well, just fears really have been keeping me from writing my first post even though I have a great theme and plans to write about. This hit me with fresh encouragement what you wrote about your husband:”It isn’t his job to worry about all that. It’s his job to walk confidently in the gifts God gave him. To just do the thing God created him to do.”
    I AM confident now that God wants me to start this thing regardless of my talent. He just won’t leave me alone about blogging so I know I need to, and am totally free to follow his direction! I want to rest in the confidence of following my God (like Paul said in Galatians) and not in following my fears.
    For anyone who reads this comment, would you please pray for me today?… to rest and write confidently…for God. Thanks Kristin and incourage for posting this today!!

    • Oh, this: “… to rest in the confidence of following my God (like Paul said in Galatians) and not in following my fears.” Well summed up, friend. YES.

      And I’m praying for you right this second, may you hear God’s voice loudest of all, and may you complete the glorious work you were created to do. That only *you* can do!

      Go, girl! This community is cheering you on somethin’ fierce!

  10. Woo, girl! You are all over this one today. I just started a new job last week (as a battalion executive officer) and by the time Friday was over I was convinced that job was too big for me. I talked to everyone about it, except God. Saturday around 3:00 AM, I was dreaming of my awful week and doubting myself in my dreams! Can you believe that? And I kid you not, I heard this voice in my ear that said ‘Wake Up…” in a very soothing voice. And I knew it wasn’t the enemy because a sense of peace came over me and then I went back to sleep and stopped dreaming about the craziness. On Sunday I was praying to God about what to do and how to tackle this job, and He put this feeling in my heart “first of all, I put you there where you need to be– even if you don’t want to be there– most importantly where I NEED you. But now you are doubting me and asking for the counsel of others. Trust that I have a plan for you”. Immediately I knew that I have what it takes, and this morning I tackled it with joy, knowing that God has the Great Counselor that Holy Spirit is, watching over me to make the right decision. So thank you for this post and re-affirmation of His love. And sorry for the long reply…lol.

    • I loved reading it, Maria. What a beautiful story of a turnaround towards bravery. You make the Philippians 4: 13 verse “I can do all things through him who gives me strength” come alive!

  11. I’ve heard that “who do you think you are” voice running through my head this past week. How did you know? Thank you, once again, for a beautiful post – and for pointing me back to the One who created me to do what the nasty voice says I have no right to do. It’s time to slay the voice.

  12. I love The Message’s version of this verse. Don’t be shy about my gifts (use them to their fullest) but be bold (just do it!) sensible (a little bit of common sense goes a long way) and loving (I need to be this above all else; let His love shine through me).

  13. I read this this am when the in courage round up of posts came through and it helped me today to do the work I needed to do and not think about how it would be received. I love what you said at your blog too I just received with the link here. So, so true of me the cringeing about how certain people may be reacting! X

  14. What a beautiful thing that He created each of us with a gift (gifts) to share with the world in our own unique way…thank you for encouraging us (me!) to show up for it and that in your own unique way!! Love your writing and your enthusiasm! God bless you path with more of Himself!

  15. Another testimony to give of perfect timing – I dropped in for inspiration for some talks I’ll be giving in a few weeks at my church Women’s Retreat. I’m not petrified, but just plagued with doubt (if I should have gotten someone else to do it). And struggling with procrastination. So this timely word from the Spirit through you is great encouragement to get on with it! THANKS!

  16. I just wrote a post today about how it took me a long time before I told my friends and family about my blog. Because sometimes it’s easier to be confident with strangers.

  17. Kristen, Thanks for this post. It spoke loud and clear to me this morning. My confidence in my calling seems to ebb and wane throughout the week. I wish it wouldn’t. I wish I would just step out every day and do what I know God has called me to. But I see and hear many of those same voices you mentioned at Chasing Blue Skies. The very same ones, in fact. So I thank you for your honesty and your words of encouragement. God has used you in my life today. Isn’t that grand?

  18. UM. AH-MAZING.

    I just said YES (“finally,” breathed the angels) to the path that God wants me on.

    In my head I have SO many doubts. Expressed from others, more doubts.

    “It’s not the right time.”

    But God is saying NOW is the right time and I need to comply.

  19. Kristen,
    Beautiful post. I needed to hear it today. So you are in COS? We could be neighbors! I’ve called the Springs home for 15 years this summer- when God called our family here, to build community in the non-profit world for HIM. We are still confident that this is His plan for our lives, all of these years later. We should try to connect soon.
    Thank you again for the great reminders today.

  20. God…is pleased to reveal His Son in me…
    I needed to read this today.

  21. Thanks for this I am about to leave for training as a Chaplain. I needed this. Blessings!