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  1. Always in your hand. Always in your head. Always in your house.
    (Then add Josh. 1:8) And always coming out of your mouth.
    Hhmmm….you’d think God places great importance on His Word or something, huh?

  2. This is an important day to remember that the Lord is our father–even if our earthly father is gone!

    As for always remember scripture–our church does communion weekly to remember what Christ did for us!

  3. Praise God that I grew up in a Christian home and a huge blessing is my son, James, is raising his two sons (ages 7 & 13) up in a Christian home. God is good!

  4. To love the Lord your God, in your heart and to teach this to your sons… imagine our hearts, homes and world taught to love and not to hate what a difference this brings!

  5. What a beautiful Scripture for today, perfect for Father’s Day! Such truth, to love God above all things–thank you for the wonderful reminder!! Blessings!