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Jessica Turner is the author of Stretched Too Thin: How Working Moms Can Lose the Guilt, Work Smarter and Thrive, and blogs on The Mom Creative. Every day is a juggling act as she balances working full-time, making memories with her family, photographing the every day and trying to be...

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  1. I, like Angie, began circling many strengths and skills that applied to me. I had about 10 or 15 circled until I went back and re-read the instructions. I don’t want this point to be lost so I’m going to say it here, and I mean no offense to all of us who took Angie’s approach (as I did, as well). I think it’s uber important that we ONLY choose 3 strengths and 3 skills, just like the directions instruct. Why limit ourselves in this way? Because it REALLY stops and makes you think what the 3 BEST choices are that describe us. If we choose so many, we dilute our focus and then, in the end, we have too many to work with to make sense of it all. I think sticking with the CHOOSE 3 is so important. When I had to take it down to only 3, I had to think about myself more and really get to the heart of my true self. I think this should be stressed.

    Regarding the Social Circle illustration: I find it interesting that the quantity begins very small and as it progresses outward from the circle’s center, the quantity of people grows. This is how it should be. Yet, in the age of Facebook and social media, I’m afraid many have turned the circle inside out.

    Thanks so much, Holley, for sending me this link so I could find it this morning:-)

    LOVD tidings, Lilly

      • I was like Angie and didn’t realize it was suppose to be only three, but I went through and thought “these are what people say about me but I don’t feel it myself”. In the end I only picked 3 and they were right on with what you had on page 26 of the strength test (then I realized we were only suppose to pick 3, so I felt pretty good about that),

  2. Poured myself a cup of coffee then sat down and watched. One of the sentences I really appreciated from chapter one was this, “When you attack yourself, you side with the enemy,” I’ve thought about that a lot in terms of trying to figure out how God has gifted me and how He wants to use me in this season of my life. I’ve also talked about that idea with my kids, trying to encourage them to recognize the lies when they think they’re not good enough or they’re not like anyone else. I loved the section on “Most people don’t,” because I think we’ve all been there. I’ve shared that section with my kids as well.

    • I loved this sentence as well and tweeted it out there as a reminder for myself! My mentor has been trying to drill this in my head, because every time I make a mistake as a mom I make it worse by continually beating myself up about it! Such great stuff!

  3. Oh how I need this book now and I am taking it all in!! I LOVE the videos you do with the book club as it personalizes it more for me. THANK YOU! ♥

  4. Hi ladies! I haven’t started the book yet, but I would love to get started soon. I am HORRIBLE about comparing myself to others — do you think this book would be helpful in that area? I would really like to free myself from the comparison trap and focus on embracing who God made me to be! Thank you!!!

    • Melanie, Yes, I think this would be perfect for that. In chapter one Holley talks about “reading books, doing studies, and listening to sermons that say she needs to give more, have more quiet time, find more friends”. I think that all comes about because we see others doing all that and feel that is what we are suppose to do and it’s not. “You’re already pleasing to me” is what God says to us. Hope you get the book soon.

  5. This book is amazing. It is something I needed to read so much during this time. I am very much a perfectionist. It is a strength at times but is a weakness as well. I am very hard on myself (harder than anyone else) and at times (a lot of times), I don’t see myself as “amazing”.
    There are so many parts of Chapter 1 and 2 that really spoke to me. I love how you talk about how God is pursuing our heart. He stands behind us whispering, “Dear daughter, Come to me. You are weary and burdened. I will give you rest. You’re already pleasing to me.”
    I also loved the quote “You think you have to take what’s broken and make it perfect in order to be used by me. But I think in a completely different way. I took what was perfect, my Son, and make him broken so that you could be whole. And because you belong to him, your brokenness can bring healing to others too.”
    The broken pitcher story by Angie was amazing. Such a different way to look at our brokenness.
    In chapter 2, I liked being able to identify my strengths/skills. Like Angie, I circled a few more than 3. I am still working on to determine my “who”. I loved the quote “You are not enough…in me you are so much more”…
    I am looking forward to more discussion of these 2 chapters. This is an awesome book and I thank God for giving you the words to speak in so many lives. You will touch more than you can imagine.

  6. I’m so glad we’re taking this book in baby steps, just a chapter or two at a time, because that’s what I’m going to need.
    I had to read it over and over again. the first full paragraph on page 24… “So push that guilt aside and give yourself permission to explore who God made you to be.”
    Even this morning, I’m still doing that. I’m still giving myself permission to explore how amazing I really am.
    thank you for this.
    and I trust by Wednesday I’ll have picked my strengths and skills, I’ll feel more comfortable in my own skin, and will be ready to move on! for that’s what I need. and that’s what God is helping me do.
    again — thank you for this.
    All for Him,

  7. OHMYWORD! I bought this book for someone else, and then ended up ordering it for me on my Nook! I LOVE IT!!! Not just because it’s well written, but because I feel like God is speaking straight to my heart and soul! Telling me the things He loves about me and overcoming my fears and issues!

    I think this might be the most bought Christmas present this year! I wonder if I can get a case discount LOL!

    I cannot even express my thankfulness for this book at it’s perfect time! I’m about to go on TWO overseas mission trips + one local this summer and I had some fear about things that don’t even matter… but God is showing (reminding) me my gifts… WOW!!!

  8. GREAT start to the book club, ladies!! I also agree with the first commentor, Lily LOVD about choosing 3 stregnths/skills. I did the same thing, circled about 12 when I realized that focusing on the “top 3” would be much more meaningful for me.

    There is so much wisdom in this book! My very favorite sentences are at the end of Chapter 2:
    “We are chosen, cherished created women who have all we need to fulfill God’s plans for our lives. He has made us just as He wants us to be. We have something to offer that no one else can bring…and the world is waiting.”

    These sentences are so powerful & as a mom of a 7 year old girl, I want to instill these very thoughts in her NOW before the pressures of being an “It Girl” start to arise (I can see them creeping in already!)…I want her to know she is an “IS girl”! 🙂

    Thank you Angie, Jessica & Holly for ministering to us via this book club! LOVE IT!!


  9. I have been reading this book since I got it in the mail. I am learning so much about myself, and how to strengthen my relationship with God and those around me. This book is truly a blessing!

    I’m looking forward to digging deeper and seeing myself in a different light. Thank you so much!

  10. How rewarding to be in this book club. What an encouragement! As one who does not like to focus on myself, I usually draw a blank when asked to list strengths. I know that I have them, but what is the point on focusing on them, right? I should be focused on God and his purposes. However, It was beneficial to choose just 3 strengths, then connect them with skills and ways God uses me to serve his kingdom. Brilliant, I never knew that I was amazing and an (Is) girl.

  11. i feel this book has come at an important time in my life….i will be arriving at a milestone, age-wise, in my life soon. my children are adults, living away from my husband & i. i have had self-image problems all my life….feeling like i’ve never been ‘enough’. it caused a lot of bad decisions in my life….and being a good (ex) catholic girl, guilt has always been chasing me….i also have an on-going health problem, which i try to look as as paul did with his ‘thorn’….but i find myself on my knees more often than not asking to be healed. i have already gleaned alot of wonderful thoughts from this book…just trying to figure out how to let God convince me that they are true about me!! let’s just say, i’ve yet to find 3 strengths about myself…need i say more!?!? really enjoyed your video and pray that God will keep using you all to bless so many more woman…..we are definitely living in a time when women need to truly understand and believe who they are in God’s plan…..thanks so much for listening!

    • I’m at that same season, my “baby” graduates and my daughter married a year ago. The house is so quiet and in that quietness I’ve been asking “who am I?” so chapter 2 is a bit harder for me. I’m taking it slow. My son asked me a long time ago “mommy, what will you be when I grow up” well, he’s grown and I’m still trying to figure it out.

  12. I, like Angie, really would like some information on where Hollie got to be a certified life coach. There are alot of schools on internet trying to get your business. What is good? What works? Where did you get yours from Hollie?

    • I went to her website and looked around. She has a link in the section on life coaching that I think is where she got it from. Down by the section titled “More details”.

  13. I am so thankful for this book. I have struggled with the need for approval from men instead of seeking the only opinion that matters. I have been on the performance treadmill for far too long, constantly trying to be who everyone wants me to be, who I think I need to be. Thanks to this book, I am learning to be who God wants me to be and finding freedom in God’s grace.

  14. I get the video but no audio! Is there a contact phone number or place I can ask “Why?” I was looking forward to studying your wonderful book with you this morning.

    • Hi Wini! The volume seems to be working so you might check your computer and/or speakers to see if anything is turned down or on mute. Hope that helps! 🙂

  15. Last week I had a moment with God where I believed He asked me to be more and do more for Him. These first two chapters were just what I needed! After reading I completely understand what I am suppose to do and be. He wants me to be more of myself, not be more in general. I have been questioning who I am and what I am doing in my life. How am I glorifying Christ in all that I do? I am suppose to use my strengths and my skills to glorify Him. He gave me these wonderful gifts and He simply wants me to use them to be more in Him. (Click! It all makes sense!) God totally put this book in my hands so that I could grow more in Him and understand that He has given me all the resources I need to give all the praise to Him. Amazing!

  16. This book has been a complete blessing to me!! I knew from the start it was going to be good, I just had no idea how perfect this book is for my life! My closest friend is hours away in college so our schedules never coincide to catch up on each other. “You’re Already Amazing,” has helped me cope with not having her daily support that I thrived on for years. When I bought the book I was simply expecting to read a chapter or two during study breaks from school work….I was wrong!! I literally had to force myself to put the book down!! Its like the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” it truly fits every sweet girl no matter what phase of life we find ourselves in! Glad I found it and very eager to share it with everyone!!! Thank you so much!!!

  17. I can’t tell you how perfectly well timed this book is in my life right now. God is amazing! I have been trying to cope with the idea that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in a time when my divorce is almost final and I feel like more of a failure at life than anything amazing at all. These are words I need to hear…

  18. I know in my head that I’m amazing because God made me that way. My heart has trouble remembering that sometimes. I’m a mom to three and wife for almost 7 years and I’m totally in the boat where I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time because I don’t feel cut out for what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but there are many times where I’m like “Are you sure this is where I’m supposed to be God?”.

    I printed out the “worksheets” and stuff so I had them out next to me while I’m reading. I liked the strengths finder thing, I’ve done something similar but it was in my freshman year at college so it’s been a while… And it was interesting to see what has or hasn’t changed. And I really haven’t changed all that much but I know more where I fit and how to use my strengths. (Well, I have ideas anyway!)

    This is good stuff! I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  19. I am so thankful for this book and to hear you discuss it. But I am having a hard time hearing Jessica and Angie talk. I can hear Holley just fine and I’m hoping there is some way you can speak up for an older woman who wants to hear everything you say.

  20. I confess, I don’t think I’m amazing because “most people DO.” I feel like I have nothing new to offer. Lots of people blog, lots of people make meals for others, lots of people are crafty like me, … I’m just average!

    That being said, I’m loving the book and my twitter stream is going to explode with all the great things I’m reading! Thank you!

  21. I am really enjoying this book sofar. I especially loved the strengths and skills bit… I really took my time with it, and was surprised that the answers were not what I had assumed they would be, but when i think about it, are really consistent with my character over time. I love the thought that I am not who other people say I am… i think that bogs me down sometimes because I (probably wrongly) assume some pretty nasty things about myself based on what others say… I have also been keeping reminding myself about being “fearfully and wonderfully made”, such a lovely thought!

  22. “Being broken doesn’t exclude you from being amazing”

    Holley…I needed to hear that! Loved it! Thank you!

    • YES, Karen! I think this might be my favorite sentence from all of the pages of the first two chapters and all of the minutes of the video. What a beautiful sentence!

  23. There is so much in these first and second chapter that I’d like to note and expound on, but I think I’ll just sum up the main idea that I got after reading the first chapter:

    I am HORRIBLE about comparing myself to others. I always think, “if I only looked that way, had that degree, had that job, that house, those clothes, was hospitable or outgoing like ‘her’…” etc. It was such a great reminder that we are ALREADY amazing not because of anything we have done or could do, but because of what GOD did for us. It’s tough falling back into the lie of believing that what we do or how we act is what makes us right with God… when, really, it’s only GRACE that makes us so amazing… makes GOD so amazing. (so much for summing it up hehe)

    One point that really opened my eyes was on page 17. “…It’s an endless game of ‘tag-you’re it’ that exhausts us all and makes us competitors rather than sisters.” Usually, it’s comparing yourself with the world that really takes its toll, however, it is also even among women in the church!

    Chapter two was a good exercise to be reminded how God has given us each strengths and skills. I loved what Holley writes on page 32, “While what we do may change, the reason we do it stays the same. ‘Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.’ (1 Cor. 10:31).” Amen!

  24. Thank you for having this book club!
    I have been following Holley’s blog for about a year, and now that I’m reading the book, I’m hoping interact more with the broad perspectives of things discussed here. The video and chats here surely help!
    I appreciate the nuggets of wisdom/perception on a few things, e.g. God’s “is girl” versus the “it girl”, “most people don’t” but I (we) do, and also, the smashed-but-placed-together pitcher analogy. We could be so broken, but held together by our Lord for a glorious purpose that goes beyond the extent of our life.
    And ha ha, I’m one of those who have circled more 7 or 8 strengths only to realize that I was supposed to pick three, and ponder upon how I could serve others and shine w/ just the 3 best strengths that I’ve got.
    The quote from Dean Kerns on page 35, “All we take with us into eternity are our relationships with God and each other” got me into deep thinking… Do you have anything to add on the thought? 🙂

  25. I started reading this last night after the kids went to bed and I was totally in awe of the first two chapters! I went to bed with a full heart and big plans for an awesome new day today! I slept well and got up early to a beautiful day…did a few things around the house before the kids got up (because I am amazing like that!) and was full of the spirit. Two hours later, craziness started! I’m being totally transparent here…my tween daughter and I have been butting heads and by 10:00 we had already had two disagreements. My husband has been gone for 10 days traveling and when I asked my son to cut the grass, he complained and whined about it. I went up to my room and just lost it. I was so disappointed in myself because I wanted the day to go so differently. I called a dear friend, explained about reading the book and how could I let this happen and this is what she said to me…”that is the devil slinging mud at you because he knows you are full of the spirit right now”…it was all I needed to hear. Thank you Holley for this book…I can’t wait to read more.

  26. I am so excited for this book study. I’ve read the book all the way through once as I reviewed it on my blog a few weeks ago. However, I am now more slowly and diligently going through the book as we discuss it together.

    I’m in a season of my life where I am finding it difficult to see how God can use me. I’m dealing with a horrific illness that caused me to have to stop working and I spend much of my time in bed or in my recliner. I miss the day to day ministry I had as a chaplain. And yet I still feel the call to be a minister. I am hopeful that as we journey together through this book, I will be open to hearing how God can still use me even in my broken state.

    • C.C., I know how you feel. I have fibromyalgia, too. It is difficult to be a servant when I can’t even get dressed some days, although I am much better now than I once was. It is hard not being reliable. I never had a day-to-day ministry, but I can imagine giving up something like that would be traumatic. I will pray for you as you seek to become more sensitive to God’s voice. Jeremiah 29:11

  27. I started this book last week after my dear friend Tina blessed me with a copy. To say that this book has touched me is an understatement. I think I wasn’t even off page 13 when I sent a quick email to Tina as it was something her and I had just been talking about days before.

    This book came at the perfect time and I look forward to reading the rest.

  28. This has been such a wonderful thing for me right now. Within this past year I have started depression medications because I have struggled with chronic depression, a horrible addiction to self-injury, and an eating disorder for the past six years. All of which stems from a lack of self worth. Over the past few years God has been doing wonderful things in my life in the midst of my struggles. I have developed a closer relationship with him than I have ever had in the past. God has opened so many doors for me to use my story to reach other hurting people around the world. However, I still constantly need reminders of how God sees me! This book has done just that!

    I think my favorite chapter was chapter 2. When you are on depression medications it becomes so easy for the devil to whisper lies into your ear. Some days I begin to doubt who I am. I question if the real me is the depressed woman or the medicated woman. I then begin to fall into a downward spiral of self-pity and confusion. Chapter 2 reminded me that the real me is neither of those women. I am a daughter of the King. I am wonderfully made and gifted with unique strengths and skills! No mental, physical, or emotional disorder changes who God created me to be! I am already amazing whether medicated or not!

    • Wow. I am amazed at your strength, Kae.
      It is so neat that you see and are thankful for the positives throughout all this.
      Yes, and having a closer relationship with our Father is a real benefit. He loves you so much and always wants to be with you.
      I have a husband who rarely acts like he wants to be around me, because of his depression. But I am so thankful that Jesus always wants to be with me. He’s so awesome.
      Thanks for sharing your heart, dear one.

  29. We are ALL Already Amazing…we all have different strengths and skills to being to the table. ” I believe the desires to know who we really are has been placed within us by heaven itself.” pg. 23. I love that…and when I think of it I feel a peace in knowing that they are MY strengths and My skill ( as well as MY weaknesses) that MY God gave ME. I really don’t compare myself to others but there were & are people in my life who compared me to others…and I would let that seep into my being. When that happens I keep my head up and pray for strength. I guess that falls under pg. 18 “most people don’t”…I totally agree that those three words…”ping, ping, ping”… in my mind as well like pebbles against a glass window. I can be very happy with me and I know that I’m Already Amazing (plus I have a dear husband who tells me that all of the time ) but others seem to not see it and that becomes hurtful. Not that I need to be told. To be honest I think it’s the evil one working jealously & envy into them. Thank you Holley for writing this book & for your beautiful words…and to you , Jess and Angie for doing this book club. I have been blessed by each of you.

  30. I want to say thank you soooo much to the ladies that bought an extra book so others could join in the study!! I am one of those who benefitted and can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to read such a wonderful, encouraging and godly book!! Thank you!!!

    I could not download the video sadly because my computer is getting too old and doesn’t accommodate vimeo but I am so very encouraged by Holley’s many wonderful points. This book is truly a gift in more ways than one!! Thank you to all who made this study possible, Angie and Jessie, dayspring and all those behind the entire works!! God bless you, each one!!

    • Maria-most public libraries have new computers. You can use for free. Or if you live near a college or university you can access them there as well. Good luck!

  31. Such wonderful comments here, I am so encouraged by what others see in this fabulous book. What a blessing it is to be able to share these ideas with one another. Wonderful video of chapters 1 & 2!

    I was so excited to start this book. And when I got to page 16 and read the words, “It’s time you knew you’re amazing,” I just cried and cried and cried some more.

    Holley, I have been seeing a wonderful therapist for six months now. I took this book into her office with me this morning for my visit and I felt like I was able to lay bare some ongoing issues I have been dealing with. Something about reading this book right now, and having the compassionate hand of a trained therapist to hold, along with the arms of a loving God…wow. Good stuff is coming for me. Thank you!!

  32. I recently started this book and OMG! It has been revolutionary for me. To think that the guilt and perfectionism that I hold myself to isnt what God wants! He loves me as I am and wants me to do the same. I almost wept with relief!!!!

  33. Wow. I just finished reading and rereading Chapters 1 & 2 and all I can say is wow. It is like Holley got inside my brain and heart and spoke directly to me. I have always felt like I wasn’t enough…not pretty enough, smart enough, talented enough, perfect enough, strong enough. After reading just the first two chapters, I am beginning to realize I am enough…I am just as God wants me to be. His creation and His masterpiece. I need to be more aware of that and open my heart to it. I have drifted away from myself, my true self, in trying to please everyone the last few years and have almost completely lost the person I was created to be. In reading and rereading this book and reading the comments here from other women, I hope to return to my true self and open my heart and mind to what God created me to be. I am stronger, smarter and prettier than I realize. I am perfect…the perfect me that God created me to be.

  34. So many “Nuggets in the first 2 Chapters” Thank You but I really was drawn to page 34 Chapter 2 Who I Am Really? busting the myth among women “Everyone else has lots of relationships, but not me.” Then quoted the USA statistic so affirming for me and that I’m normal and doing okay in the relationship area. The enemy really had gotten a hold on me with this! Wow…..looking forward to Chapter 3 & 4….Pam

    • Pam – I also found that statistic interesting. I think that the media/Hollywood makes a lot of the areas in our lives seem “not the normal” when they really are very much the norm.

  35. The connection between the strengths and the skills looking different in different seasons of my life is great. I often feel like I’m always having to shift my focus and would just love to be able to do one thing and one thing well, but really it’s about using my strengths as they’re needed!

  36. Thank you so much to those that donated money for books for those that needed them. I received mine a few days ago and am enjoying it so much. It is just what I needed! To know I make a difference is important. Even the smallest detail in someone`s life matters because I have had a part in it.

  37. Hahahaaa…..ok. I *won* the book, wanting it of course, but not thinking it was “for me” at all…thinking I wanted to read it to see how we could use it in our Women’s Ministry, how I could recommend it to the young mom’s that I co-lead at church, to refer it to others for THEM to read….well….hahahaaa….the jokes on me!!

    I’ve been reading it for a few weeks now, and didn’t think that I’d want to *DO* the book…I’d just “read” it. Oh Holley. Goodness gracious girl. Straight to my heart.

    I LOVED the skills/strengths “tool” – (yeah, not to be a big project…lol). BUT my MOST favorite parts of this first section (Chapters 1&2) was where you say that whole thing on “Most People Don’t” and also the bit on “You’re God’s IS Girl” (I actually re-read that title several times, thinking it was a typo!! It took me reading in to the chapter to realize what you meant by that….I’m glad that I did! I will use that lesson over and over with my “girls”. <3

    I'm not only referring others to this book, and think I'll lead a group for it next fall, but I think that it should be essential for every woman to read. No. Matter. Who. You. Are. If it doesn't apply to you today, it may tomorrow. And if not YOU, then you'll be able to bless someone else with what insight you've gained. Like Holley mentions in the book, our circumstances and seasons in life will constantly be changing. Amen!

    Holley, better start a "girls edition" to use with Jr/Sr High age girls!! This would be a GREAT lesson for them to learn early on!! Can you imagine how powerful the next generation of women/wives/moms will be? Not powerful because of anyone or anything, besides the freedom to be who God created them to be!! AMAZING!!

    On the technical side, I agree with the earlier post – sound quality needs to improve. I had my speakers turned up all the way and really had to pay close attention.

    And Holley, where was your cuppa tea?? And you don't have to go hidin' your drawl for all of us….you can let a "y'all" slip every now and again to remind us you're a Southerner… 🙂

  38. I just love that in only 2 chapters, I know my strengths, skills, and how I am gifted to apply them.
    Also, I now have a prayer that gets me excited.
    “Lord, please use me in new ways with the strengths with which you have blessed me. Use my funny nature and my friendly nature to help women my age. Whether I am to relate to them, encourage them, create with them, whatever – just guide me to use these strengths and skills to further Your Kingdom.”

  39. I can relate to the part on page 20 about God using our brokenness to bring healing to others. Some of the broken parts of my life have been used by the Lord in very healing ways, bringing healing to me and the other person at the same time. There is just something about being about to talk to a person, who has “been there, done that” that makes it:
    easier to open up,
    easier to not feel judged, pittied or put down,
    easier to say the words, the hurt that needs to come out!
    Because I have been through so much in my life, the Lord has placed me in what seems like strategic positions to help others, but it really helps me just as much. God is so good.

  40. Read the first two chapters on Saturday and I really enjoyed them. I have often struggled with not being enough… I loved how Holley pointed out that we aren’t enough, but we can be more than what we ever imagined through God’s help! Such an awesome reminder. There were so many quotes that I jotted down. Thanks for taking the time to make the video and talking through it with us. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  41. I already feel so blessed by this book. I struggle with allowing myself to admit that God sees me as amazing. The real, true me is a beautiful mosaic that He sees as amazing. I want to teach this virtue to my children but first I need to learn and accept it within my own heart and soul.
    Also, I have never considered that instead of viewing a friendship that has since come and gone as a failure; I should view it as a wonderful success and blessing for a specific season of my life. As I heard that on the video this evening, it spoke to my heart so much. I felt as though perhaps I hadnt experienced the magnitude of that statement until I had both read it and heard it. My heart feels a peace that it has not felt since that friendship ended.

  42. What a timely God send! I am truly amazed Holley at how you instantly draw me in with the way you put the words together just so on the page – it speaks more volumes into the lives of women than you could possibly imagine (especially me!) – we are just developing a team for women’s ministry at our church and the women have been asking “how can I be anything to others when I don’t know what I can do?” this book is going to become one of the tools in our toolkit. Each woman is fearfully and wonderfully made to be her…and that my friends is more than enough!

  43. I am at a turning point in my life as previous stay at home mom with 4 kids but now two are out of the house and the other two are teens so will be out before I am ready. I have a teaching degree but having difficulty finding a teaching job. Tried foster care but we didn’t get any placements that worked with our schedule. I am hoping this book will help my relationship with God so I can be understand my calling for the good of His kingdom.

  44. I just want to start out by saying that I believe that God placed this book into my life as a confirmation for the path that he has been leading me to for sometime, I just never had the confidence to embrace the calling. As I was working through my strengths the 3 that popped out to me were Encouraging, Positive, & Trustworthy. These are things that I always try to put into every aspect of my life. The skills that I circled were Connecting, Motivating & Supporting. These are strengths and skills that I can use when working for God. Yes I do have other strengths but when I put in the element of working for God these are the ones that really fit my life. I have always felt that I was drawn to help other women who were struggling with doubt like I have and I feel that I am at my best when I am listening and encouraging them through the truths of God’s word. I love to help people and be able to speak a positive word of encouragement into their lives even when I might be going through a trial. I also try to encourage my husband to have more confidence in his ability to handle situations and storms that comes into our lives. I feel I have grown in my walk with God over the past few years to where I am able to listen to Him more than I listen to myself. I have had times of doubt but God has pulled me through it and helped me to grow from the experience.

  45. Wish I had these other ladies problems of having to narrow down to three. I am still struggling with picking any. I love this book and I love the sitting down to “coffee” or hot chocolate and I want to believe what you have to say. You say it so lovingly and gently and it is so refreshing. But I think I will have to move a whole lot slower into the strengths and skills section. Thank you for writing this book!

  46. thank you so much for doing this book study. It is exactly what i need in my life right now. After being in corporate world for 10 years i’m now blessed to be a stay at home mom and struggling with “who I am” now that i don’t support us financially and don’t have a team of people relying on me and my work. I am struggling to discover my passion and who I am meant to be in this season of my life and this is book has been wonderful. Thank you so much for being such a blessing in my life. Looking forward to the rest…and I’ve already ordered some to share with some amazing women in my life as a gentle reminder that they, too, are great!

  47. I have more to write but in summary: this book is the bomb! (that is a good thing). Love, Angie from Boston.

  48. Thank you for this book. I am truly lost right now…or so it seems. God has called me so strongly since January…and He led me to this group of women and this book. I am so hungry for the Word and figuring out who I am in Christ. I am a person who has dealt with alot of black and whites in her life…things either are or they aren’t. There was no gray areas. I am always searching for a checklist or a list of things to do in order to be perfect, keep my house in order, have good relationships, etc. I have always been so critical….doing the strength assessment was so hard for me! I know that in the video she circled alot of things…but it was hard for me to find 3. I am hoping I learn more about who I am in Christ and who made me……I yearn to find peace and rest. I had a hard time with the relationships exercise as well…turns out I give it all away and think of everyone as heart relationships……and in that I’ve lost my boundaries..and have no margin! I’m thanking God for this book right now. I’ve honestly struggled starting Chapter 3 because its all about confronting why you don’t feel amazing. I’m scared…because I’ve always felt I’m not amazing…but I’m going to power through! I know I will feel so much better knowing I’m amazing than believing I’m not…..Thank you!

  49. Reading through the comments I can’t wait to my book which I just ordered today !
    I have been doing the devotional book “Gods heart for you” and have enjoyed so much.
    I ordered them and gave one to each one of my daughters for valentines day!



  50. Yay! Finally got to watch the first video during naptime. We moved from TN to Seattle last year, and hearing Holley & Jessica’s Southern accents is like music to my ears! Thanks girls!!!

  51. I’m a little late getting around to watching this, but I’m so thankful for this book in my life in this season. I have my corporate life together, and the family thing is ok, but I’m missing the “God sized dream” part where I feel like I’m doing something meaningful to make an impact for God with the skills & strengths He’s blessed me with. Looking forward to working through the rest of this book!

    • Hi Crystal! I read your comment just now and realized that this topic (which is on the hearts of so many of us!) was the topic on the (in)courage blog today!

      Hope it helps! Those (in)courage girls are truly wonderful! And by the looks of your ADORABLE picture, it looks like you are already doing some pretty meaningful and WONDERFUL things for God! Keep it up, girl!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! :0)

  52. Holley, Angie & Jess, thank you for this video! I am SO EXCITED about beginning this book study!!!

    I LOVED “The Source of Your Strengths” on page 26 & 27, Angie’s pitcher story on page 20, the encouraging words on pages 29 & 33, all of pages 39 & 40, and “The End (and the Beginning)” on page 21…”We step into early evening. The lights outside are just starting to really shine. And maybe, just maybe, the ones inside are too.” :0)

  53. I can’t put into words how much I can identify with this book… Wow this is just the beginning of a transformation I am looking forward to happen to me… I am so ready for change… I am so ready to stop believing the lies that I am not enough…. I can’t put this book down… I’m loving it… thank you Holly…. you are gifted….God Bless You!!

  54. Ok, I am a little late to this party…. (will do better next week!)
    Holley: I love your comment in the video — “Brokenness doesn’t exclude you from being amazing.”
    The one line that really helped me the most in chapter 2 was “Rather than wishing you were different, stop and say, ‘I am getting away from my strengths right now.’ — That one piece of advice is life changing.

    I also really enjoyed doing the mind map drawing where we connected our skills and strengths — I see now how all of my skills stem out of the spiritual gift of encouragement — whether I am teaching, writing, praying … it all goes back to encouragement at the heart.

    I am really enjoying the book so far!

  55. I am struggling to ad pmit that I am having a hard time finding my strengths. Skills I can identify but strengths…they are eluding me. Will someone join me in prayer on that?

    • Kristin, I’ll pray with you (and for you) on that point.
      Lord, Kristin needs to see with Your eyes how You made her strong in areas of her character and personality. Show her how You developed her skills from these strengths, and how we glorify You when used for Your purposes. Let her feel Your presence in her right now..not to struggle in this, but to just identify with it…that it’s OK to be strong ….in balance with Your moving…..In Jesus’ Name…amen
      (and yeah, i agree on the whole spell check typo’s LOL!!)

      • Marina, thank you so very much for praying with me. What a blessing you just gave me!

  56. I love these!! I am just wondering if you can turn up the volume. I can’;t seem to turn it up anymore at this end!! Thanks so much!

  57. Thanks for this study. Being amazing is a new concept for me. I mean I can put up the front but inside I still have those old insecurities. As I started reading this book, it was (is) still unbelievable to me that I am already amazing. BUT, I believe the Word of God is true and if He says I am, then I need to believe it. Looking forward to continuing this journey even though I’m a little behind.

  58. I really enjoyed reading the first 2 chapters already. I have been struggling with how we, as women, are in competition with other sisters in Christ (pg. 17). I wrote, “How do we get past that level?” I feel like I’m growing in my relationship with the Lord, but I am praying for a woman with whom I can be transparent about my walk with Him and encourage her in her walk also. Sometimes, it’s so hard to find real friends because that competing spirit rears its ugly head.

    I was fascinated by the strengths, skills, relationships focus of ch. 2. I know what my strengths are, but to see how my strengths, skills, and relationships come together was encouraging to me. Right now, my life is in transition mode (we welcomed our second son to our family 3 weeks ago). I just needed to hear that all those areas will change with seasons in our lives. What I did before I had kids may not be suitable for my life right now, and that’s ok! God will give me new opportunities to share my strengths and skills with others, and I pray that I will be a blessing to those with whom I’m in relationship with at those times.

  59. Yesterday. I stumpled across this website while browsing the internet. I loved it so much that I immediately took my lunch break to go to Barnes and Nobel to pick up this book. Before I could complete Chapter 1, I had sent out over a dozen facebook posts to women I knew to go out and purchase the book and read it with me! Simply Amazing it is!

    I’m not sure what to say. God has blessed me with so many gifts that until know I wasn’t really sure how to even use them or who they were for. I know that he gets the glory out of everything, but through reading, I have realized my gifts have more purpose and that was one of the things that I began to lack. I never want to feel insignificant in serving God and sometimes we compare ourselves to others that have the same gift but even better. If the gifts that God has given me only touches one life for the Kingdom, I feel like I have accomplished more than the person that touches 10,000.