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Randi is a wife and mom of two kids. Living in the Holland Michigan she loves to immerse herself in studying the Bible and discovering truth and answers for everyday living. Her honest, practical writing is evident of this. Her hope is to continue to explore God’s truth through creative...

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  1. Randi this so.sounds like my life right now. The following really ” found” me exactly where I am today….

    ”The power of God is at work here. Only the Lord could make me have a desire to rest in His promises. Left to myself, I would lose the battle with fear. ”

    Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

    • This is a truth that I have to admit I haven’t wanted to face in my life so glad to know others are on the same journey. God Bless!

  2. You really articulated all that I’ve been feeling since August. Some says I feel strong and believe He is with me in all the mess I’m having to deal with now and other days I feel totally forgotten. In my quiet time a week ago it hit me that I need to just rest in Him. I’ve done all that I can and it is in His hands now. I have to believe He has the master plan for my life so I’m now accepting that I have to let go and let Him fight my battles and deal with my situations.

    • Leslie, I feel your pain! I can’t quite stop fighting myself and my emotions some days. Living out trust in Him means I relinquish my fears, unmet expectations and dreams and choose to believe in His promises. It’s a daily thing for me most days. Romans 15:13 Blessings to you.

  3. I am feeling you on all this! It’s an ongoing thing too, right? Not just giving it to God, but -leaving- it with him. Sometimes the fear and doubt & wondering how we’re going to make it through take hold again. It leaves me wondering “where did the peace go?”. Eventually the reason occurs to me, I’m relying on myself again.
    Thank you for sharing your circumstance. It’s very comforting & renewing to hear others situations & how they give it to Jesus & not look back. 🙂

    • Sarah, thanks for your encouragement. It’s good to know that so many have felt, or feel, the way I do. I am finding I have to keep revisiting the stories of men and women of faith from Scripture. I learn so much about trusting God through their struggles. We need the Lord each moment don’t we? Praying for a blessed day for you today.

  4. So moving, stirring, and so true!
    It is only when we stop trying to fight the battles of life ourselves that God steps in and sees us through.
    An inspiring post!
    Blessings to you!

  5. “I have to face my weakness in order to embrace His suffiency.” That phrase is going in my quote book…the truth of it moved my old stubborn heart today. It is in knowing Him that gives us hope and strength to “be still” or “to wait” which has been what the what He has been softly singing in my soul for several months now. Thank you for the honest post. Blessing

  6. Beautiful words this morning. Embedded and knowing the promises of God. A wonderful place to be. The power of God working on my behalf. Thank you.

    • I too love the image of being Embedded in God’s promises. It helps me regain trust when doubt and fear re-emerge! Thanks for commenting.

  7. Um. Seriously. Never read / heard that Bible passage before and you know how there are “life verses” that people cling to.

    Well, good golly, that’s mine.

    “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:14 NIV)

    I am always looking for BIGGER BETTER SOONER; being impatient with the NOW is my BIGGEST personal struggle (probably left over “not good enough” child syndrom).

    THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE VERSE (well, for blogging about it…cuz God wrote it haha)

    • Kaitlin, so true…God did write this one. Even today I have awaken to a renewed battle for trusting in His timing and His perspective on my situation. I too deal with the “not good enough” stuff! Finding all these fun comments has helped re-direct me back to the truth that God is still ruling! Glad you found what you needed from Him today!

  8. How did read my mind? God’s word for me for 2012 is trust. What He is showing me is that I cannot be in control and trust at the same time. I have to choose. Do I fight it – you bet – but thanks to His grace I am learning and leaning into His arms a little more each day and struggling a little less.

    • Kathleen, I think this a theme for me as well…and I’m sure so many! I like what you said about “I cannot be in control and trust at the same time.” so TRUE!

  9. It’s like you wrote exactly what my injured brain can not articulate right now–down to the part where I don’t exactly even know what to pray for at times, except for the ability to rest in him and be secure that in time, everything will be okay. I will be healed, or I won’t, but through HIM, I will be okay.
    Bless you for these words.

    • I pray that you find rest for your soul today Jennifer. We are all safe in His arms even when we really don’t feel safe. Thanks for reminding me of this.

  10. I have been in the midst of the most difficult years of my life and, at the same time, in the midst of the best years of my life. God has become so precious to me as I trust and let go. It is scary but exciting. I cry because I am grieve the losses and then because I am overwhelmed with the goodness of God. I love the words you wrote “nestled between a rock and a hard place.” I picture myself leaning on Christ, the Rock, as I am caught in my “hard place. ” I know this is when I am suppose to be and God is at work…and most of that is in me! I was encouraged by your words.

    • Lisa, I’m so glad you found encouragement. So often the struggles reveal how little I know about God and myself. And yet, God uses them to teach me how encompassing He is…that I can be leaning on Him and experience deep trial and still be safe. God Bless.

  11. True faith is born out of our adversities.
    Someone shared this in our small group this morning.
    How can we have faith if that faith has not yet been tested?
    God is always faithful to show himself, to make himself known, if we will but allow him to.

    • Hi Wendy,
      God is faithful but we have to be tested in order to know this don’t we. I’m so happy that someone found this worthy of sharing at small group!