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Christina Parker Brown homeschools 3 girls since 2001 and founded a play group in 1998 that evolved into a Homeschool Adventure Group. She is a logophile (lover of words) and attempts to capture grateful everyday moments with words and a camera. Her writing is inspired from her faith in Jesus,...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. A challenging perspective — as an amateur photographer I have been taught to look all around before focusing my camera. Now I am challenged to do that in all my life . . . thank you.

  2. Notice….that was my word for 2011 (since I haven’t picked a word this year…I’ll continue NOTICING, haha)

    Being a big fan of photography, you are so right about the “still shots” portrayed in our jpgs….and if we aren’t careful it’s so easy to “freeze frame” a life, a person, a stranger, a friend! I guess, it takes looking with more than a glance, but looking with more compassion and understanding to get the WHOLE picture. The true perspective. And when we can learn something there, then sometimes we can see where we need to act and what the best course of action is.

    Very thought provoking post, thank YOU 😀

  3. Very well said. Even as a photographer trying to capture an event, a person, place or thing, the trick to somehow communicate and reflect all that I can to the viewer. To become awake to all that is around us in the midst of daily life is a mission and well worth the attention required to see it. Thanks for the wake up call this morning.

  4. What a beautiful thought, that is something we (usually) are able to do with our children because they are our miracles, but think of putting difficult situations into that perspective constantly and seeing how people have a past and pain and how we need to know there is more outside our peripheral (as you say) and to be more compassionate!

  5. The timespan of God is a concept that I often struggle with.

    Understanding that God has me as a WORK IN PROGRESS and that IT TAKES TIME (and not just MY time; but HIS time) is a hard pill for me to swallow.

    I often wrestle with the “right in front of me” without searching for the Lord’s peripherals. But what amazing wingspan of The Lord’s sight and love for us.


  6. I’ve been getting convicted lately about NOT noticing as much as I could or should about those around me… little things like their facial expressions when nobody is watching, like whether they’re dealing with physical ailments, like what truly makes their eyes light up and puts a sincere smile on their faces. Thanks for this timely reminder of widening our gaze to include the peripheral things.

  7. This is beautiful. You have such a way with words (you logophile, you…). Sometimes I get stuck in my own little picture, and I need a kick to remind me that there is a “peripheral”. Thanks for the kick!! 😀

  8. Thank you Christina! Sometimes we focus on “bad” things so that we can’t even see “good” things! I have a job ahead of me like you described, and your words encourage and motivate me to see beyond the thing right in front of GO ON..even when I don’t want to. Thank you, and God bless you! 🙂

  9. If we could see the big picture instead of what is right before us, I think we would see a completely different picture, God is doing so much that we can’t see, and although I can’t see it, I do believe there is so much more, He is a More God!

    Enjoyed your insights, thanks for sharing with us here.

  10. I love the perspective of your words, Christina. We are encouraged often that we only see a little of God’s big picture. Your analogy to peripheral vision won’t soon leave my memory. How blind we are! Blessings to you.

  11. This is a beautiful example of a post that can speak to all the areas in our lives! Our relationships, jobs, financial security (or insecurity), self-worth, investment in others… the list goes on.

    I had to tweet a link to this, Christina. It’s that good! 🙂