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  1. I look forward to spending time with my family celebrating the most wonderful birthday of them all.

  2. My kids are finally old enough to really get what Christmas is all about. It’s such a joy to hear them talk about Jesus and also be so giving. I really love Christmas and I enjoy celebrating with my family, in front of the fire place, with lots of good food. 🙂

  3. Just the actual day of Christmas being here and spending the entire day with family. Often we only get so many hours together if we are lucky, but on this day we are together as a family for the entire day.

  4. Being with family for the first time this year and my first christmas with my husband. I’m absolutely excited!

  5. We miss family, flung to far corners of the country–but LOVE to celebrate Immanuel–God WITH us. What a concept; and I am so grateful for His Presence.

  6. I look forward to all the little children from our small town church singing “Away in a Manger” after the Christmas pagent….so precious!!!

  7. I love the christmas lights, and the candlelight service on Christmas Eve, and snuggling up wtih kids and grandkids to watch Christmas movies.
    karen 🙂

  8. There are so many things I love about Christmas, but my most favorites are, reading scripture daily & adding ornaments to our Jesse Advent tree & Christmas music.

  9. What I look forward to this Christmas most? Being in the dark place that I am it’s hard to look forward to Christmas especially since there’s no family to celebrate it with. None the less, I do look forward to Christmas eve. I asked my mom to go down town with me, enjoy dinner together and then go to the church service. That is my Christmas! And I am glad for Christmas eve: the lights, the songs in church, the cold outside. I remember last year we had snow… how wonderful that would be this year.

  10. This time of year is so full of hustle & bustle – I’m looking forward most to having that part be finished, and winding down to the actual celebration of the holiday. Spending time with family, candlelight services, Christmas carols, and all those yummy Christmas goodies 🙂

  11. having our son home from school, before he goes on a mission trip. having our middle daughter and her family here right after Christmas.

  12. I look forward to the decorating of the house with my kids, the traditions we have made together since I have none to pass down to them: cookie baking is the biggest. The one thing I look forward to the most is setting up my nativity sets! yes, sets. I have 3 now. I still have my very first one that I bought the first Christmas I was on my own, that was 1991–its an adorable children’s nativity that is ceramic. Then I was given a little (miniature) wooden nativity that fits in a tin approx. 3x5inches! Now my gift to myself the last few years has been the Willow Tree nativity that I add to each Christmas. I love this one the best as I try to figure out what they are thinking since each piece is ‘faceless’……….

  13. This music-adoring but being attached to a computer or mp3 player hating girl is looking foreard to being in a place where I won’t be on 24 hour quiet hours 🙂 . (I currently live in a college dorm where last night they instituted 24 hour quiet hours which technically means NO noise outside of personal rooms at any time (no music, no talking, no tv, etc.) In reality I think it pretty much just ends up meaning no music, so I can’t wait to be able to listen to whatever I want whenever I want.)

  14. I look forward to spending the night at my parents’ on Christmas Eve with my family! I love traditions!

  15. Oddly enough, it’s the things that we do without fail EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. that I look forward to the most. The foods we eat. The gift exchange. – and of course, every one of them involve family — BONUS!

  16. I am so excited to see my grandmother for the first time in many years. She called the other day and I can tell she is even more excited to see me.

  17. I love getting together with my family and watching my boys excitement over even the smallest gifts. Last Christmas we couldn’t get them very much, but my oldest hugged me and told me it was the best Christmas ever, that’s what Christmas is all about!

  18. The first is of course being with family, secondly I am excited to see my kids when they open their presents. It’s nice to see the excitement and anticipation in their eyes.

  19. At the very end of a wonderful evening celebrating with family – sitting with my husband, listening to Silent Night by the glow of the Christmas tree lights.

  20. I look most forward to being home with my family watching Christmas movies and enjoyed the twinkle of the lights on the Christmas tree.

  21. I look forward to tht moment when the entire family is gathered together — sometimes it’s around the tree and sometimes it’s a round the table — and everyone is laughing, just enjoying being together.

  22. I look forward to my husband having extra time at home with us and not woring the usual 5 days a week.

  23. This year I am looking forward to both my sons being with their respective partners for the first Christmas, having our dear friends Dan and Rachelle back with us with their adorable son we’ve adopted as our grandchild, and then a trip to be with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law in Arkansas to see our nephews and niece. Christmas is all about family for us and about sharing the gift of Christ that is why we celebrate.

  24. I tend to believe that I use all 5 love languages, but gift giving is by far my favorite. I really enjoy picking out gifts for my family and closest friends and then giving them to them!

  25. I am looking forward to actually being home for Christmas morning and then attending church as a family. I can’t remember the last time this has occurred and it will be so nice to spend Christmas with our family in Christ.

  26. Family time and doing fun things together! Having the kids home, making crafts, watching Christmas movies and this year we are going to do RAK (random acts of kindness) Our first one is next week, we are taking our children’s pastor and his wife dinner. She suffered a stroke and he works so hard for all the kids in our church! 🙂

  27. I am most looking forward to going home to be with my mom & my family. My husband is in the military, so we don’t get to see family much, so when we do, it’s always a blessing!

  28. I look froward to watching my kids’ faces as they enjoy Christmas- the trees, the lights, the carols, the decorations- everything is always exciting and new to them!

  29. I’m looking forward to being with friends and family while celebrating Jesus’ birth. We’re also having a Jesus birthday party this weekend I’m really excited about.

  30. I look forward to driving to WV to be with all my brothers, sisters and the rest of my family!! LOVE these totes!!!

  31. I look forward to Skype video chats with my family and friends who are all overseas. It’s also nice to spend time with husband’s family since we live away from my family.

  32. I most look forward to Christmas Eve service at church. I love that my mom comes with us and that while at this point we may look like just a remnant in our family, that the Lord will use us to build His kingdom within our own family.

  33. I look forward to the kids being home from school the most! 🙂 And, the times of reading our Advent story, quietly snuggled together. And, the family get togethers!

  34. The large family gatherings of grandparents and cousins are fun, but what I most look forward to is the intimate family time with just my husband and my girls. Can’t wait!

  35. I look forward to Christmas eve, The church service and putting the presents under the tree.

  36. I look forward to drinking the green punch that mom only makes at Christmas (unless we can’t make it home then she has made it for New Year’s too 😉

    I look forward to watching many Christmas movies with the family.

    I look forward to baking sugar cookies for hubby (who loves his mama’s recipe). Since her death 5 years ago its a great way to talk about her and have her present with us during the holidays.

    And finally…..I look forward to going to Christmas Eve …here that means the 5PM…service. I love the smiles and warmth with in everybody we see. The music is beautiful. The children are so full of excitement and anticipation of events to come and the sermon just reminds us of the true Reason for the Season!

    Love it!

  37. Christmas has changed for us in the past couple years. It’s calmer, even with two extra kids. I look forward to the cuddling and giggling and napping that occurs in the afternoon, when all the hoorah is done and we’re all enjoying being together.

  38. I look forward to spending time with family and getting to see some extended family members that we only get to see every other year from Hawaii.

  39. I most look forward to the end of the Christmas Eve service, when we sing Silent Night and light the candles down the row and just become very still before God. It is the most precious moment of my year.

  40. My grandmother painted a ceramic nativity set that I have, and I love setting it out every year. I also love the music and Christmas Eve service.

  41. I most look forward to spending Christmas morning in my own home with my family, eating breakfast in our jammies. Snow outside doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

  42. What I look forward to the most is my children “getting” it more and more every year — understanding WHAT we’re celebrating and really trying to make it a celebration of Jesus’ entry into our world.

  43. I love so much about the Christmas season! The music is uplifting and beautiful, and there is hope threaded through each day. My two favorite aspects of Christmas though is the Christmas Eve service (lovely, peaceful, and meaningful) and family gatherings (love and fun extended).

  44. I love spending time with family and friends. I also love walking my children through the advent and seeing them get it, such a blessing!

  45. I most look forward to seeing my family as there is quite a distance between us 🙂 I cannot wait! 🙂

  46. That tote is soooo adorable. My 2 favorite colors together! At Christmas I just look forward to the break from our pace of life and enjoy being together making good memories.

  47. Actually, this year I look forward to spending the day together….all the boys and hubby, home at once…jsut enjoying each other….but this year, we are doing something I have always wanted to do! We are going to spend most of Christmas day serving the homeless…..together! Now THAT will be a great way to spend Christmas!!

  48. My absolute favorite part of Christmas is on Christmas Eve, when we’re all done with the preparations, everything is bought/wrapped, and we’re DONE. Then I can relax & enjoy the actual “reason.”

  49. Teacher husband home from work, fun time with family, the lights, the joy of surprising people with unexpected gifts.

  50. I look forward to having time off to bake cookies, relax, and shop for family + friends. Also, I look forward the the Christmas Eve church service each year!

  51. I look forward to singing Christmas songs at church, specifically O Holy Night and Silent Night. It makes me reflect on the real meaning of Christmas.

    Thank you for the opportunity for the tote!

    ~Amy in WI

  52. Family time around the tree, watching Christmas movies, making cookies, reading Ann’s Jesse Tree devotions….just being together.

  53. I’m looking forward to having much needed family time! Less activities with school and extra curricular events and spending time together!

  54. This year I am most enjoying that my 3 year old is beginning to understand Jesus and his place in our lives. It’s so fun to discuss Christmas with her now!

  55. This Christmas I am expecting our 3rd child, so we are really looking forward to meeting this little baby boy/girl! Also just spending time with family and friends during this cheerful season!

  56. My favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family – watching their faces as they open gifts and sing carols and laugh together.

  57. I am looking forward to the Christmas Eve service at church this year. It always makes Christmas so much more meaningful to me. This is also the first year my husband and I have been married

  58. This year I’m looking forward to being at church on Christmas day. There’s just something about celebrating my Savior’s birth with church family. It’s pretty awesome.

  59. This year especially, I am most looking forward to spending time with my mom!! She had to move this summer and is now living 10 hours away. This has been a really hard year for me and my girls and all they want for Christmas is to spend it with grandma!!

  60. I am looking forward to waking up Christmas morning and watching the sheer joy on everyone’s face ~ my Mom for having her family gathered around her, my Dad (because he’s such a child at heart), the nieces and nephews eyes lit up as they try to guess who that big gift is for and hoping the tag as there name on it, my husband because I can always surprise him with an gift that he’s always wanted ~ then we will SKYPE with my sister and her family in GA and sheer our enjoyment with them as my brother-in-law prepares once again to deploy overseas with his Army unit ~ finally and most importantly ~ going to church services and celebrating the blessed birthday of Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer ~ who came to Earth and died for my sins so that I may have eternity in Heaven.

  61. I’m most looking forward to my girls being out of school for the holidays. Every year we take a day and do nothing but bake cookies. We watch Christmas movies…crank up the Christmas music, and bake our hearts out. 🙂 Then the next day we usually go share the goodies we’ve baked with friends and family.

  62. Family time which this year will include a six year old boy we have placed with us through Lydia Home. He is so excited about Christmas and to learn about Jesus. It’s so wonderful to see Christmas through the eyes of a child again.

  63. What I look forward to most is the Christmas Day worship service. The air seems so clear and the morning is brighter! So peaceful! I just love the feeling of worship on Christmas Day!! What a joy!!!

  64. I look forward to family the most at Christmas, of course. But this year my first grandchild is 18 months old. It’s going to be a really fun Christmas this year!!

  65. My favorite part is just having all the family together and laughing and having a good time. Just glad to be together.

  66. I think my favorite thing really is the anticipation of Christmas. The day itself, after gifts and lunch, is sort of anti-climactic. But the anticipation is so very sweet! (and the music! ahhhh!)

  67. I look forward to the opportunity to share with my children and grandchildren what Christmas is truly all about. The birth of our Savior!

  68. I look forward to my family being together and my hubby not being on call.
    I also look forward to hubby reading the Christmas Story and our time at church.

  69. My absolute favorite part of Christmas is late on Christmas Eve. The house is quiet and dark except for the tree, and my husband and I stay up late together. The next morning is fun and exciting with church and our children, but I love being with him in the quiet most of all!

  70. That first, joyful shout when the kids come down the stairs and see the tree decked out (and almost buried) under all the presents. It’s a palpable heart leap, and their little faces shine so. Love it!

  71. Memories of baking Christmas cookies ranging from sugar cookies to awesome sandtarts with my mom and sisters. Spending special time with family is what is most important at Christmas!

  72. Forever Christmas Eve has been the most special night of the year for me. Bittersweet – memories of my Daddy dying when I was 13, the celebration of Daddy’s birthday, and time with family at church celebrating Christ’s birth. This year Christmas Eve will take on a whole new meaning for our entire family. My son-in-law, a Marine pilot, is expected to arrive home from a long deployment in Afghanistan on Christmas Eve. He is coming home to a beautiful baby girl that he has never seen or held. What an incredible Christmas gift God is giving our family this year!!!!

  73. I look forward to family time, watching all the great Christmas shows and drinking hot chocolate 🙂

  74. My favorite part of Christmas is Christmas eve candle light worship service. Then we like to drive around and look at the lights around town and then come home. It keeps me focused as to what Christmas is all about followed by cozy family time.

  75. I love the music, the way people are more open to the gospel and allow you to send Christ centered cards and letters to them – when they would not normally be open to the topic, the glittery lights and the cold weather, the way everyone comes home.

  76. Flying “home” and spending time with family and watching my son play with cousins. Can’t wait!

  77. I look forward to getting together with family but mostly I look forward to all of the Christmas Musicals.

  78. My favorite part of Christmas is cuddling with my husband and children at every opportunity…watching Christmas movies by the light of the Christmas tree…putting on our pj’s, fixing mugs of hot chocolate and driving around looking at Christmas lights…my children being home from school for ten days….food we only make and serve during the holiday season….having lots of time Christmas Day to celebrate Jesus, to be thankful, and to enjoy each other.

  79. I love to give gifts, so I look forward to giving my people just the right thing and seeing how happy they are.

  80. Traditions and time. I love simply enjoying all the little comments, inside jokes, and laughs. I love eating Jesus birthday cake for breakfast, hangin out in Christmas jammies all day, no agenda, just doing whatever comes to mind at the moment – memories.

  81. i look forward to giving my family pajamas on christmas eve and having breakfast in those jammies on christmas morning! 🙂

  82. I always look forward to being with my family in WV each year. It helps ease the loneliness I feel out here in CO. I’m excited for my family to get to play with my son, who is 14 months. 🙂

  83. There are several things I look forward to about Christmas:

    1. The Christmas Eve services I am involved with at several churches.
    2. Getting together with my family
    3. When all the commercialism of Christmas is gone.

  84. I love counting down the days until Christmas with our family using an advent Calendar. This year it looks like a birthday cake! I also love having out a nativity and hearing the kids get excited about playing with it.

  85. Going over the river and through 3 hours of woods to Grandmother’s house we go! Spending time with family celebrating the birth of our Savior is my most favorite part.

  86. watching my children light up with excitement for the season! Christmas is so much better now, with kids to share it with!!

  87. This year I will be able to see my two grandchildren. It means travelling four hours by car but the joy of seeing my three year old, Ryder and his sister, one year old Mia, makes the trip bearable and enjoyable. God seeks to put us in families to honor and glorify His name. This is why it is so important to connect with our immediate and if not near our church family.

  88. there are a couple of things i look forward to at Christmas. The Christmas tree lights sparkling on our Christmas tree (watching the reflections of it twinkling on the tv screen, in the windows and in my sons eyes).
    also christmas eve we have a picninc in our living room floor and watch White Christmas, I always enjoy that.

  89. The candlelight worship service, blessing family and friends through our Lord with us… Emmanuel!

  90. spending unhurried time with family. real time…not just passing by. We have several close families very sick this year..and realizing that this could be the last is making it even more special.

  91. I am looking forward to having my family home and for the time we’ll have with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents! God is good. Blessings

  92. Spending time with my family and of course all of our fun Christmas traditions like making cookies, listening to Christmas music, decorating the tree and cooking all of our favorite holiday dishes.

  93. Waking up from a sleep over next to the Christmas tree and having a care free day with my daughter and my husband while celebrating the most important birthday of all time.

  94. I look forward to making gifts, helping my girls make gifts, and watching my girls help each other make gifts.

  95. I am looking forward most to hosting my entire family (all sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc). I cannot wait to have everyone here on Christmas morning for the young children (we have the only grandchildren) to spend together, then going to church at our new church home. Since my husband is a new believer, this is an especially special Christmas for us to celebrate a meaningful Christmas service enjoying the gift given to us from God.

  96. We are celebrating our first Christmas in Nigeria and I’m looking forward to just slowing down and making this time special with our children. It won’t be quite the same, but it will be special and we have more reminders of what Christmas is really all about! 😉

  97. Being with family…going to church…celebrating His birth….these are what I look forward to!

  98. I am most excited to snuggle our brand new baby on Christmas!! And to bring him/her to the candlelight Christmas Eve service, and opening stockings with them, and taking first Christmas pictures… =)

  99. Being with my family celebrating the birth of our Savior. It just doesn’t get any better than that! 🙂

  100. I absolutely love looking forward to Christmas music- true traditional music that leaves me worshipping and in awe of Christ’s birth and all He did coming to earth to live as a human and die for our sins. I wish I could listen to Christmas music all year round 😉

  101. Oh gosh I look most forward to being with my family – having lazy mornings and staying my our jammies all day – watching movies – playing games just slowing down and loving each other and Him!


  102. I look forward to celebrating with my family, praying to the baby Jesus to shower his blessings on us and those in need, reflecting on our lives and hopefully looking forward to new year.

  103. I look forward to time off from work, being with family, baking cookies, reading books & the Bible, spending time with God, resting with the dogs, and enjoying life.

  104. I look forward to time with family and a small break from my at-home work load as we travel.

  105. I enjoy most our church services, our congregation’s Christmas dinner and caroling in the sanctuary afterwards.

  106. I truly look forward to spending time with family the most. I love my family and I have great in-laws. We are really blessed there.

  107. The JOY of celebrating the birthday of Jesus w/our families in many different ways….w/special church services, school programs, festive foods, lights, decorations, music, movies, baking, giving to others & sharing the love of Christ thru us. Time for Jesus, Others, & You = JOY!

  108. I look forward to being able to revel in the glimpses of our Savior coming… We attend Andrew Peterson’s Behold The Lamb of God tour each year. It’s amazing!

  109. I love waking up in the mornings and being able to see the lights on the christmas tree. It never gets old. I also enjoy being with family and friends and….all the yummy foods. Thanks.

  110. My favorite part of the holidays and Christmas is watching it through the eyes of my 3 girls.

  111. I love to see the joy on peoples faces when music is going and fellowship is being enjoyed and presents are being given out. A taste of heaven possibly???

  112. I am most looking forward to Christmas Eve Service with my family—8 adults and 6 kiddos all under the age of three…it will be full of joy!

  113. I look forward to spending time with friends and family, and all the yummy treats that seem to go along with it.

  114. What I enjoy most is the spirit of the holiday season. People are kinder, and seem to carry more love in their hearts for their fellow man. I am a Christmas Eve baby, and I love that my birthday is part of the celebration of Christ’s birth. This time of year seems to bring out the best in most people, where people are thinking of others more than themselves.

  115. Christmas is Family Time! We love the visits with our family members and time together at home.

  116. I love walking in to Church on Christmas and seeing the transformation of the decorations on the Altar, the flowers, the Nativity, it is magical to me thatbthe long wait of Advent is over, and the Christmas season has begun. our Church does a wonderful job, and in the lastbfew years, it has all happened in a day or so since the last time we were there.

  117. I love giving presents to my kids and studying the true meaning of Christmas all month long ~Jesus, our Saviour!

  118. I am looking forward to Christmas Eve with our church family. We haven’t even been there a year and it feels like home to us. So excited to reflect, worship, and fellowship with them at such a special time!

  119. This is the first Christmas my husband and I will be celebrating just the two of us, without family, because of being stationed overseas. And even though I will miss our families, I am looking forward to starting our own traditions together.

  120. Hello,
    I agree with all the comments above, I am feeling blue these days. My husband and I just went through a really bad move and Christmas will be different this year due to family loss and being apart. Even so JESUS is the reason for the season, daily I am trying to find joy though it is hard right now.
    Please pray for me, any encouragement will be greatly appreciated!!
    Many Blessings to all, Merry Christmas my sweet sister’s

    • Tina, It is hard to go throught stress filled times around the holidays when we are all supposed to be “happy.” My prayers are for you and your family today in hopes that you will remember that in these difficult heartache times God is kind enough to use them to bring you a new thing in your heart. He is there for you and with you even during the sadness. Joy will come as scripture promises so be patient with yourself and don’t expect too much. Remember, it is WELL with your soul because of what HE did. Blessings!

  121. There is something about Christmas Eve that brings the true meaning of Christmas to light for me. The church service, the special meal, the peace filled conversations with close family members about the preciousness of our Lord and Savior. It is a reminder to me to celebrate all year and not just the next day filled with activity.

  122. The silent nights, tree lights, candles’ glow, hot chocolate & cookies, snuggling in jammies, all surrounded by those I love the most.

  123. Each year my family spends days making Christmas cookies and putting them in the freezer. I look forward to the smiling faces of family and friends as we stop at their doorstep with a plate of homemade cookies made especially for them.

  124. Gathering with my family, rejoicing at Jesus’ birth and celebrating that we will be re-united with our loved ones one day!

  125. I look forward to our “Silent Night” on December 24th. It’s the time just me, my husband and kids get together under candlelight, pray, read Luke 2, and drink hot cocoa together.

  126. I look forward to our church’s candelite service. It is the most beautiful service filled with singing & worship & candles!

  127. I’m so excited for my brother’s and my tradition of dressing up in goofy costumes, taking hilarious pictures, and playing board games on Christmas eve! 🙂 We’ve been doing it for about 8 years now and it is something that has brought a lot of joy even on difficult years.

  128. This year, sadly enough, the thing I look forward to the most is just having time off. And maybe the amazing Christmas concert that I get to go to. 🙂 I don’t get to be with most of my family this year. 🙁

  129. I most look forward to gathering with family and friends for awesome fellowship celebrating the birth of our Lord!!!

  130. As my dad faces cancer this Christmas and will possibly be in a cancer center for treatment, I know that the biggest part of Christmas isn’t the traditions, the giving, or even the day itself, but it is a heart surrendered to Christ. And I’m so thankful that my dad (and my mom) have sought Him and his purpose through this time of pain.

  131. Hmm, music, food, Christmas Eve service, the tree, time with my husband and children…basically everything except the shopping rush/crowds and commercialism.

  132. The joy of Christmas as seen thru our children’s eyes…and the wonderful Christmas carols!

  133. This Christmas season has been a whole new outlook for me. I am very excited and look forward to actually being able to help and buy gifts for those that are less fortunate and volunteer my time to help with a community Christmas in Christ give-a-way to families in need!

  134. I love so many things! The baking, the togetherness, the twinkle lights on the tree, but most of all pausing and giving thanks for Jesus coming to save us!

  135. I am looking forward to the fact that my military husband just got approved to be HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothing else really matters to me right now 😀

  136. I love waking up and doing the advent calendar with my little one. She gets so excited to see what surprise is waiting for her.

  137. the time together in the evenings. i love the music, spirit and fire – in the fireplace.

  138. I look forward to Christmas movies, carols, candy, and the smiles on my children’s faces when they are going through their stockings. I am especially happy that Christmas is on Sunday this year. What an exceptional way to keep the Sabbath Day holy!

  139. I love all the family traditions. Many of our traditions revolve around food. We make a special Italian pastry called Pita Piatta as an extended family. We have made it for generations! We also have a tradition with our kids where we wrap Christmas books (old, new and library) and they get to open a new one each night of December. We enjoy reading them together and remembering our favorites!

  140. I really look forward to having our family together. My man travels extensively for business and this time of year things come to a slow, (grateful). Having our family together, Christmas eve service at Kingsfield Church, and Christmas day brunch at home.

  141. I’m looking forward to NOT having to get the kids up for school during the break. Long days of pjs til noon and snuggly blanket time sound wonderful!

  142. I look forward to hitting the streets with food, clothing, blankets, and joy, but most of all the heart and love of Christ. We go out on Christmas Day with a few other families to serve as His hands and feet.

  143. I look forward to special time with the family, especially during these fleeting years when the kiddos are so small.

  144. This Christmas I’m really looking forward to celebrating it with our families up in Queensland! It’s been 4 years since we’ ve seen them at Christmas, so I am so excited that this year we will be with them!

  145. It’s hard to pin it down to one thing since I enjoy the season: lights, music, cool weather (sometimes in Phoenix), decorations, food gifts, etc. But if I had to name one thing it would be shopping for “just the right gift” for a family member or friend.

  146. I most look forward to slow reflection by myself and excited celebration with loved ones! 🙂

  147. I am looking forward to watching my son discover the beauty of the season even though he can’t quite understand the meaning yet! I am also Looking forward to continuing/starting our own traditions as it is only the 3rd Christmas with my husband!

  148. I love how my kids are almost grown, and still insist on the little traditions we started when they were small. My own tradition is soaking in the reason for it all in the quiet of Christmas Eve, everything ready for the celebration, everyone else asleep, the tree lit and the realization of the holiness of that night surrounding me.

  149. Being with my family! My niece (who is 7 this year) has read us the Christmas story from Luke for the last 2 years. It’s precious, and touching to hear it through her voice.

  150. I am most looking forward to Christmas eve when the extended family will all be gathered and my daddy will read from Luke 2…..thank you Jesus, for YOU!!

  151. This is sad…but it for to be over with…I am alone, no family, sadness, sickness…I guess I look forward to what God brings me that day.

    • Diane, this breaks my heart. While my hubby and I don’t have family nearby, we are very involved at our church. The Body of Christ is an incredible thing. You should never feel alone. Praying that God leads you to a place in your church where you can not only serve Him but also be blessed with new friends. Merry Christmas sister in Christ!

  152. It’s gotta be the time with my hubby. We get a few days off where we regroup as a fam and talk about our family goals, plans and aspirations!

  153. This year I am most looking forward to giving gifts to Jesus. My children have chosen to give gifts to the homeless, World Vision, Deaf services, etc. I am so proud of them

  154. I most look forward to our now scattered family being together again and talking about Christmases past as well as current plans and dreams

  155. seeing the joy in my children’s eyes as they re-discover our Christmas traditions. (last year they were 1 1/2 and 6 months – this year they are sooo enjoying it!)

  156. I got married close to 5 months ago and I have not seen my 9 year old brother since then. It’s probably the longest I have gone without seeing him and I am so EXTREMELY excited to see my “lil bug”, my parents and my oldest younger brother! I so enjoy spending time with them!

  157. Aside from the most important thing about Christmas -which is Christ, I love the Christmas music, the ‘magic’ in the air, the people coming together to celebrate. And knowing that people all over the world are celebrating too.

  158. This year I am most looking forward to making sure my kids see Christ in my actions around the Holidays. Not in my stressing out over everything being perfect.

  159. I look forward to the times at home with my husband and son (not rushing around) when we can be with each other and the new advent devotions we’re doing this year as my son as grown older!

  160. I really love giving gifts. I love the whole process. The consideration: Should it be bought or made? What would align most nearly perfectly with this person\’s taste? The making/purchase: I put myself into it. The wrapping: Presentation is a big deal! The reaction: I\’ve rarely given a gift that wasn\’t loved, and I love to see what the recipient likes about it.

  161. I love being with my family, and since we are spread out from NY to TX, it means a lot to be with them.

  162. The joy of children as they anticipate Christmas! I love to watch children’s eyes as they look at all the beauty that Christmas brings.

  163. I love Christmas season… all of it.. the baking, the shopping, the decorating and most of all the gatherings with friends, loved ones, sharing love, baked goods and giving gifts to each other…. What I look forward too the most is the expression on the faces of my loved ones when they open the gift…. Priceless!!!

  164. I love our Christmas Eve candlelight service. We go to one that’s suitable for children without being childish. I still love seeing my son’s reaction to all those candles.

  165. There are a lot of things to look forward to (a friend’s new baby any day now, my first Christmas as a nanny among other things) but I think the thing that I am always most excited for is the Christmas Eve service at my church. And this year is extra special because my Mom is going to be able to come with me!

  166. I look forward to being with my family and all the fun tradtions. My daughter and I wake up really early and make caramel rolls while the men sleep in, the Jesse tree, opening up the christmas jammies, Christmas Eve service, and of course Christmas morning!

  167. I’m looking forward to peaceful time with family, a time to be together without the hectic pace we’ve been following this past year, a time to talk about and think about the amazing Lord we have, who gave all for us.

  168. Christmas may be the only day my husband actually has off work and it’s the first time everyone will be gathering at my grandmother’s house in a really long time. I am looking forward to seeing my family in one place.

  169. Each Christmas season we try to plan a special trip together with my daughter, her husband and our grandson. One year we went to Victoria to see the Nutcracker, another to Granbury for their special Christmas production. We have been to see Santa and ride the train at Palestine, bundled up to enjoy ICE at the Gaylord. Disney was a dream come true. This year we are looking forward to the Jim Brickman Concert. A very special time with special family and friends.

  170. I look forward to celebrating Jesus, spending time with family and the promise of a New Year to start fresh! Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. I’m looking forward to spending the holiday with my dad in Florida after he finishes his radiation treatments. God is good and has brought him through this cancer battle!

  172. I look forward to time spent with family, giving to others and seeing the look on my daughter’s face as she opens her gifts.

  173. I most enjoy the joy on the faces of my children on Christmas morning and the magic in the air of the wonder of what God has done for us in Jesus!!

  174. I’m looking forward to going away this Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

  175. What I love most about Christmas is spending time with my family and being a witness to the non Christians in my extended family during this time. What could be a better Christmas gift than seeing someone realize the awesomeness of Jesus Christ? Merry Christmas!

  176. I love forward to spending time with my husband, kids, mom, brother, sis in law and nephew! Everyone spends the night Christmas eve and we bake cookies, watch movies and then spend Christmas day in our PJ’s!!

  177. I am the most excited this year to celebrate the birthday of our KING! I had the opportunity to walk through a live MarketPlace depicting the birth of our KING and it changed me!

  178. What I look forward to most is being with my family and seeing the twinkle in the eyes of my grandchildren!

  179. I am looking forward to the fun of our large family all gathering together to celebrate and remember, as my husband’s aunt will be passing into heaven in the next week or so after a long battle with cancer. Will be a bittersweet season this year…but glad we have each other and the hope of Jesus to get everyone thru!

  180. The best part about Christmas is family and celebrating the birth of Christ together. Also, watching the joy of the day through my daughter’s eyes. It makes me feel like a kid again.

  181. This year I’m looking forward to time off of work to enjoy, family to enjoy, and singing LOTS and LOTS of Christmas carols!

  182. Time with the family! My husband takes a break from work and we get to enjoy doing things together with the kids!

  183. I love all those moments leading up to Christmas when the house is decorated and cozy and you spend time with your family. Things like hot chocolate in front of the fire and decorating cookies for the neighbors

  184. I look forward to learning something new about why Christ came and teaching my girls about the real reason we celebrate.

  185. My family is spread across the country–at some point during the Christmas season we get together for several days and celebrate all that Christ has done for us!

  186. Every year, going to our church’s beautiful candlelight service is what
    I really look forward too!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  187. It has to be the little children’s faces. I am now with great grandchildren at Christmas. I can still see their mother’s and father’s in their excited little faces. And now my own children in their 50s are having the joy of grandchildren. I had a five year old sing “Mary had a baby” at the restaurant for me today. What is it they say, “priceless”.

  188. I love that tote- it would be perfect for me to carry my music therapy supplies!

    I am most looking forward to…sitting down by the tree with my parents on Christmas-having a nice meal and fellowship. I miss them.

  189. I am just looking forward to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with my hubby and kids. We are decorating and using our dayspring birthday set and baking a cake. it will be so much fun!

  190. I so love Christmas Eve services at church.. They are my favorite thing…though Christmas music runs a close second and after last nights ministry leaders party at our pastors home it runs third!!!!!

  191. I look forward most to celebrating the Reason for the Season – to seriously reflect on all He gave when He chose to come to earth, and to give Him something tangible in return.

  192. I look forward to spending time with my family the most during the holidays. We do family game night, cookie baking, ornament making and family movie nights. It is fun to take time away from the chaos and cuddle up at home with my loved ones.

  193. I am so looking forward to Christmas Eve. That is when we have a birthday cake for Jesus, put together gingerbread houses, and this year we will be attending a Christmas Eve service at our new church. We will be keeping with our tradition and giving the kiddos their Christmas pajamas, and watching Veggie Tales “The Little Drummer Boy”. The quiet once this kids are in bed, and the lights are all off except the tree…sitting with my husband and being thankful…so looking forward to it!

  194. This year I am looking forward to a Christmas in another new house (been in a different house every year for the past 4 years!) and watching my kids give each other gifts they drew names for. First time to have them do this and really think about what they are giving instead of what they are getting.

  195. What I look forward to most is spending precious time with family and sharing the meaning of Christmas and Jesus with my children.

  196. I love it when the family gets together and spends about a week just being in the same house, playing games, laughing, and enjoying each other. (oh, and munching on yumminess)

  197. i look forward to just sitting down and relaxing with my family and friends, sharing good food and good conversation 😉

  198. I look forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth with my friends and family! I also love the Christmas carols and being able to stop for a “quick worship fix” in the grocery store cause the chorus of “O Come all Ye Faithful” starts playing!

  199. The thing I enjoy most is spending time with my family and friends, taking the time to be close and celebrating the birth of our Savior!

  200. I look forward to being with family the most on Christmas! I love spending time with family and Christmas, sharing Jesus birth with all my family seems so wonderful!

  201. I can’t wait!! I get to see my sister who lives 700 miles away! Having no family left here in Michigan gets to be rather lonely. But this Christmas I’ll be surrounded by family and love!

  202. Hey there according to this post I won a joyful tote but I haven’t gotten an email about it. Just curious what I need to do! Thanks!!!!!