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  1. I love to send handmade cards with personal messages written inside them. Getting something personal in the mail is always great.

  2. I like to praise or encourage the kids in front of people – daddy, grandma and grandpa, etc. I have heard (Duggars, perhaps?) that praise is multiplied and means more when more people hear it.

  3. I always try to encourage those that I feel need it the most … With an inspiring message … or a word of praise! … It’s the little things we do that really matter!

  4. I LOVE Dayspring cards for encouraging a friend. I’ve started mailing cards out as I think of or pray for someone who really needs encouragement. I know it brightens my day when I get mail like that so I love to think of their smile when they open it. 🙂

  5. I agree with the above – notes and cards by email or snail mail are my favorite way to brighten someone’s day. When I can, though, I like to take food too – just a cupcake, muffin or something else I know the person likes as an unexpected treat on days we know are going to be long.

  6. I love sending people cards. I struggle verbally to tell people things, so it works really well for me to be able to write what I want to say and give it to someone.

  7. Store clerks often wear a name badge and I like to surprise them by actually using their name. Who doesn’t like to hear their own name? I love to see the looks of surprise on their faces! — it makes them know I took the time to learn something about them & that makes a person feel special… encouraged. ~Sally

  8. Dayspring cards are a wonderful way to encourage! Everyone still LOVES to get a surprise in the mailbox . . . with a handwritten note of God Breathed encouragement inside!

  9. I love to drop a note in the mail but I’m learning to speak the encouragement when it is on my mind. Too often, I forget to send the card but if I am thinking “That person did a really great job on that”, I need to tell them that right then and there while I’m thinking it. Still, there’s nothing quite like getting a card in the mail.

  10. Honestly, I have to say…….this world is so techy now that when I send an uplifting text or an “I am thinking of you”….”Good luck on your math test today”…..to my girls or close friends they love it.

    It’s quick, easy, and gives them a lift!

  11. I love to send an old fashion card (Dayspring of course) sent via old fashion snail mail. I will sometimes even mail something to one of the dear ones in my own house.

  12. Ah I love the memo boards–they’re so cute! And my favorite way to encourage someone is to give a gift with an encouraging note attached =)

  13. my favorite way to encourage someone is to pray for them and then tell them they were on my heart and I lifted them to the Father or send them a little text or note or card or a little gift…especially in the mail…no one gets mail anymore and it has become a little delight when you do.

  14. My favorite way to encourage someone is to give a hug! I always say I’m lap-dog friendly! lol But, I try to be sensitive to others because not everyone is a hugger or likes to be hugged. I use a word fitly spoken or send a card with a personal note attached.

  15. I love to encourage people secretly. Leave them a note or a card… This year for my 40th birthday I decided to leave small tokens to 40 people, and yes, I did it secretly. It is such a joy to watch someone’s face light up without them knowing it was you 🙂

  16. Nothing beats the human touch. Hand on hand, arm around shoulder, or full-on embrace. Says more than any words could ever say. Says I’m for you, you’re not alone.

  17. I love sending cards to people in the mail! Not by “email” but by actually going out and buying a card, writing in it, and sending it to them the old fashioned way like we used to!!!! 🙂

  18. I love sending handwritten cards in the mail and baking treats for unexpecting friends and family.

  19. I think the best way to encourage someone is to just tell them. Often people don’t get verbal conformation or encouragment that they are doing a good job, or that their hair looks nice or that you appreciate what they are doing. A kind word can go a long way.

  20. Notes in lunch boxes, chocolate kisses in a little baggie left in pew seats at church

  21. I love to send things my son has made to hep brighten someone’s day. A good listening ear and some conversation helps encourage others, too — quality time!

    Thanks for this kind opportunity!

  22. I love to encourage people! Right now, we are doing so by decorating a Christmas tree with prayer cards. We let the people know when they have been prayed for, and God is already answering prayers! I also enjoy sending cards and notes so people receive something other than flyers and bills in their mailbox.

  23. Crank up the radio and listen to a good song. Of course, my off-tune sing-a-olng only makes it more silly. A sure-fire way to get someone to crack up and laugh at the silliness of life!

  24. I love to send hand written notes with a goody of some kind to let those I love know I’m thinking about them and praying for them. In fact, my uncle’s mom passed away a couple of weeks ago and when I asked my aunt what I could do to help him, she said, just send one of your fabulous cards. The people in my life get them when something good happens, when they need encouragement, or just because I’m thinking about them and want them to know.

  25. I love to send someone a handwritten card with encouragement…not always when they express that life is hard…but I try to remember dates of a death or some other special or difficult day for them.

    Having gone through pregnancy loss 3 times you learn how significant dates are and so i try to be there for others during those times.

  26. I try to make sure I’m all ears when someone is sharing with me. No talking, just listening. I think we’ve all been on the receiving end of someone not really paying attention when we are talking, looking distracted or taking over the conversation themselves. And if someone is in need of prayer–we stop right there and pray so it’s not forgotten later. Just a couple key things I learned from my “Mentor Mom”! That woman is an amazing encourager!

  27. I love to drop off homemade cookies or other treats to the person who needs encouraging. Or if it’s my husband, leaving a surprise on his front seat for when he goes to work in the morning.

  28. If it’s my kids or husband I will usually leave a post in a place I knnow they look everyday. If it’s a friend I will either send a text or mail a card.

  29. For family, I enjoy random notes in unexpected places! For other people, a note via snail mail!

    • WE do all the traditional cards notes letters etc…but my favorites are when I write letters in their notebooks ( and my husbands notepad for work) a dozen or so pages ahead so they discover it randomly ( hopefully when they need it later on) ..and I facebook hubby & the older kids and say “way to go”…”attaboy” “Look at you go!” all the time.

  30. I like the written word so I try and send a note and sometimes include something humorous if the situation is appropriate (laughter therapy : ) but I almost always include a bible verse. Although I know my reaching out to them can be helpful and appreciated, I don’t think I can say anything more beautifully written or more effective at meeting someone’s needs than God’s written word. Kim

  31. I send out notes to friends living far away, and hide notes of encouragement in middle places in my friends’ homes every few months. That way they find then over a long period of time, usually at just the right moment!

  32. Actually, I have found a lot of the the entries on this blog very timely for encouraging my friends. I just shared one via Facebook about the Whatifs….

  33. I as give compliments and words of encouragement to workers (call center, cashiers). I know little things like that help make the day brighter.

  34. My favorite way to encourage is when I ‘m running with someone who is just starting out and reminding them that every step is an accomplishment over sitting on the couch.

  35. I love giving gifts to encourage. For my bday this year my girlfriends took me to dinner and I surprised them each with a few of my favorite things:a a handmade bookmark to share my love of reading, a journal to share my love of writing, a scripture to share my love of God’s word and a piece of chocolate to share my obsession of chocolate 🙂

  36. I always include quotes , sayings & scripture verses inside cards I send “snail mail”
    So many of us have given up hand written cards,letters & notes ,that is sad ,it sure brightens my day to get a letter or note

  37. Giving them something unexpected…like a meal, a call, a prayer…reminding them they haven’t been forgotten!

  38. Find that one person that was crying during church or off by themselves and hugging them! Letting them know how joy fiiled I am to see them! Inviting them for coffee or lunch no matter what is on my schedule, Somehow allowing the Lord to use me to show His love in any tangible way speaks encourager and I long to be this daily.

  39. By hugging them and telling them how much i appreciate them and all they do!

    thanks for this!!


  40. Honestly, the best way for me to encourage someone is to send a handwritten note in the mail. With everyone texting and emailing, a handwritten note seems extraordinary and special.

  41. Every person is different. I listen to whatever is going on in their life and respond accordingly. Messy house-do the dishes, miss their husband- babysit for date night, no time or money for dinner- make a meal and drop off, feeling far from God- books or devos that I think will help. Just listen, people will tell you what they need for encouragement.

  42. Sidewalk chalk their sidewalk or driveway with a message or encouraging words… works great for a birthday surprise!

  43. I ordered the Hurricane Nativity, it is beautiful. The Christmas cards are quality card stock, love the verses inside.

  44. send lots of encouraging links ~ music ~ also get together with a special friend and do a bookstudy together

  45. I just pick up the phone and call them, nothing tells you that you are more important than someone who takes time out of their busy life to call you.

  46. My favorite way to encourage someone is to write them a letter and send a card. I’ve also put together CD’s with songs that I have found to be most encouraging and give those to the person.

  47. I use dayspring cards to brighten days for fellow church members who need encouragement. And who doesn’t need unsolicited encouragement?!

  48. My kids and I love to drive by sidewalk chalk out loved ones. We drive by when they aren’t home and write love notes on their driveway.

  49. My favourite way to encourage someone is to send them a thinking-of-you card in the mail. Who doesn’t love some unexpected snail mail?

  50. With so many of my people living far away, I love being able to send messages on Facebook… it gets there right on time 🙂

  51. I like to leave handwritten notes to someone calling out their good qualities or something small that they did that meant a lot to me. The small things go unnoticed and many times mean a lot, make a day easier or lift my spirit. If I know they like something a sweet, a coffee, a writing pen, I try to leave it with the note.

  52. I like sending surprise letters and notes in lunch boxes, through regular mail and email. Just letting someone know that they are being thought of and prayed for is encouraging.

  53. I like to go out to coffee, sit down, and pray together. Also, send “thinking of you” cards to someone who may need it.

  54. My favorite way (although not very often due to my four sweet young babes) is to frame a verse with some pretty scrapbook paper for a friend. I usually have the materials on hand and its an inexpensive but very special way to let a friend know that I am praying, and making the effort to endure with them.

  55. Depending on how close I am to the person . I will go For coffee with them. Or send them a letter/card….
    Whatever I would want I try to give….

  56. My favorite way to encourage someone is to “catch” them doing their job well and compliment them on it…works anytime, anyplace…if you’re really looking. 🙂

  57. I love to handmake cards and write words of encouragement. It gives me a lift along with the person I am making the card for!

  58. I try to be encouraging in person. I also try to send cards and notes to cheer others and encourage them when they need it as well.

  59. Handwritten notes, text messages or sometimes a small homemade treat…everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes.

  60. My favorite way to encourage my family is to use a dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror and leave them a bright message to begin their day with. Usually I include a scripture verse that struck me during my morning bible reading and apply to them. Another is to be sure everyone gets a hug – we need 15 hugs a day to thrive. XO

  61. I love to make personal devotional books. The cover is a poem with picture of who is recieving it. Inside the homemade book are some of my favorite devotionals (printed from computer), colored pictures from my kids and a personal note from me.
    -Colleen G.

  62. My favorite way to encourage someone with an unexpected act of service. Weather that is offering my help to them, emailing or calling them to let them know they are on my mind or an unexpected gift.

  63. I used to stick random notes in my sons school books so he would find during class at some point in the day. Now he is off to college so I mail funny little cards or send unexpected texts.

  64. With my kids I leave them notes in their lunches, or on their pillows. I usually include a scripture if it is something they need wisdom for.

  65. I like to encourage someone by either texting or calling them and telling them I’m praying and/or thinking of them!

  66. I love dropping a sweet card in the mail, since it is rare these days to get written communication……just to tell them how special they are. 🙂

  67. i like to send real handwritten cards or notes in the mail, even to people who are very close by and i see regularly.

  68. I just love handwritten notes in the mail. They are so rare nowadays. So i send them out as often as I can. 🙂

  69. i love uplifting people and making them feel fabulous about themselves. i mostly do it verbally, but have also been known to Facebook someone.

  70. I love sending old fashioned snail mail. I love getting it and sending it to encourage others. If I don’t have the time that day but still want to encourage someone I do sometimes put a quick note on Facebook or send a quick text!!!

  71. Oh – oh – oh ! I’ve been wanting one of these memo boards for a couple years now! Would be great in my kitchen!

    I love to encourage others. It’s hard to pin it down to just one way. But hugs are a great encourager or rubbing someone’s back or arm. A lot of times people try to say “something” but we can’t always understand what someone else is going through. A hug or a rub says a lot – it says “I’m here. I care.”

  72. Smiles can be so encouraging. I like to give them out to strangers, especially the seemingly grumpy ones! : ) And I like to give them to my family, while making true eye contact. An “I love you” straight from my soul to theirs!

  73. I like to encourage someone by sending them a card, or a handwritten letter, email or phone call.

  74. I like to forward posts from this site and other blogs that I have found encouraging myself. If I know of a specific situation that someone is dealing with I pass on an uplifting message that I have come across, or a verse that I have read that brought their name to mind.

  75. One of my favorite ways to encourage is to find a humorous or non-sappy way to deliver deep loving thoughts.

  76. Words– written on paper or typed in a text– are how I encourage others. Now that she can read, I especially like to leave notes written in dry erase marker on my youngest daughter’s bathroom mirror! =]

  77. Feeding them a meal, whether at their house or mine. It is so wonderful to share conversation over food, and I know first hand that it’s a blessing when you don’t have to worry about what to cook for that night.

  78. I like to encourage people by writing devotions. Depending on the situation though, I may make them a meal and attach a note of encouragment. Thanks (in)courage for your daily (in)couragement!

  79. I love sending a care of an email telling a friend or family member how much of a difference they’ve made in my life!

  80. I take photos of flowers, print them out, make them into cards and use them to send notes to people. People love to open the mailbox and find a handwritten note.

  81. I really love sending letters of encouragement or just thinking of you. Its also fun to drop off a latte or sweet treats to a friend whose been home with sick kids for a while!

  82. I like to call, text, leave Facebook posts, or send emails. In cases where it’s been strongly laid on my heart, I’ll buy a card and give it to the person with my encouraging thoughts in it.

  83. I love to encourage them through my words. Occasionally I’ll write a note, but generally they appreciate if I say it 🙂

  84. I like to call, text, leave Facebook posts, or send emails. In cases where it’s been strongly laid on my heart, I’ll buy a card and give it to the person with my encouraging thoughts in it.

    Can you please delete my previous comment?? I didn’t realize my whole name was going to show up in the comment.

  85. I like to encourage with an unexpected small gift or remembrance often left or sent anonymously

  86. really listen & hear their heart, their struggles – definitely praying for them & about their concerns -then watching God work – whether He uses me or someone else – it’s so encouraging to see them be blessed! very thankful for a timely word if the opportunity arises. just knowing God is answering prayer & things are happening -it’s a joy to watch!

  87. I love to encourage someone by pointing out a positive character trait (Fruit of the Spirit) that I see in them in moments when they least expect it. We all need to hear this.

  88. I try to encourage others whenever I can for example today we were at a store, a customer before us was rude and demanding and it tested my patience. The clerk was quiet, nice and unwavering. After the customer left and it was my turn I told her,”You did a great job in that last situation”. She thanked me and almost gave a sigh of relief. I think we all can encourage daily the key is to open our eyes to the ‘scenes around us’ and learn to see what is taking place.

  89. Hmmm encouragement… I love it. And the ways are endless. I love sending people cards and really tell them why I think they are so special, in detail. I love sending people flowers. I love to show up at someones doorstep with a meal and chocolate…. oh you can always encourage with chocolate anything! Or instead of just a gift for someone’s birthday, I like making little cards (as many as their birthday) and on each card I write a quality about them.

  90. Words of encouragement–either spoken or written by hand, email, or text–like “You can do it!” & “Pray about it!”

  91. Baking. I love to bake goodies and send them or drop them off with a note just to let people know they are being thought of, no special reason other then they are special.

  92. A card in the mail is my fave way of sending someone that extra bit of encouragement 🙂

  93. I love getting hand written cards in the mail. So I try to send them to my friends and fam as well. Just to say hey and let them know they’ve been on my mind. A smile and hug is always nice too!!

  94. my favorite ways to encourage someone is by calling them and praying for them or sending them Bible verses via text, email, facebook… love it!

  95. Since I found this site, I am definitely encouraged each day and love to read posts from each of the writers. It really is (in)couraging!! Thank you. Sometimes when others need encouraging, they are looking for someone that can relate. At these times, just a little “I can understand where you’re coming from ” and listening to them is the best encouragement.

  96. I like sending a friend a handwritten note in the mail. We do so much texting and emailing, it’s nice sending something that takes a little more thought and effort.

  97. My favorite way to encourage others is via handwritten notes. Notes are kind of a lost art, and taking the time to write someone really shows that you were intentional in connecting with them.

  98. I love to leave small unexpected gifts with words of love and the all-powerful Word of God in there as well 🙂

  99. I like to write notes to encourage others. There is something about the power of the written word…

  100. a hand-written note pointing out the positives. You can’t go wrong with a hand-written note.

  101. I like to send a note with a ‘hug’ and teabag included~ encouraging my friend to sit awhile and know she is loved.

  102. Cards sent by mail – I love getting cards when I go to the mailbox, so I figure my friends do too:)!

  103. When I was a teenager I worked in two different card shops, plus I’m kinda old-fashioned, so my favorite way is still to send a card in the mail. There are such cute and fun ones out there still!

  104. I recently joined the monthly card club through Dayspring so my new favorite way to encourage someone is to send them a meaningful card. I pick out just the right one from my new stash. 🙂

  105. By praying for them and sending them an email or text of the prayer that I prayed for them – “Praying that you are a creative and fun mommy today.” is one of my favorites.

  106. To remember my favorite quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” (Plato) I put myself in their shoes.

  107. I love to encourage others using scriptures quotes…they seem to go deeper than anything I could say though just listening sometimes helps a lot!!

  108. I love leaving little handwritten notes or sending inspirational messages/pictures/scripture on friend’s Facebook pages. I also love sending e-cards!

  109. I love to find an encouraging youtube video of my favorite music. Send it in an email or post it in a message or on a FB wall. Recently had a friend walking through her husband’s cancer and death. Sent her a video early every morning. Music, so often, can say what we can’t.

  110. I like to personalize a scripture with the recipient’s name, my favorite thing is to either frame it in an acrylic magnet frame or 4×6 glass clip frame. I love to scrapbook so I use pretty papers and embellishments. Encouraging, fun and pretty : )

  111. Acts of service – I love to do a little something for someone I love. Fold some laundry for a friend. Run an errand for my husband, do something unexpected for the kids. 🙂

  112. My favorite way to encourage someone is ANY way, which means simply to follow through with the thought. At times it’s a text message, an email, a voicemail, a card, or more importantly, face-to-face.

  113. I love to bless with encouragement ‘in person’…it blesses the receiver’s heart and mine, but most often I leave notes in my children’s lunch, on their pillows, on the bathroom mirror for my husband. I love to pick up something my kids have asked for and leave it for them to find somewhere rather than handing it to them. I don’t remember receiving notes as a child but I sure love seeing what it does for my children and their hugs are an added bonus!

  114. I enjoy doing something I know THEY think is special…maybe it is a book, or a little bag of chocolate goodness, or even just a little note that makes them smile…but taking the time to do something personally tailored to the person’s likes can mean the world. 🙂

  115. My love language is providing good food. I live/work overseas and my husband is in management. I love to host a dinner, provide a good snack, or treat our staff to something familiar from “home” (the States). Sometimes that means I have to special order something from the states but to see the smiles and to hear the excited cheers, or sometimes see the tears of joy, make it all worth it.

  116. So many fun ways…..

    A heartfelt birthday blessing on their Facebook wall
    A one-on-one lunch so they feel truly special
    A well-timed hug
    A Valentine’s surprise when you are single in college

    oh…so much fun!!

  117. I love to encourage by stopping what I’m doing and listening with my eyes…my heart…my all. Not just hearing with my ears.

  118. I find that encouragement is most easily lent by simply asking if I may be of help whenever I see that someone looks as if they’re feeling alone or tired. No one, from friends to complete strangers, has ever turned me down. And the genuine smile I receive in return is all the encouragement I need.


  120. I’m learning the best way to encourage another person is to listen and watch for their love language and then respond in a personal away. For my daughter, Leah, it is about listening and responding with equal joy. For Abby, it is a time to cuddle. For Katie, it is about playing with her hair. For Luke, it is all about acknowledge is little manhood. And for my husband, it is giving him a portion of myself, by not letting life use me all up.

  121. Mostly I send emails – sometimes I forward “funnies”, sometimes I link to an inspiring blog post, and sometimes it’s just my own heart-thoughts! For my kids, I encourage them with words, hugs, “thumbs up”, and unexpected humour.

  122. I like to leave a glass jar on their porch with flowers from my garden and a little note with an encouraging scripture verse.

  123. I like to encourage someone through trying to think of something specific that they did well and encourage them to keep up the great work, especially if it’s a gift of theirs (i.e.hospitality).

  124. I make it a point to introduce myself to someone I don’t know – especially at a party – and have a conversation – it’s hard when you don’t know anyone.

  125. When I’m at a party, I make it a point to introduce myself to someone I don’t know – and get to know them – it’s hard when you don’t know anyone.

  126. My favorite way to encourage someone is to surprise them when most needed with a Bible verse (that offers guidance/encouragement with whatever struggle they’re engaging) and a token that will help anchor the promise God offers in their mind–perhaps a bookmark, photo, flower, homemade gift that whenever they look at it they will be reminded: God heard my need and answered. LOVE when that happens.

    I’m enjoying your thought-provoking contest, ladies. Thank you.

  127. I like to encourage others by telling them I’m going to pray for them and then actually doing it!

  128. I like to encourage by sending cards. We live in a fast paced world where email, texting, twittering, etc. are fast, but I still enjoy choosing a pretty card and sending it to someone.

  129. Sometimes the best way to encourage someone is just to be with them, which is my favorite, but I always try to say positive things… that helps me….

  130. I love encouraging my family with notes on mirrors. Dry Erase markers work great for doing this, easy to wipe clean, lots of colors to chose from and they never miss them if they are on the bathroom mirror.

  131. I also love writing notes/cards to others, perhaps occasionally including a small gift (something that I saw that reminded me of them or something small that I know they really like).

  132. I like sending e-mails full of encouraging words for that particular person. I live far away from many family and friends and e-mail is the best way for me to communicate with them. I also like to send cards or letters when I know someone is returning to the States and can mail them for me.

  133. I usually try to encourage people with prayer, emails or sweet cards in the mail. Those are all things that encourage me, so I pray they are an encouragement to others as well.

  134. I love just calling a friend out of the blue and unexpected. I also love sticking notes in my kids’ lunch boxes, just like my mom did when I was little!

  135. I try to make my Facebook posts encouraging. For a particular individual, a note or an email.

  136. I find it hard to remember to reach out to people, and this sounds cheesy or like a cop-out – but I send little texts throughout the day – just as the Lord brings someone to mind… I send a text right away, so I don’t put off reaching out in some way “when I remember it”…

  137. I love to post an encouraging note on someone’s facebook wall if it isn’t too private . . . it seems to be contagious and sparks other people to encourage as well.

  138. I like to encourage someone by sending text messages, emails, or a card with a hand written note, but my most favorite way to encourage is by praying for them and reminding them that our lives are in God’s hands.

  139. Adding a little extra something about them personally when I wish them happy birthday in social media–taking the time for meaningful.

  140. My favorite way to encourage someone is to send them an “I’m thinking of You” card and include a Scripture just for them.

  141. I love to tell people I’m thinking of them today….you never know what a person is going through…

  142. I love to encourage someone by meeting a need they may have at that moment. I have found that if you meet a need, people feel more hopeful.

  143. I love to encourage people, but I think my favorite way is to send someone a thoughtful card….whether it’s a verse of encouragement or something funny to make them smile!

  144. find a frown in the crowd and put their arm around them after the sermon and tell them I love them.

  145. My absolute favorite way is to encourage others to find the simple joys and discover God’s small wonders in the everyday. I have to encourage myself to do it too.

  146. Give them something they love…certain kind of book, favorite candy, phone call, whatever speaks to their heart and love language!

  147. Love sending handmade cards (admittedly they’re not made by me) – I often get thanked for the cards I send. Such a blessing!:)

  148. I like leaving notes around for my husband or kids to find in time – it’s fun to see their faces after they do. 🙂

  149. My favorite way to encourage someone is through unexpected words of affirmation. I like to text a quick “You’re a blessing” or “You’re such a treasure” to the people I love. I also pick up on little hints that someone is discouraged. Then I just speak words of life as the Spirit leads. I really want to grow much more in learning how to encourage. My love language is words of affirmation so that’s my natural way of encouraging others. 🙂

  150. My favorite way to encourage someone is to drop them an email or text. I often text my husband a prayer that I have for him or a message of love. For my friends, I let them know that I’m praying for them or I tell them I hope they have a great day!

  151. I try my best to always send people a little written note or facebook message or email whenever they are down. I think the gift of encouragement is strong in some of us, we just have to take the time to follow through on our thoughts. I also try to pray for each person who asks me to and to follow up on that, too. We all need a cheerleader or 2 or 12 in our corner!

  152. Make contact and go for coffee! I also like to send them a quick facebook or email message and let them know I’m praying!

  153. I try to be an “encourager” of the saints…….I will try to leave an anonymous note for someone I feel the Lord is leading me to do so to.

  154. My favorite way to encourage someone is to write a card, send a text or email saying thanks or giving words of encouragement.

  155. My favorite way to encourage someone is by taking TIME to show love & concern by allowing God to use me in simple ways….a smile, lift them up in prayers, talking, visits, notes, helping hands, meals, baking, a gift, help with a need/request, etc. Take time to act when God speaks to us…it blesses ones heart!

  156. I love doing things for other people to encourage them.. From texting a Bible verse to making dinner for my friends.. 🙂 I just love to lift up the spirits of the people around me!

  157. I love to send a random text letting someone know I’m thinking about them or better yet, sending a card or small gift to someone to let them know I appreciate and cherish them. : )

  158. I’ve had an aversion to texting for years. However, since I gave in to this easy way of reaching my boys this year, I find it a wonderful way to encourage others, especially teenagers!

  159. I love to send notes in the mail. It is so unexpected and exciting to get something fun in the mailbox!

  160. A hand written note on pretty paper or a personally created card that matches the personality of the one I am sending it to.

  161. I love sending cards to women in the mail because it shows that they were on my mind and that I took the time to write them a note and send it off to them!! I also love just giving my sisters in Christ great hugs to let them know that they are loved!

  162. My favorite way to incourage someone is to send them a card or note and we also love dropping off baked goods, just because we can.

  163. I love to write notes to encourage friends and family. I love receiving hand written mail and so I try to do that for others.

  164. My favorite way to encourage someone is to give them a hug.
    I am very much a huger. It encourages me also.

  165. I love to honor and encourage others, especially those who lead with me, through notes and small gifts.

  166. My favorite way to encourage someone is to send them a note or card with a prayer written in it and sometimes a small gift like a bookmark.

  167. I like finding an old funny picture of a friend and I on facebook, and sending it to them in a message. We talk over the memories connected with that pic and it makes me smile! There’s something really stress-relieving about looking through old pictures.

  168. I love to write and mail a note. It is not surprising how often these arrive (or are opened) in God’s timing. One time a friend didn’t open it for months (got lost in the junk mail) and opened it on the day she really needed a lift.

  169. My favorite way to encourage someone is via email or cards. Mail cards are great, but so are dayspring ecards. Just a few words to say thinking of you, praying for you, you’re on my mind, can make someone’s day!

  170. I love to leave little messages on a coworker/friend’s big ol’ desk calendar 🙂 and I love to leave cute little messages for my roomie/cousin to encourage her through her journey/days (esp. with the new, awesome one she’s on!) 🙂

  171. i love the dayspring e-cards and cards. i love when i get cards in the mail, so i always make sure to send some to my friends and family.

  172. If someone comes to mind that does text…I send them one, if they email…i email them, if they only talk on the phone…i call them…if they are hard to reach..I send them a card with a handwritten note.

  173. I try to always smile and am very friendly to everyone I meet. Sometimes we are the only Christ others see. I try to let His light shine through me.

  174. I like encouraging people by showing up when they need someone and don’t have anyone there, and always by baking 🙂

  175. A smile is my favorite way to encourage someone. It is SO easy!! You should see the smile I get back sometimes. Makes my day!

  176. My favorite way to encourage someone is sometimes to just say hello, how are you today? with a large smile! It’s the simple things.

  177. As a busy mom of 2 little children right now a way I can encourage someone is just to send a quick text message or a card now and then.

  178. My way of incouraging someone is to LISTEN. Let them talk and then offer only posistive feedback. They really just need someone to listen to them most of the time.

  179. I like encouraging those who need it by sending a message or a card their way and letting them know I am praying for them.

  180. I think listening and asking questions is a powerful tool in helping people feel confident

  181. I love to send letters and cards to people. I don’t know about any one else, but I know that I enjoy getting a personal letter/card in the mail.

  182. I love leaving little notes aroud at work or home, I also love telling strangeers lovely things that they may not hear enough!

  183. A note dropped in the mail or left for someone at church. For my children (I have six), I will have one sit with me to talk, etc. while I work on a chore. Having my ear–without competition–means a lot in a bigger family.

  184. By dropping them a note or an email and always including scripture to encourage them in whatever it is they are currently facing.

    bamagv at aol dot com

  185. Notes-here and there, emails and I try very hard to say something positive to harassed clerks and servers…and always thank them for taking such good care of me!

  186. My favorite way to encourage is to *listen*. We need to be ready to be a slate on which the friend can write what they are thinking, going through, believing. In this busy season sometimes it is just good to take stock and we can help one another by listening to the other one and letting them get it out. That way, the cards are on the table and we both know how to pray for the situation.

  187. a little note in a lunch box, a special gift given anonymously, an extra kiss as they leave for school. i like to make it personal based on what each person will most appreciate.

  188. My favorite way to encourage someone is by keeping a daily prayer list for those that need prayers and asking others how I can pray for them.

  189. Definitely my favorite is through a hand-written note or special “gift” (maybe something I’ve heard them ask for!)

  190. I love to encourage people with a random little gift and a short note to let them know I was thinking of them and praying for them today…for no reason at all.

  191. I love encouraging others by just listening to them when they need me to. Also, a wonderful way to be of encouragement is to just compliment them – tell them you are grateful for their friendship or their loyalty or responsibility…whatever you can praise them for. 🙂

  192. I slip notes in unexpected places for them to find. I do that for my husband and kids a lot.

  193. I love being able to make special gifts for people and making handwritten notes to go along with it.

  194. I love to encourage my kids by bragging on them in front of their Daddy when he gets home from work – they soak it up!

  195. My favorite way to encourage someone is to help them out however it looks. Doesn’t matter if it’s a written note, an email, going to their house to visit, meeting them somewhere, watching their kids, doing dishes, sitting and being quiet with them….whatever it looks like.

  196. My favorite way to encourage someone is to write them an encouraging note. I like to use facebook to do this. Today I went to my sister’s wall and told her that she’d do awesome on her finals this week! 🙂

  197. My favorite way to encourage someone is just to listen to them. Everyone wants to be heard and I try my hardest to listen to my friends and family to show that I support and encourage them.

  198. To encourage my teen son for instance to do well in school and in life i talk to him and maybe give him some tips or share what it was like for me when i was his age and how i handled some of the same things that he is facing as a teen. I try to point out the positives about him and he really does remember them. This encourages him to do well in school, scouts, sports, etc… I try not to be too critical, though sometimes that can be hard. When i am on Facebook or blog posting i try to leave alittle pic or a few words of encouragement if i think it may help a friend. 😉

  199. I like to put little notes in my kids’ lunchboxes. Or tucked in between clothes in my husband’s suitcase when he’s traveling.

  200. I love to encourage people by sending hand-written notes, small gifts, and offering a listening ear and a hug!

  201. My fave way to encourage someone is by sending a card! I am always happy to receive a card so I happily send them to others!

  202. My favorite way to encourage my teens is to leave them little notes telling them what I see that they did well or what I love about them. They might roll their eyes now but I know, it’s making a difference!