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Emily P. Freeman is a writer who creates space for souls to breathe. She is the author of four books, including her most recent release, Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World. She and her husband live in North Carolina with their twin daughters and twinless son.

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  1. Emily, I read through a lot of yesterday’s comments- It was absolutely overwhelming. The comments revealed so much pain. They also revealed, no matter how much we “feel” we are alone in our “feelings”, we’re not. Women all over the world are sinking in the same ships. Praise God for Grace!

  2. You mention doing this book with a small group. My small group is junior high girls. I know this isn’t for them but I’m wondering if you have any recommendations?

    • Hi Kim! I’m working on a second book for teen girls similar to this one – but it won’t release until September 2012. Have you read Annie Downs’ From Head to Foot? I’m doing it with my junior girls small group and I’m sure junior high could relate with it as well.

  3. and that last-ish paragraph got.my.soul.
    He came to to it for me? WOW.
    and impossible is never my favorite… thank you for reminding me it is HIS.