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Deidra is a national speaker and the author of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are, and One: Unity in a Divided World. Follow Deidra on Instagram @deidrariggs

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh wow, I just prayed for the Lord to help me with the mammoth amount of housework and tasks/errands I have to do today and then I read this! I’ve even just shared it with my husband (although now it means if I ever moan about housework he’ll remind me of what I’ve just shared -lol – a good thing I guess!)

    God bless you so much for this, I will certainly approach housework differently.

  2. What a lovely reminder and bit of encouragement for the start of today. I have a basket of clean laundry to fold and put away and a kitchen to clean up.

    Thank you ~ FlowerLady

  3. This is beautiful and a great reminder that God is in everything. Reminded of Brother Lawrence and how he worshipped doing the dishes.

  4. Beautiful, my friend. Oh, to look at every moment as holy and to remember that He is there in the midst of all our messes. I’ve got a few here, and you’ve just given me a fresh attitude. 🙂

  5. Madam Deidra. The trick is to fold the clothes at the same time you pick them off the line or take them from the dryer; every. single. piece.

  6. As always you can turn a frown upside down!! Okay okay your right and today as I’m climbing the mountain of laundry I will think of you both hand in hand finding the joy in my chores. 🙂

    • Yes! We are in this thing together! Even though we might be separated by hundreds – thousands, even – of miles, we can find joy knowing that we’re doing life together. Even the mundane stuff, like ironing. 🙂

  7. Reminds me of a story …a Pastor shared..He was the speaker
    for a month at a youth outreach camp…it was near the end, he was tired
    & having a bad day… he came across a handicap young man
    who’s job all month had been doing dishes. He high-fived him
    & Pastor asked, “Steve, let me ask you something, you have the
    worst job in camp & you are always happy?” Then Steve replied,
    ” No, I have the best job in camp, you see I get to pray over
    every dish” …..
    I still cry when I am reminded of that incident…it changed
    how I look at everyday tasks..
    Thanks for sharing that today….

  8. Oh Sister, you’ve said a mouthful today! Thank you for sharing … you have no idea how much I needed to ‘hear’ it 🙂

  9. really great article…reminds me of practicing the presence by brother lawrenceyes you can…and he will find you where ever you are at…

  10. This is lovely. “Tabernacle” is such a wonderful word… and if the Word took on flesh and “tabernacled” among us, in the everyday world, surely He will give us eyes to see His presence and worship.

  11. This is a great reminder! I have often used this attitude when I iron and clean. It really does make the job less of a job and more of a blessing. Thank you for this, as I have let my ironing pile overtake my laundry room. Time to get ironing and praying!!!

  12. Deidra,
    This way of seeing is so wonderful.

    One of my favorite characteristics of prayer is its way of fitting, perfectly, every moment, every circumstance.

  13. Deidra, you take the things that we all struggle with and encourage with your beautiful words. This is a sweet reminder to do all that we do as service to Him and to those who are so dear to us.

  14. Wow, that touched me in a way that I haven’t been in awhile. I am pondering your words here today, they are what I’ve needed to hear, and you said it all in such a beautiful way.

  15. I get stuck on the laundry folding, too, as my couch proves this very moment. Usually I am overwhelmed or discouraged by chores. But seeing the chores as tabernacles, sacred places, as worship– I needed to hear that. Love your perspective, and your sweet way of saying it.

  16. Thanks Deidra for a terrific way to look at mundane/simples chores at work or home.

    This is just what I needed to hear today! God Bless you!!

  17. wow – I practice many of those same rituals, especially about laundry which is now a meaningful chore to me! It make the mundane magical!

  18. Hey Everybody!

    Wow! You’re all like a little Amen Corner today! I love your smiles and your words of encouragement here! I have found a new pep for my step, thanks to you!

  19. As I sit surfing and checking email instead of cleaning the toilets, this really got me. Like so many moms I know, I get stuck in the “have-to’s” instead of the “get-to’s”. Thank you for sharing your insights.

  20. Wow! What a revelation! Thank you for sharing these insights and very wise words. It’s just made me refocus on the importance of my role as mother, wife and home-maker.

  21. Absolutely LOVED this!!! YOu could have ben describing my laundry roo!!!What a great idea!

  22. Deidra, I adore this post! Your perspective is life-changing…what sacred ground we wives and mamas walk in the everyday.

    I love you, Deidra!

  23. we own a mom and pop motel and when i’m cleaning rooms i often pray for the guests who will be staying here. but i never thought about extending those prayers to the laundry (and other areas too). i have a load to fold in a few minutes. guess what i’ll be doing while i put it away?! thanks for your post!

    • I just had a vision of a travel website where one of the “amenities” listed would be “rooms prayed over by the owners.” 🙂

  24. This just reinforced what I read in my devotions a few weeks ago. I want to glorify God in all that I do even if it’s cleaning that grout in the bathroom. Blessings to you.

  25. God had really been speaking to me on this area of my life. So this stay-at-home mommy read this with tears today knowing that God was speaking directly to me through this post. Thank you for being used by God even if it was talking about laundry!! I want home to show CHRIST in EVERY area!!

  26. Would you be surprised if I took one look at the photo — and put off reading your post? Until today, Monday morning. Now, thanks to you, the machine is humming and the blinds are opened and the coffee is brewing and I am going to try again:) Thank you!

  27. This morning my table already is covered in construction paper, gems and glitter glue. I know it was clean when I went to bed last night. The kitchen floor already has cereal on it. I know it was all swept when i went to bed last night. The living room is cluttered with an empty diaper box being used as a table to color, a tote full of crayons, slippers, socks and flip flops. I know it was all put away when I went to bed last night. Housework is endless when you have three kids and recently I have been actively pursuing turning these cringe-worthy, repetitive tasks into something positive and taking ownership in it. Thank you for your words.

  28. Funny I would read this one a day when I was growling about doing laundry. I despise folding the most. But after reading this post, I felt different about doing it, as if God had sent me here in the middle of doing the laundry so my attitude would change.

    I am a perfectionist when it comes to folding and hanging the clothes up, but I never prayed over them or the bed sheets. You can bet I prayed over them and the sheets and when they woke this morning I had a big ole’ smile knowing they were wearing those clothes today that I took pride in folding and had laid out for them.

    Thanks for a GREAT post.

  29. Chores as tabernacles! A lovely perspective.

    I do this, too, praying for my family when I fold their laundry! Sometimes, my daughters pray and fold right along with me.

    Thank you for sharing in that special way that you do, Deidra. I love your heart.

  30. Great post. I was having a hard time with a pile of mundane chores today. Your article came along at the perfect time for me. Funny how that works… !