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Ann Voskamp is a farmer's wife, the home-educating mama to a half-dozen exuberant kids, and author of One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, a New York Times 60 week bestseller. Named by Christianity Today as one of 50 women most shaping culture and the...

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  1. There are so many! But to choose just one, it would be watching two adult deer and a baby deer walk in the field just past our driveway. Love those moments.

  2. I experienced God’s grace in a beautiful, yet ordinary moment. My son is moving away to college next month. He carried me to the bank in his truck today. As we drove the few minutes, he spoke of how much love he he’s had while growing up. Tears welled up in my eyes as God confirmed that yes, indeed, he does know how much we’ve loved him! Those secret, special moments between a mother and her almost grown son are precious… and so full of God’s wonderful grace!

    • Jenn, such a heartwarming moment with your boy. My daughter is heading off to college next month too. She has been in a season of wandering and it has left a distance between us. I know God will fininsh what He started in her and I look forward to someday sharing a moment just like the one you did!

    • today I give thanks for the simple joy of a sister-in-law wrriting just to say “i love you, and i’m glad you’re my sister”. After 22 years of female relationships fraught with hardships and betrayals, and no sisters, I near my 23rd birthday able to to look back on a year that brought me 2 beautiful and meaningful new friendships, 4 new sisters-in-law whom I grow to love more all the time, and a generous and loving mother-in-law. God is so good, and though it took a some time, he did answer my most fervent prayer.

      • oh and sorry, this really isn’t a “reply” but it wouldn’t let me post any other way on my limited browser… :\

  3. The Lord has given so many blessings. I give Him glory for all He has given me! By His grace I am continuously learning what is important in life. He gives me just enough and more than enough so I can appreciate what really matters. I give Him thanks for times of difficulty when He shows Himself to me and embraces me with His love. Thank you God for Your presence in my life!

    • Chelsea – I love your perspective here:
      “I give Him thanks for times of difficulty when He shows Himself to me and embraces me with His love.”
      Some of the moments when I’ve felt God the most intimately have been during trials.
      As my son Caleb was wheeled away for yet another surgery, I closed myself into the small hospital room, and went to my knees, crying out for God’s comfort and presence.
      “God are You here? This place is so cold and empty and God-less…Jesus, Jesus, are You here? Please, would You show me?”
      Immediately a tap on the door, and there stood the young woman doing house-keeping for the neurosurgery unit. Her face registered alarm at my tear-streaked face and the hospital-bed-vacated room.
      “Oh!” she said, “Oh no!…can I pray for you?”
      In a moment of desperate need, God showed up, through the comforting hug and tender prayers of a stranger. His glory ever-shines, if I can stop to seek, open my soul, and receive the gift of His Presence!

  4. I thank Him for the perspective that He always has to offer – just when I need it. Right when I’m on the verge of slipping into needless worry or fretting, He sends someone my way who needs me to pray with them – reminding me that my “issue” is really not worth losing my foothold.

  5. Today I most definitely felt the tiny flutters inside that confirm, yes God has blessed us with a third, beautiful child. I am constantly floored that He chose me to be a mother to His precious children.

    • Wonder what African city skyline you’re looking at. I spent 12 amazing years in north Africa and those quiet moments alone with Father were the only way I made it

  6. I don’t have many good-health days but yesterday was one where I’d had a decent sleep the night before, got up early enough to have close to a full day to enjoy, was able to go do a large grocery shop and, amazingly, when I came home had enough energy left to put the food away and not need to collapse into an armchair for the rest of the day. I was so pleased with the day, I didn’t want it to end.

    • Debbie,

      Thank you for reminding me that what I take for granted every single day is truly a gift from our Father. May you be blessed with many more days just like yesterday!

  7. My youngest son just got accepted to university! :-)) Glory!
    And today my dad comes for a visit … not being well he got scared of leaving his house, but finally deicded to brave the world and come to see us. I belive he had devine help to come to that decision! 🙂

    And, as allways, inspiring bloggposts! Thank You!

  8. We were searching the house for the littlest one’s pacifier while she heaved and sobbed at it’s absence. The older one decided to share hers–first she zoomed it around before the baby’s eyes, making a few loopty-loops like an airplane. Then with a smile, popped it into little sister’s mouth. I love these moments of tenderness between my girls–indeed, very much like a “cathedral.”


  9. Very excited about this give away. I just purchased my copy of your book and discovered your blog. So excited! Be blessed dear one.

  10. I praise God for the little “nuggets” he gives me during my quiet time… encouraging me and helping me through the day 🙂

    ps. I already follow on twitter and fb 🙂

  11. I’ve been awake not quite an hour this morning and already I’ve witnessed God in my life! When I took my dog out I looked in the sky and on the horizon was a colorful display for all to enjoy! I thank God for those moments. He always surprises us with a different show not once but twice daily, sunrise and then sunset, and I usually get to see both!

  12. a birthday dinner to celebrate a neighbor’s 71st birthday, a frozen, chocolate covered banana, bedtime songs to my little girl, grace to diffuse tempers, a shoulder rub at the end of the day.

  13. There are so many, of course. And I snuggle up in smiles over the multitude of times I See Him in my hours.

    A moment that has stuck recently and continues to Grace my heart is a worry I had, anxiousness I had, over stepping out and taking a risk without inviting others (namely my boss) into the process. I knew I needed to do it for me and See God’s faithfulness along the way. My groom knew this, too, I believe. He trusted my own instincts.

    And so, when I felt an awkward moment while traveling for work and shared it with my groom–how I really didn’t like the disconnect I was feeling with my boss and the worry I had that I’d rocked the boat of his trust in me–my groom spoke Truth into me and it sustained me, and still does today:

    “The storm will pass.”

    And. It. Did.

    Truth spoken is the living breath of His glory.

  14. I am thankful for the feeling of cold air on my skin as I walked out the door this morning, a welcome relief from the intense heat of our region over the last week.

  15. Ann, your book has given me an outlet for seeing God at work all around me: in the hard eucharisteo and in the hallelujah moments. Thank you!! I recently came to number 300 on my list…. on my way to 1000 gifts. A sampling of things on my list recently included:
    *heart aches that flare again, hard conversations & the glorious mess of my heart (hard eucharisteos)
    *two beautiful young deer grazing just outside our garden
    *hayfever medicine that works!
    * a grey day turned glorious with sunshine
    * teddy bear’s picnic with niece, nephew & sister in law
    * a huge moon gleaming
    *billowing clothes pegged out in the warm sun
    * a multitude of clean jars ready for jam.

    I’m not able to find the ‘in’courage page on facebook can anyone lend a hand to help me find it?

  16. Dinner with a long-time friend who was passing through town last night; a precious chance to reconnect among busy schedules!

  17. God’s grace was poured out one evening in June through my 18 year old son as we stood and watched the sunset from the hill up the road. We had talked but in that moment we were silent and he reached out and wrapped his arm across my shoulders and we stood awash in color, God’s glory painted in sunset colors and the quiet, strong love of a son.

  18. My Glory moment is the inspiration I need to move forward with a decision, after a chat with a friend left only doubt.

  19. Answered prayer, vacation this weekend, a much needed pedicure, peace in the midst of busyness.

  20. I am a woman with an empty womb, but a full heart. My grace moment was the day a caseworker called our home to share that we had been approved by the state of Pennsylvania to adopt 7 year old twin boys from foster care. I still tear up at the tought of that moment. My sons are now 19. My womb is still empty, but have children birthed from my heart. All glory to God for His grace! ~ Ruth

  21. Thanks to your book, blog and the Grace of God I am attempting to learn to “make every moment a cathedral giving glory”. Depression and guilt has written much of my story and I trust God to over-write it with His Grace, Mercy and Love! The greatest moments recently were when I had the awesome privilege of leading my two precious girls (8 and 11) to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on the same night. Others include “chalk art covering the driveway”, “cows heading to pasture at sundown” and “a messy living room floor”. God is so Gracious and He is so Good!

  22. I celebrate the grace of God in that He has helped me in learning to deal with situations (and not get into certain situations) with a sober mind… I stopped drinking 7 months ago and He has given me strength and hope to be able to do it.

    • Hallelujah, Kyla! appreciate ur honesty. May God give u strength, comfort and peace as u continue down the road of recovery.

  23. Being surrounded by God’s people as we learn to “do life together” .. a truly beautiful thing.

  24. What a lovely gift, Ann. My moment was from last night when my husband, my two boys and I were sitting around the kitchen table playing Phase 10. They youngest got into a giggle fit which sent us all over the edge. It was a night to remember.

    I don’t facebook or twitter.

  25. Yesterday, I stood in the narthex of our church. I saw three women standing in a circle, each a little teary eyed. They are each battling through their own storms of illness, grief and loss. But each was more concerned about the others, and trying to console them. They hugged when they gathered: two, then the third walking by wrapped her arms around. And as they stood there, smiling through tears, they held their arms, crossed in front of them to continue the hug. It spoke so much to me about Church and love and friendship.

  26. Little boy picking raspberries, Friends who drop by, God speaking word to Bible study friend of my need to stop carrying His burdens, Loads of fresh summer cherries and peaches…

  27. So extremely, ridiculously ordinary….I’ve been overwhelmed by the list of things to do lately. Tuesday the Lord nudged that maybe the answer isn’t in making more time or less things but moving more slowly and fully in each moment. Pouring milk to mix into the bread dough it bubbles up big on top. Twenty, thirty bubbles, how many were there? I stop and look. Then magic. The bubbles press up against one another and ‘pop’, one is gone. It scoots over, they all merge closer. Which one will be next? ‘Pop’, oh, I didn’t expect that one! Three fourths of me is classifying this bubble popping as a ridiculous waste of time. But that last fourth, the one begging-challenging me to stay through the last pop, wins. So, I wait through all the popping. Even the little ones…they all pop. I wait for some spiritual analogy to come. None does. But I keep watching milk bubbles pop. And when the last one’s gone and the surface smooths out I thank God for milk bubbles and for whatever just happened in me and for the slowing to see. Funny, the bread was still ready for dinner even though I paused….also, I was ready for dinner- not a hurried, harried mess of human doing but a peaceful, inhaling human

  28. Please enter me into your giveaway. God bless you Ann, and the other wonderful women at (in)courage. Thank you.

    Yesterday when I was babysitting my 2 year old grandson, I told him to do something and he did it right away. I was praising him for being so obedient, apparently he did not understand what the word obedient meant, because he stuck out his bottom lip and looked upset. So I explained what obedient meant, that it was a good thing, that Grandma was happy when he was obedient. And that Jesus wants him to be obedient. His mommie added that Jesus wanted her to be obedient also. Then he replied, Uncle God likes it when I am obedient.

    I usually think of Jesus as my Lord and my Brother, but Uncle God…..that works too. Today I praise Uncle God Jesus for his bountiful provision of grace.

  29. We were gathered around the kitchen for my birthday dinner, my sweetie, my parents, siblings, babies… All hungry for chinese take out on paper plates trimmed with blue flowers. We had pulled in chairs from other rooms, and crowded around the table…my son, age 6, ended up at the head of the table. We held hands to pray, after telling the children, “just wait, put your fork down”. My son held my hand and my sister’s on the other side… and he looked around at all of us, and he smiled sooo big, and he said “I have the best view.”
    Ahhh, it was pure joy. One of those moments.

  30. There are so many little moments each day that remind me of my Heavenly Father’s love for me.
    I suppose the biggest reminder every day is my sweet one-year-old son. They told me I might never have children, yet every day I get to mother the most wonderful son. The little things he does-like walk up and give me hugs for no reason, learning new words every day, smiling for no reason other than feeling joyful- they show me how GREAT the Father’s love is for me. I am still in awe every day.

  31. Sitting on the couch with my precious 9-year old princess this evening reading from the “Heaven for Kids” book by Randy Alcorn, one paragraph each. Just learning about Heaven and discovering the hope together with my daughter of our future in eternity together was just so precious!

  32. Sitting on the balcony on a cool summer night staring at the beauty of the moon, my daughter’s deep belly laugh, a renewed way of thinking about a situation, a peaceful conversation with my teenage son, plans that get changed, His Word touching my soul

  33. Right now I am thankful for a peaceful and quiet morning – watching the sun rise and knowing that my four babies are sleeping and safe in their beds.

  34. My husband being willing to get up in the night with babies….friends who just get it, this daily journey to a life of thankfulness…

  35. My one simple moment this morning would have to be the stillness and quietness of the air outside as I opened up the back door at 6 am. Then the dipping of my feet into the pool for my morning swim…I love quiet still moments…

  36. watching my parents play in the beach with my 2 and 5 year old just like they are kids too! Seeing the youth of their past come flooding back on their faces when they play in the sand with their granddaughters.

  37. Yesterday, I was reading Ann’s blog about their corn and soybeans. That just struck such a chord in my heart since my family farms the same thing. If you plant your crop late, the summer rains don’t always come when they should. But yesterday evening, the rain came and came and ……… thank you, Lord.

  38. The beauty of God’s nature. His sunsets and sunrise paintings in vibrant colors to awaken the earth to His glory. The precious connections we have through God’s family. The sweet scent of rain. The wag of a puppy, the purr of a kitten, the belly deep laugh of a toddler. The early morning prod from God’s Spirit at 4:30 am to pray for someone I’ve never met. The compassionate heart of our Savior for those who are lost or held in captivity by the enemy’s lies. Tender mercies. Grace. Forgiveness. God’s amazing love….

  39. temps cool enough to encourage some quality snuggle time with my dear husband after weeks of busyness and hot, humid days without a/c….love how God provides for us in even small ways like 50 degree mornings!

    ~eunice b
    tigergal01 @gmail .com

  40. Well, I have always been able to see God’s gifts in the peaceful times of summer, but after reading 1000 Gifts it is all heightened. Holding my 7 yr. old daughters hand in mine. Having the energy to complete chores, settling down at night to rest, sitting on my front porch, even smells that are pleasing. All of these thing I realize are “the presents I get to unwrap”everyday. God is so gracious and when that washes over me there is nothing in the world like it.

  41. I usually wake up each morning a few minutes before my alarm goes off. I am thankful for those nights when I wake up at 3:00 am and realize that I get 2 1/2 more hours to sleep.

  42. Where to start?

    I think it would just the miracle of this “unborn” living miracle growing inside of me… coming to peace, regarding it’s near arrival… anxiously enduring it’s (even as I type here), it’s kicking existance and very aware that I need Jesus – His Grace to face the days ahead.

    I’ll be honest, I haven’t been too excited about this pregnancy – it’s been a rough one. But God is good in that he’s softening my heart and I’m getting ready… ready to meet this blessing child.

  43. I am thankful for a quiet morning to hope and dream and for a heart that remembers Who is Hope and Who is Dreamgiver. Praise God.

  44. Feeling the fresh cool air on my face after opening the door….THIS morning after long hot days. The birds and blooms are celebrating as well. All have turned their faces to the heavens and breathed it in. No fear of the days or weeks ahead….all of creation is just so joyful and enjoying this moment. Do the birds who are clothed by the Lord look ahead and know about winter or do they just take the leading of the Father above without any question and go to work? Do the blooms know that their life of beauty is short? There is no fear, just a daily walking and obeying. Putting on display the glory of God. Maybe they do know of the winter ahead and prepare and fret….but I really don’t think so. Maybe I should also just enjoy this moment of peaceful and joyful moments….no looking to the future in fret, worry or even expectant of anything other than the love of God. The future is unknown, but I can let God’s glory shine through me as I turn my face to the sun and bask in HIM. Eucharisteo.

  45. An unforecasted rain shower in the midst of a drought. I was so thankful for the brief break in the 100+ temperatures and thankful that the yards would get a little bit of water.

  46. I work in a school for marginalised youth who are at risk of disengaging from education. A wonderful moment of grace for me comes whenever one of these young people displays gratitude for something as small as a bandaid when they have so few material things in their lives. It reminds me of how much I have to be grateful for.

  47. A quick, impromptu visit by old friend, not seen in years. . . lots of hugs and laughs and stories and pictures. . . a reminder of “home”. . . and the tired afterwards that makes me rest and enjoy the rest of His small graces.

  48. On the eve of my birthday (last night) I found a large joy spilling into my bedroom: the un-wasted wealth of white moonlight. All given, just given away for someone to receive. So I did, I took it up into my soul, and enjoyed the birthday gift from a kind Father-God.

  49. I’m giving God the glory for his patience with me and for waking me up early to start my day with Him.

  50. Walking into my 10 month old’s room and watching him sleep. Best thing ever! 🙂

  51. “liked” on FB

    Grace is in every moment… we are counting here… up to 478 as of last night
    – voices from the hammock – talking and laughing together –

    Blessings on the journey~

  52. Two children starting college, one because of all her hard work, right on time. The latter a prodigal son who is finding his way back and was determined to go even at 22…Thank you Father for watching over them both. For grace that go beyond my wildest dreams.

  53. Watching my 3 boys COOPERATE! (in the middle of summer!) as they record their memories from our recent family trip into our family vacation album was a highlight yesterday. We had a wonderful trip, but seeing them willingly work together and enjoy reflecting on the recently-made memories is just as wonderful.

  54. My grace moment came while I was reading my Bible at the kitchen table and I looked up to see my 2 youngest of 5 children outside swinging on the play set. Usually they swing while facing the house but this time they had their small little backs to me. I watched as youngest, 4.5 pumped his legs back and forth in that awkward “just learned to do it myself” way. At first I thought he was trying hard to keep up with his brother who was soaring as high as the swing beam. But as I watched the older brother, I noticed he had a goal in mind. His furious pumping was to reach out and touch the tree branches above. While not every kick shook the limbs, a few times his own limbs did meet their mark. In that moment, I was thankful for the grace He bestowed upon me in watching my boys reach for things normally beyond their reach.

  55. When the morning sun hits the dust in the air revealing the very presence of something that is always there yet we don’t see it …because the sun hasn’t revealed it yet. When “The Son” strokes the dust in the air of our hearts we see his grace because things that were always there are seen in a different light ….the light of eternity.

  56. smiles and giggles from my baby {she’s our 6th and is a huge source of joy and blessing . . . and grace!}
    thanks much!

  57. I had such a wonderful moment this morning 🙂 Last night my 15 month old son was up and down up and down and I was so worried about him and about the coming day – whether I would have enough energy from being up all night – then this morning after a good 2 hours of straight sleep I woke up feeling his warm snuggling feet right on my cheek and I couldnt help but giggle! 🙂 The Lord truly has made a potentially stressful day wonderful through the silliness of a child 🙂

  58. I am so incouraged and grateful that God’s word awaits me each morning, greeting the day with His truth.

  59. watching two hummingbirds flit around the feeder while having breakfast with my husband, who is home on leave from his deployment to Iraq

  60. The faithful husband who daily makes me tea and gets me set up for my ‘quiet time’. He would sacrifice all for me to have a few minutes with the Lord. How his example of laying down his life convicts me. Our marriage is nothing but ‘grace’, a gift neither of us deserve. Thank You, Papa, for grace.

  61. Sitting here with my husband, who will be returning to deployment soon. Soaking in the time we have together but realizing that God will get us through the next 8 months.

  62. Liked on fb.

    Time w/ my 13 yr old girl… just the two of us… yesterday.

    Today my youngest turns 8… the day he turned 4 my Dad went to be w/ Jesus. Thankful God connected the dates… thankful in the hard places. Thankful for those 4 yrs that Wesley had w/ his Papa.

    Much love, Ann.

  63. The way He brought song lyrics to my lips in the early morning kitchen moments to help me face the very present challenges tempting me…Natalie Grant’s song AT THE SOUND OF YOUR GREAT NAME…the enemy, he has to leave, at the sound of your great name…all the weak find their STRENGTH at the sound of your great name. Propels me into the day fueled by GOD!

  64. In my garden weeding, I commune with God the most…..He teaches me the hard lessons of life I need through the weed plants and their roots as I weed out through my flower beds. Then when I have a chance to walk the beach, He gives me that total peace and calm as I marvel at the pounding and surge of the waves at my feet. I never fail to feel His presence in those two places the most.

  65. I follow (in)courage on twitter.

    It’s amazing how grace shows up in so many ways….
    Yesterday, I walked home from work and looked up at the almost full moon. The night was still warm but had a freshness to it and suddenly I felt enveloped in the peace of the night.

  66. I just “liked” (in)courage on FB.

    Yesterday, my girls, ages 12, 14, &16, told me to go sit and they would make dinner. I was able to sit in the sun and feel the warm rays beat down on my arms while I read on the deck and listened, through the open window, as they worked together. Blessing, indeed.

  67. Thankful for the opportunity to read One Thousand Gifts and it giving me the extra boost to Keep My Eyes Wide Open to the Eucharisto in the moments of my daily life. Not to forget the strength & courage it gives me to share its good word, knowledge & guidance to many others who share this lifetime with me…Thank you 🙂

  68. Catching a glimpse of my husband walking through the grass at the field of our oldest son’s baseball game after days away for business and seeing my little boy and little girl spot him and abandon their play and run up to him. I watch him gather them in his arms filling their cheeks with kisses. “grace-moment”

  69. My moment happened a few days ago. It was HIM delivering me from the mental horrors I was experiencing from a medical mishap. Being at the lowest of lows with no seeming way out…watching the world move on about me but time seeming to stand still for me…pleading with HIM to get me out of the mess I was in. Deliverance finally came and new medical help, too.

  70. Little hands clutching a “stolen” marshmallow from the cabinet – little 20 month old feet scurrying away as if to outrun, little giggles when caught, smiles, hugs, son with soldier hat on and plastic gun marching around the house to “protect” us from imaginary enemies, toes curled as hands clutch a yellowed page book nose pointed inward finger twirling a piece of long red hair, older children willinglingly playing the “obedience game” showing little sister the way to obey, laughter, {{Parent one – auto repair bill exactly the amount we had available for the repair…}} little brother hugging toddler sister unbade, a little well loved pink bear drug all over, a bear who “eats & drinks” as his little owner does, “He wuvs me..” she says as she clutches it – showing we all long to be loved and our Father does love us in the same way we look upon these little ones He’s entrusted us, He TRULY WUVS us greatly! 🙂 Thanks be to God!

  71. I praise God for this morning’s joy during yoga. I leaned forward and could feel the tiny whisper of my hair hanging down….I felt joy and childishness in that moment…I felt Him smile and touch my head. Thank you for your gift of teaching. Teaching many of us to cherish this second and find the good. Bless you Ann!

  72. My God moment is realizing how blessed I am to have my husband in my life. Just the other day I thought about how different my life would be if I hadn’t made the decisions (some that hurt) that led to meeting him. When we’re going through tough times, we don’t see the light on the other side. But I’ve seen that light now. And it’s beautiful.

  73. A moment where I found Him in the moment or maybe where God found me in the moment…

    It had been a long day and recently life had become a little on the overwhelming side and I just needed a quiet moment to myself. So I very meticulously carved out a sliver of my afternoon just for… me… when suddenly, like a flash it was interrupted with the news over the phone that we were going to be having company, unexpected guests. I was devastated and quickly grew heated with frustration that my time was not going to happen and I wrestled with God for awhile and then a still quiet thought shattered the our match… people, living soul bearing people, are more important… always more important. He found me, I found Him but only after a little wrestling and He taught me a great lesson that afternoon… interruptions are always divine, never unexptected with Him and so I need more of His holy vision to see His divinely appointed interruptions through out my day! They are a GIFT from a good and loving Father 😉

    Thank you Ann for the many gifts you continue to give…

    JOYfully in Him,

  74. Seeing my 15 year old daughter love others…she invited a friend(who she just met while Candy-striping) to dinner at our home and then to Wed evening church. The friend is visiting from Greece and does not know Christ. Blessed me so much to see my daughter be a friend to someone she doesnt even know from another country..and to want to share her faith with others!!

  75. My God moment I am thankful for today was the moment I had yesterday – being able to bring a friend a meal in her home as her husband lay dying in the next room and we had a special moment of connection when we hugged and for that moment we were silent and felt the hand of God to give not only her strength and comfort but me as well.

  76. I experience God by sitting outside, closing my eyes and just listening to the sounds around me.

  77. My ten-year-old daughter Hannah and I settled for our one-on-one Bible Study and I noticed she wasn’t wearing her glasses. (She has 100/25 vision and had to wear glasses to be able to read and work on numbers. Doctor said it was permanent). I reminded her to get them before we start, but she said, her eyesight is getting better everyday. The blurriness is gradually going away.

    We’ve been praying fervently for the healing of her eyes, and the Lord answered our prayers. We’re just in awe! HEALING MOMENTS ARE GLORIOUS MOMENTS.

  78. Tears of surrender, as I choose to give glory and thank the Lord for the gift of my most recent diagnosis of cancer, as it draws me into a deeper intimacy with Him.

    • Joy, your comment touched my heart. My friend Jackie was so excited with her cancer diagnosis 2 years ago, and I couldn’t understand it. “I get to be a cancer survivor!” she explained. I pray God’s strength in your weakness, His healing in your sickness. He is good, and He loves us so much.

  79. I give my Wonderful God the glory for providing a way for us to really KNOW Him….the God of the universe….and I thank Him for His Word, the bible. I just love sitting on my porch swing in the early summer mornings, meeting with Him in prayer and through the pages of scripture!

  80. There are so many but most important in the past few days is that though my daughter had bad test results from a skin biopsy, after a further biopsy, it’s the best news you can hope for considering the original test results. Glory be to God.

  81. I praise God for bedtime stories with my six year old daughter – joy in this moment, that I know I will long for some day in the future. I praise God for my life partner, Ryan and hearing the silly wake-up songs he sings to our daughter to rouse her in the mornings. I praise God for the joy that music brings to my soul – for singing in harmony with dear church friends as we prepare Sing and Be Happy for an offering at church Sunday. I’m thankful for the musical talent of our guitar and piano accompanists and give glory to God for bringing it all together!

  82. Watching my older 2 eat breakfast together in the kitchen, humming a tune… littlest one, just 4 months home, kicking his legs along. Anytime I smile at the abundance of my life, I whisper to my soul, “God is here, even here.”

  83. I praise God for bedtime stories with my six year old daughter – joy in this moment, that I know I will long for some day in the future. I praise God for my life partner, Ryan and hearing the silly wake-up songs he sings to our daughter to rouse her in the mornings. I praise God for the joy that music brings to my soul – for singing in harmony with dear church friends as we prepare Sing and Be Happy for an offering at church Sunday. I’m thankful for the musical talent of our guitar and piano accompanists and give glory to God for bringing it all together!

  84. This morning, as I was taking my 16 year old son to his job, I was so refreshed by the cool morning breeze. It was so gentle & caressing.

  85. I’ve had many little moments, “kisses” from Him who loves me best. But I would have to say the most beautiful are always the moments with my friends and their children. Having no kids of my own (yet!) I love the stolen moments of wild giggles and uninhibited joy with a child. They always remind me of God’s glorious, unlimited, unrepentant grace.

  86. I thank God for my hour commute to work…a time to pray with my cousin, Joy, on the phone…for our day, for our families, for our world, for our own walks with Him to be glorifying…giving thanks and praising Him for all things…

  87. I think the one moment that I have come to slow down to just embrace is my husband reading his Bible. I have been praying for six years day in and day out that he would find Christ. We moved back to his hometown a few years ago, thinking that this was not a the greatest idea due to our pasts, but God had a mighty plan in it, and he met the right people and is now praising God with me daily. It brings tears of joy to my eyes everytime. It is such a beautiful moment when we sit together and study and talk God, even publicly on the busses without fear of what others think.

  88. I thank God for my children’s laughter on the slip n slide! Just sitting there, watching their pure JOY as they went around and around. :0) What a gift!

  89. Feeling burdened, a heavy day, driving to the dentist’s office, worried about what my son’s newly broken front teeth were going to cost to fix. Praying to be lifted from the feeling of heaviness, for something to smile about, and I look in the rear-view mirror to see my three babies (3, 8, and 11 years old) singing their hearts out to the worship song playing on the radio: “Oh no…you never let go, Lord you never let go of me”. What a joyful moment to watch the assurance in my children who know, and will sing out, that our Abba Father will indeed never let go of them, or me.

  90. Grace is in this moment of drowsiness, as I sip coffee and glance over at my baby son. It was a long and late night last night. My little boy is now kneeling by the window on my bed. He is looking out at a shining blue sky spotted with green summer leaves. The air is still. It isn’t hot and humid yet. His eyes reflect the world beyond our bedroom window. As I look at him, just because I caught his eye, he gives me his crooked little grin, his four teeth showing, and in this moment he is grace. He is the reminder of the soft rain that God finally pours into our lives after we have been dry for so long that all is caked with dryness. My son is God’s quiet voice, His soft touch on my head after all the years I struggled not to give up, not to lie down and let the drought of infertility beat me. He is proof that God knew the plans He had for me. God has always been all around me, like the sunlight shining in this morning sky, and in moments like these, this permeating grace reminds me of His love, His providence, how much I have prospered when I thought that nothing could ever grow from my hardened earth. My son looks out the window at the morning once more, and then turns to me and smiles.

  91. oh and I dont have twitter, but I have facebook but its not letting me “like” incourages facebook page, so I “liked” the link and shared it on my wall… I will try to do it again

  92. The ability to reach and scratch a bite left by a pesky mosquito. One, because sometimes they bite places I cant reach and two, there are some who because of age or disablities cant scratch an itch. Simple blessing for sure.

  93. Spending a morning, over coffee, with my dear friend Lisa, who 2 years ago was in a tragic car accident in Thailand (where she is a missionary). She suffered so much brain shearing that the doctors said she would not survive….and if by chance of a miracle she DID survive she’d be a vegetable. Well, our God, the Great Physician, isn’t done with her yet. He chose to bring glory to Himself in this crisis by healing her! When she awoke from her coma, she spoke (whispering praises to God) and had her full memory! She has made so many advances in her therapy and is now walking and talking & singing again! He reached down and gave us a wonderful grace morning together yesterday!

  94. Seeing my cousin, who does not regularly attend church or hear about Jesus in her home, attend VBS this week and hear all about Jesus! I pray God would nurture and grow the seeds that were planted this week. Hallelujah! Thank you God in advance for what you will do in her life. In jesus name, Amen.

  95. Spending the day with girl friends and sharing from the heart as we drove in the beauty of God’s creation.

  96. Just one? God’s provision. We have a mountain of medical bills right now from a broken arm of a 3 year old, my kidney stones and the birth of our second baby all in 6 months. I’m learning that I can carry my worries to my prayer journal and leave them on the paper and in God’s hands.

  97. I’m thrilled for the moments when I’m trusting Jesus and I feel secure that even in the storms of life that I’m experiencing right now that He is always there for me. I’m learning to Simply Live By Faith =]

  98. The most beautiful thing to me in the past few days was watching my one-year-old granddaughter’s face as she gave a huge grin and reached out for me to pick her up. 🙂

  99. ‎I experienced God’s grace today when He enabled me to run much further than I’d ever dreamed possible. He gives the grace. He gives the strength. He used this as a small example of how powerful He is and what He can accomplish through me when I simply, humbly ask and then have the courage to follow through. – “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, His Spirit deeply and gently within us.” Eph. 3:20

  100. Thankful for the great, great challenge, the wonderful privilege, and the sanctifying, daily-dying-to-self task that is motherhood.

  101. One of my favorite moments of every day is when my littlest wakes up. Tiny fists rubbing her eyes with a broad gummy grin spread across her face at the sight of me. Snuggling and holding this squishy little baby in the early morning is a precious gift. I know this time will pass, all too quickly as it did with my older two and I am spending a lot of time cherishing it.

  102. The first blooming of the sunflowers my son planted this spring. He planted them with such joy and expectation and today they remind me to wait on the Lord with that same hope.

  103. A middle of the night cuddle and nurse with my feverish boy while my husband comes back and forth with cool cloths and cups of water. And the fever gone by morning.

  104. Ah, to choose one grace moment? This week, watching my Gracie (age 2) intently watching a tiny bug and blowing her wispy hair out of her eyes in order to see a little better. What would we see if we removed the “stuff” from in front of our eyes?? Made me wonder a little…

  105. 344. gentle labor, smell of heaven, sweet Noah you are lifeless here but living in heaven ~ Thank you Lord for a full 40 weeks and that I got to carry him. Hammock him in my womb. Thank you.

    • Oh, Stephanie, how my heart aches for your pain, and rejoices in your faith. You are glorifying God as you walk this road of grief and hope. May you feel God’s wings wrap around you.

      • Thank you, Kara. It was June 5th and God is so good. Just opening my hand to Him I’m overflowing…

  106. Three of my kids are in the play The Hiding Place (Corrie ten Boom) this Summer and the lines they practice all day and the reminders I hear of how blessed and loved we are as children of God and the strength of the ten Boom family, I find myself in tears just listening to them. Grace IS enough.

  107. My eight-year old son, bringing me coffee on our screen porch this morning. His heart is amazing!

  108. drinking coffee on my back porch while watching the birds and squirrels at the feeder and a deer walk across the back yard.

  109. In the extreme business of life right now, I am so thankful for a meeting that ran late last night, allowing me to drive home in the glow of the most gorgeous sunset, painted by God’s hand.

  110. The Lord has given me doves as a way to show me that He is with me and listens. On countless occasions while sitting and chatting with the Lord about my life and the current situation I am going thru I will look out into my landscape and there will be a dove sitting there. It’s His way of reminding me. “I am with you.” This act of grace and love has followed me as we have moved to three states 🙂

  111. giving God the glory for the wisdom to take my son for an x-ray on his foot. turns out it was broken. so thankful for discernment from His hand.

  112. Just the hum of an air-conditioner, pumping air with the whir of a fan, and reading in one of my rare quiet times before kids, chores, duties and the whole world busts in. My thankful moment right now, this solitude which energizes my day.

  113. Beautifully spoken (written 🙂 Ann you are such a blessing!!!!

    I have to give thanks for the un-quiet mornings that I awaken to the laughter of my children and the loud praise of my husband resonating down the hall. At that point, sleep is overrated!

  114. Having the wisdom to acknowledge God in the moment…
    being present where I am and being thankful for what is…
    because I know God is with me. All is grace.

  115. That His mercies are new every morning. Thankful that our God is a God of second and third chances. I am thankful that He is so patient to teach the same lessons over and over again with amazing love.

  116. My 2 year old nephew and 4 month old niece who bring such JOY to my life each and every day…even though they are 1600+ miles away. Praise the Lord for Skype!

    Also, hearing God’s word and FOLLOWING it….no matter how difficult it was. It was HIS will for ME.

  117. We are going through a big time financial disaster right now. We had to give up our cell phones. Today we will be trying to sell our wedding rings. However, God’s goodness still shines through. My 14 year old son and I have been playing Monopoly. What great bonding time especially when we get dad and sister in there too. Competitive? Yep! Fun? Oh, the excitiement we share when one has to pay rent with a hotel. Summer memories.

  118. i see so many God moments in my life – i am blessed. for me one was 25 years ago. My father had alzheimers disease. we were having to take him to the dr from the board and care he was living in. by this time he really knew no one. as we were leaving the board and care he turned to the man who was helping us and said, “Sir, this is my daughter”. and my father smiles one of the last smiles of his life. My heart sang and i thanked God for that little piece of glory.
    thank you for a chance to win a calendar.

  119. Waking daily to a song of praise in my heart! The happily purring kitty next to me, editing my entry & vying for my attention. The peace that surrounds me after everyone has left for work – in the silence, I can listen for Him. Knowing that anything that comes my way today, is part of His plan for me. Knowing He loves me unconditionally & completely, I feel held.

  120. Last night I spent the evening with 3 girlfriends while her husband watched our children in the pool (that was a blessing). She will be moving in a week in a half. As we sat there praying at the end of the evening the children we in the background singing the theme song to Scooby Doo. Oh, Lord how I love it. Seven kids (4-11) singing and just hanging out on the couch together. Thank you Lord for the friendships that are forming and God knows how hard it has been to make close friends for each of us. In God’s Love, sheila

  121. Oh how this giving of thanks has changed me. I can not name just one. I will keep praising Him beyond 1000. As long as I have breath I will thank Him.
    ~porch preachin’
    ~long, tall blue Heron
    ~flip flops in the summer
    ~car in the shop, forcing me to be still, listen and rest in Him
    ~bouncing babies to songs of praise
    ~that He bathes me in His perfect peace
    ~a very cherry coke
    ~helping hubby hands
    ~cellos and Bach
    ~patience when the soul says different
    ~this wonderful book “1000 Gifts” that has so inspired me. I am sharing it in my women’s bible study and to eveyone I know. Thank you Ann for allowing God to direct your steps! I am thankful for you:) My joy is multiplied and my life is large!!

  122. Seeing glimpses of daddy in our 3 girls faces. Their facial expressions, their verbal responses or the way they lay on the floor like him. It prompts beautiful memories that are as sweet as a summer strawberry. A gift that our God knows I need while I’m waiting on our forever reunion.

  123. Walking to a nearby park while holding my 2 year old Preston and realizing the passage of time, changing seasons, being aware that next summer I probably won’t be carrying this heavier-by-the-week precious boy in my arms to parks. Tightly holding onto the moment and giving thanks for its sweetness.

  124. Waking up this morning with a little smiling face an inch away from mine as he whispers “mama, are you asleep?”

  125. The almost full moon last night at dusk in Florida

    I woke up this morning to sit and pray for a while before the kiddos got up, and really talked to God

    When I heard my son (3) in the monitor, I walked to his room, and cracked the door, and he said, “not yet, mama…I’m still talking to God.” Wow. He is good. So good.

  126. I am thankful that God loves my prodigal son, even more than I do. That He not only holds my son’s life and future, but he holds my breaking mother-heart and keeps all my tears. And one day, all will be redeemed.

  127. Thankful for three little girls and their never ceasing giggles … a Husband who Loves Jane Austen movies as much as I do…
    For a Holy God who’s Forgiveness, Love and Grace that is never ending .

  128. When we were talking about Ecclesiastes 8 and my little daughter recognized the joy through thankfulness and obedience in the passage and talk after.

  129. Waking in the morning and seeing my two teenage sons peacefully sleeping, remembering how blessed we are by them and humbling it is for God to have given them to us.

  130. Three little girls who come squealing to greet their mama at the end of the day. One who told me this morning that she thinks I’m beautiful. So much to give thanks for…

  131. This statement: The Lord is in this place. What if I became a aware of it? {Genesis 28:16}, was so profound. How easily we forget that God is with us, walking right beside us on the journey. This simple reminder is something I need to spend time contemplating and reflecting on.

    Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to live a courageous life for Him! To touch many lives through my business, networking, and encourage my friends. To know that God has a plan and His plan is way better than mine, even when mine is falling apart. To seek His will in my life requires that I have a relationship with Him. To count my blessings and pray over those things that are trying to get me down. To make it a point to remember…God is with me!

    I am a follower on Twitter and Facebook!

  132. Our family of four just moved to China in February. With our two beautiful red-headed daughters in tow (ages 2 and 5), we are often quite the spectacle as we walk down the street amidst a sea of black-haired heads. One morning He whispered to me, “Why should you ever be annoyed at this attention? Look at the Grace…the mere sight of your children brings a smile to every person you are walking by.”

  133. Thankful to God for the friends he provides for us and the playdate with them today. I liked Incourage on Facebook. And I have immensly enjoyed your blog, Ann.

  134. Grace, it is simply Grace that causes the ahh moments.. Recently hearing co-workers speak about me and say good things about me… made me smile and I said to myself… Grace… that is simply God Given Grace…. for we are nothing of ourselves… Grace in definition unmerited favor…. Just being blessed to know Christ and to know He has my life in control… my future… everything… I’m grateful for Grace, because in spite of how I am Jesus cares for me… That’s Grace….

  135. Praying with and for a terminally ill Compassion International sponsor when I was making welcome calls this week. God met that precious woman deep inside her discouragement to let her know how much He loves her and that He indeed has a plan for her life for how ever long she is granted the gift of it.

  136. ~daughters harmonizing bringing their 90 year old great-grandmother to tears
    ~lunchtime chaos (it’s only chaos because there are so many of us and so much blessing)
    ~toothbrush and toothpaste…mint in the morning
    ~knowing I am His FOREVER
    ~hearing my recovered drug addicted son preach God’s word!

  137. Just this morning, up early, house was quiet, I noticed a stray cat who had been sleeping on my patio chair….he watched me, I watched him but he didn’t run away. A little while later when I was sitting at the living room window with my favorite cup filled with hot frothed coffee reading Ann’s blog, a red fox trotted through the yard, sniffing and smelling all the wonders as he went…I watched until he disappeared from sight into the woods. So beautiful, I thanked God for all this beauty, I love God’s creations.

  138. I am so grateful to you Ann for your blog, and your book – they have been life-changing for me this summer! I am incredibly grateful for the Lord’s grace everyday…I had been bogged down in a sea of fear, doubt and worry as I thought I would always be single, and God didn’t have a partner for me. I married the Love of my Life in April, and I praise God for every moment we spend together, as we set up our home, and build our life together.GOD did this, but even if He had chosen not to do so, He would still be great and sufficient!
    Sarah – blog @ journal of a patchwork mosaic life

  139. Such hard times I am in right now, and yet, I feel my Father’s grace…
    – a bowl of fresh berries and cream for breakfast
    – a good night’s rest after many sleepless nights
    – a call from my children while they are at their dads and hearing my daughter whisper “I miss you Mama”
    – friends who stand by you, no matter what
    – having a job & a home
    – snuggling kitties
    – God’s grace to make it through another stressful day….
    Thank you for reminding me of my blessings….what a terrific attitude adjustment! 🙂

  140. Finding a sweetly sleeping boy in his momma’s bed during an early evening storm… made my heart smile with joy when I walked in my room and found him there.

    ps…like incourage on fb! 🙂

  141. Family camp with my husband and six beautiful children with many grace memories woven throughout the week. Just a sampling… Oldest daughter and mother letting the swift arrows of the bow move through our fingers alone… Skeet shooting with just my husband and I with him so proud that I tried and enjoyed it with a bruising badge on my arm to tell the story to others… God is so beautifully loving…

  142. Taking all twelve of our grandchildren {ages 2-11} to the beach on a beautiful Friday afternoon and capturing the footprints left by them in the sand in one photograph taken that day. 🙂

  143. laughter and hugs from my 4 children
    unconditional love
    holding a sleeping baby after 10 yrs and 6 miscarriages

  144. Watering my flowers in the morning and reflecting on how God formed each blossom makes me grateful that he gave us so much beauty in nature to appreciate and I take a moment to thank him for it.

  145. I’m not a “morning person”, but the way the sunrise peeked through all the tiny openings of our backyard trees and made it’s way into my bedroom this morning was truly a glorious moment! I remember wanting to grumble because I was tired, but I was overcome by the beauty of the morning. Gratitude is always the antidote to my discontent.

    Thank you Ann. Every word in your book and your blog is grace, beauty, hope…

  146. All three siblings swinging together on the side yard swingset under the huge green maple tree.

  147. I step, wrapped in a towel from the shower and the house needs cleaning, does that ever change? My eyes catch a web of intricately woven strands of silk, just below the vanity in the corner. I sigh and think to myself “I did a bad job last time”.
    Then GRACE…My eyes focus past the feeling of failure to the caulking, brilliantly white behind that web. Our home is 10yrs old, this is when things begin to seem dingy and show their age. But the caulking is so white. I smile and thank my Father for loving me and being so gracious to me even though my spider webs.

  148. –Bible Study with a group of women from Grace Church last night 🙂
    –A new morning with a cup of hot chai green tea
    –My husband & kiddos
    This list could go on and on and you said to name just one! God is so very good to us at all times. How thankful I am for WHO HE IS.

    Much love to you & yours Ann–Tomi 🙂

  149. Letting go of my daughter in the pool as she learned to swim. It is hard letting go sometimes but when our littles finally can stretch their water wings- it’s a grand moment! 🙂

  150. This morning was glorious! I sat out on my front stoop picking out a tea bag from the tea chest for my morning cup. My Corgi, Margen, was checking out all the morning smells. The cutest grey mouse ran across the stoop and stopped short, seeing me. It was an “oops” moment while she waited to see what I would do. We shared a moment with those big brown eyes, pointed nose, long tail. I called her “Hunca Munca”. So cute and vulnerable. She scurried along singing her song of “Catch me if you can”. I went in to make a cup of tea with a maple leaf cookie from Trader Joe’s. (They must be dipped!) Thus the day began. A day filled with His glorious grace. I struggle Lord with those who are not so richly blessed this day. My heart break’s for so many.

  151. Bringing three grands to church last night coming home and watching them as they expressed seeing the glory of God in the hues of the painting of the sky last night! God showed himself amazing in the splender of the his amazing delight to our eyes. The sound of there voice giving glory to God was priceless!

  152. Snap peas from our more tidy than usual garden
    ripening Saskatoon berries
    playful kittens
    an elm tree full of morning birdsong

  153. My 10-year old daughter happily running off with friends to spend a week at a Christian camp – a place where God is so present. What a blessing that these opportunities are available to us!

  154. Yesterday God reminded us about a promise He made His children by sending a rainbow…RIGHT OVER OUR HOUSE! It was spectacular and we Gloried in Him!

  155. I”m not a twitterer so I “Liked” on FB!
    And choosing one moment.. yesterday, I was out picking figs early in the morning before the blast of Phoenix heat hit full force. I was up underneath the tree picking from underneath it’s “umbrella” when suddenly, the tiniest little yellow bird flew into the tree within just a few feet from me. I froze, afraid to breathe, just taking in the beauty of it and gratitude that I got to see it. It was a highlight of my day and I felt special that I was gifted such an amazing moment of awe. As an artist, I’m in constant awe of vivid colors God paints as well as combination of color. And let’s not even go into His detail. Anyway, that was a really special moment for me. Now if I only knew what kind of bird that little tiny yellow thing was! I hated that I didn’t happen to have my camera around my neck at that moment.

  156. By God’s grace, I’m finding endless reasons to be thankful today at a job that’s been feeling mundane. Glory to God for His good name seen in the moments that seem ordinary!

  157. The morning kiss from my husband means so much to me! Especially since so many of my dear friends have lost their husbands…and they would give anything to have that kind of morning kiss planted softly on their lips again! Lord help me to never take it for granted…and to treasure it every day. To treasure this wonderful man you have given me!

  158. The warm tears of knowing God is near…IN ME, as I read His words this morning: “If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” Ps 139:9,10

  159. i just became a facebook follower! i am so greatful for the moments when i break away from my to do list and get in some special moments with my 3 year old. i just love seeing things thru her eyes….such joy in the little things!

  160. The crisp, clear clap-clap-clap of a bird taking wing on an open country morning. This is but one of the many gifts for which I give Him thanks.

  161. I follow Incourage (and Ann) on Twitter (and love to read their tweets!)

    We are on vacation for most of the month of July, and for that I am truly blessed. Blessed with the gift of time to rest, time to sit with my family, to jump off the dock into sun-gleaming waters, watch them brave the wake on tubes, knee boards, and skiis.

    But most of all, I’m not rushed to “get the kids down” at night so I can finish the work of the housewife & homeschooling mom. I have time to linger longer for another song, another story, another kiss good night, just one more snuggle with each blessing of marriage and love.

    Time to soak up the blessings—that is the greatest gift I’ve had in months.

    Thank you, Lord!

  162. Being a witness to sweet moments of love and caring between my 6yo daughter and her 4yo brother. Some days she is such a sweet helper and encourager to him. It brightens my heart to witness.

  163. A moment this morning as I had my cup of coffee and looked over to my computer’s screen saver to see an adorable picture of my grandchild come up. So thankful for all 3 grandchildren and just can’t get enough hugs in! I am a follower of Ann’s blog and also (in) Courage. Thanks for the chance to win!

  164. My grandmother is dying of cancer…there…that’s the first time I’ve said it out loud…I guess that makes it real now…not just some nightmare that I am going to wake up from…God blessed me with being able to go to her a few weeks ago and steal a few moments alone. My family thought it silly for me to make the trip when I would probably have to come back immediately for a funeral…but I needed to feel her hand hold mine one more time…needed to hear her say my name one more time…the way that only she can say it….that was super important to me. God in His infinite grace gave me that…she said my name…I have a name…and I am loved. My children sleep under the quilts that she made for them every night….our beds are covered with blankets embroidered by her hands. I run my hands over these precious things and can see her working diligently in her sewing room. I watch my children use these quilts for picnics in the backyard…to make tents in the dining room on a rainy day…to feel better when they are sick…God whispers to me “You have a name…you are loved…you are mine.”

    • I lost my grandmother to cancer a little more than three years ago. The things she made for me and my family are a lasting legacy of her love for us. I can not use anything that she made without being reminded of that love. It helps counter the pain of losing her that is still occasionally there. It is hard, but God will continue to provide his grace to help you through this time.

  165. i already ‘like’ incourage on fb. am not on twitter.
    giving thanks to God for the moments of grace with my daughters this morning(and always!) My two year old standing in her crib calling ‘mommy’ wearing her pjs and tutu bathing suit! My 7 mos old falling asleep nursing this morning as she grabs for my face.
    also, what grace to give us the ever changing sky! i marvel at the blue dotted with white puffs, the blue streaked with pink and orange, even the gray!

  166. Praising God for the joy in watching faithful and tireless barn swallows swoop in and out providing nourishment to 7 little beaks lined up on the house roof eagerly awaiting their morning meal from mom and dad. Blessed to be surrounded by his beauty.

  167. My latest very special God moment came last week when my 5-year-old grandson Ethan was visiting us. As we were chatting, I asked him, “Ethan who do you love MOST in the whole world?” I expected him to say his mother, but he emphatically said, “JESUS!”
    I found myself caught-up short, both thrilled, surprised and a little embarrassed at my shortsightedness. He further told me that we were all supposed to love Jesus the most and I gave him a BIG hug and agreed.
    How blessed am I that my dear daughter(in-love) and son are teaching their children to love Jesus most of all and to remind their dear Grammy when she forgets!
    To God be the glory for the blessings from the mouths of babes!

  168. My daughter returned home last night after getting mental health help in a residential treatment facility. She is 14 years old. I experienced God’s grace those 3 months while she was away and then like never before as we hugged yesterday and got her suitcases into the car and she told me how good God had been to her and how she now knows how much He loves her!

  169. I am thankful to hear all three of my children working together to build a Kenex creation. This is a “glory to God” moment!

  170. God in a simple moment: We’ve got a patch of dirt in our front yard that is full of doodle bug homes. I was transfixed just watching them refix their homes when a side was caved in. The next morning you couldn’t even tell that their home had been damaged. God created those little doodle bugs. Watching those doodle bugs makes me realize that God is concerned about the tiniest little things in my life. Thank you God for doodle bugs.

  171. To God be the Glory!! Following a heart attack last year, starting having chest pain last week. Cardiologist sent me to ER. After six hours in the ER room due to chest pain for a week, God is so Awesome!! All labs, xrays, & EKG were normal. Thank you, Jesus for holding me & my faithful friends who prayed me through!! <

  172. Watching the ribbons of interstate roll out in front of us as we drive across the wide open expanse of beautiful South Dakota, with fields of green on each side of us, then through Wyoming where the hills roll with wind farms, finally brining us closer to home as we see the mountains of Utah rise up welcoming us home, through Parley’s Canyon – home to my husband and their daddy who we have not seen in a week. All the while on the 12+ hour the kids (5,3 & 7 mo) count the gifts as we traveled across the states grateful to see just this small part of the Earth that he has given us to take care of and it was all grace…

  173. I “liked” incourage on Facebook. Don’t know if I need to leave this in the comments, so I did just to be sure. Thanks for the giveaway! I read your book and loved it. A calendar would be a great daily reminder.

  174. I’m always amazed how He pours out His mercy and grace on me. {Thank you, Father}
    –A camp counselor/worship leader job for my college son (all summer in WI)
    –A fun (first) job at TJ Maxx for my new HS grad daughter (Hello, independence)
    –An interim pastoring position for the summer for my hubby (Yay in a ton of ways!!)
    –A beautiful (paid for) replacement car for hubby after his was totalled by daughter
    –Airconditioning (we’re in a mean heatwave)
    –Special visit with an old friend from seminary (sweet fun)
    –Learning to make my own Iced Coffee (thank you Pioneer Woman)
    –Fun ALONE time with my hubby (we have HS & College kids — they go places)
    –Children that understand being tight with finances (missing out on special occasion gifts)
    –Time home from school to rest and refresh (and manage my Fibromyalgia)
    –My sweet dog who loves us so much
    –Hard lessons that teach big for my kids
    –Forgiveness & grace

    Still trusting Him to work out some big needs….Loving being in His care.
    [I like on FB–Wanda Staton Galloway]

  175. Spying a washtub filled with blooming sunflowers just over the back fence–thank You, gracious and loving Father for the beautiful sparks of color all around!

  176. The other day I was on bed rest by order of my doctor. And for the first time I paused and looked through my bedroom window while reading and I realized what a peaceful view God has given us from there. It was a sweet moment. Just for the grace of God.

  177. My toddler checking to see that all of his “friends” are in bed with him at night, “Bear?” “Chickuc?” (chipmunk) “Monkey?” “Frog?” “Mouse?” – He’s growing up so quickly – this moment showed how little he is yet how big he is getting, too.

  178. Walking in my garden in the early morning ~ viewing how HE gives the increase! Seeing my 13 yr old son love the children in Backyard Bible Club and anticipating going back tonight!

  179. A long-awaited answer to prayer for my 12-year-old daughter, wrapped up in so many circumstances they could only be from God’s hand…

    L’s prayed and prayed for a *friend* – for years…the “kindred spirit” kind of friend who would really *hear* her and who would be *like her* in more ways than not. She has a few friends, but being an introvert, she longed for a that close, intimate understanding that sometimes seems so elusive.

    This summer we registered to go to a Christian family conference with our fellowship of Believers after several summers of not being able to go. But several circumstances made it an impossibility this year, after all. We were all feeling rather disappointed!

    At the same time, L developed a sudden interest in learning to play basketball…something I had no idea how to help her with, especially this time of year with most Basketball related instruction/classes being held in the winter.

    The week before we would have been leaving for conference, an e-mail came up through a homeschool support group advertising a 4 day basketball camp at a local church during none other than conference week. I jumped on it – thrilled to have found some beginning basketball instruction as well as a wonderful diversion for my girls during a week that could have been very frustrating for them…

    I was shocked when I picked a beaming L up from camp the first day to hear, “Mom! I made a friend! She’s. like. me.” And over the next several days, bits and pieces spilled out about how much this new friend really is *like her*. So many shared interests from drawing to chess…and when L talks, she says her new friend *really. listens.* Isn’t that what we all want? To be heard ~ and to be known?

    Giving glory to God for His plans, which are so much better than our own…
    Giving glory to God for Hope…a hope no longer deferred for my girl,
    And the Hope that maybe some of my deferred hopes and prayers will be answered…someday.
    And giving Glory to God that *He* is a friend that is closer than a brother even in *my* waiting.

  180. I find God’s Grace in so many things daily!! Today it would be watching my 3 year old playing with her 7 month old brother and he is just giggling away!

  181. So many gifts… Today, Lord, thank you for the rain that soaks our parched land…

  182. I have already liked (in)courage on FB ;o) Oh Lord thank you for soft tissues when little noses run and are red!

  183. Saturday evening my husband I walked the beach at sunset on the south shore of Long Island. Hand in hand, quiet conversation, totally relaxing and enjoying the beautiful rhythm of the waves rolling into shore. I treasure these moments. Almost 28 years together and it’s sweet!

  184. I already “like” incourage on Facebook…
    Thanks for thinking of us today 🙂 Giveaways are fun!

  185. For the beauty in my little garden here, with flowers swaying in the breeze, bees burrowing into their centres, and vegetables and fruit strong on the branches. And more than anything, the feeling of God’s presence next to me as I sit in the midst of it all, and smile.

  186. My moment of grace was yesterday pumping gas. I was stressed to drive into the city and train on a new computer system for work. The clouds were stormy and gray, I looked up and saw one patch of blue with white fluffy clouds. As I stood there, I simple looked at the beauty of the sky and somehow felt better. And of course, all went well in the city and with the training. It is amazing what we work ourselves up for instead of reaching for grace.

  187. Made a my grandma’s recipe for rhubarb pie today–it was delicious. Thankful for all the precious things that are passed down from generation to generation–a love for the Lord, and yes, pie crusts and fillings too!

  188. watching the new freshman arrive for CU-Boulder’s orientation and watching them walk with their parents from my front porch. It’s watching them take the first few steps as they begin the rest of their lives on their own. And praying that amidst the mountains and beauty that surrounds them, that in these next four years, they would encounter God.

  189. So far, God has shown his glory today in the beauty of an old cypress tree, the only one left on the K-State campus. The stateliness and finery of its sturdy trunk and green leaves gives me pause to think about the gifts God gives us to be brave and to be courageous when we occasionally feel that we are standing alone.

  190. For hay safely in the barn. For crops growing thick. For loose pieces slowly coming together. For grace for each moment in hectic busyness of life.

  191. Awakening to pine-scented breezes and birdsong plus the beauty of sunlight filtered through green leaves

  192. My six month old son had a rough night last night. This meant waking up every hour or two, which I (thankfully) haven’t done since his first night home. It was a night full of moments where my sleepy self could have easily sat in the rocker thinking about how difficult the next day would be for my sick and sleep deprived body, and yet, the Spirit was gracious to stir my spirit to pray for the child in my arms. Praise Him for His power made perfect in my weakness!

  193. My God in the moment came yesterday when my beautiful daughter was “there” for her friend who had to go to one of the most frightening check ups of her life. Finding out her friend may have to have cemo. She was there for her as a shoulder a hug and a listener. Her friend is mad at God right now, but my daughter reassuring her that, that’s okay, God is a big God, He can handle it. The moment being for me is when all that you have taught your children has paid off in a big way. A true meaning of raising them up in the way they should go and they will never depart from it. God gave me that reassurance yesterday as a gift.

  194. On the eve of what should have been our grandson’s due date had he not been stillborn in February, being thankful that Baby Paul is in heaven and that God is good all the time.

  195. So many overwhelming moments of grattitude to list, but in this moment, I’m grateful for the laughter of my boys coming from the bedroom where their imaginations are wild and there’s no limit on what they can do.

    ~ Susan

  196. The sight, the smell, the feel, the taste, the experience of picking fresh peaches with family and enjoying them together!

  197. When all three of my youngsters (4, 2, and 2 1/2 months) are quiet for long enough to grab a few minutes for myself, even if it is just a moment! And also when they are appreciative of what I do for them.

  198. My moment? Hearing my 2 year old daughter say “Hug”… just before naptime.

  199. i am a mess, trying to put thoughts to words to keyboard, with no sleep all night. and i realize that the one very ordinary moment that i have seen the glory of God in, is Husband cradling me in the wee hours of the night, as tears run hot and i pour out my my fears, tell him that i cant make it stop, that i cant sleep. it is a frightening thing, to relapse, to feel Satan tug at me–hard–to meet my anxiety and fear head on and to admit it vulnerably even here. but the God glory is especially heavy when my heart is heavy, weary, fearful, and when Husband cradles, skin to skin in the night, whispers in my ear that it is okay, that they are only lies from Satan and not to listen, gently smoothes my hair and touches his hand to my face even though he has to get up in the still-dark hours for work . When i hear and feel his heartbeat underneath, steady and alive, that strong chest receiving me like a child, it is then that i know that this is how God cradles me, how He holds me, how He soothes me, if i just lay and rest. and it is dawning, that this is the hard thanks that i wanted to learn. it is painful, aching, mind-reeling, and it threatens to break me, but it is these moments that i know His grace. it is these moments when i am afraid to pray, dont know what to say, all balled up like a child inside, and His grace pours in, opening up His glory in varying hue and light–the splendor all around me–and there i am, in the shadow of the cross.

    a little long, but i suppose this is how us writers express ourselves–and i will be including this little snippet in my 1,000 gifts posting this week. i follow the blog and also check in on facebook–thanks Ann, for inspiring me to write again–it is healing–and for allowing God to use you to shed light on darkened hearts and to bring truth to tucked away lies covered in pride–for this is Satan’s number 1 weapon that you are helping to destroy.

  200. Incredibly thankful today….our daughter’s 3rd birthday! She has been through so much in her little life, and her sweetness wraps around my heart every day. Especially grateful for her first words this week! 🙂

    Following on Twitter!

  201. So many glorious moments. We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, and our oldest son texted me during dinner to say, “Happy Anniversary, Mama!”

  202. I’m so blessed that I can find joy in just the patterns of the sunlight shining through the shadows of the trees, and most anything of nature. I even love the rocks and dirt our Father made for us.
    Smiles, Barbara

  203. A dimple faced toddler exclaiming “dewishous” (aka delicious) after drinking down his milk. It truly is the little moments. Thank you Lord!

  204. I don’t have twitter or facebook so I can’t “follow or like” them but if I am still able to be in the drawing that would be great!
    Today I am grateful for forgiveness from my 3 1/2 year old because I am having one of those mothering days and I had acted unkind to him but I quickly stopped to ask forgiveness which he offered so freely.

  205. Waking up in the morning with the desperate desire to read God’s Word and soak it all in. As great and normal as that should sound, it is so hard to put into practice at times, but HE is faithful and oh, so gracious.

  206. Reading to my kids – and them listening! And remembering being read to by my parents – so happy to pass along this love and this family time.

  207. I lay in bed this morning overwhelmed with where to start, full of fear of messing it all up & God’s grace comes in & reminds me that He did not give me a spirit of fear. I pull back the covers & realize that for whatever reason Satan is afraid of what God has for me today & I am energized to move forward knowing that my God is bigger than my fear & I wait expectantly to see what He has for me this day.

    • Michelle, this sentence is for me:
      “I pull back the covers & realize that for whatever reason Satan is afraid of what God has for me today & I am energized to move forward knowing that my God is bigger than my fear & I wait expectantly to see what He has for me this day.”
      Thank you.

  208. Yesterday, when my 21 month old daughter found our wedding DVD (4 years in August!) and wanted me to play it. Sitting there remembering that day of joy with my two blessings was definitely something to praise God for. It’s amazing how God’s blessings just keep getting better and better.

  209. I am so thankful for my four healthy wonderful children. Tucking them in last night I was undone by their love for me. Total and unconditional.

  210. That on today, the day of my Grandmother’s 91st birthday, I am reminded of her words to me and what she lives out each and every day:

    “Every morning I wake up and thank God that I am alive to see another day.”

    Out of that gratitude she is able to find the patience she needs, the joy and the strength to carry out another day. She recognizes that each day is a gift and out of the gratefulness in her heart she gives and gives and gives again. In turn, the Lord fills her up with peace, patience and joy.

    A rare gift few find.
    Or sit still long enough to soak it up.
    This has become a deep desire of my heart. To live in the here and now, to take it all in, breathe deeply and simply BE. To sit at his feet and gaze upon his goodness.

    I am thankful for these lessons in gratitude I have learned from her since a child and able to put into words through 1000 gifts.

    Thanks be to God.

  211. Thankful for the stripes Jesus bore, and with outstretched arms said: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”…..Including even me !!!!!

  212. Morning silence. 6:00 a.m. Before house stirs. Children beckon. Time demands. Announcing no more…than Him. Laying down the day, in prayer. Revealing, offering, giving nothing…but this breath to The One sustaining. Hearing deep call to deep. All of creation aching for praise. Overwhelmed as, The Maker of all days, reaches down to embrace….this seeker….longing for, looking for, desperate for….grace.

  213. Morning jog with my hero. I’m trying to learn to run. He comes along and goes my pace to encourage me. This morning I actually felt strong enough to visit a little while we went. Talking of the Word while panting and sucking breath! 🙂 Joy gift! 🙂

  214. Following you…My God moments this week have been in conversations with my daughter discussing her wedding! God has brought an amazing man into her life!!

  215. After weeks (months, actually) of busyness and noise, a day of quiet and reflection. Ahhh…….

  216. Thankful this morning that our little girl in Kenya, Africa, whom God put into our lives, will soon receive gifts from us.
    Praising Him that I would be the one feeling so blessed by a little girl so far away, whom I’ve never even met.
    Thank you, Lord, for this lump in my throat as I think of this little one who was created by You with a purpose.

  217. My teenage daughter named Rain (“from above”).
    “Grace Like (Rain) Poured Down On Me”, the unprepared teen I was when she came into my life. Grace continues in my life because God is faithful to provide it…..
    It’s really hard raising teens but worth every second to passionately pursue their hearts <3

    Thank You Lord, for teens

  218. We have ‘extra’ clothes on a rack downstairs and my 3 yr old daughter wanted to pick out a dress to wear from there. She offered her hand and said “Here, I will walk you down there, mommy.” Such a sweet moment that filled my heart and made me smile inside and out.

  219. This morning I sat on the porch swing with my two fuzzy aussie dogs and a song sparrow lit right on the railing and sang to me. I consider that—-A GIFT! <3 Love to you, Ann. You are such an ongoing blessing to me!

  220. The rain falling in big raindrops on my red petunias. Just knowing that the sun will come out again and they will open their faces to it.

  221. Experiencing late afternoon Florida thunderstorms from the safety of a screened in porch…. the overwhelming power felt in a mighty, deafening boom of thunder and flash of lightning…. the relief felt by His creation as the rain quenches its drought-heavy thirst. Watching the wind blow giant trees back and forth as if orchestrated by His hand. He is good. He is Almighty. He is love, grace, light. He loves me. He provides. He is not finished with me yet… He is patient and He is in control. :0)

  222. I love it that God is in the small stuff, and I see it every time I look into my new Grand daughter’s little face!

  223. Truley Blessed by God’s grace to allow friendships….sister’s to hold one another accountable and be that Iron that sharpens Iron it is truely beautiful if you are blessed with this gift cherish it and tell your girlfriends what a blessing they are. BTW I already follow on twitter and facebook and your blog 🙂 !
    God Bless

  224. Weeding my overgrown garden this morning brought that moment of “aahh”. No rain for days, weeks maybe, has made my little plot of ground hard as stone, weeds clinging. What a little water will do for my ability to pull those weeds out and make room for the produce I want. My heart is like that dry soil when I do not experience the rain of God’s Word, thankfulness, fellowship with the saints, and prayer. The weeds of sin, anxiety, worry are so hard to uproot. My heart needs to be water so those weeds in my life can be uprooted to make room for the fruit that God wants to bear in me.

  225. have followed incourage on FB and Twitter for quite some time! 🙂

    Yesterday our shepherd birthed 11 puppies. The awe and delight of our children watching it and caring for the mama dog was just a glimpse of the future!

  226. Listening to my boy tell his grandmom how much he ‘loves her chicken soup, and what’s the secret, and can she teach him how to make it’? Precious, ordinary, grace.

  227. My 2 year old {adorable} grandson leaving our house, blowing kisses, “Bye Meme. Uve you!” Oh, I love you, too, Joe boy! Thank You for this moment!

  228. The peace of our back porch in the evening with sunset through the clouds and mountains. God continues to give me “little presents” for my ears and my eyes, reminding me that He is present, in control, and ever-caring, which is a present for my sometimes-weary spirit. He refreshes and restores me.

  229. My “God Glory Moment” was the, oh, 12 minutes before my son’s laugh came on the baby monitor that my husband and I had “just us” in bed (sure he was still asleep) before a long (and exciting) day of work, school, baby, and friends.

  230. God’s Grace- When I complimented my son the other night ( the son who hasn’t walked in seven and a half years after an accident) for his bravery and his patience, replied, “There are so many people that have it worse than me.” God’s Grace- Yes. God made my child in His image. Not mine.

  231. I was so blessed this morning by the sight of my big 17 year old man-child on the couch sleeping. He has been away traveling with my 27 year old son and his wife for a month. They are home on furlow from S. Korea, and have been sharing with people all that God has done, while they look to God to send support. So, so blessed to love my children and see God working in their life!

  232. Awesome pictures! Love the giveaway! thanks
    definitely liked on FB as a matter of fact I was wondering if (in)courage was on FB
    I am thankful for 4 salvations in our VBS class this week! Our God is Amazing!!

  233. Glory to God as I completely rely on Him every moment of every day for my every need in life.

  234. Seeing a Y in the clouds yesterday, and knowing that Yahweh is in control of everything, and then my 30-year-old daughter seeing her own Y right close to mine………. He is so good to show His love to all our loved ones. 🙂

  235. We have had the most intense lightening storms this summer. Yesterday I was at work, speaking with one of our executives and watching the amazing lightening across the sky from her wrap-around windows. I always feel God’s glory, splendor and majesty as I watch Him display His power across the skies in such a literal sense.
    (following on twitter @TheElizabethW)

  236. God Moment? My youngest daughter stepping up on a chair during a church service to declare “Captain, my captain!” to Jesus. She had just been to my Alma Mater’s summer intensive and the speaker had used Dead Poet’s Society to inspire. The youth spoke at our church the following Sunday and about fifteen young adults made their stand. I was in tears.

  237. I over-reacted with my two-year-old, raised voice, angry, poor discipline–the whole nine yards. I quickly repented, apologized and asked her forgiveness. And God’s grace fell on me through her quick-to-forgive heart, arms outstretched, kisses on my cheeks. I had a hard time believing I was really forgiven, even in that moment. I was so in awe of how He reached out to me through her little arms and lips. Thank You, Father, for going to such simple, humble lengths to show me your Grace.

  238. I give thanks to those who’ve seen me and not my failures; have chosen to appreciate me even though they have every reason not to; and for the rare people, such as yourself, who make this world a better place to live in.

    I aspire to be a much more masculine form of you, Ann.

  239. A common bird nested in a Japanese tree bordering my driveway near my garage. One day, I noticed all these stray twigs at eye level and thought, what? I peered in and two beady eyes stared back! I peered in daily and witnessed the miracle of new life. God brought to mind, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”
    (Matthew 10:29-31)

  240. Today I am thankful for an amazing husband that drives me to physical therapy every morning and when it’s over, gets down on his knees and puts my ankle brace on.

  241. Seeing my children SO excited about camping and getting excited about it myself despite the outhouses, seven people in a tent, and lots of dirt!!!

  242. Having an amazing husband whose response to my complete scraping and denting our van yesterday (by being incredibly stupid) was not anger or frustration, but a hug, “it’s ok honey”, and asking if he could laugh. Wow! That is grace in a nutshell.

  243. Air conditioning; running water; blinds that shade from the sun; sitting in this quiet room as I type this. And mostly, Yahweh, my keeper, my shade on my right hand. What a Savior! Ps. 121

  244. Having nap time w/my Baby Boy… (a suprise that I was unaware I needed) As we snuggled & I gave him rubs on his back He turned over, face to face He puts his hands on my cheeks & says to me, “Mom, I (W)like you! Sw(H)eet Dreams!”.


  245. As I read aloud the last few chapters of “The Hiding Place” to my teenage daughter two nights ago, we shared thanks, wonder and tears, as God revealed to Corrie and sweet Betsie tenBoom how His hand had been at work in ways they could not have imagined, while they had been giving the excruciatingly hard eucharisteo in Ravensbruck prison camp – WWII. Special thanks for Gladys Hunt (“Honey for a Child’s Heart”) who introduced me to the wonderful blessing of continuing to read aloud even when children are teens. Such a blessing!

    (I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts, so this is just for the sharing.)

  246. Celebrating my anniversary with my husband last Tuesday…14 years of receiving much grace, experiencing much humility, being shown much patience, learning so much about myself, birthing two precious children and dwelling among more than I possibly deserve. Who am I that You are mindful of me, O Lord? So incredibly thankful!

  247. The coolness of the morning today after several very hot days. It felt refreshing and beautiful and very much like a gift

  248. Praising God for being our provider. We are living through our second layoff in nine months, but God is good and is meeting our needs in every way.

  249. I’m so grateful for God’s grace in the moment right now. I’m the only one both home and awake. The boys both had friends to stay over with last night. So, so happy for that, after two years in a “new” place. I’m thankful for all the clothes we have waiting to be folded and put away, that we have food waiting to be prepared, for the good smelling hand soap my sister left in the bathroom, that we have air-conditioning in this awful heat and that we have summer trips to get ready for.

  250. Walking outside last night, long past bed time, to close up the chicken coop I was bowled over by the brightness of the moon. So bright, beautiful and pure…just like my children. We are so blessed. Already a follower on Twitter and Facebook.

  251. Choosing just one is hard!! But I would have to say that I am so thankful for the way that God ALWAYS provides for my husband and I. No matter what is going on outside of us, we/He always prevail.

    oh and a second one would be making coffee for my husband this morning 🙂

  252. I work with adults with disabilities at their place of work. While every day I see God at work, today was special. A girl who can go into a seizure at any moment was helping an autistic Boy with his vocabulary flashcards. In the disabled helping the disabled, I saw God’s beauty at work. Suddenly the disabled became VERY able.

  253. My twin girls have been so sick the last week. Today they begged for food. They haven’t eaten well in 3 days. Just to see them walk to the corner counter and say “Dader” while pointing to where the graham crackers were is such a gift! They’re coming back around to their normal spunky selves.

  254. i like on facebook and am following on twitter…

    thankful for deep belly laughs with kindred spirits over childhood memories, laugh lines and happy tears.

  255. Waking up to the sweetest words. A text from my new fiance. “You are so amazing to me and I am so excited to marry my best friend.” Words can’t describe how sweet words are to my heart!

  256. The sound of brother and sister singing loudly together through closed doors. They were singing, “O Happy Day You washed my sins away. O Happy Day Happy Day, I’ll never be the same,” in their three-year-old and five-year-old voices. Precious moment. Even if I had to mute the phone because I was on a conference call while they preformed. 😉 LOVED IT!

  257. Simple moment….a Mama sparrow feeding her babies in our little birdhouse in the backyard. I could watch them forever…

  258. Have to say Today… My 15 yo daughter was flying to her grandparents today. For the first time, she’s never flown before. And we got to the airport and she freaked out, and didn’t want to go, started crying.. I went to the airline and asked if I could go to her gate and they LET ME… Gave me a gate pass and I got to go see her off. Then I get a phone call from her grandmother her flight to them is cancelled. Called my husband and both my husband and her grandmother got it worked out. she is on another flight … Nothing like some GOD’S grace for the moment…

  259. Sitting hard on rocks next to my blond-headed one year old. Giddy in our rock throwing adventure. Plop, plunk, splish, splash…..drops of water hit our noses and toes. Mud on our hands and smiles in our hearts and joy spilling into our lives through the simple moment of being together by the river.

  260. Hearing the sweet dancing of the black and white keys, worn from the years…a time parade from plump fingers to long thin practiced fingers. And a balm to a mother’s soul.

  261. Hello. Do you permit entries for people who have (thoughtfully) decided not to have facebook and twitter accounts? (I hope so!)

    Today I am thankful that after a sleepless night nursing a sick toddler all he wants to do is snuggle on the couch, affording rest for both of us.

  262. God sifting grace on me saltly…as I was driving home in the neighborhood, I saw an elderly woman behind her walker attempting to lug her garbage pail in; oh no, must turn around! The Holy Spirit whispered, go get her, sprinkle my love. She’ll be 91 on monday, and had at least 100 years in feet to go with that pail. She shed joy tears….thank you Jesus, thank you for new adventures with pails of garbage, which turn round back to you, to your Glory!

  263. I went for a walk in the woods yesterday, praise music on, enjoying the beauty of God and the open. I came around the corner and a gorgeous deer bounded up from her sleep, not 6 feet from me! I watched in awe as she leaped away, thanking God for the moment. I stayed in worship and prayer, came around two more corners and surprised another deer about 8 feet away! Wow. I have never seen that before. It felt like a touch of God’s closeness, His fingerprint on my day.

  264. Cooking with my almost-2 daughter is always an adventure and (usually) a huge joy. Last night she helped me crack eggs for our frittata, all the while saying, “Eggs for ME!” Her enthusiasm for life and joy in the moment is one of God’s greatest graces in my life.

  265. I follow InCourage on Twitter. I saw his glory today when I went for a walk with my son. It is a beautiful day today- the sky is a vibrant blue with white, puffy clouds scattered about. We heard the birds in the trees as we walked and smelled the freshness all around us.

  266. I give glory to God today for the STORM, the rustling of the leaves, the darkening of the clouds, the speeding heartbeat as I dash to my car from Walmart with sweet toddler daughter in tow… the storm that leads me to Him, because I must ask Him for courage and freedom from my fears each time the storm rolls its dark face over the horizon. The storm that cleanses, gives the thirsting ground a drink, blows trees hard, drives us indoors to cozy books and mounds of dishes and classical music and picking up daily messes, but mostly the storm that makes me think of Him….need Him in the moment. I need Him every moment, but sometimes I need a storm to remind me. The frightening storm that reminds me of my small world and Who is really in charge. Glory to God for His mighty strength!
    Psalm 97:2-6 “Clouds and thick darkness surround him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne. 3 Fire goes before him and consumes his foes on every side. 4 His lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles. 5 The mountains melt like wax before the Lord, before the Lord of all the earth. 6 The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all the peoples see his glory.”

  267. I have enjoyed (in) courage blog e-mails and facebook.
    I love the 1000 gifts book.
    Today i am thankful that my neice has come to spend 4 days with me. cathy

  268. I woke up this morning and the Lord gave me sweet words to finish two seminary papers with….it is ALL by His Grace.

  269. I am a FB fan. I give God glory for the joy, love, and honor of holding my five day old baby girl in my arms. God has truly blessed us!

  270. I am a Facebook fan. I give God glory for the joy, love, and honor of holding my five day old baby girl in my arms. God has truly blessed us!

  271. The beauty of a brother and 2 sisters quietly playing on the rug, in the cool of the living room, while listening to praise music. Sweet joy to this mama’s heart.

  272. Liked your lovely Facebook page! I praise God for his deliverance and never ending kindness – a year ago I thought my illness would never leave me alone – a year later I feel so much healthier and stronger and I know it’s only because of Him!

  273. I am grateful for the giggles of my 4 children as they play together beautifully, and for the various creations they leave for me around the house…a make-shift tent to play in, or the post-it note written in kindergarten handwriting that says “Mommy I love you”.

  274. I am amazed that God knew I would need “time-outs” as a mother to 6 great kids. I am nursing my 2 month old around-the-clock and I sit…quietly, peacefully in awe of this gorgeous baby, while my laundry, dishes and dust go unnoticed…Praise God !!

  275. Sunflowers popping up in the middle of a road construction project. Beauty in the midst of destruction.

  276. My moment was last night– I was sitting on my bed, explaining something to my sweet little girl (who was celebrating her 5 year old birthday). It thrilled me and made me so thankful for my girls once I saw the look of realization wash over her face. Then she threw her head up, laughing and smiling so broadly at her mistake! Her blue eyes twinkling with delight at her misunderstanding. 🙂

  277. I watch my boys talk, play, and even sleep sometimes, and am just overwhelmed with God’s goodness and grace in giving me two healthy, happy boys. My little one was 4 1/2 weeks early, and spent 13 days in NICU being monitored to make sure he didn’t stop breathing…and now, to see him, climbing, telling stories, jumping, riding his bike, building legos…sometimes it feels nothing short of a miracle and a definite testament of just how GOOD GOD IS.

  278. I give God the glory at this moment
    for this place we are in
    for the change in our hearts
    to see how sinful I am
    the repentence that comes
    His Grace for this Mama is greater than what I can understand or deserve
    but he gives it anyway.

  279. Today I took my 3 kids on a thrift store scavenger hunt. We had a blast. At the end of it, my oldest son noticed that mom was the only one who didn’t get anything on our hunt. He then gave me a duct tape ball that he’d made the day before. It was such a sweet moment! So thankful.

  280. As I was washing dishes and looking out my window into the sunlit, green backyard I thought…I am thankful for these Christmas and Easter moments (life and new life) in my day!

  281. A moment of glory… this morning, the lovely woman who greeted me sweetly, and with a smile so wide and beaming, she was just being kind, but I had until that very moment felt so tired and exhausted in everything, and her greeting, her words, it was truly a gift of beautiful grace- As if God himself, was greeting me through this beautiful woman. Thank you Lord for that.

  282. Praising God in the moment of hearing from my daughter this morning of her Bible Study last night – her sharing – All’s Grace by Charles Spurgeon – with the group. And Yes, “so much joy all these simple moments hold”…continuing to count the gifts…..

  283. The reminder from reading this blog and walking through something difficult to “be thankful.” God lifting my chin just when I needed it and hard times that make me press in close to Him.

  284. The fact that God has saved my life more than once – not just dying on the cross, like that wasn’t enough! Surviving Leukemia and being the recipient of several miracles – I am still in awe to this day, almost 10 years later! Most recently – going outside during a storm that was producing tornados in the area and watching the clouds swirl/rotate above our house, yet not come down toward us. Truly amazing! Looking out my window & watching 2 red-headed woodpeckers work their way around the big pine tree and the yellow finches taking seeds from my brown-eyed susan’s. I love the surprises in my garden – each unique and different – yet all from Him! Thank you God for the blessings and everyday miracles in my life.

  285. my little dog curls up next to me for a nap. i smile as i see, him deep in sleep, his tail wag round and round; happy dreaming. then -with the same quickness with which he changes direction while awake- his happy dreaming turns to labored, frantic breathing. my hand on his side calms his little puppy heart and he rests again. the sweetest thing, for me -a not-yet-mom- and maybe for him, too.

  286. Giving thanks to my Savior for giving me the patience and discipline to love on some challenging kids at my work place today. What a joy it is when we beg Him for the grace in the waking hours and see His faithful guidance at the close of a day. Thank you Lord Jesus for your unending faithfulness to this weary sinner! ALL is truly is grace.

  287. the moments when my 4 year old son wants to cuddle, and how he comes up to kiss my belly with excitement about when he’ll get to meet his baby sister in the coming weeks. makes my heart burst!

  288. Mmmm… simple grace is happening right now, as I lounge eating lunch with my husband, both of us half working, our dog at our feet, and a growing babe in my womb. This is enjoyed grace.

  289. it took me a little too long to find the one moment…so my first “wildly simple, beautiful moment you can give Him thanks for” is simply this post, and Him leading me to find it–the reminder that all of life IS grace….and so I thank Him for this life, my precious children, the love of my husband, and the 6 baby birds we just found in the tree in the back yard.

  290. Praises for a little boy learning to listen and obey; for his big sister ready to lend him a helping hand when he need it.

  291. My husband said the sweetest words to me last night. We were talking about all the struggles I’ve had lately and he said, “Sometimes I wonder if we should have dated longer, waited longer before we married…but then I think there couldn’t possibly be anyone else made just for me…cuz we fit and we are good together…” I’m so thankful for the godly husband God has blessed me with who loves me despite the mess I am and has risen up to be a true godly leader in our home. And, of course, I LOOOOVE following (in)courage on Facebook – one of the highlights of my days.

  292. Walking out the door this morning for work – it was cool and crisp and after several days of intense heat (the kind that sucks the breath and energy out of you) it was a true gift. I felt renewed and refreshed.

  293. Cleaning the house while my mom is at work. There is something therapeutic about wiping down counters, lighting a candle, and folding laundry… and reminding myself that I will do this one day in my own house, with my own family 🙂

  294. I had a new Christian CD to listen to on the way to work this morning. It lifted my spirits right away and help me start off my day in a great way.

  295. ~ daughters and their friends in our kitchen making their Italian nonna’s pizza fritta recipe , a favourite
    ~ 22 year son helping, even though they are telling him to get lost, they are laughing
    ~ quiet moments at the front table and chairs set, knowing that it doesn’t get much fuller and better and noisily peaceful.

  296. picking wild blackberries in the field by our house with a friend and her boys this morning in a stormy NC mountain morning

  297. I am so thankful for having a friend’s daughter come spend the day with us. She is a sweet blessing and help to me. Her cheerful and pleasant attitude is such a joy to have in the house. I am thankful to God for Masie. 🙂

  298. I follow on twitter and Facebook ^_^
    Right now, sitting comfortably, looking at a beautiful day, encouraging music on the radio, latte beside me, Breaking Free study waiting for me to open today’s study. *happy sigh*

  299. Our church decided to host a women’s book club this summer and your book was chosen. We have 5 small groups gathered in homes across our community and lives are being changed. I’d like to thank God for the opportunity to open my home to those, like me, who seek to live more fully in the moment. Grace Life Community Church is loving your book!

  300. God has blessed me by allowing me to be mom for the past 5 years to a pair of siblings ages 12 & 13. We are spending the summer “stranded” at home without a vehicle. I am loving every moment of every day just hanging out with them. I praise God everytime I look at their faces and see nothing familiar but the love and life that we share together. All is grace!

  301. Grace found in fields of dancing fireflies against a pine forest with a waxing moon and a scent of peace in the magnolia blossoms.

  302. I am so thankful for a vacation of rest, renewal and love from friends around the country at a church conference i attend every year. It’s my favorite week of the year.

  303. Today, I wrote on my JULY calendar that I am thankful for our VBS program! 🙂

  304. Today, the moment was when in all my hurry to get my kitchen floor mopped I was made to stop when I found the chairs I left neatly lined in my den transformed into a fort with blankets and pillows by my two youngest boys. The site made a smile cross this face that today has been filled with much concern as we continue to walk this faith-filled jobless journey that sometimes can wear you down. These precious moments of dodging flying Nerf darts and maneuvering around forts built from kitchen chairs is a reminder. All too soon, as I now am experiencing with my oldest, these days will only be a blur, a memory in time. These fort-building-Nerf-dart-flying days are a gift of diversion for which I am thankful.

  305. Waking up to pink sky….
    Knowing my son going to the Army is God’s perfect will…
    Hugs from my adult sons……..
    Tervis Tumbler full of ice……
    taking my shoes off in the grass……..

  306. Four, little chocolate smattered faces, dirty dishes and the God of grace whom always provides when so many bellies are groaning with hunger pains. I am humbled!

  307. thankful that God placed our daughter from ethiopia in our family. praising Him for His graciousness.

  308. Summer nights… Last night we took the kids out for a quick ice cream after dinner. My little one asked if we could stop at the park and so we did. My littlest, running around barefoot and oozing joy, exclaims “dis is da greatest night ever!” Love seeing my kids find joy inn such simple pleasures 🙂

  309. I am not a facebook or twitter user.. but I have to share.
    we traveld back to our former home, the home that we left 8 months ago for a new home in a new state. I casually made the promsie to my 9 year old and her BFF that we would come back for church camp, never giving finances a thought. and I PROMISED!. Then it is June, jsut one short month from camp. and limited funds. and as a family we prayed.. every day. and we taught the value of what you say,( I lead by example). I called old clients.. asked if they wanted photo sessions.. and they did. I called new clients and so did they.. and the day before we left.. the church called and offered a scholarship for partial camp tuition.. all the funds came to gather..I prayed thanks and shouted thanks and told everyone I met how I got there…and I still pray!

  310. I gave my sweet cat a little treat this morning–she has food allergies, so she doesn’t get them very often–but this one was quite safe and she devoured it quickly. Then she jumped up on the desk and came over and rubbed her face against mine, thanking me. Those are the moments I am so grateful to God for.

  311. We began homeschooling again this week after a year off. It has had it’s moments of fear inching up
    My back….. After 3 days of early morning devotions with my 4 small children…. The Lord encouraged me out of the mouth of my littlest babe. (2 yrs old) we were driving home from a swim. Noone was talking. He blurts out “all scripture is God breathed”! I had thought he had only been coloring during our study! It was divine encouragement to hear my baby speak the word of God!

  312. On Thursday mornings I have a group of Mama’s who come to my home for Bibles study. We study, laugh ,cry, eat together and then swim for awhile…with the kiddos along also…. God has given me this opportunity to both minister and mentor.Yet I am the one who always feels blessed beyond measure when they all pack up and leave. Today was a good study, a lovely time. I am blessed.

  313. Giving thanks to God for two angry birds waking us while we were camping; noticing the darkening sky and getting everything packed up before the downpour began. He cares enough that we did not have a wet tent or sleeping bags – Grace!

  314. amazing friends that i get to spend time with, children laughing together, surprises in the mail, the anticipation of an upcoming trip, sunshine for now, but a storm on it’s way…God’s faithfulness in it all.

  315. I already Liked InCourage on FB @ kari.schmidt1

    I am SO thankful for family…and living near most of them!! God is so good! 🙂

  316. God’s grace is so amazing and all-encompassing! By His grace,
    we have great value because of His unfailing love. God gives us
    meaning and purpose for this life and hope for an everlasting
    future with Him and unspeakable joy and gladness.

    Thank God for the grace He abundantly gives us each day! May
    we serve Him, in His Power and Grace.

  317. God has given me the grace to bond deeply with others as I learn that sharing my struggles with these people that love messy me is a way of accepting there offer of friendship.

  318. Two children helpers standing on laundry baskets to help hang laundry on the line. So proud of working hard to help mama. Breeze gently swaying clothes.

  319. I remember the first time that I really looked at the world and saw how beautiful it is. I was in England, walking down a lane and there were huge rhodedendrum bushes in bloom. The flowers were huge, vivid, awesome. My soul expanded with joy! Suddenly I knew that God and I were loving these flowers. Since then there have been a zillion times when He and I have admired His creation together.

  320. My God-glory moment happens everyday when the woodland and forest birds come to the feeders that I have set up right outside my office. Rain or shine, snow or hail, they are always there. First come the parents, then later, the tuft-headed babies, begging their parents to be fed. Bright wings of infinitely varied color, flitting and flashing, right outside my window, bird songs singing God’s glory… thank you, Father.

  321. I turned around in the car the other day and my eyes opened to see the precious gift of my two sons toes. Twenty precious small toes. What a sweet gift that I take for granted daily. God didn’t have to give me those twenty toes. Toes to wiggle and squirm, toes to kiss. How blessed I am. and Oh the Grace, that He gave them to me knowing I wouldn’t always appreciate His blessings.

    I do not have a facebook or twitter account.

  322. My 7-year-old swam alone (without floats) for the first time this afternoon! I love learning to see God in the little moments of family life!

  323. Last week, our band at church played the song All My Fountains and it was instant YES! for me, so I went home and downloaded it. During my quiet time the next day I thought to look for the scripture that undoubtedly inspired the song. I was using my favorite and long-time Bible which happens to have a very basic concordance, so no reference for fountain was found. I decided to look it up later on the computer, so not to get sidetracked {grin}. Carrying on with my reading, I randomly flipped to Psalm 86 and read through 87 and there at the end…”As they make music they will sing, “All my fountains are in you” ” Out of the whole Bible, at that moment, God gave me a simple, much-needed and very beautiful moment. YES!

  324. For the way the sun warms the arm when driving
    For laughter downstairs
    For the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon candles

  325. Listening in on my three daughters…the older two giving words of wisdom to the youngest as she packs for a trip to Sweden without us…seeing her precious copy of His Word tucked in her carry-on. What blessed mom am I!

  326. I give glory to God for the 2 little arms of my daughter that sneak in my bed and wrap themselves around me almost every night.

  327. So grateful for the competitive laughter spilling from our minivan while playing the license plate game with our four children, in route to relocating to a new state. Thank you for adventurous spirits and praise Him for His grace.

  328. As I sit around my table with my 5 children and feel overwhelmed with the gift God has given me…the honor to be their mother.

  329. Thank God for swiftly and definitively answered prayer. It wasn’t answered quite the way I hoped, but the answer came clear and concisely and that is what I prayed for most. Thanking God now for the new place we will be living (yet unknown) in the coming weeks.

  330. The laughter of my youngest grandchild as we pelted him with cardboard boxes…he just laughed and laughed and then the smile on my son’s face at the laughter of his son. I already follow you on FB.

  331. I praise God for my son, he is such a loving little boy and always wants to wrap his sweet arms around me for a hug!! *so grateful*

  332. While I was getting ready for the day, the kids (6 & 2 yrs old) sat down at the piano. They “played” and sang “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”. The 6 yr old did sing the words, and my 2 yr old sang in his baby gibberish. Made my heart melt this morning for God’s goodness.

  333. Lying in the sun by the pool–straight on the concrete–my six year old and I face down and face to face. A humble, “becoming like a little child” moment, together bowed low before our Maker and feeling the warmth of His love

  334. Thanking the Lord and giving Him glory for the my 10 year old birthday boy! Where has the time gone? Looking back, I am amazed that when he was born I had a 15 year old girl followed by an 8 year old boy, 6 year old boy, 4 year old boy, 2 year old girl and my birthday newborn. I had 5 under 8! Have had 2 more blessings since and am always overwhelmed that He entrusted us to such precious blessings. I give Him all the glory for anything we have done right and thank Him for His overwhelming mercy and forgiveness that covers our many mistakes!

  335. I think the one thing that allows me to see my father’s love is in my family. Just having had my 3rd baby 3 months ago I feel overwhelmed with love for my husband and kids and just to know how much love I have and it’s nothing compared to the love my Father has for me and mine. It’s amazing and I’m so thankful to live in that!

  336. An incredible sunrise this morning as i drove my husband to work. God’s glory shining forth from the clouds!

  337. The hushed giggles and laughter of my boys as they get soaked and play in the hose without permission. Thank you God for little boys and brothers!

  338. the words, “I forgive you.” easily flowing off the tongue of my four year old boy – and then a tight squeeze to follow.

  339. in the midst of overflowing laundry hampers, dishes that need washing, tired mommy moments, 3 and 5 yr old squables, our newborn foster daughter looked up and with big-moon sized brown eyes…..smiled. her little world is full of contention and swirl (visatations, court proceedings etc)but she holds a peace i’d like to know more often. <3

  340. Watching fireflies shine in dark places (as I wish I could do!) in our backyard, curled up next to my man, while the little one sleeps…..I think that’s 4 gifts in one. 🙂

    (P.S. If I win you won’t have to mail it so far since I only live in Stratford…hehehe)

  341. A messy house but a big smile and wide open arms from all five of us to my beloved husband, who is forty today!!!

  342. poetry and blue skies. the sounds of wind through the leaves on the trees outside. my children (even when they disobey). my husband’s job. homeschooling. our urban farm.

  343. I give my Abba all the glory and thank Him for prayer with two beautiful sisters last night..prayer that opened my heart <3

  344. Today, I am thankful for a sunflower that had been blown down by the storm but revived so nicely in a vase and is now smiling cheerfully at us all!

  345. Today both my babes were happily behaved. We made it through Walmart, home for lunch, and cut out/baked sugar cookies with out any melt-downs. Now they are both napping. God blesses us when we are at our wit’s end.

  346. Realizing I am loved no matter what is bringing me peace that even I don’t understand, that is the GRACE. As I tap I’m facing bankruptcy, my house is a tad bit too messy I’m in my valley moments. But for the first time in many years, I am seeing the vision in my valley. “Jesus loves me this I know…for the Bible tells me so.” I got it! I know it! And my God I believe it, am experiencing it even. This trying time in my life is my holy experience and I think I wouldn’t have it any other way ’cause it’s teaching me to see the gifts in my moments {yes, there are still gifts in trying times}, and the one gift is learning to live fully right here right now.

    The other thing I’m learning is how we women—especially mother’s set the atmosphere for our home. God, blogs, books, and audio Bible has sowed fruit of contentment, joy and peace into me… these are the things I’m filled with and these very things are spilling over into the atmosphere of my home, where though the times are trying we are enjoying this season, nonetheless, recognizing that God has a purpose and plan for a life always. And in knowing this we can always find reasons to give thanks for our moments.

  347. This is the hard eucharisteo week. Monday, the filed divorce papers turned into my beloved getting on an airplane and flying far away from his real family for a counterfeit. My despair and devastation are turning into excitement and anticipation as I wait to see what God will do next! Yesterday I started looking back on the small things that have happened and now I can see how big and profound they really were. The FIRST thing I read the morning he left was Exodus 14:13 Do not be afraid, Stand still and you will see the Lord your God deliver you today!
    That verse is so relevant to me from so many times in this journey. And it was also the LAST thing I read that night he left. When I did my reading Tuesday and Wednesday, I was flabbergasted at how many times other scriptures he’s given me at other times kept coming up. He showed me VERY CLEARLY that it’s not over and it’s not hopeless. God has His name all over this and He must have great plans for us!
    I am so thankful for what He has done and what He is GOING TO DO!
    Yes, I am praying for a miracle. I hope you will join me too!
    I am standing for my marriage, no matter the circumstances on the outside, until God does what He told me He was going to do. Anxiously awaiting for towers to fall!
    Praise God! Praise God! Praise God! He is Holy and Awesome! He is my deliverer!
    Thanking Him!

    • 8 seconds agoShawna Petty
      KEEP WALKING with me along the path I have chosen for you. I could instantly grant you the spiritual riches you desire, but that is not My way for you. Together we will forge a pathway up the high mountain. The journey is arduous at times, and you are weak. Someday you will dance lightfooted on the high peaks; but for now, your walk is often plodding and heavy. All I require of you is to take the next step, clinging to My hand for strength and direction. Though the path is difficult and the scenery dull at the moment, there are sparkling surprises just around the bend. Stay on the path I have selected for you. It is truly the path of life. (Ps 37:23-24; Ps 16:11–NKJV)~ from Jesus Calling, July 14

      Eph 3:20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,

      This has been a wild week. Some of the most despairing and devastating things have happened this week. My beloved left the state and moved 1500 miles away to be with someone else. Even though I knew it was coming, it hurt so much when it actually happened. There are so many other issues than the hurt as well. I have 7 children who are now relying on me and I only work 10 hours a week. When he moved, he moved to no job and still has to find one in a state that has a very high unemployment rate. He quit his job here to do this. He spent bill money on an engagement ring for her and a vacation to see her. She financed his plane ticket to go on vacation AND to move down there. So you can see, painful.
      The day he left the very first thing I read was a tweet from Pete Wilson author of Plan B and his tweet was Exodus 14:13, Do not be afraid, Stand Still and see the Lord your God deliver you today.
      This was the verse God gave me in my kids VBS show two years ago when I was contemplating leaving the state I had just moved to to go back to the state we came from. I noticed it but didn’t think too much of it. The day went on and things came to light. I didn’t fall apart until I realized he took my wine to give to her. THEN I fell apart. He didn’t say one word to me when he left for the airport and made some lousy excuse to the kids. I even asked for my wine back and he wouldn’t give it to me. He doesn’t even like it. So I called my mentor and I talked to my stepsister and between them and their prayers I calmed down and prayed. Right before I fell asleep I read on facebook Exodus 14:13. Again, it registered but I didn’t process it.

      Next day, my mentor came to work on the Marriage Standers Study and we never got to it, we just talked stuff out, laughed, cried and prayed. At this point, even she was saying that maybe this was God’s way of saying “move on.” Then we started talking about scripture and I mentioned the two times I read Exodus 14:13 on Monday and she was like “nevermind, you are standing still!!!” We also decided that meant that I don’t have to rush out and get a job or do anything except wait on God. I’m a homeschooler and my kids need me right now. So we prayed and I hosted our small group last night.
      We are in Colossians and we read Colossians 4. Well, when I fasted for my husband over Holy Week, Colossians 4:2 was the first verse I read when I finished that fast. It says: “Continue earnestly in prayer, being vigilant in it with Thanksgiving.”
      God is speaking to my broken heart. I heard Him. I was noticing that my feelings were changing and instead of being so broken I was starting to feel relieved and confident again. I worked on Wednesday IN the office and when I picked up my kids from my friend, she said that she was glad to see the sparkle in my eyes again. We had been blessed last night by a gift basket full of candy, soda, popcorn and a brand new movie! And the same friend told me that if I helped her bottle her homemade blueberry wine when we come to lunch on Friday, that she would replace the wine I lost. (He cares about wine too!!) So I was feeling much better Wednesday night. Before I went to bed I pulled out my bible study and the verses were just jumping out left and right and they were all ones I had already been given and it was like the order they kept appearing was the same too. I was just blown away!! I slept well.

      Today, today I got a phone call from the phone company wanting their money for phone and internet. I told them I had no idea if I would have enough money on Friday to pay, that I had to pick up my husbands’ final check and had no clue how much it was. I told them that he left and that my electric and rent were behind to and that I would have to pay them first. She agreed to wait to see what happened until 5pm on Friday. When I went to get the mail, the electric shut off notice was there. My stomach did the knot thing but I thanked God for the notice. I knew the state assistance office would probably be able to help me with the notice in hand. So I went to return something from the store and get my dipnetting permit. Then we went back home to get the papers I thought I might need to apply for assistance for the electric bill.
      I dropped my daughter off at a friends and went to town. I filled out the forms and copied my proofs and waiting for my interview. The social worker called me back and when I told her what was going one she asked why I wasn’t applying for Temporary Cash Assistance. I explained about my kids and not being able to work full time right now. She then said that they have what’s called a diversion program that helps people who are behind in rent and utilities be able to stay in their homes. She explained everything to me and then quoted a figure. If I wanted to accept this grant, they would send me $4299!!!!!! This would pay for three months of rent, my electric and phone bill!!!!!!! I doesn’t disqualify me from future help as long as I wait until October to apply!! They also let me keep my paycheck and Eric’s paycheck tomorrow WITHOUT COUNTING IT AGAINST ME!!!!!!!!
      I went to ask for $455, and I walked out with almost 10 times that amount!!! Only God could do that!!! And it actually pays my rent until October, and October is when we get our Permanent Fund Dividend from the state. And with all my kids, that is substantial!!
      God is absolutely taking care of us, He had already showed me he had the little things covered this week as he provided haircuts and even socks for my child who needed them. He has replaced what my husband “stole” from me for the other woman. He has encouraged me and comforted me. And as much as I hate knowing where my husband is, the oppression that was ever present in our home is GONE!!!! I am praying like mad He’ll come to repentance and come home and God told me two years ago that HE would knock Eric’s towers down. That hasn’t happened yet so it’s not over. No matter what the circumstances look like and I will stand for as long as it takes for him to come to his senses and return to his first love, Jesus. Then home.

      I have been weeping in joy all afternoon. I am in awe at what my savior provided for us.
      HE is able, more than able, to accomplish what concerns me today!

      Hey, I am not telling the kids. I don’t want word to get to Eric at this point, since he will take advantage and use it as an excuse to not have to pay right away. I just wanted you to know!! I wrote this for some private prayer groups I’m on Facebook with, so if it seems a bit impersonal, that’s why. Tell Gene and Whitni if you want, just tell them they can’t share it yet. I’ll tell my kids after the fact. At this point they just know that our current bills will get paid.

      Please keep praying, I know God has a plan and I know he’s not finished with this mess yet!

  348. Watching my very petite just-turned-four year old daughter clamber over the rocks at a fresh water spring we all hiked to together. Her “I-can-do-it-ness” is inspiring.

  349. “God is always good & I am always loved…alwys good…always loved” ALWAYS GOOD ALWAYS LOVED—that is amazing grace that is God’s glory!!! Thank you for the reminder!

  350. Watching with my two boys Monarch butterflies emerge from their chrysalis and take flight into our back yard and land on our flowers. Nothing is more precious than this time spent teaching my sons and watching one of Gods most beautiful creatures come to life!

  351. Recently I’ve heard more and more the quote “the days are long, but the years are short” from various friends and other sources – and along with 1,000 Gifts, I’ve really tried to focus on the gifts found in the everyday. My search for God in the moment for today has certainly been the sleepy, rhythmic breathing of my 22 month old as I rock her for nap time. I’m cherishing those times more and more as I know the number of times she’ll want me to rock her to sleep is quickly diminishing and like her older brother and sister, it’s likely I won’t even realize when the last time arrives…Thank you for your gift of words – you inspire me!!

    I follow on twitter and facebook.

  352. A toddler who found me in my bed this morning. So excited to see her momma. Thank you Ann for helping us enter into His cathedral of Grace. Love you friend! No need to enter my name. Just wanted to pause with you all here.

  353. Walking the dog in the cool of the morning through the woods listening to the veery trill his lovely song.

  354. Coke and crunchy ice. Profound, right? But right now, in this moment I am so thankful for a moment to sit and drink a coke and crunch on some ice.

  355. Every moment in the day is a time to give all to the glory of God. My first one today was watching the sunrise as I took my early morning walk listening to the birds as they sang.

  356. Today as I was walking in through the heat from getting the mail, our son was standing on the deck with a rubber-band gun and a ball. “Look, Mom! This is a paintball gun!” Something about the grin on his face – the look of sheer delight of this moment, the little boyish-ness, his giggle – it made me giggle, too. And how I needed that laugh today! Thank You, Jesus, for this precious God Grace moment in my day! Help me to delight in the small things like he does!

  357. The lovely scent on the breeze from an unknown flowering tree in our neighbourhood. Just need to stop and sniff.
    Having a packed week, but stopping this afternoon, just because we all need to slow down.

    • yes, I know what you mean! We have an unidentified beautiful scent in our neighborhood as well. So lovely to inhale!

  358. God speaking to me in ways to show more tenderness towards my husband, who is in the early stages of alzhiemers

  359. Memories! 223 pictures arrived today, ready to be scrapbooked for my baby girl’s album. My oldest daughter got her first camera today and is snapping away. So very thankful for the joyous memories we have, as well as the ones to come!

  360. Giving Him GLORY for those tough moments when you realize He is not ignoring you, but rather driving you TO Him – to your knees. Those moments when you remember that with your family tightly woven together in a cord that wraps around Him and He around you, the tough struggles are a much easier burden to bare, even more of a challenge to rise to, knowing that He never brings us through them without teaching and molding us more into His image. For those moments when I look at my two young sons and they seem both young, precious, sweet, pure and innocent, and yet wise beyond their years all at the same time – takes my breath away. Giving Him glory in helping me to raise them to know Him and make Him known!

  361. I am going through a hard time right now. A couple nights ago I was in bed late at night and I flipped on the radio and Laura Story’s song “Blessings” came on. An overwhelming sence of peace come over me and I knew God was with me even though a lot of the time it feels like he’s not.

  362. We have toiled over bringing a son home to school. His siblings have been home for years and we are launching them this year. Because of some specific academic needs he has been in the public school system and we have missed some specific heart /character training. Once the decision was made, we shared our hearts with our son. I just knew he would be disappointed and would probably push back… he loves going to school. But I looked grace in the face as my son sweetly responded with these life giving words…”I can’t wait to spend more time at home with Mom. It is going to be a GREAT year!!” His grace is more than enough!

  363. The utter joy I felt as I watched 2 hummingbirds dance and frolic and hover together. One actually flew right up to the glass door, and hovered there, as if to say “Hello! God sent me to give you joy today!” As I’m writing this, another tiny, shimmering, green and blue bird just buzzed in to feed and shower more of God’s Love and Grace on me. Thank you Lord!

  364. My husband and I have just moved from the suburbs to the country, to live on the farm where I grew up and to raise our boys here. Today my wildly beautiful, simple moment is watching the joy of my children as they learn how to use a yo-yo that their grandfather, my dad, made for them out of wood. Not a throwaway toy from the dollar store that will break an hour after it gets home, but a yo-yo made from real wood, crafted with love.

  365. I give God glory for the chance to set by my sister as she faces the last days of her life, and share dying well. How do you die well? By leaving all the regrets at the foot of the cross and remembering together the wonderful moments of life, and thanking God for them together. By honoring my sister by sharing with her how I saw her life be such a reflection of Jesus love to so many.

  366. Perfect! Husband brought Bible to the table after dinner, the first time, to teach us, all of us (7), to give Glory to God. And here it is! Do not twitter or facebook but Glory is given.

  367. Thankful for 11 year old boy and first escaltor ride last night on his birthday to shop for clothes for new adventures in middle school. Grace that he knows no embarassment in telling me this is his first escaltor ride and ahh the sweet grace when he says no there is not anything he needs that is “name brand” to fit in with the rest. Grace that he knows his value without a label. Tired Mama thankful that these are the times she knows that she must be getting something right. And most certainly ALL is GRACE. 🙂

  368. We drove past an open field covered with a sunset last night and my 3 1/2 year old boy looked out the window and said softly, “God’s showing His power”

  369. I give all thanks and praise to God for a conversation I had with my three year old yesterday (this was after a big tantrum with many tears and loud words from mama):
    Lyli: I sad.
    Me: why are you sad?
    Lyli: Mommy angry; Mommy you need to tell me sorry I sad
    Me: You’re right Lyli, Mommy shouldn’t have yelled at you. I’m sorry.
    Lyli: it’s ok mom. I f’give you.

  370. A small tea packet infused with vanilla and chai, steeped in 6 ounces of hot water… doused with soymilk… sweetened slightly… poured over ice on a hot day, in a cup given by a friend…. Thank you, Lord, for simple joys and unplanned smiles.

  371. Moments of laughter with my two year old son, who lives so freely and joyfully it brings tears to my eyes. So thankful for a vibrant example of how to live with complete passion and trust, without a burden or worry in the world!

  372. I thank God for the blessing of being in the presence of two older couples today. Each couple helped one another graciously, spoke kindly to one another, and held hands (one pair was in the elevator and the other was outside walking to their car). I needed the reminder that not all love dies. Thank you, Jesus.

  373. Today He has blessed me with forgiveness hugs from my oldest child, and kind words of faith from my youngest. God is so good and full of grace, I’m amazed by it daily.

  374. There is something really nice about a day of gentle rains which helps everyone stay inside. I like it when the whole family is focused and in close proximity; doing necessary things. I’m thankful for this gentle rain with no storms attached!

    (This just happened to be what I put on my status on facebook for today..though one word was added…. Thanks for this offer..may it bless whoever gets picked!)

  375. What a sweet calendar – how wonderful to get daily reminders of the truth, beauty, and wisdom in Ann’s book! A moment of joy today was walking in on my two young girls, who earlier were fighting like cats and dogs, but now were laying side-by-side on their bellies on my bed, their legs entwined, playing an ipod game together.

  376. Just one?!?! The sound of a gentle rain through my open windows. Okay, one more…the baby fat rolls on my ten month old niece!

  377. Walking out in early morning for my walk enjoying the coolness of the morning knowing there will be intolerable heat in this sun-scorched land in a few hours, but for now it is beautiful and I give thanks and I walk.

  378. A Friend who finds the Lord can calls to share a scripture at dawn. What a blessing friends are.

  379. These photographs are beautiful!

    My son got up this morning and said, “Mommy, I want to snuggle.” It was wonderful to sit on the couch and hold his little boy body, knowing that he wants to spend time with me just as I do with him, knowing that he’s growing so much every day and that someday these little moments will be few(er) and far(ther) between, but that for now, I get a snuggly hug most every morning.

  380. …being invited to a Tea Room with some friends, meeting a young woman there with whom I had a lovely conversation, and realizing that God had sent her in response to my desire to paint and draw again. She had just the info I needed to get me going. I love it that God knows what’s in my heart and provides before I even speak it.

  381. A quick morning conversation with my sweet Dad over the phone from 1300 miles away…just reminding each other of what really matters in life…

  382. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. to the bleep of the alarm, reaching out for my ipod and waking my brain up with worship music. Glorious.

  383. Too many grace moments to list.. but the most recent that comes to mind is this: Our two sweet adoptive babies (4 months apart) have started sleeping in the same room, all night long, just 2 weeks after the newest addition has came home to us!

  384. For simplicity of summer, absence of schedules that allow for sitting under pines, basking in time without wristwatch, reading books with unhurried spirit, singing joy in the vanilla-scented breezes ruffling hair and in the wee ladybird journeying up the sleeve of my cardigan….

  385. the love of a caring husband, my fabulous five grandchildren who warm my heart daily, the beauty of our antique fern, and of course fresh beginnings with Christ on a daily basis

  386. Mama Mallard duck and her six newly hatched ducklings as she teaches them how to swim in our pond.

  387. I give God thanks on a daily basis for my family. Especially for my 94 year old Grandmother who has more wisdom than I could ever learn in a text book. When I call her to talk to her, my favorite part is telling her I love her and hearing – ‘I love you too honey’. Something about the true love and specialness about the way she says it makes my whole body quiver with warmth.

  388. Watching my 12 year old son tenderly wash his 2 year old sisters scraped & bloodied knee.

  389. I liked in(courage) on facebook. I hope it went through, I can never tell. My moment was this morning, reading my devotion, Jesus Calling. Actually it was the one from yesterday that I missed so I read it today. It was an on time revelation to me of how I am always judging myself based on “my” mirror view. I want to have Jesus’ view. It made me tear up because I desire to have His view of me.

  390. Grace moment when I was having a discouraging day. My father didn’t say anything, but the next thing I know he makes my favorite breakfast – bacon and eggs. He also bought me a fancy coffee 🙂 🙂 I love fancy coffee. It’s a material thing, but really ministered to me that particular day 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for hosting the nice giveaway 🙂 Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather 🙂

  391. Letting my children choose what we were going to do for the whole day and then actually doing it even though I truly didn’t want to (they wanted to blow up a huge above ground pool on our backyard)… Then realizing it was one of the best days of the summer we’ve had this far. My pictures from the day turned out amazing and when I look at them I appreciate what God gave me all over again.

  392. Walking through a little German town in the Amazing Alps realizing how incredibly sinful and in need of forgiveness and grace I am and my oldest son and daughter come up and hold my hand and let me know that I am forgiven. Let me not lose sight of these moments.

  393. A blessing moment….hmmmm which one to choose. I would have to say the most recent one which was a Facebook message from a friend who stated “I don’t know where I would be without God’s grace”. It was a reminder that only by His grace are we saved. Only by His grace do I have an apartment to live in, a car to drive, food to eat and two jobs to pay for those things and more.

  394. A too chilly morning at the pool, followed by hot cocoa (in July!) at home, followed by sun breaking through the clouds and children rejoicing again!

  395. My dream garden, finally a reality, full of beautiful flowers–white, blue, purple, pink, yellow!

  396. An amazing young woman came into me and my husbands life to helps us bear the burden of a angry son who verbally abuses us. I taught her how to cook and now am able to help her move into a new apt and nest. It’s not the same thing as having a biologically child who loves you but it’s GRACE. Sweet Grace. Please pray for healing between mother and son. ………it hurts……..

  397. The love of a godly man, and the joys of hearing my 2 year old tell “stories” to his grandparents while my Mom and I exchange a smile of amusement over his head, and watching him shadow his Grandpa doing construction work. My life is full and rich! I am also grateful that God gives a burden and compassion for children/women sold as slaves in Asian countries as well as in the US.

  398. Oh, today it had to be watching my son, who’s 2, play with shaving cream on the back deck, slapping his belly and squishing it in his fingers. Too cute!

  399. Grace to face the topic of abuse recovery on behalf of friends, time alone to wander an antique store, a wonderful husband loving our four littles at home while I’m out, clouds in July, sweet baby loving first solid food, precocious, hilarious boys…the list is endless!

  400. I would be kidding myself to say that gratitude is running rampant in my life. I am struggling to deal with the sudden hearing loss in my left ear – not a good thing for someone who loves to sing and does sign language interpretation. But the loss is also accompanied by tinnitus ( loud ringing and whooshing sounds constantly). How then shall I live? But I am grateful that my right ear is spot on!

  401. a conversation between my 2 daughters, a lovely moment i have prayed for often in the last 6 years of our autism journey. an actual 2 way, give and take, back and forth. amazing. seems simple, but for both on the spectrum there have been days, years, when we were told this would likely never be. blessed by the 2 “typical” younger siblings who have pushed and prodded and loved the 2 “different” older sisters, who have never stopped loving their big sisters and always pulling them out of the distant imagining places, for the here, the now, the love and the laughter of a family. thankful for the vision of the little ones, for the vision it has given me, to truly love and accept that we are here, this is where we were meant to be, and it is all beauty and grace.

  402. I have always wondered how St. Paul could say he gloried in his infirmity! I had lived with MS for 15+ years and still was not at that place. God showed me all those past years with all the difficult times while simulaneously revealing His goal and that He used MS as the tool to achieve His end: holiness!! He said that the 1,00’s of small right decisions I make each day He credits toward holiness, a foundational characteristic of heaven! I am still bouncing off the walls. I’ve never put me and holiness in the same sentence! If holiness is what a godly response to living with MS gets me, I think I might be getting close to grateful/thankful for the privilege of carrying the disease.

  403. I tell my children to love and serve God and each other all the time…. my son holds me accountable with my own words daily. Today he pointed out that I was being hypocritical and I was humbled by my sinful actions. Gods grace to me today was a sweet reminder by a 7-year-old boy about how depraved and needing of a savior I am.

  404. Sudden downpour caused my sister-in-law’s layover in our city to be 24 hrs instead of 3. This sister and her two kids we rarely see as they are giving in a muslim nation. We squeezed all the relating we could out of her unexpected visit and joyed in God’s ugly/beautiful 🙂

  405. My next breath is pregnant with God’s grace. I so often take it for granted, filling my breaths throughout the day with nonsense–but then I take my next breath–and am reminded of His unmerited favor once again.

  406. I’m so grateful for the love of a wonderful husband. God has gifted me with a wonderful mate and I forget to thank him enough for the privilege of serving with my man :))

  407. So thankful that God chooses to reveal Himself to me in little ways that seem insignificant, yet SO powerful! Grateful for the many gifts of grace so freely given (in spite of me at times) that have allowed a miracle of healing in my life.
    Dear Jesus I Love You!!

  408. Watching elderly couples, still very much in love, walking hand in hand! Grieving this weekend as Grandpa passed away last Friday, and Grandma’s hand is empty…from Elise H.’s Mama

  409. Today my 8 year old son, who is special needs, tied his shoe by himself for the VERY 1ST TIME! It was a total GOD THING! It was so special to see him do this simple yet functional task that has been a therapy goal for 2 years. God is so good and faithful to complete what He starts in us!

  410. My 2 yr old girl turns to me and wrinkles her nose up in a cheeky grin, then dances away to continue on in her role as mommy to her baby dolls. Bliss!

  411. I am becoming aware of the Grace God has specifially for me – already tucked into my existing life ready to *BLOOM* at just the right moments. Like the beautiful stargazer Lillies that peeked their gorgeous, fushia, perfumed head out a week ago… and keep on blooming. I am aware of His glory in the way He miraculously brings people into my life at the perfect time to encourage me in a deeper relationship with him (my spiritual director springs to mind right now.)
    I am fully aware of His presence in my life as I stop and listen to the happy chatter of my 4 boys – that I’ve been given an opportunity to raise heart-healthy, gentle warriors for HIS glory.

  412. Reading back through seven years of journals…dark days, incredible pain, and questions about God…and seeing how all the way He has been leading, bringing me to a deeper understanding of the gospel. I am in awe of His goodness. He has been using these difficult places to draw me to Himself even when I thought I no longer had the strength to go on. Great is His faithfulness!

  413. God speaks to me so much through music. Today’s moment was the words in the song “Always”…Oh my God, He will not delay. My refuge and strength always. I will not fear, His promise is true. My God will come through always.

  414. After 10 years of only seeing my husband on the weekends, a new job opening that will enable us to share the town his office is in. Dad daily. I’m very thankful.

  415. My 10 month old daughter (Glory) walked up to me today with one of her older sister’s baby dolls upside down patting the feet together singing (the way babies sing) like she was doing patty-cake; the same way we do to her. This is a moment I am grateful for! Healthy children playing contentedly.

  416. For His strength and grace to love and forgive “seventy times seven” today.

  417. waking up to my sweet baby girl smiling at my and saying “hi.” a glowing doc’s report that says God’s grace may bless her with a brother or sister someday and us with a new little miracle. a new home to plant new roots and cultivate God’s grace. healing, healing and more healing 🙂 a breezy day feeling the spirit of God blowing me, around us all. Forgiveness for giving bad advice to a friend yesterday.

  418. well this is an exceptional moment in that I got to hike a fourteener here in Colorado. However, it is how that journey has rested with me that speaks most to the God glory. The same struggling for air as I ascended to the heights where my normal way of breathing was harder and my lungs needed to receive deeper breaths is what I’ve been experiencing as I have been going through training to move overseas. His best in these days has been to show me all of the ways I look for life outside of Him and to allow strenuous battles that I might forcibly breath in Him and then in the midst of my deep awareness of the mess He already knows about and as I see it, leads to soul desperation, is producing the wildest, full hope I’ve ever known–sign and symbol given in reaching that summit, knowing how often I thought about stopping…

    much rambling, but yes, the God Glory…oh exquisite and indescribably brilliant in contrast to all we settle for in the mundane…

    {p.s. love to you Ann}

  419. I am thankful for the excitement and anticipation of this day and all that God is going to do over the next week, as my 15 year old daughter and I get ready to travel on her first mission trip to Belize.

  420. When I arrived home from a doctor’s appointment, my sweet 1 year old daughter clung to me, as if to never let go. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by exhaustion in these moments, but today, it was sweetness and grace. Grace to know that she needs me with a fervor with which I should need Christ.

  421. My firstborn’s 22nd birthday. My son’s smiile. Prayer on the phoneX3. A thank-you from 13 y/o daughter of my friend for cleaning with her when her mama is sick. 🙂

  422. This morning, a deer and three fawns were in my back yard. Though they often destroy my garden, I saw God in their attentiveness to sounds around them, their mother’s signals, and how they followed her lead. Then I saw my husband’s car running into the back yard and around the house to protect that which I have invested my time- my vegetables. I am loved!!!

  423. In a time when I might prefer a little peace and quiet, I am so thankful for the incessant chatter of my young children, knowing that my time with them is all too short; and much sooner than I would like, my days will be filled with too much peace and quiet and not enough chatter. Thank you, God, for a noisy houseful to love and nurture!

  424. the 3rd birthday of our little girl, born 11 weeks early, weighing 2 1/2 pounds, defying the doctors’ grim predictions so that she could bring God glory.

  425. This blog is a gift from God. I can’t wait to see what is the posting for the day. Every morning before I take a shower I read them. Meditate on my Creator and I go on with my day encouraged to live for Him. I love Holley and Ann Voskamps postings that I receive via email. I read them before my work day at the office. I am so blessed by these two writters. It is so refreshing every day to read your thoughts. Then, I post them on my FB to share with everyone . I printed to my friends when they need encouragement. Thank you so much for blessing me every day!!! I love you!!!

    PS. Ann, I found out you will be a speaker at the E-Women Conference in Rockford IL! I can’t wait to meet you in person!!! 🙂

  426. Recently God has given me a new love and appreciation for my kids, my husband and my role as a Mom. I was struggling with fear and priorities and so many other things and the Lord got a hold of me one quiet day while folding clothes in the laundry room and gave me such a sweet glimpse of His plan for me, so I give Him glory…

  427. This morning I was bathing my severly handicapped daughter. She usually can be huffy-puffy in the bath, but she looked up at me and I smiled at her… it took her about 1/2 a minute to return my smile with her sweet smile. Her little face is so precious to me and her eyes laugh. It touched my heart this morning… but her sweet smile is a gift every day!
    Your blog and website are an ecouragement to me as well and I really loved the book 1000 Gifts. Made a big impact on me. Thanks!

  428. I have to work, it’s a necessary evil–living in a big city, Seattle. I have a family of four and we support our family overseas as well–we have the honor to be provided for, taken care of. I am truly giving God the glory because while I have to work, it’s in a childcare center where my two children get to attend and so the moment when my daughter recognizes me and says, “Mommy!” it’s so warming, I am her Mama.

  429. …my firefighter husband’s worn, scuffed workboots lying haphazardly by the door leading to the garage…this signifies his coveted presence in our home after being gone for three days…thank you, Lord for bringing him home safely every third day and for the sacrifice of sleep among other things he gives up to provide for our family…this is my God glory moment

  430. As I type this very moment….laughter from a 4yr old with a big blue smile from a popcicle and “Mommy, just one more?”

    All IS Grace….thank you.

  431. My tender moment of praise today was when my 2 year-old daughter began singing “For God So Loved The World” to a baby we were watching. She was so gentle and sincere as if understanding the magnificance of what she was saying to him. When she was all finished singing, she looked at me with a huge smile that just melted my heart.

  432. God’s grace became visible to me Tuesday nite…I’ve been going through a slew of days where depression has been mounting and refusing to go away. I went to the grocery store after work to procure the food that my depression calls for: carbs. I walked though the store, gathering donuts, milk, and pizza. The particular donuts I purchased were plain glazed ones and I remembered that the last time I purchased them, they were sweet on the outside, but dry on the inside. I purchased them anyway and expected them to be disappointing to me as they had been in the past. I arrived home, turned on the laptop to watch Netflix, sat down with the 6 glazed donuts and a glass of milk. To my surprise, they were oh so good…not dry on the inside at all and in fact, somewhat melted in my mouth. Later, I sat on my bed with the Lord. I realized he had given me grace in the midst of my sabotage of my body and soul. He had refused to let my tool for harm be disappointing as I had expected. He had allowed sweetness when I was intent on marring my beauty. I sat in stillness and was thankful.

  433. I’m a long-time reader of Ann’s blog and also a participating blogger in counting grace gifts on Mondays over at her blog, A Holy Experience. I am also a follower of inCourage! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    My best and dearest friend is a one-year survivor of ovarian cancer. We are having dinner tonight and then going to our first ever quilt guild meeting. We took a beginning quilters class together this past spring and love this craft so much already. (I LOVE THE PICTURE ABOVE OF THE QUILTING!!!) We are taking our first quilts for “show and tell.” But what I want to shout is that the quilts are just byproducts of the greater JOY of our friendship and time spent together. We are all works in progress and I’m so thankful He spared my friend’s life – she blesses me so much. I love you Ann. ~Gran Jan Morton

  434. I JUST found out that my brother, who is a wonderful husband and father of three little boys, and has been out of work for about six months, JUST GOT A JOB!! Praise God for his GOODNESS 🙂

  435. My one year old son sitting on the floor and holding the ribbon to a balloon; looking up at it, an inimaginable mile above him from his perspective and yet he holds it tight and smiles big.

  436. There are so many moments throughout the day where I see God’s glory but I usually miss them because I am too distracted with what’s to be done. As I sit here and think about them all, I hear one right now and it is my oldest child (daughter) reading to her little brother so he can earn points for the summer reading program. I see God’s glory through her as she chooses to be selfless with her time and give freely and lovingly to her little brother. It’s beautiful to see and hear.

  437. Today I thank God for His abundant mercy & grace each and every day. I so easily get wrapped up in worldly things that then draw my eyes (and heart) away from remembering HIS sovereign control. Here in Florida it’s been a difficult number of months – is all I will say about THAT! God has a plan for ALL things. NO THING is unplanned or cannot be used for His glory. I must concentrate on that, trust that truth and live as I believe it to be too.

  438. I am thankful to be reminded of ann’s tip about “hurry hurts kids” (and mamas too)!!! When I was at my wits end this morning, I thought about giving thanks in this moment for all I have to be thankful for and it changed my anxious heart!! Thank you Ann for reminding me to always look to God and praise Him in all things!

  439. #312. Breakfast out of doors
    #313. Women rejoicing over one prayed-for baby and one surprise gift from God!
    #314. Home made English muffins 🙂

  440. my little girl and i were very tired today while out running errands and she grabbed my arm in one of the stores and said “mommy, you are my beautiful love-aby” 🙂

  441. “God’s Glory in the Moments…. ”
    I find His glory in accepting what is and not fretting what isn’t. I find His glory in not expecting what I expect but accepting what comes. Because I know, that His Grace is Sufficient.

  442. I am so ever thankful, that no matter how badly I stumble and err on this walk to the Father, he continues to pick me up, allows me to lay my worries and imperfections at his feet, and gives me his grace with open arms.

    Thank you for reminding me to Thank Him.

  443. Watching the four men in my life give their lives away with eagerness as they serve in our city for broken, needy people. Asking God to increase this tribe and multiply the fear of the Lord in the way we WALK THIS OUT.

  444. Plump peas on the vine, nodding heads of moon-bright hydrangea, dainty webs seining raindrops … and a garden of bright-faced grandchildren. God’s love is everywhere.

  445. During the quietness of this morning when I sat quietly to begin my devotions, I prayed before I opened my devotional and my Bible. When my prayers ended I opened my devotional first and found the answer to my prayer, further confirmed through the verses I read in my Bible. God is so good, He goes before us, He sustains us, He brings us confirmations, He provides our strength, and surrounds us in His blessings and grace. All because we choose to spend quiet time with Him and to walk through our day standing next to Him while whispering His name.

  446. My oldest son (11) struggles with several behavioral disorders and when we had another baby 3 months ago he was not thrilled, to say the least. Today, while in the car on the way to pick up his other brother, however, he was delighted that he could calm the baby down and make him laugh. He wanted to hold him on the way in to church… that was a first and a direct answer to prayer that a caring relationship would form between them.

  447. My twin two-year-olds both chirping “Up! Up!”, so with one on each hip, my hands are too full to do anything ‘productive’ … and I’m okay with that … because they are only just like this for today.

  448. Giving hard thanks that a wild fire has spread crazily towards our town for the second time in eleven years. And giving thanks that in His almighty power, He chose to spare our town this time, by using the fire breaks provided by the first fire.

  449. God is good….I just had a wonderful lunch visit with a grown son. I’m glad he still likes to go to lunch with me….his idea even! He was an encourager today – – I needed that 🙂

  450. It was such a joy today to watch my 13 year old son….He gave his heart to Jesus two days ago. He radiates such peace and is so considerate and loving. I thank God for His saving grace!

  451. I give thanks today for 2 little boys, healthy enough to run and play at the park this morning with me quietly under the shade of a tree, watching. Smiling. As they hold hands and giggle I am thankful they are not fighting as summer days away from school routines can get long. {{Thanks for a chance to praise Him along with so many others and for a chance to win such a special gift.}}

  452. This morning after spending time reading the Word, I ask God what was on His heart…He said “Restoration” ….restoring the heart of the Father to His children…all is grace. Ann I look daily to read your words…you so share from His heart…I’ll like you on FB, but I don’t know about twitter….I am so grateful to having found you and Holly Gerth…and all the other women you send us to read from time to time. I am so blessed!

  453. In a quiet. hurting spot in the morning cool, I ask God to forgive and help and fill the loneliness–and He led me to (in)courage. His bountiful, splendid grace!

    I weep. This space, your words, photos, purpose, video–they reach out as God’s arms and truly are a place, a community rare and long sought. Thank you, Father, and thank you, ladies, for the welcome–and the key. Hot cocoa tonight on the porch?

  454. Wind in the cornfields and a mother deer with her two fawns tentatively sticking their heads out of the woods.

  455. Pirate birthday party for the 4 year old, blowing candles laughter spraying all over homemade cake… pinatas and costumers, gold dabloons and treasure hunts…

  456. Each afternoon, while at work, I look forward to my email from the Holy Experience page. It encourages me, uplifts me, refocuses my thoughts for the afternoon, causes me to stop and say “Thank You, God!” and prepares me for the rest of my day. (which involves going to a second job) Thank you, Ann, for your daily encouragement.

  457. I give thanks and glory to God right now for two beautiful sons enjoying another day at Bible Camp, learning strength through God, and for my youngest son, asleep on my lap, his tiny blond curls wrapping around his ears, his steady breath pulling in and out while little beads of sweat form on his turned-up nose.

  458. Watching my 2 1/2 year old niece today at our church kids fun day walk over to a new little girl that was very shy and giving her a little kiss on the cheek. Then she asked her to play with her. It was so sweet!!!!

  459. Where do I begin? Im thankful for lunch with a good friend, a Husband to watch the babe, and the encouragement that surrounds me!

  460. The sight of a toddler boy wearing only his diaper and mischievous grin dripping with chocolate.

  461. Today the Lord has blessed us. A daughter, a fiance from Germany. and an August 5th wedding….and no visa. We have tried to walk by faith, but doubt that all our plans for her brother to be at the wedding before leaving for Afghanistan ,wavering .

    Today, a call, the visa is progressing and looks like we will be given the joy of a wedding…Praise to Him, who all along knows!

  462. Today I was able to visit a brand-new baby boy in the hospital. The son of a mother who had buried another. What a joy to share and to behold.

  463. God’s story raining down through a story from Haiti and Ann’s blog dripping words of encouragment, saturating the soul, puddels pooling with contentment… my life, my wife, my boys – all grace – I don’t want to miss it. Living slow:

  464. A new pen and notebook in which to record all the scripture I am going to memorize and hold closely in my heart…good start so far! God is good!

  465. The first fruits of the season.

    We have now been renovating an old farmhouse for the last five months on our own. This house comes with an overgrown orchard that has had little tending so far other than frequent flood irrigation and being mowed a time or two… Our trees are absolutely loaded this year and we just harvested our first fruits: cherries. I could only reach half of them and the birds got to them quicker than we could, but without running water yet, we got as many as I could handle. (I cleaned them at my sister-in-laws 😉

    Today, I stood at my counter, pitting them and putting them in freezer bags; wiping my hands frequently with baby wipes and smiling at the window. God is so faithful and gives such good gifts. I just get the sense that through all the struggle of this process, God is sowing something in us that, at His appointed time, is going to be a good season of harvest… and I can’t wait for the first fruit.

  466. Thankful for those moments that my 9 year old son sits on my lap, and when I smell his hair–his own particular smell–my heart flutters and it takes me back to when he was a baby. Thankful for jagged little toothless grins from my 7 year old daughter when she accomplishes something hard. Thankful for a husband who works hard so that I can stay home to educate my children & not miss a moment.

  467. Recognizing in His presence is fullness of joy!
    From the hammock, thinking on that and hearing girls laughing,
    seeing renegade speckled foxgloves across the lane and
    maple leaves waving in the sky,
    Him in the details and His glory in eternity!

    You will show me the path of life;
    In Your presence is fullness of joy;
    At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
    ~Psalm 16:11 NKJV

  468. I don’t have facebook or twitter, but just want to share in the sharing! 😉

    The Lord reminding me this morning to choose to believe His promises over the lies of the enemy; to choose to walk by faith; to ask Him to make the promises that have yet to be fulfilled as real to me as the ones that have; to cease striving and know that He is God!

  469. Today, I am thankful for having my dad still here. He’s had lung cancer for 7 years, and miraculously is only in stage of 2/4. Not only am I thankful for his still being here, but I am blessed to have a husband who is gracious enough to not only allow my dad to live with us, but my younger sister as well.

  470. Giggling girls disrupting the quiet of the office with delight in each other.

  471. Hearing my three year old sing-song that her big sisters are her best friends, that God made her a rainbow, or inform us that “her kisses are permanent” reminds my heart to stay in the moment. She’s like a little breath used by the Spirit in my life some days. On one particular day I was driving our van and lost in thought, very stressed out about something looming ahead of me, and her little voice floated up to me from her carseat singing this song (from Seeds Family Worship), “Don’t be anxious-about-anything”. These moments bless and teach and renew.

  472. A moment….we, husband, children…sat gazing up at the fireworks that the neighbor was shooting off in the adjacent field. All of us were giggling and laughing and just enjoying the Texas evening. All of us together again after 2 years of separation in trying to sell a home that was too far for dear husband to commute back to every evening. The best July 4th we have ever had.

    Laughter IS the best medicine…I’m sure God laughs heartily!

    Blessings, dear Ann, from Avodah Farms to you!

  473. Cherry and raspberry stains on my clothes. We have so much good to savor in freshness from the garden and orchard. We have the stains to prove it! A daughter who was on bedrest at 24 weeks in her pregnancy is able to go back to work and baby is doing well.
    The rain today will make everything extra green in the garden(weeds included) We are once again aware of God and his blessings in stains, bedrest, and rain.

  474. Today was the last day of our church’s vacation Bible school. As a mission project, the children had been bringing money for supporting a missionary in the Czech Republic. My kids (ages 7 1/2, 6 & 4) were earning extra quarters to give by reciting memory verses. They took turns reciting as we drove to the church, and they did not run out of verses they knew before we reached the building. I’m so thankful for the Word in their young hearts!

  475. Giving thanks for lunch with an old friend who has faithfully walked a hard path with me, for the grace in two young women making cream puffs (from scratch) in my kitchen, for fresh grace in another young woman just rescued and brought into new life. All’s grace.

  476. Watching my two-year old, who was “not to make it into this world”, point and smile while he yells “Pooh” at the TV during a ad for the new Winnie the Pooh movie. Oh boy, how this boy makes me heart melt. Everyday he is God’s mercy in my eyes!

  477. This morning, the kids and I, G-pa and the dog, set out on a mini adventure to go exploring a nature trail. Excitement and joy filled kids faces being in the midst of God’s gorgeous creation, a nice change of pace.

  478. After a heartbreaking winter and spring, I’ve found joy beginning to grow as I garden at the community garden begun by our church on the farm it owns. After a long day of pulling weeds and toting water, I find myself going to bed overflowing with thankfulness that God would lend me a bit of earth and let me partner with Him to help something grow. And as I’ve watched the seedlings sprout and grow, I’ve also watched my heart grow and begin to heal. That bit of earth has brought such joy, such peace, such contentment. It has allowed my mourning to turn into dancing in the form of a smile and dirt encrusted fingernails. Even as I write this, I am overflowing with joy and smiling at this beautiful gift from a good God who knew a daughter of His needed a healing place. Gardening in community is my healing place. And I am so grateful.

  479. My cheeks hurting today as I laughed along with my 12-week old baby boy, the ninth child and happiest of all, by far.

  480. that newborn baby girl i held this morning, those little fingers and toes…those sweet, sleepy eyes. all reminders that the very God of the universe knit her together into who she is.

  481. I am so grateful for Ann Voskamp and One Thousand Gifts. It is truly revolutionizing my life. I read it once and now I am reading it again, more slowly this time and savoring it so much. I am also simultaneously reading through it with my sister and my mom (who is blind). I am also anticipating reading it a third (fourth?) time and taking detailed notes.
    I did begin my list, also:
    **Bunnies bounding around in the backyard.
    **Neighbors who are old-fashioned enough to stop and talk to you.
    **A new Bible as a gift.

  482. God shows me his miraculous glory every day in the joyous noise that reverberates off the walls of our tiny home. Every Day I am blessed to be reminded of his glory. I have 3 amazing children ages 9 months, 6 years and 10 years old. I had very troubling, problematic pregnancies, and The fact that I have these 3 children are evidence of the Lords grace and glory.

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share his glory with all of you.

  483. Sitting face to face in my comfy chairs with a precious friend who’s serving the Lord in central Asia.

  484. I am leading the children in worship this week at the vbs for our church. God moments are happening for me when I watch the children sing joyfully to God!!

  485. God glory in so many moments He is opening my eyes to..and I am learning to make the habit of noticing….good test results when expecting less, friends for lunch, a monarch (first of the season), summer breeze that lifted the humidity…hmmm….celebrating a 16th birthday of a beautiful, graceful young woman, writing a letter of love to our Compassion child in El Salvador….everyday so full of His Grace and Glory!

  486. Sitting with my beautiful neighbor in her back room, talking about my return to the Lord, the miraculous things that He did to bring me back around to him, both of us with tears streaming, me so grateful that He placed my family next door to hers, grateful to be talking about God with someone who really understands, grateful that His grace extends even to those of us who wander far away and become so broken.

  487. Being asked to facilitate Tuesday morning moms group when I suggested this book. Knowing how I have been broken, yet God IS using my broken-ness. (Its all grace and mercy isnt it!) At the same meeting being told that my son is reaching out and that there are others praying as God is putting all the pieces back together. TWO things to be thankful for -for sure!

  488. Tears spring forth. Happy tears. Small moments. Four daughters walking out of the culdesac, chattering and joyful to begin their walk. Staggered heights. and seasons of life….different hair colors, eclectic blend of personalities and yet SISTERS. This is a glimpse into what God is building for His glory. Sisters, loving one another, caring for one another, sharing in each others lives…..for His glory and for a lifetime. It catches my breath and brings me to tears of thankfulness for what He has done.

  489. On vacation my younger son, who is 7, told me that he’d like to have a “two by two” family (that is what we call our family because there are two parents, two sons and two dogs.) and then he added “if I am so blessed.” I know this is a moment that will stay with me forever. God in all.

  490. I’m so thankful for yummy figs off our tree for a snack today and a ripe, juicy tomato out of our garden. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  491. God’s grace on the phone for 2 hrs (mostly wait time) w/ a government office? YES! It’s possible, even when dealing with the mob, I mean, the IRS. Grace for abatement, an abundance of good information from a kind worker, and even gentle music while I waited.

    I just “liked” (in)courage on FB.

  492. Watching my grammy’s face light up when I told her that her great-grandson would be joining my hubby on a missions trip to Senegal this Fall… she can’t believe God has allowed her to a part of such legacy!

  493. One week ago today I was with my husband in the ER, he with viral meningitis. I’m so grateful that he has recovered. What a difference a week makes! Thank you Lord!

  494. For the precious love of a sweet, devoted, hard-working husband and father after thirty-four years of marriage. By God’s grace we are still united after the ups and downs of all those years and our relationship has aged like a fine wine….better now than ever.

  495. just reading the comments above has made me more grateful. To see God at work, loving, encouraging, healing, giving hope, in the midst of pain, poverty, sorrow, and times of blessing and abundance… He is all we need, ever faithful, ever present. I am stunned at His Awesomeness. I hadn’t written in my 1000 gifts journal in a few days and today I can’t seem to write enough down. Finishing the book club “the Fitting Room” this morning was a blessing to end with “joy” and to wake with another day of glorious rain after days of 100+ weather. A tender husband who held me close after a nightmare and another sleepless night. A son packing for a new adventure and chapter in life, a young soldier spared in a serious situation, a young man giving his life plans to a mission call,a spare vehicle sold, a phone call and support just when I needed it, and the so many more. God is good. Incredibly good. All the time, even when I fail to notice. Thank you, Lord for your blessings to us all.

  496. Holding my precious boy in my arms. Watching his big blue eyes stair back into mine. Time stops. Perfect.

  497. I had a cathedral moment yesterday in the car with my 2 1/2 year old twins. I pointed out the beauty of the clouds that evening. I told them to look at the clouds, they are pink! They got all excited and I began to name all the things we were seeing that God made and I ended with “and God made you and me!” One of the twins said.”you” and I repeated, “yes, God made you and me.” and she says, “God made it all!” I was floored at her understanding and the LORDS presence right at that moment in our car.

  498. Watching my 7 month old great niece in the pool today, and my sister-in-law, who is the Grandma, how she cuddles her and loves her to pieces!

  499. My little girl is growing hair! It’s almost an inch long at the very top and it just sticks up heavenward and I thank the Lord for this good gift!

  500. I thank God for tears that still come, though it’s been seven years, since we kissed our baby boy goodbye for the last time-this side of heaven. I thank God for this moment to pause, remember, and thank our Lord for the time we had with our sweet boy. I thank God for the hope of heaven, the hope that even through tears of sorrow come, tears of joy spilling into hope.
    Thank you Ann, your book has been a healing balm to this hurting heart. Please keep writing, reminding us that “eucharisteo precedes the miracle.”
    Living by HIS Grace Alone,

  501. Everyday is a beautiful moment, as I watch my 4-month old son grow and become stronger. At two months it was discovered he has a major heart defect, and he had open heart surgery. Now, to see him recovering and doing well, learning to grasp things and the smiles he gives us, the joy he exudes in his eyes and spirit….are moments I treasure daily.

  502. A grace moment for me came last night at dinner time (#591!). One of my 7 year old triplets wanted cheese soup for dinner. We managed to get all of the ingredients from our local farmers market, and then came home and all three of the kids chopped and prepped ALL of the ingredients (onions, potatoes, carrots, celery…). As we bowed our heads before the meal and thanked God for those who had grown our food, harvested our food, and prepared our food….it was beautiful. Blessings!

  503. Sitting in the hospital room with my 25 year old daughter for the 18th day and watching how she brightens up the day of those that are here to serve her. Just read an email from someone who visited her (she hadn’t met her before but it is a member of my small group) and she wanted to let my daughter know that she had come to encourage her but had left being encourage …….God’s glory in the moment

  504. Being able to share God’s grace and glory with a young couple last night that have two children under 3 and the husband has strayed. We know too many couples in this situation where one can simply say “I’m not happy,” and instead of turning to God and their spouse, they turn to someone else. We all get in that daily routine rut, especially after babies come and husbands feel neglected and we feel overwhelmed and not good enough at anything anymore and there aren’t enough hours in a day. Lord, let us take our marriage vows seriously, let us remember why we married our spouses, and husbands love your wives and wives respect your husbands, and please let us bring our children into Christian homes so our families turn to YOU to survive all of the trials that face us.

  505. Today, I am thankful for average July temperatures, after a couple days of sticky simmering roasting heat. And for green growing things, and strength to weed them. 🙂

  506. Every day I am ever surprised how He surrounds me with his glory. Today is couch cushion jumping day and am so thankful we have a roof over our heads and this couch to jump on and smiles on faces.

  507. Today, I am loving the gift of beautiful blue skies and the blessing of the a/c on such a warm TX day! 🙂

  508. One of my grace moments this week? Sitting on the bed with eldest, talking about hard stuff. Watching his thoughts unfold and feeling his trust as he gives them to me. It’s still with me. Growing up is hard.

  509. I am thankful for the blessing of watching my eleven year old son, who is all athlete and boy, help his little sister put together a glittery Fancy Nancy puzzle.

  510. The first bite into a tomato/bacon/mayo sandwich. Tomatoes from our garden. A burst of sunshine in your mouth. Amazing how He gives us such delights.

  511. Oh, thank you for the opportunity to share this one glory moment that just happened! My sweet tweener and I had gotten cross-ways with each other…and God inserted His cross ways! As I finished combing the snags out of her beautiful curls, the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit started filling in “the rest of the story”…then, as we shared some art time shortly after, our conversation naturally turned towards the issue that had been at the root of our little conflict – and we had such a rich, full, insightful into each other’s hearts time! And this just happened…and I was able to speak into her what God had been telling me about her purpose at the same time! Cross-ways redeemed by Cross ways!

  512. I am thankful each day for simply being able to stay home and enjoy taking care of my children each day. Feeding them, teaching them, reading to them….investing in their lives….watching them grow up before my very eyes.

  513. I was blessed with such a wonderful morning. The temperatures were cool, the breeze smelled of flowers and grass, my dog and cat cuddled close and I had a good nights sleep. Such simple but heart warming pleasures.

    I follow via twitter.

  514. We are thankful for the joy He brings us, sometimes through our little two year old son, who is developing a baby-style sense of humor, and occasionally says “me Gampa–me not Noah–me GAMPA!”

  515. Thankful for the way the wiggle wilts away in my nursing baby as sleep sets in… the smallness of his fingers, his smooth round cheeks and rolly-polly thighs. The way he falls heavy on my chest before nap time; his head smelling like he belongs to me.

    Thankful that I belong to Him… thankful that He holds me in my heavy moments, too.

  516. The spark of recognition in a friend’s eyes, when visiting him in the ICU this week, not sure what to expect of his condition. Praise God, he’s off life support and doing well. 🙂

  517. God always knows just what we need….just when we need it…… & each time this happens in my life I am filled with gratitude all over again. A few weeks ago I took the day off of work to get a few things done…but first I made time to begin Ann’s book. I had just finished reading pg.32-41 and I had to stop & take it all in. I had to breathe in the words, ponder their meaning to me and allow my very soul to absorb these pages. Just then my phone rang, it was the summer gym nurse, my teenage son had been injured… I closed Ann’s book and headed off to take my son to urgent care. What should have been a very stressful day was filled with Eucharisteo. The medical staff that we saw was the father of some very good friends of my son (Thank you Lord for this blessing!) he helped to ease our fears, & the xray tech was the daughter of a friend of mine (AGAIN, Thank you Lord for this blessing!). My son is in a full leg brace w/crutches… but the injury is not as bad as it could have been & no its no fun to be immobilized during the summer – but we are learning patience through this (another blessing from God!)…. I am so thankful that God ALWAYS knows just what we need & just when we need it.

  518. fresh picked tomatoes from our garden….tomato juice running down to my elbows as I bit into the vibrant red and yellow slices….oh such joy from our Creator!

  519. I’m Thankful for having a blessed relationship w/my mom whom is sitting here with me sewing crafts for a craft sale and my children are happily playing outside on a beautiful summer day. While my other 3boys at a boyscout camp w/daddy.
    This has been a grace filled summer-knowing their will be difficulty ahead i can rest in the beautiful moment of today!

  520. Thankful today for “eating” play-doh ice cream cones together with my 3-year old daughter and gazing into my 7-month old son’s eyes, imagining all that God has made him to be and the life he has ahead.

  521. God graciously provided a dear brother in Christ who came over last night, saw our stinky attitudes and asked us right away if he could pray with us. Brought conviction and peace into a frustrating moment that probably would have lasted all night. God’s grace in relationship has been showing itself super-abundantly lately!

  522. Being able to really smile at my husband after complete oral rehabillitation and restoration . Feeling to so very blessed to finally do so! Placing the glory where it belongs with God.

  523. I find God in the moments when He gently reminds me of a song or a particular verse. Yesterday and today it has been: “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for we shall reap if we do not faint.” This was His was of reminding me to continue praying for a situation with which I have started to become discouraged. He is good!

    I “liked” Incourage on FB.

  524. Pulling over to watch the cows play in the twilight, until they were called in. Our 3 children and my husband and I like to ride up to a tall hill in the countryside outside our city to watch the sunset once in a while. This week, the cows put on a play for us! The giggles and voice-overs coming from the back seat made a wonderful memory…. still thankful for it, 3 days later! 🙂

  525. My son, turning 23, graduating college, finding a job in his field, and living independently! I’m so grateful God has provided for him.

  526. The glorious sunshine on this summer day, and the freshness that arrives each morning, including this one, promising hope and mercies anew…

    …my twin sons water-coloring and chattering in the backyard
    …my niece bringing me book after book after book to read
    …my two older boys out at the theater with their Auntie
    …music wafting through the house amidst with the breeze from open windows
    …a friend in labor today, delivering life, receiving love
    …reading David Platt’s RADICAL with both excitement and agony
    …too many gifts to list!

  527. A healthy, 8 lb baby boy born at 4:12pm this afternoon!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Praise HIM for a safe delivery, a healthy baby, and the precious loving family he has joined!

  528. Grace is weeping over my miscarriage at 17 weeks until my 23 month old started giggling while nursing. Joy and sorrow mingled together. Grace is God supporting me through friends and meals and love. Grace is the smile on my children’s lips, the rain on the garden, and even the hail – how He works, I don’t always understand, but I know that He is always good.

  529. Seeing 4 sets of wet footprints on the path from the lake to the car made by my wonderful children. One of the prints is now bigger than my own foot!

  530. Picking fresh strawberries….warm for supper with cream! Tastes like summer to me 😉 Then having tea and sweets with two special friends… blessed!

  531. That the beautiful full moon which beamed into my daughter’s bedroom last night, and the sun it was reflecting which crept over the horizon into my bedroom this morning are the exact same “greater & lesser lights” that Jesus beheld on earth, and that preceded the first Adam so long ago.

    But, though Jesus came after Adam, He came before the sun and the moon… they were made by Him. I feel God’s grace in revealing to me that, ancient though these sky-bound glories are, He is infinitely more so, and therefore the One to be worshiped, rather than th