Sheila Seiler Lagrand
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Sheila worships, lives, and writes in rural Southern California with her husband Rich and their three dogs. She spots God everywhere.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Thank you for sharing your love story, your struggle, and your blessings through God. It brought tears to my eyes and blessed my heart. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for this. We met with similar opposition, only for marrying “too young” 🙂
    You write beautifully.

  3. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story here. It made me think of my grandmother who married her best friend when they were well past the age of 60. I remember she wore a gold dress. I think it was the first wedding I ever went to!

  4. “I didn’t know I wanted love until it tripped me, one day.” Mine blind-sided me. Glad you said yes, glad your man held fast against those who disagreed. You’re right: Perfect love casts out fear. So glad you told your story.

  5. What a sweet post. I got chills reading this! May you both live happily ever after. Thanks for sharing your precious heart!!

  6. This is incredibly touching and I’m singing gratitude for you and the courage you and your groom lived through, knowing your stories were meant to be weaved together and make one beautiful quilt of {Grace}. One of my neighbors lost his beloved bride over a year ago and without warning, God invited this gentleman to step out in courage to take another woman as his bride. After only a brief time they are engaged to be married and it is the most beautiful picture of obedience, trust, surrender, and service to God.

    Rich blessings to you, Sheila, as you live out His promises for you that He’ll never forsake you…

  7. You really made me cry this bright Saturday morning. I’ve been reminded that we serve a big and mighty God who is also our Abba. Live well in His love my sister and brother!!

  8. How beautiful! My great grandma married when she was almost 90 and had her wedding in an old folks home. I still smile when I remember that day.

  9. Ladies, thank you all for your kind words. How you bless us!

    Marrying at the age of four-dozen, as we were, adds interesting twists to the process. I walked into a bridal shop with my 25-year-old daughter, searching for a dress for her to wear–the consultant assumed that Elaine was the bride. I think she was a bit dismayed that she’d only be selling a maid’s dress that day.

    Rich’s then-three-year-old grandson was our ring bearer. After I joined Rich at the altar, he looked up, noticed me standing there, and in a big happy voice said, “Hi, Grandma!”

    By the way, the photos in this post were taken by my amazing brother-in-law, Anthony Mack.

  10. I thrill at an awesome Love story and yours is a beautiful one! My eyes teared as you tole your beloved, how can we cause our families this pain! Your man of steel, refused to accept the pain that a break up would cause the two of you – – and in later years the families! I smiled at the remark of the 3 year old grandson! Hi Grandma! So sweet!

  11. this is beautiful, sheila. my great grandmother married my great grandpa Greg when they were in their 80s. he was of no blood relation to me, but was always my favorite… i loved him and their story.

  12. What a testimony to His great love for us!! This is such a wonderful love story – a testament to your love for each other!

    May God richly bless this marriage!!!

  13. What a precious blessing this day must have been for you all! The Lord gives us the desires of our heart… He really does know what is best! Thank you for sharing this. Love it!

  14. Beautiful story…we got to witness a blessing such yours when my best friend married after nine years of being a widow. My husband married them even though her children were reluctant to give their blessings. Their lives are full of Jesus, loving each other and a wonderful testimony. God bless you for your courage to follow your heart.