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Heather Arbuckle is a writer who lives in McKinney, Texas with her husband and college sweetheart, Marty. Together, they have three amazing blessings from Heaven named Jack, Lily, and Sofie. Currently, Heather is excited to announce the release of her first book with Jebaire Publishing titled Morning Glory: Prayers, Petitions,...

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  1. Yes Heather, sometimes I opt give God a little “hand” too. And that is precisely when I fall. . a mess indeed. Waiting on God is hard for the “do it all” woman. Sounds like we are similar there.
    This was a beautiful post about being a “beautiful mess”.
    But if we weren’t a mess, where would Jesus shine? That is exactly why the mess is beautiful.
    Thank you for these words this morning.
    Love and blessings to you.

  2. Dear Heather,
    I am so grateful that our Father takes us how we are, always loving, never condemning. That amazes me, humbles me , makes me want me reach for Him. His face is always turned to us, His gaze captivated by His daughters. Thank you so much for your words this morning.

    • His love amazes me everyday. It takes my breath away when I consider that our Holy Father accepts His children…mess and all. Have a beautiful day.

  3. You and I are twins! I always talk about my tendency to pull a Sarah when it comes to helping God along with His plans. Not that I’m actually giving another woman to my husband, but I do some pretty spectacularly silly things thinking I’m helping. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This truly blessed me.
    I once read a book, Messy No More, about messie people. It was not about sin, or helping God, but about overcoming household clutter.
    But this message brought it all back.
    Now, my new mantra will be: I Can Hardly Wait Until I Am “Messy No More”.
    In other words, when our Savior returns and we stop trying to do it all ourselves.
    Thanks for you encouraging words.

  5. Love this article! And I too know this all too well! I am sure our Lord is wishing I would just quit making messes and leave it to Him! Total trust and dependence on our Lord= no messes!!! Love you my Sister!!

  6. Always good to know I am not the only Heather who thinks she’s “got this” with a wink and a smile to God letting Him know she’s here for HIM. Yeah, right! Haha! Trust is a tough thing when you’ve been burned in the world. It makes it hard to accept that God will always be faithful when no one else ever has been.

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  8. Beautifully said! I struggle with getting caught in the “mess” of daily life. I don’t always stop and see the beauty in that mess. Thanks for sharing your words with us. We all need to be reminded.