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A wife of a Southern gentleman, blessed to be a homeschooling mom of two. A passionate writer, food photographer and blogger who is redeemed by grace

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  1. So true…kind of funny but I just posted yesterday about my “worth in hair” yes, ridiculous I know, but it is crazy what our mind can warp our thinking into.

    Have a great weekend.

    • I often tend to find worth in my hair Kathy. I might even be guilty of “hiding” behind it sometimes. The enemy loves to twist our minds into finding our worth in anything but where it truly lies…in our identity in Christ. Headed over to read your post!


  2. What a great post today. It is hard to die to ourselves, isn’t it? Not to amass as many worldly goods as possible. ? I think that is why I am careful in blogland to not get too bogged down into displaying my worldly goods…for they are temporal and fleeting…and I don’t want to get caught up in the “I have this” and “I want that” whirlwind. Thank you for a beautiful post~ xxoo Diana

    • Yes it is Diana, so very hard. Thank you for hoping over here and commenting. You are always so “good” to us girls at the fence!

  3. What beautiful truth! Your words encouraged my heart and put my mind in the “right” place I know pleases and honors God. Our worth is found in Him alone!
    GREAT post, Heather! Congrats!!

  4. Not even weighing my worth by how many blog comments will fill that need will it? Finding my worth in His words, His scale is the only way I can truly have that peace and the confidence in the beauty He sees in me! And having you as my sister, paving the way for me all of these years, counseling…(in)couraging :-)…supporting…speaking truth…that has been an earthly means by which to better understand my eternal worth.
    Love your sister,

  5. Singing my Sunday School Song right with you! Oh how blessed are we that we have the B-I-B-L-E to stand on! Where would we be without it?

    Thanks Heather!

  6. Excellent, Heather.

    I love how you took that image of the women on the scale (I had seen that somewhere too) and let it speak a better and clearer message through you. You have the gift of insight! I want to be measured according to His Word. I would rather be convicted to seek truth than vain glory and false encouragement.

  7. Such an eye-opening concept. I spent far too many years of my life, wasting away energy and love and purpose, because I thought my identity was measured by the number on a scale. I’m still daily learning to trust who God made me to be, as I ‘stand upon the Word of God’…
    Blessings –

  8. Beautifully Spoken Heather!! Everything……..Nothing Kinda Gals!

    Philippians 3 12-13 MSG
    I do not mean to say that I have got there yet, or that I am perfect yet. But I am trying hard to get there because that is why Christ saved me.
    My Sisters I do not yet think that I have all the things of Christ. But there is one thing that I am doing. I forget what is behind me and reach out to what is ahead of me. (Jesus!n My Love! My Life!)

  9. This is just what I needed to hear. I’ve been looking at myself the wrong way. I’ve been feeling nudges to not do that, but to instead see what God says about me and how I should see myself through HIS lenses, not mine or the world’s.

    BTW, I, too, found my worth in my hair. I was “the girl with long, pretty hair” most of my life (with “help” from family telling me I was never allowed to cut it). But then I went to college, and dyed it, then I cut it all off. 🙂 It was freeing!

  10. Heather, your words in this post so greatly touched my heart. Thank you!!! What a powerful message and a great reminder to us all! And just as you sang a Sunday School song, when I was reading about “standing” on God’s Word, the song kept playing in my head…”On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all over ground is sinking sand.” :0) So true! Thank you, Heather, and praise You, Father!