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Christine Hoover is the author of From Good to Grace and the forthcoming book, Messy Beautiful Friendship. She is a church planting pastor's wife and mom of three boys.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. thank you for the reminder,i often forget to raise my hand and ask for help when i’ve hit a rough patch in life. so very thankful for the people he’s placed in my life.

  2. A a teacher this reminded me of two things. First to remember to ask God’s help instead of feeling frustration, and second to watch for those who need help and are afraid to ask.
    For years I taught in a parochial school, where I taught the kids to pray before every difficult assignment or test,
    When I switched to public school, I could no longer do that, but I need to figure out a way to reincorporate that into my teaching. Any politically correct ideas?
    Prayfully yours

    • Brenda,
      I have a public-school teacher friend who walks around the room while her students are working, placing her hands on them, and silently praying for them. Perhaps as you do that, the Lord will give you discernment about who needs extra attention academically or emotionally.
      I love your heart for your students!

  3. How soo very true! Some churches make you feel like you need to be perfect with no problems.

    I now attend a small, friendly church & find it easy to ask for help or to pray for others. We must all stop & look around us to see the hurting & helpless & just say a prayer for them or give them encouragement.

  4. this morning I prayed that I would know what to do in a certain situation in my life right now. It seems that I can’t get it right and I keep trying to do it all myself. I am so thankful that He put this post in your heart to write and that I felt lead to click through. I truly needed this today as my hand is now raised and I wish I had only done it sooner.

    thank you.

  5. I was just telling a couple of friends the other day how hard it is for me to receive. I can totally relate to this. I need to remember that it’s okay to raise my hand and ask for help. Thanks for helping me do that today!

  6. This is a very needed post. I know my diffuculty comes from too many critical people in the body of Christ. It is almost as if they look for times to grab, and sadly blab about. It is so true as you said, that happens when one lacks understanding of their own brokenness.
    I am happy to say I have a few faithful ladies to confide in who lift me up in prayer and encouragement.
    I have always been blessed to have compassion in my heart, and I pray it always stays. I want to be the one who reaches out to the broken and gives a hand of encouragement.