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Sarah Mae has a past that would be her present if it weren’t for Jesus. A blogger, author, and co-author of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, she’s currently writing The Complicated Heart, a book for broken-hearted lovers of Jesus. Learn more at @thecomplicatedheart on Instagram or...

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  1. Sarah Mae – I loved your video this morning…..
    I am a Dreamer so much so that sometimes I picture God looking at me and shaking his head with a smile, pats me on the head and sending me on my way….It’s like I say “GOD – let’s do this…..or how about THIS….Can we do THIS???” I am just coming out of the stage that you are in….my daughter is off to college and my son is a sophomore in HS…I LOVED being a stay at home mom and I wouldn’t trade a minute of the time, energy, love that I have put into the last 18 years because I have the most amazing, loving and advernturous children. But my husband and I are slowly seeing God putting new opportunities in front of us…In a way I want to jump in with both feet and yet it’s a whole new world out there….I could dream big in the world of being a wife and a mom and in the areas of my life that are comfortable but it’s those GOD SIZE DREAMS that make me pause and say…..”Really….now are you sure about that???…”…LOL

    Well thank you again and I look forward to hearing more from you

  2. I think my God-sized dream would be that I would no longer be tempted to hurt myself; see I realized I was struggling with self-injury around January or so two years ago. I decided to give it up over Lent and had every intention of going back to it, but God changed my mind, and even when Lent was over I have still been trying not to. At first, I was still hurting myself at least once a day, but now I have made it 558 days without hurting myself…unfortunately I am still tempted, sometimes very strongly to go back to it, because honestly although I know it was not a good thing to do, it was something that worked, and worked well.

    • As a mother and grandmother and a lover of Jesus your reply touched my heart deeply. I’m praying that God will take away that need and kiss all your old wounds, that he will wrap his huge arms around you so that you know everything is going to be alright. As an alcoholic and a food a holic I tried to feel better most of my life, and for a split second it worked then life would sober me back up to misery. God promises to take our hurt (ashes) and give us beauty in return, it’s right there all you have to do is take it. It’s a great exchange, life in Christ is LIFE. I’m praying for you, Lonnie

    • praise Jesus for the strength you’ve had to cherish yourself. as His children, we aren’t meant for anything but the absolute best. i pray that any negative urges you have are taken away – and not just removed but replaced with feelings of peace and contentment so full that they could have only come from God.

  3. VA – I’m praying for you! That God will hold you close when you are tempted, and that you feel his presence during those times.

    My God-sized dream at the moment? That my sister-in-law’s lung cancer is obliterated, destroyed, GONE. She is blogging about her journey, and it is heart-wrenching, hopeful and inspirational all at the same time.

    I think God-sized dreams are the tugs on our heart that our mind responds to as “there’s no WAY!” That we know this thing absolutely cannot be accomplished unless we stand back and let God do His thing – using our frailty, our fears, our raw humanity to let His glory shine through!

    • Annie,

      Great definition! I totally agree with you! I think that every fiber of our being longs for it, but our flesh tells us that there is no way without a complete intervention and miracle of God’s mighty power! It’s the stuff that belongs to faith alone…those mountains that can only be moved by faith in the One God who can make it happen. Annie Mae’s God-sized dream is mine as well, and I know every day I have to chose to rely on His power and grace alone to become the wife and mother I desperately long to be.

  4. VA I’m also praying for you that God’s tender love would ease you and give you rest in Him. I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. May the Lord wash away the desire.

    To me a God-sized dream is something God places in your heart and gives a little tug to get you going. Mine are two things right now. My blog is just an act of obedience each day. It keeps me in God’s word. I struggle with having a quiet time and this is holding me accountable. The second dream is to keep a house people can enjoy coming to. Like Sarah I want to be hospitable.

  5. I like to dream. God sized dreams are my specialty! hehe!
    As I watched your video, I couldn’t help but go back in my mind to when I was home with small children. I felt all those same feelings. I wanted to be the best…wife, mom, follower and friend.

    God hears our hearts…..and through Him, we can see dreams come true.

    Still dreamin big!

  6. This coming Tuesday will be my last day of working outside the home. My God-sized dream will be very similar to yours; I love the thought of being a mom/wife/homemaker, but really have to work at it.

  7. My God sized dream, while the same as what you spoke, is also to be a successful writer which I think I am slowly becoming, but only with God’s help. I know that I am not doing this alone. These are not MY talents but HIS. Thank you Lord!

  8. My God-sized dream is to work full-time or from home as a writer or editor. I’m taking on a lot of freelance projects lately, but sometimes the ultimate dream just seems so far away! Hopefully it works out someday!

  9. My God-sized dream is to be a Christian “In the world”. I work for a University Health Care Clinic. It is often hard to remain a Christian with time pressures & the constraints on what one can tell a patient. You musn’t forget “diversity” – LGBT group (homosexuals) & students who undergo gender changes, & those who end up pregnant – unmarried. It’s a rough world out there & I need all of God to keep me going.

  10. being a Godly wife and mother and homemaker is a daily God-sized dream for me, too. i also have one more – a fulfilling career as a jewelry designer that glorifies Him! He is the only way i could ever accomplish any of that. i trust that He has a plan for me. i just have to remember to let go of the wheel!!

  11. I read all these other comments and I think that my “God Sized Dream” seems so small… but I dream that God would heal my broken heart… I know He is working a little everyday but it just seems so slow.

    I guess I feel like I can’t be a great Mom or a good wife until I’m more whole…

  12. Hi Sarah,

    I loved your video, and saw the bracelet you were talking about, Loved it also. My God size dream is that of being an entreprenuer, I have a business God birthed in me six years ago, Organized Solutions And Events TM. We had our first event an Empowerment Breakfast about making a living with your passion when we first began. 2 years ago God birthed a magazine from the business: Organized Solutions And Events Presents SM… Organized And Orderly about Living Life Simplified SM. That is my God sized dream, plus some :-D. Our Magazine link is below:

    Thank you Sarah for your post today. I try needed the reminder

  13. What is my God sized dreams? I think God sized dreams are dreams that you know you need to dream with Him in mind and that He needs to be involved in them. For me it is simple – I am getting married in December and I want so much to make sure that we do everything right for my fiancee to remain in this country legally. Even just the fees to do the paperwork alone are enormous. It is a God sized dream and I’m just trusting that He is going to see us through it, even though I’m really scared.