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Kati is a full-time student, part-time church employee, and forever lover of Jesus and good books.

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  1. This made me chuckle (in a nice way) because I understand all too well how you’re feeling.
    My very wise girlfriend once told me, “You want to make God laugh? Tell him YOUR plans.”
    It’s hard to let go.

    • Thanks for laughing with me (and God) today! I was thinking of that saying as I wrote. Can’t you just hear the roar of His laugh?! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. I was there. Same grandparents. Same Shirley Temples. Wow, what a memory!

    Love this Katie – and the picture of our own selfish dominoes falling down is so vivid. Thanks for sharing this today!

  3. Thanks for touching my heart in a visual way this morning! Beautiful message I certainly need to remember! Thank you! Thanks to our Father who loves and knows!

  4. I find that it is when those dominoes come tumbling down, we can see the “more-better” plan and structure God has built behind them and for the first time our eyes are opened to His heart for our lives.

    How many times have I sat… watching the tumbling down of my own dominoes… and unlike the wisdom you have shown here – to rest, reflect, and sip the shirley temple – I have started my own reconstruction over and over… just to watch the dominoes topple again… and again… and again…

    think I’m going to rest and drink a shirley temple today 🙂 and wait…

  5. I never knew how to play with dominoes either, until I became an adult. This is a great analogy, and big wisdom to see that God actually waits for our dominoes of self to fall before he begins his work.

  6. Oh, Kati, girl…I have so had those weeks too. I could relate to what you shared and needed this reminder! You’re so right about God wanting to tip over those dominoes of ours and wanting to put something so much better and more secure in their place.

    And I used to play dominoes at my great-grandparents house as well! Instead of the shag carpet our favorite spot was the hard, cool concrete porch in the middle of a hot summer. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane too!

    • I love how this dominos/great-grandparents/shirley temple thing is washing us all over with memories this morning! So sweet. Thanks for your comment.

  7. You all are dating yourselves. It wasn’t great-grandparents. It was grandparents! And it wasn’t dominos, but Pinochle. Okay, so maybe I’m the one being dated. 🙂 Seriously GREAT post! Wonderful imagery and the point of letting go of our own dreams and letting God give us His was beautifully timed! Thanks!

  8. I really needed to be reminded, today of all days, that it’s best if my dominoes fall…I’ll lean on the Lord more. Thanks!

  9. Yes, yes, yes. This is soooo true. Why is it that we struggle so hard to keep our dominoes upright, when we should just trust everything to God? Thanks for the great reminder that God is in control – not us. Just as it should be.


  10. Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart, struggle, and faith in the Lord with all of us! I really appreciate your words and I know these dominos will stay in my mind for quite some time. I hope the next time my dominos of perfectionism, people pleasing, and perforamance issues come toppling down I’ll be able to join with you in thanksgiving to God!

  11. Kati,

    Thank you for your sweet offering of being vulnerable in truth. I know you might get many who say this, but hope and pray that you can take it to heart: You are NOT alone in this domino arranging portion of your life. You’re not even alone in the searching-for-meaningful-employment portion. This is meant to encourage you, not diminish your weariness. For those of us who pant after the the Word of God and long for His imprint in our lives…we can come together in complete understanding when we see how our seasons or pathways mirror one another. I am encouraged by reading this today. I can tell you, as a sister, that I more than empathize (though I share plenty of that kind of understanding) with you. I HEAR you. I applaud you as you find JOY in seeing the Father move in Your life – giving Him complete reign to move those pieces how He desires, so that He can bring about the greater glory in and through your life. His glory. I say a praise of thanks for you today. And a prayer of continued movement, by our King of kings, for all of your days.

  12. As all the comments above, I thank you for this great message today. I know rejection well also. I’ve known it for so long and it came so many times from people I care about most, that I nowadays find myself looking for ways to please people just to escape that feeling of rejection. But…it’s not a way to live and I should just let the dominoes fall and let God do His work. I’ll try starting today.

    • Ahhh, Lilly! Thank you SO much for your honesty. I do that, too! It’s so much easier sometimes to try HARDER to please people just to escape rejection. Thanks, girl!

  13. Sister,

    I love you for being so honest and raw with your struggles. Your bring so much encouragement to everyone from your elementary kids, to women in your bible study because you have a way of speaking straight to peoples hearts. I can’t tell you how much I admire you.

    Love You.
    -Baby Sister

    • Awww, this is totally biased, but this is my favorite comment of the day! Thanks for reading and commenting sister. It means the world. I love you!!!!

  14. Laughter is good for the body!!! Great way to start the day!!! Playing Dominoes is fun, once you try it your hooked!!! 🙂
    I must agree it is an amazing sight to see them tumble!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

    Have a blessed day,

  15. Dear Kati,

    I got a little chuckle when I got to the end of the comments and there was my name! Not me though.

    Thanks for the reminder of playing dominoes on the floor. It wasn’t at my grandparents though, it was here at home. Oh how I can relate to the tumbling dominoes. lately a lot of tumbling has been going on and I have been stubborn and kept putting them back up. Finally I listened to God and said ok I will wait and see what you have planned for me. Here is your blog saying the same thing.

    Thanks for letting the Lord use you in a special way to touch so many women in the ways only God can know they need.

    In Christ’s love & prayers
    Sis in Christ

  16. This is EXACTLY how I have been feeling lately. “Come on, really!?” has been my mantra of choice for a few weeks (okay a month) now. It was just last night, that I finally laughed with God about it all (only after crying first and then realizing how silly I sound). When things seem to be falling apart, God reminds me that they are really falling to Him…which is where they should be. Thank you, Kati! Amazing writing! 🙂

  17. Kati May,
    Yet another beautiful outpour of your soul! 🙂
    You are such an amazing young woman (<– how old am i?) and it warms my heart to see all the love you are getting on this post!
    And boy do i know what it's like to watch those dominos come crashing down…. My dominos go a little something like this: Marriage, london, unattainablemodelboywhodidn'tloveJesusanyway, Cal State LA, J, and France. One… by… one. I'm just thankful God tipped them over!! Those little dominos might be little, but man do they obstruct the view!

    love you so much! very proud of you 🙂

  18. What a wonderful way to look at frustrations! I wonder if last week was just a bad week? I too lined up my dominos and watched them fall. I feel very blessed that is over and I am trying not to set them up this week 🙂

    I love you!
    Grandma Patty Ann

  19. My boys have played dominoes with their grandma & great grandma (who’s 95) for years! They just love it! That and puzzles.

    My dominoes came crashing down about 4 yrs ago and I’m still lining them all back up.