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Lisa-Jo Baker is a bestselling author, lapsed lawyer, and current acquisitions editor for HarperCollins. Originally from South Africa, Lisa-Jo lives outside Washington, D.C., where she fell in love with her husband in the summer of ’96. Their story spans decades, languages, countries, books, three very opinionated teens, and one dog.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Oh exciting! I thought that I wouldn’t have a local store to go to because I live in a smaller town, but it turns out the local Christian bookstore (The Mustard Seed) is on the list. Except I don’t think they’re open on Sundays… we’ll see 🙂

  2. It was cute…God totally encouraged me when I ran into my pastor’s wife this morning at Lifeway…I got my free card and a free book from her. I love how God ordains simple moments when we need them most…

  3. I’m doubly-blessed because I have two — a Lifeway and a Family Christian Store — where I live. Lifeway is a little bigger but is a little farther away. The Family Christian Store is closer so that is probably my favorite — and I always find just the card I’m looking for. 🙂

  4. Sadly, I live in a country that doesn’t have Christian stores. There are a few Catholic Bible shops (they really do only sell Catholic Bibles). So, I guess, currently, my favorite Christian store is because it’s the one place I can order the things I need without being taxed beyond belief.

  5. Family Christian Store, Inverness Plaza, Birmingham, AL. There are a ton of stores around here, but this one has a great selection, friendly staff, and is a good location for me.

  6. The Word Shop Parable Christian Store in Toms River, NJ. A lovely combination of wonderful products that encourage and people who love Jesus.

  7. We have a Family Christian Store here. Lifeways are opening in some cities near us, so we’re hoping to maybe have one of those soon, too!

  8. I have Family Christian Store, but it’s almost an hour away. So I order a lot of my Christian cd’s and books online

  9. I always go to the Family Christian Store near us when I want meaningful cards. What is cool to me is that when I put in your store finder, I now know that Hobby Lobby sells the cards as well. I enjoy visiting your site!

  10. Oh I would love this, we have a local Christian store about 20 min. away. I could have some fun with a $50.00 credit. Thank you.

  11. My favorite around here is JOY Bookstore, but I also go to an outlet nearby where they have a wonderful store where I can get great products for a steal!

  12. My favorite is the Lifeway here on campus at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. But usually I have to order online either from CBD or Amazon. It’s not as much fun as browsing through a store, though!

  13. My favorite is Mardel. Half Christian bookstore and half education. Since I am homeschooling it is a perfect store for me!
    But we do have a Lifeway…I’ll have to stop by for a free card.

  14. The only Chrisitan bookstore we have in town is a Lifeway…I love it, don’t get me wrong. But I miss the local Thomas Book Store that was in town when I was growing up. I stocked all the national stuff but some local too!
    I’m just glad we have a Christian bookstore in town and I support it as much as I can!

  15. My favorite Christian book store is Gifts of Joy in Lima, OH. And, they are on your list!! I haven’t been there since we moved back to Ohio from Wisconsin, so I just might have to make a trip in there this weekend!

  16. Agh! We don’t have any local Christian bookstores here (and the card selection at every other store is terrible)! I do all my card shopping online or in other places while I’m visiting friends/family.

  17. It used to be Northwestern book store but they closed in my neighborhood. The next closest is Bibelot in St Paul MN.

  18. We have a great Family Christian Bookstore a mile from my home – in Midlothian, Va at Chesterfield Town Center. Great place to shop!

  19. Well my favorite used to be Northwestern until last year when all the ones around me went out of business, so using the store locator it looks like the one nearest me is called Nextstep Resources (although it appears to not actually be all that close)

  20. The small town I live in doesn’t have a Christian book store, so I drive about 30 miles to shop at the Family Christian Store.

  21. We have a Family Christian Store here and I LOVE IT! I could spend hours in there looking around! I will definitely stop by and get my free card!
    PS – I haven’t gotten my Hope & Encouragement card pack in the mail yet…

  22. I have to drive about an hour to get to my favorite Christian bookstore. It’s Family Christian in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. They have a great staff!

  23. I’m in Cincinnati, OH and just typed my zip code into the store locator …. we have an overabundance of Christian stores and I didn’t even know it! I’ve been going to a Berean that is 7 miles away, and here I had a Family Christian store less than 3 miles away in our mall. 🙂

  24. My favorite local Christian store is Heritage Book Store in Somerset, KY. If I am in nearby (45 minutes away) Richmond, KY I stop by the Lifeway store there. Nice to know I have a few options.

  25. Mustard Seed in Parsons, KS because it is the closest. But I stop at every Christian bookstore I can find when we travel elsewhere.

  26. Unfortunately the nearest Christian Bookstore for me is in the neighboring state so I do most of my shopping online but when we go home to visit, we always make a trip to Lifeway!!

  27. My favorite Christian bookstore is Perfect Peace. When I go in there, God frequently speaks to my heart. I go in there shopping for something in particular, however, when I leave I so often receive guidance or encouragement from the Lord. I am so thankful for Christian bookstores. Praise God for them.

  28. Congrats to the winner, Lisa! There are two Christian bookstores near me. Gospeland and Lifeway. They both have an excellent variety of materials. Blessings, SusanD

  29. We used to have a Northwestern Bookstore within walking distance of our home, but it closed a few years ago and I was so sad . . . although I got some FABULOUS deals at the store closing sale! Just about a month ago all the remaining Northwestern Bookstores in our area changed to LifeWay stores and I have yet to get to one of them. I’m still lacking a local Christian bookstore and it bums me out.

  30. My favorite (and the only) Christian store nearby Tupelo, MS is LifeWay. They just went through a remodel and I walked in there the other day and was like, ‘oohhhhh, pretty!’ 🙂
    And I absolutely CANNOT wait to send my cards out. I have one very special card that once I read it I knew EXACTLY who it should go to. Plus, I think it’s the prettiest 🙂 More in the post Sunday! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  31. Lighthouse Books & Gifts is my favorite place to hang out! I love books…but it also has a large selection of rubberstamping supplies. The gifts are always something for whatever I need and the ideas to help me make and send my own cards all in one place!

  32. Melberg is my favorite Christian bookstore. The owners were our neighbors growing up and what a great influence on all of us growing up with them.

  33. I love to go to Lifeway to get any of my books. That’s where I’ve always been & I love their store & customer service.

  34. We live in a small town but there is a town close by that has a wonderful Christian book store named “Bible Books and Blessings” in Murphy,NC…LOVE that store

  35. I was sad to see our local christian bookstore close this year but according to your store locator, our town pharmacy (Odon Pharmacy) carries Dayspring products!

  36. I have to drive between 25-30 miles to a Lifeway Christian Store in Florence, SC. 🙂
    I love browsing through that store…

  37. Wow, I found a store in the small town of Newton, IA…close to Des Moines IA.
    I checked it out…It is called “Choices”, and what nice cards a Dayspring Cards. It was a real small but homey store, the kind I like ….where you are treated like a unique person!

  38. We pastor a “country church” – we are in the woods! Therefore, no Christian Bookstore nearby. I like shoping at the ones in The Woodlands or Houston — LifeWay and Family Christian. I usually mark a Saturday to plan “a day at the bookstore.”
    I love to walk around, check out the Bible Studies, Music, Women’s Ministry, and especially the cards! I send e-cards, but really like to find just the right one to send to a friend or family who could use the message inside. I get my inspiration for the women’s conferences I lead by reading titles of books, listening to the Christian Music — looking at the gift sections – and of course I usually find great things for my husband’s children sermon treasure box!
    Do you have a friend who is willing to ask you the hard questions? Are you willing to answer? Yes I do have that friend. God is so good to put someone like that in my life.
    I TRY to answer – often the questions are ones I’ve been asking myself – and I’ve been asking God to change the question. :0)
    But He doesn’t – He just reaffirms it in my girlfriend. These girlfriends are not easy to come by – so give thanks to God if you have one of them in your life!
    Tricia Grable

  39. Garden of Readin’ is actually located in our church so very convenient and everyone is always very helpful. I was just there last night to find a card to send to my 4 year old grandson who just started preschool and was pleasantly surprised – and encouraged! – to get an extra card free.

  40. I am so thankful to have a Christian bookstore right in town where I live now. I’m originally from IL and the Christian bookstores in surrounding towns kept going out of business. My favorite one here is Dove Christian Supply in Enterprise, AL. 🙂

  41. Sadly, we don’t have a local Christan bookstore. We live in a small Montana town where we have to drive an hour to get to the nearest Walmart. That being the case, I was very happy when my mom became a blessings unlimited consultant last month. She’s bringing at least some aspects of the Christian bookstore to us!

  42. As far as bookstores go I have one in town called The Good News bookstore that I sometimes go to. I often go online to CBD, they have so much stuff and such a selection it is really great for all sorts of things and great for ministry usage. I looked at the store locator to see if there was anything near me that I didn’t know about and it had Hobby Lobby listed. I never thought of it as a book store but it is one of my favorite stores to get really neat things from and it is Christian based. Love that store!!!
    Now if only I had money to go shopping!!! 😉

  43. I love Family Christian Bookstore but prices are a bit high so I wait for good sales. My absolute all time favorite store is Day Spring online. The sales are amazing and the quality of their products is solid and never disappointing. Shopping at Day Spring inspires me and makes giving incentive and appreciation gifts to my staff, friends and family affordable. So glad they are in it for the right reasons and it is obvious that the company has a true passion for what they do.

  44. I love Berean they have a wide selection and I am always able to find what I am looking for and more! Though I do have to say I also love here in AZ Bookmans, a used book store where I can get great deals on used Christian books.

  45. hi
    i did e-mail and request a card pack but haven’t reveived them – i would still like to write about how i did encourage someone.
    thank you!

  46. I love The Carpenter’s Shop in Athens, GA. It is a cute, small town Christian Bookstore and it carries the best books and Bible selection!! They have a great staff and they sell local artists artwork!

  47. I love to shop at Hobby Lobby for Christian cards and such…there is one very close to my home. To get the full bookstore effect, I have to drive about 45 minutes to the Lifeway store at Turkey Creek!

  48. Awesome!!! First of all, the free card pack is UH-MAZING!!! So gorgeous! I need to get some more! I can’t wait to blog what I’m doing with them!!! 🙂
    My local Christian star is Daystar in Mt. Vernon, IL!

  49. I love Family Chirstian store, but as I live in the middle of nowhere I have to travel 1.5 hours to get to one. I usually go to Saginaw, MI, But Grand Rapids is just as far (or just as close) Because I live in the middle of those cities.

  50. Picked up my encouragement card (and a few other things) yesterday at Lifeway in Lynchburg VA! Could have staying in there forever just listening to the music…

  51. I love our Lifeway Store 40 miles away, but worth the drive. They have my favorite authors, great music, beautiful gifts and good people that like to help…too fun

  52. I wish I had a good Christian store literally within a 100 miles!!! The joys of living in the boonies!!!

  53. My favorite Christian store is Lifeway, and I went there today on my birthday. Please pick me! It would be a great birthday gift to me! 😉

  54. Mariner’s church bookstore is my favorite in Newport Beach, CA. My favorite store was Lighthouse Christian Bookstore in Orange but they closed their doors due to the economy 🙁

  55. I haven’t yet visited our local Lifeway store since we moved to the area, but would love to make my first visit with a $50 store credit! 🙂

  56. Guess what? We do not have a Lifeway or a Family Christian bookstore in MA. Sniff sniff. But my favorite Lifeway store ever is the one in Springfield,VA. It is large and has huge selection. Most everything is generally in stock, or is on order if they are out. They have a great selection for children, seasonal, and extensive resources on every topic!!

  57. We have a small gift shop here at the camp where I live, but I have always loved Majesty in Fresno. I sure don’t get there as often as I’d like, but they’re friendly and helpful!

  58. I usually shop at LifeWay in the Turkey Creek shopping center in Knoxville. I’m also a fan of Cedar Springs Christian Store, and Cokesbury Bookstore, too! I’m very lucky to have so many choices!

  59. The Door Christian bookstore in San Carlos California is wonderful. My brother worked there in high school and it has such a nice family atmosphere!

  60. The only nearby Christian bookstore I’m aware of is Lifeway. I worked for an independent Christian bookstore for 7 years (high school to grad school!), which was huge- nothing else stacks up to it!

  61. I would have use to have said Family Christian, unfortunately since we moved they are quite a ways out of the way, but they still are my favorite. Now I shop at Berean as it is the “local” christian store. But I would also add that I love the bookstore at our church. It has so many wonderful things, is waaaaaay too convenient and I am always stopping in to check out the latest books and home decor, or latest purse selection, and I love the jewelry.

  62. My favorite is Family Christian Stores in Westminster, CO. I could spend hours just walking around, looking at all the discounted books and the music!

  63. I haven’t been to the store listed in the locator, I am new to the area and have been focusing on my new job and home. There happens to be a store in the same mall I work and I will stop by there today before I go to work. It’s call C28, in the Short Pump Town Center. I think there is a Lifeway on my way to work as well. When I lived in Va Beach I would regularly as well as visit Heaven and Earth (my grandmothers favorite store)!

  64. Family Christian Bookstore in Lombard, IL Not many around anymore…….because most of us our shopping online.
    Thanks and LOVE your site

  65. I knew I would forget to post tell how I’d used my cards. I even wrote myself a note and just now as I was getting ready to go to church for tonight’s service, I noticed my note. I said, Opps! knew I’d forget.
    I sent 3 of the cards. I sent two to people in our congregation who had lost family members in death. I sent the other one to a man in our congregation who had a sudden heart attack and had to have by pass surgery while we were on vacation a few weeks ago. We did not know of his illness until we returned and there was one that I thought would cheer him up. I just love the cards. Wish I had gotten more that were for men. The ladies’ ones are especially good. Thanks so much.

  66. I love our Christian bookstore here ! The name of it is “LOVE” and they are struggling in today’s economic times. I went in yesterday with my grand daughters. They were not giving the card away but we did find some great DVD’s and cards!

  67. I forgot to post how I used my cards today! I have some very close friends that I just let know how much they mean to me. Their friendships are so dear that I couldn’t let today go by without letting them know. Thank you for the card pack.

    BTW…My favorite store it Family Christian in St. Peters, MO. Love to spend time there!!!

  68. I have got a christian book store but it is in Guernsey in the Channel Islands UK. They dont have dayspring cards. I dont know if there is any dayspring cards sold in the United Kingdom. I will have t look on the internet. The cards are so lovely. I love reading through the letters and devotions on this page. Thank you God Bless x