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  1. We love the idea of giving gifts anonomously. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. The cool thing is that no matter if the gift is big or small, God gets all the praise over it!
    You have me thinking on what else we can do around here. I’ll be tuning in…

  2. I love this idea. I think I may just do the same thing. We don’t usually have cash in our pockets, but during this season, we will so that we will not miss an opportunity to do some good. Thank you for suggesting this.

  3. Being a college student, idk how much cash I can have in my pocket. But this Christmas, my family isn’t able to afford gifts at all. and I was very bummed about this at first, but then i realized. Hey, its not about me getting presents, its about God’s praise and glory. and your posts gave me some GREAT ideas on how to celebrate God. THanks so much.

  4. That is an awesome idea. I would love to do the money thing, but right now we’re laid off and filling out applications like crazy. So as for the holding doors, smiling at strangers, and telling people happy holidays, I can and will remember to do that when I am out and about. Happy Holidays! =)

  5. This is another excellent challenge. Thank you for sharing it with us! I will find a way everyday that I can give to someone else.

  6. This is a wonderful way to Thank the ultimate Giver, Jesus. How awesome would it be to find more and more people giving love and good cheer and maybe sharing a meal or sharing the gospel? The world can change starting in our own places of influence. God bless each of you who makes a difference in your little corner of the world! Let’s not give this up when Christmas arrives, let’s keep it going throughout 2010.

  7. I love this challenge! So great and I read about it on the day I literally ran over to my elderly in-laws, a distance of 2 miles, to adjust their TV so they could get digital reception. I ran back home as well with a sense of well being. Then I read this and can see how this will make me even more aware of the kindnesses that are free to share with others. In turn we truly give the perfect gift to the Lord who gave everything for us.

  8. Our rural,local Saint Vincent dePaul group hosts a “Neighbors helping Neighbors” program that helps families in need at Christmas time. Last year we helped 3 families, this year there were 13 requests! Most people are asking for “needed” items, not WANTS! We were worried with the economy that our parish may not be able to help these families in need. A local company contacted our group and graciously gave turkeys to each family needing help, they also gave $4,000 to help these families with groceries! God is wonderful, He works through many people to make awesome things happen! Merry Christmas!

  9. There is an awesome group of women in a remote village of Kager, Kenya, who have just been given Bibles in their native tribal tongue of Luo. These women are so hungry for the Word, and are the backbone of their communities. They are involved in a project called JOY Kitchens; imagine transforming an entire village through a simple smokeless cooker! It’s awesome. Check it out: http://www.jubileevillage.org. The various projects being done in Jubilee Village Project are detailed, and will surely warm your heart. God’s doing mighty work in Kenya!

  10. We, along with our family and friends, give Build-A-Bears to the children @ our local hospital who are the hospital during Christmas. We just want to let them know we care. I would like to be able to support families throughout the year by doing hospital survival kits for families there. We experienced many hospital stays throughout my son’s short life and want to give back to others.

  11. Hi, This challenge is truly great and it is awesome! We can all do little things to show people they are important especially when we give to appease hunger and defeat poverty. I have been deeply involved in giving of my cash regularly to my dear siblings and their families who live in Philippines who are poor and needing constant help. At the moment I don’t have much money at all as I have exhausted my funds on their behalf and other significant needs. For this reason alone, I cannot order from DaySpring at this point in time. Maybe down the track as the Lord blesses m again, then I will be able to help DaySpring by placing orders. God bless you all!

  12. I’ve just returned from a trip to India. One of the nationals is in the process of starting an orphanage. In their culture, they don’t receive any type of government benefits or real donations, like we think of here. One of the things on my Christmas wish list is that in lieu of presents, I’d like to make a donation to his orphanage. Heaven knows I don’t need anything else and those little angels could use all the help they can get.

  13. I just starting reading and got totally wrapped up, me whom they call Miss Impatient , will start today and maybe somehow make the world a little better, to me Christmas is everyday