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  1. It appears that I am the first one to post a comment. So I am going to pray for two things. The first thing I am going to pray for is for this site to reach as many women possible. Every day I am inspired to be a better person, a better mother, and a better me.
    My second prayer is for myself. I pray every day to become more patient. In the fast paced world my family lives in, it is difficult to remain calm and patient all the time. I work on it every day and pray that someday it will come easily.

  2. My making room is my scrapping room, and it definitely settles me and reconnects me! Even if I only spend a moment in there on my way to stir dinner or get the laundry, it gives me peace. Thank you for sharing your words that ring so true!

  3. I like to cook and bake, when I can clean as I go along, but I’m not very *crafty*.
    I would say my “making” is my writing and my husband made me a great *making* room last year by turning a guest bedroom into an office with a fresh coat of paint, a new desk and new computer. The thing is, I often don’t give myself permission to indulge in writing, even though I know I am much more balanced when I take time to write.
    Thanks for this perspective. “Creating can be an act of worship that reconnects us to the heart of the Creator.” Such a good reminder!

  4. This is so me. I handle all my responsibilities better if I can just get some time to play in the sewing room or with my clay. Clears out my head and gives me peace.

  5. I “found” knitting last year and have rediscovered crocheting and embroidery and a little sewing. I find creating is good soul food and giving them as special little gifts warms my heart and theirs. I scrapbooked for years and have just recently moved to digital scrapbooking (with a fourth child coming, I just could not keep up).
    Cooking too, is so fun, especially baking.
    I too delight in working with my hands and love the little oohs and ahs from my children. \
    Thanks for this reminder…our creator made us in His image and creating is in our soul.

  6. We were fashioned and shaped by a creative God! I’d imagine that He enjoyed the whole creative design process as He brought the world and us into being …
    I think He takes joy when we re-create, have fun, unwind, try something new, and laugh as we explore this often neglected area of our lives.
    Many of the women I talk with have no idea how to “play.” Perhaps He’s calling us to be like children – in our personal lives as well as our spiritual lives …

  7. I’m gonna have to find a making room! If only my talent was organizing and cleaning, I’m sure I could make one out of the basement down stairs!!
    And I love to bake and cook, too. It gives a nice feeling of immediate satisfaction, for sure!!

  8. Great idea – a Making Room! I have always enjoyed knitting and recently learned 2 creative skills – making Iris Folded cards and Tatting. Like Kiva, making something gives a boost.
    However, similar to Mary, I am not able to do any of that for a season of time (injury). Please that I see/hear/understand what God is trying to teach me during this time of recovery.

  9. Thank you for your article Kiva. It stirred and awaken something in me that I have been neglecting for so long. This blessed me so much.
    We create such busy lives for ourselves that we find ourselves getting away from the things that really matter to us the most.
    I have to set up me a making room.