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Sarah Mae has a past that would be her present if it weren’t for Jesus. A blogger, author, and co-author of Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, she’s currently writing The Complicated Heart, a book for broken-hearted lovers of Jesus. Learn more at @thecomplicatedheart on Instagram or...

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Do I have an arrow in my hand? Oh boy do I! In fact, I’ve got one in each hand!
    Pondering on what you’ve shared and hoping to make some changes.

  2. Thanks for this – it’s always a good reminder that our acts of love to the Lord should be motivated out of love and not simply going through the motions.

  3. Wow. My heart hurts now … I needed this poignant reminder of how I am often guilty of making actions more important than attitude. Thank you.

  4. I think this is my biggest struggle and you have really hit a nerve with me. I am afraid I snap at my 9 year old daughter all too often. At least, that’s how the enemy makes me feel. The enemy always makes me feel that I am a bad mother and that evreyone else has truck-loads of patience with their kids. He makes me wonder what is wrong with me. There is a thin line between teaching/training and making your kids feel unnecessary shame. I can’t say that I really thought about praying for clarity on this until I read your post. Thank you so much! Seriously, thank you for this.

  5. I have held that bow before. If I’d had more than 2 hands I’d have bows in them all.
    But, over time I have learned to lay them down and pray.
    Now, within my marriage, I am tempted many many times to pick it up. And I’m not so sure I’ve actually laid that one completely down just yet.
    You are such a great writer with wisdom. And the real deal!
    I’m linking you up again sometime later today.
    You know where to find me 🙂
    A girl named Joy

  6. Perfectly put. I am putting down my bow of strong conviction. I know it is okay to have strong convictions, but never to allow the enemy to use it to “shame” others.
    For, 4 fingers are pointing back at me.
    Thanks, friend.

  7. My husband and I have begun praying before every meal, even when out (although when we’re caught up in conversation on a “date” we sometimes forget). There are times however, when one of us will begin eating before prayer, sometimes even both, but at some point one of us will realize the mistake and stop eating and sit quietly to catch the other’s attention, and the other noticing will put down their fork and bow their head. We don’t make a big deal of it, things happen, but I love that we haven’t gone an entire meal in months without noticing and stopping. I think maybe God appreciates those moments, when even caught up in a good meal we remember Him. I am hoping it works this way with our children as well.

  8. Thank you for a perfectly timed reminder. I’m about to pick the Littles up from school and I needed to hear this as my *day* is about to begin. Praying this one up and laying down the arrow of shame.

  9. Awesome post.
    I’ve been guilty of this, too.
    I love how you say that praying is praising and not a robotic act of worship. That’s good, girl.
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Sweet Blessings,
    Kate 🙂

  10. Ah yes, this speaks to my heart so well. There was a time in my life when I was so mired in shame myself that I could not help but transmit it to my children and husband with a cutting remark or look. This is a wonderful reminder that we need to surrender all to our merciful Lord.