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Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, counselor, and life coach. Her newest release is The Powerful Purpose of Introverts: Why the World Needs You to Be You. She's also wife to Mark, Mom to Lovelle, and Nana to Eula and Clem.

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  1. Please pray for my sister in Christ Alice. She’s a foreign student facing multiple health problems which have affected her studies and as a result she maybe unable to continue her course. An exam board will be meeting soon and they will decide what happens. Pray for God to intervene in this as well as her health. Also please pray that God will continue to be her strength and hope. Thank you.

  2. We are facing financial difficulties as are many families. Please pray for my husband to find a job. This has been very stressful for our family.

  3. Lord Jesus, I pray for Alice. I pray you keep your healing hand on her … give her peace & strength that only comes from you. I pray she rests her weary head on your shoulder and trust your plan for her.
    I would like to ask for prayer for my dear friend’s family … lori … who went home to her heavenly Father last saturday. she’s left behind 4 small children and one strong husband.
    you can read their story here … please pray for peace and strength through these very difficult days ahead …

  4. I pray for your friend, Tracie. I pray that Lori’s found peace and that her family finds comfort in their season of need. May you all share good memories of her and keep her spirit alive through your fondest thoughts. May He bless her widower and her four children.
    My prayer request is for the continued health of my mom, a breast cancer survivor. She is 67 years old and was diagnosed last Halloween. I pray that she remain healthy. Thank you.

  5. Running out the door and WISH I had more time to read everyone’s requests. Will do so later. In the meanwhile–HAVE AN AMAZING LORD’S DAY!

  6. Dear Heavenly Father, I praise you for Yolanda’s Mom and the healing from her breast cancer. Please keep her healthy! In Christ Name, Amen.
    My prayer request is for my brother and his family who are adopting. Please pray for the scheduling of the first of three court dates.

  7. I pray for Mel’s brother and family who want to welcome another child into their family through adoption. Please make the scheduling of their court dates possible.
    My prayer request is for my sons who are greiving the loss of their father through suicide. Also, prayers for the friends of my husband who are also suffering through this tragedy.

  8. Oh Anonymous. Lord Jesus, I pray for this sweet woman and her sons in this hour of loss and grief. I claim strength and courage and much comfort for each of them, especially her boys to walk through each day knowing they are not alone as You minister to their hearts. There is a special dispensation of Grace for widows and orphans that I pray she has full measure and when she does, that she recognizes it is Your Gift to her. Suffering may come in the night, but may joy come in the morning for each of them. In the Powerful and Living Name of Jesus. Amen.
    My prayer is for salvation for my family, for my son and two daughters to be walking with the Lord. Thank you. Bless you all this Sunday.

  9. One more prayer of peace I read this morning from Chuck Swindoll: “A frame of mind that is receiving support from leaning and, therefore, is being sustained, You, Lord, will watch over with infinite calm. Because he leans fully and relies upon You and none other, You, Lord God, are the everlasting support.” Amen.

  10. It is always a blessing to pray for each of you posting above.
    My family is in a time of transition, and I am finally confident I have made the choices God has led me to. Please pray for my mother: that God will give her peace about my decisions, heal the strained relationship we have with her, heal her past hurts that seem to keep her bound in bitterness, and she will trust God and come to know Him in a much more real way.

  11. I pray for my brother and sister-in-law who are having marital problems. I pray they find you and let you lead them into the happiness and the loving relationship they deserve.

  12. LORD, I pray for Janene’s brother and SIL that they will look to You for wisdom and guidance and that You will restore their marriage.amen
    Please pray for my sister/BIL & niece Alex. ALex is 19 and left home last week to live with her 20yo boyfriend. they are moving around staying with friends since they have no money or car. My BIL was arrested when he went to one house and tried to bring her home. please pray for a peaceful resolution to those charges. pray Alex comes home. Her parents are so sad and angry that she has chosen to give everything (car,job,home) up for this boy.

  13. I pray for Tammy and that all families find peace.
    Please pray for my husband as he is becoming more violent and he is NOT the person I met and fell in love with almost 11 years ago.
    I pray that the help he is about to receive will bring peace within him and within myself as what the best decision to make for myself and my children as well.

  14. Father, I lift Joy to you. Please protect her and her children and give her great discernment and wisdom about the decisions she needs to make. I lift her husband and pray the help he is seeking really will be help. Please do a work in him that only you can do. Heal him where he needs it. Bring peace to replace the violence. Mend what has broken and restore him. Bless this family. Give Joy the ability to trust you and lean on you as she goes through this trial. In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen
    My prayer request is for my husband. He works nights. He can’t go to church or Bible Study and just seems so cut off from the world. His schedule is so different from us and from his friends, so even when he has time off, he spends most of it alone watching movies. I just pray he can find a way to get fed spiritually, to have some fellowship, and to stay healthy while he makes these sacrifices to provide for our family. It’s going to be awhile before the schedule changes and I just want to know how best to suppport him. Thank you. : )

  15. Father I pray for Becky’s husband. Intervene in his life if it be Your will.
    Please pray for my sister Peggy. She has COPD and not doing well.

  16. Lord, I lift up Peggy to you and ask for healing and peace for her and her fmaily.
    Please pray for my MIL, Trudy. She has suffered several mini-strokes and is in the hospital. Please pray for my husband as he makes decisions about how to help her.

  17. I’m praying for Trudy and her son as they face these challenges, that the Lord may show mercy and offer his guidance and grace in abundance.
    Please pray for my brother, John. He deploys to Afghanistan soon, his second tour, and we are all so afraid for him. Please pray that the Lord will show mercy on him and all of the men and women fighting for our freedom overseas.

  18. Dearest Heavenly I pray that you hold John, and all the other brave men and women fighting for freedom for all your children, in your loving caring hands. Keep them safe, bring them home. Let them live for your glory. Amen.
    Please pray for my family. My husband Robert, is an addict of an over the counter medication. He is living in a homeless shelter, and his two children have been taken by their bio-mom, who has spent no more than 6 months with them in the past 4 years. We have only been married 1 month over 1 year. This is my only marriage. I took my vows seriously when I stood in front of God that day. I want my family back.

  19. Please pray for my husband who is struggling with alcohol addiction. I pray that he will crave time with God more than he craves the alcohol. I pray that God will provide a shield for our children’s eyes so that they don’t grow up to continue the cycle of alcoholism. Please join me in praying.

  20. Hi Tess,
    Father, I pray to Tess and her family. I pray that you shine the heart of your love to her husband so that he may stop the cycle of alcoholism. Father, give Tess courage, peace, and encouragement during this challenging time. I pray for their children. Place a hedge around them Lord, and give them eyes that see you and your grace through all of these challenges. In Jesus name, Amen.
    I, too, ask for prayer for my family during the challenging economic times. My prayer is that God will help us feast on his Word because we do not live on bread alone and let go of any worry or stress of finances. He himself is our peace.

  21. Hi Pamela,
    What an honor to pray for you. I pray that the Lord would open His Word to you and your family in a new way during this time and that it would be a time of exponential spiritual growth for everyone. I pray that the Lord would surprise you with gifts of sustenance along the way.
    I’ve been praying that the Lord would give my husband the spirit of Elijah…that He would turn the heart of my husband toward his children and the heart of my children toward their father. (he’s a great dad…but I’m asking the Lord for a special anointing)

  22. I will be lifting up all the requests and in particular Brooke’s request, that her husband will experience an anointing in his relationship with his children. That is so important.
    I ask for prayer for my relationship with my mom. Too long of a story to ever get into but I am trying to maintain boundaries while still being there for her…so she is avoiding me. Hurts me but more than that my kids miss her. I pray for her salvation as well.

  23. Brooke, May the Lord give your husband the spirit of Elijah and strengthen the love and bond between your husband and children. Family is such a wonderful blessing that I pray that yours may be brought closer together.
    I pray that everyone who shares their wishes for those in their family who need help and support, strength, hope and courage will find comfort, joy, peace and love. This group and its prayers are such a joy and blessing. Each story touches hearts, souls and minds and creates a unique bond that we share. I pray for all who have prayed so far and those yet to come that peace and answers may be found.
    Please pray for my son Matt who starts university tomorrow. May he have the strength to achieve his dreams. I would also ask prayers for my son Dan who starts homeschooling in earnest tomorrow and is struggling to come to terms with all the changes that are happening in our lives at the moment (he has ASD/Asperger’s).
    May the Lord bless and keep all of us and our loved ones safe in His arms and heart now and always.
    Amanda x

  24. Dear Jesus I pray that you will protect Amanda’s son Matt at university and help her son Dan as he starts his new school year.I also ask you for a special blessing for Amanda and her family.
    Please pray for my 23 year old son Daniel as he is at university and for my 20 year old son Justin too.I would like to see them hunger for more of the Lord in their lives.

  25. Stephanie,
    I will pray for your son’s and for your entire family as they go thru life’s adventures. I pray that they may hunger for the Lord in their lives and meet people that share that desire to help lead them.
    Please pray for my family as we are in a process of healing and repair.

  26. Christi I am praying tonight for your family. I pray that everyone will keep an open heart and really listen to each other. May you each begin to really feel just how each other is hurting inside and take tiny steps to begin to find the missing puzzle piece…and begin to repair each and every heart that is hurting and needs to feel each others deep love for each other again.
    God Bless each of you.
    I request prayers for each of my three children to look more to God for answers in their lives and to know it’s ok to hurt and cry sometimes and that God is always near but they need to let Him back into their lives.
    For this I pray …God hear my prayers.

  27. I pray for Janice Kay’s children that they may come to know you more fully. Help Janice to help them and give her peace. I ask for prayers for my son who is in jail and will probably be there at least 5 years; for my daughter to find a job and come back to You; and for my sister Mary who has been out of work for over a year. You know their needs and my concerns without any words. Thank you for praying friends.

  28. Dear Blessed Father..
    Please keep Daniel and Justin in your loving embrace.. Guide their thoughts and their hearts to serve you. Bless them in their studies.
    Please pray for Brad & SHirley. Both on in hospital with lung problems & in medical induced comas. Both are gravely ill.
    Brad is a young father , of soon to be 4 children. Shirley, a grandmom and lovely lady.
    Bless you all. Lisa

  29. Abba Father, we ask that you be with Stephanie’s boys, Daniel and Justin. We ask that you would place a hunger and need upon them to seek you more in their lives. We ask that the fire of the Holy Spirit ignite within them.
    I would ask that you pray for my step-father, Tony. He is set to leave for Afghanistan at the end of October. I know that he is not saved. Pray that he hears the Lord’s calling upon him and that he would accept Jesus before he goes into a war zone.

  30. Dear Lord,
    I lift up MLI’s mom, I pray you would fill all the spaces in her heart where doubt, fear, loneliness, anger and all other kinds of afflictions have dwelled and replace with your love. I pray she would feel how much you love and care for her. I ask you pray for my mother-in-law, that her heart would be softened and she would realize how much pain she has caused her son and that she would want to correct it.

  31. Dear Father, I pray for MLI’s mom to respond to the saviour’s calling on her heart and to realize the blessing of being in him.
    I ask prayer for my son and his wife (and 2 boys) who both lost their jobs and for his health. He has a chronic condition which is irritated by stress.They greatly love God and are trying to stay focused on him.

  32. Jesus, I lift up Stephanie’s boys to You . . . Lord I pray that Daniel and Justin would know no reprieve from hunger and thirst for You . . . that their desire would be for You and You alone and that nothing else would fulfill the Jesus-shaped hole in their hearts. I’m asking for peace for Stephanie’s heart.
    Please pray for my husband . . . that he also would hunger and thirst and reach for the Lord and grow on His journey with Christ. I’ve been asking God for healing from past wounding and that he would find the grace to forgive and accept forgiveness. That he would learn to enjoy the present tense.

  33. Stephanie-Praying that the Lord will draw both of your sons to Himself and that they develop a stronger desire for a closer relationship with Him. And that He would keep them from the things of the world that will only hinder them and that they’ll both choose the ‘road less traveled’. 🙂
    Please pray for my relationship with my parents. I currently haven’t seen them for several weeks and am at a loss for where to go from here. There’s alot of hurt and anger between us that needs to be dealt with but they’re in denial and I’m overwhelmed so withdrawing has been the easiest thing to do so far. Please pray that the Lord will do a work in all of our hearts and lives and that I’ll be sensitive to His will in the matter.

  34. Please help me pray for my sister’s six children to have a relationship with Jesus. Except for one son they do not go to church and they expect Him to do things for them but are not willing to commit to Him from whom all blessings flow.

  35. I pray for Unicie’s sister’s six children that they may know Jesus and come to a closer relationship with Him. I pray that they will commit themselves to Him.
    Please pray for my son Brian. His brother was silled last month in an accident and Brian has been very strong in taking care of me and everything that we have had to do. It is now just the two of us since their father passed away when they were young. Please pray that God will keep Brian under His Grace and Brian will accept his protection. I know that his brother is at peace with His heavenly Father and his earthly father.

  36. Dear Father, I pray for Brian that he will know what your Grace is. That he knows that your Grace is there and we do not have to work for it just grap it. That he will experience your Grace and rest in it. Please pray for me and my Family. My eldest son Jordan and my youngest Jignon. Today is my birhtday and I thank you Father for another chance to be with my Family. Thank you Daddy.

  37. Etlin – what a beautiful name. Happy Birthday! So many of Abba’s holy words come to mind when I think of a birthday and how the knowledge that He formed us in our mother’s womb changed my life. Coming from an extremely abusive childhood, that was at first difficult to understand. Today, as I sit at a patient’s bedside while she sleeps, to watch over her as The Lord’s nurse in a psychiatric hospital, I am ever so grateful for where I came from.
    I’m not sure what your specific challenges are, but I have prayed for you and your sons and the gift Papa has given you and them in time together. He is The God of all hope and second chances, isn’t He? I pray you will all experience the deep, unchanging, strong and tender love of Our Savior today, on this special day of celebrating your birth. I am reminded of a verse from a favorite song of mine by Nicole Nordeman called “I Am.”
    “When life had begun, I was woven and spun. You let the angels dance around the throne…”
    My prayer request would be for my daughter Jess. She is 28 years old, has 2 beautiful children, and is struggling with depression as she endures a difficult marriage to a man who has fallen away from The Lord and pain from being exposed to the effects of my childhood abuse. Thankyou.
    Love to all in Christ, Kelly

  38. Lord I lift up Stephanie’s sons Daniel and Justin. I pray that You would give them and hunger and thirst for you. I pray for their protection and their studies.
    Please pray that my husband would have a stronger desire to read and study the Bible. That he would put aside those things that easily distract (TV, etc) and focus more on the things of God.

  39. Kelly, I pray that God would break the bondage of the past for your son-in-law and that HE would bless your daughter with freedom from her own Bondage. The Lord God Almighty has power to break them both free from their pain. Just as a daddy cares for his little one, our FATHER cares for your daughter and your son in law in such a way that HE knows they are hurting, and is there eagerly waiting to bless them through this pain. God Bless- and I will pray!
    My request is for my marriage. That God would show me the TRUTH and if taking my marriage is in HIS plans that HE would protect me today & always.

  40. Valerie I have lifted you and your marriage before the Lord. I pray for clarity and obedience.
    My request is for a friend who is like a sister. She grew up feeling unloved, unworthy and of no value. While she has accepted the truth of God’s love, she cannot utter those three little words, I love you, to anyone but her son…..not even her husband, whom she loves dearly. Please pray that she she will be able to say “I love you” and that it will grow easier and easier as she continues to say it.

  41. I am asking for prayer for my family. We recently lost our last member of my Mom’s family. An era that spanned for well over 100 years thru Sept. 10, 2009. I am looking forward to that reunion in heaven someday when we will all be together again with he Lord. Pray for us that God will continue to bless us as we continue our journey without our precious Aunt Grace. In Jesus name…..
    I pray for God to intervene for all of the prayer request I have read this morning…and like the wonderful meaning of the word Grace..it is God’s grace that is sufficient for us…trust Him for all things…
    Linda Grace (named after my wonderful aunt)

  42. I pray that the Lord will provide me patience beyond patience so that I can love, teach and stimulate the minds and bodies of my 1 year old and 3 year old. As a new stay at home mom I know you understand that I struggle but want the best for my kids and need your guidance and strength to be the best mom I can be especially as Vincent is in his fifth day of potty training and Alessandra pulls every book out of the book shelf for the 15th time today. I am so gratefully I am able to be home and want to make it a joyful experience with your help.

  43. Kind and Gracious Heavenly Father I all who have posted up to You as you know ever spoken and unspoken need listed. I especially lift up Deb’s friend and ask that You guide her in knocking down the walls surrounding her heart so that she can both receive and give the love and resides within it. Dear God, calm her fears of rejection and allow those three little words become part of her daily vocabulary.
    I ask you, my friends, to lift my husband up as he has been unwilling or unable to truly grieve for our twenty year old son that was killed in a car accident in April 2006. Lee holds this grief inside, sharing with no-one unless I happen to stumble upon him crying in the darkness when he thinks I am asleep. He loves God so much but I fear that holding this pain inside will only lead to bitterness which is not of God. Thank You!

  44. Lord I pray for Daniel and Justin place a huger in there hearts for you that can not be satisfied without them seeking you Father thank you Jesus! I ask Lord that you would bring that perfect man in my life, the one and only you have for me put me on the right course so we can meet! Thank you Jesus!

  45. Dear Jesus. I pray that you to will protect Daniel and Justin, Stephanie’s sons.. May they find Jesus in there lives . May Daniel find his way through the university making his goals realized. And for Justin’s needs as well. Also praying to keep them both safe and in your care amen.
    Please pray for my son today as he has a Court Date to fulfill . Looks like this might close and clear his case that’s on file. Hoping he to fines his way back to the Lord and away from so many outside influences.

  46. Kerry, I will be praying for your son today. I pray The Lord will make his presence known to him and he will find his way.
    I am asking for prayers for my husband and kids and for myself. We are going threw a difficult period right now.

  47. Father, I pray that you put a spiritual hedge of protection around Daniel and Justin. Lord, it’s so hard being a young adult in today’s world. Lord, fill their hearts with a hunger for you.
    Please pray for my 22 year old son Brandon who is applying for medical school. Brandon is living a lifestyle contrary to the way he was raised and we pray that he turns back to God. Pray for our younger son Tyler, that he would hunger for God in his life as he prepares to graduate from high school this year.

  48. Dear Lord,
    I wish to lift up Daniel and Justin to you; please pursue their hearts and place in them a longing for you that only YOU can quench. Fill them with a hunger for more of YOU in everything they do,and help them to see You everywhere in their lives, whether it is at school, or with their friends. Please help them to be a light to all around them.
    Also, if y’all could pray for my husband…he is a God-loving man, and a wonderful husband. However, I lately have been really filled up with a love and passion for the Lord, and I’d like him to experience the same joy. With all of his responsiblities, I think he isn’t feeling the need to grow closer to the Lord right now.

  49. Stephanie: Praying for both your sons today!
    This topic is perfect, as it is my #1 prayer request most days: my family, back home! Please pray for them as they are facing much difficulties all around…

  50. I would ask that you pray for my little sister, Ashley. She is going through a difficult time of living with our parents, trying to finish her teaching certificate, and deeply desiring to find a mate. Just pray for her peace. Thank you!

  51. Savanna, I am praying for your husband. I pray that he would know the joy of following closely with Christ and that your passion would influence him to discover the same for himself. I know that God is seeking him out passionately to have a relationship with Himself.

  52. Dear Lord, I pray for Stephanie’s sons Daniel and Justin. I lift them up and place them in the forefront of prayers today. I ask that You would stir their hearts and cause a hunger like they have never experienced. And you would lead them through people, circumstances, music or words, to arrive at your table and feast on new food.
    I pray for spiritual renewal for my husband, some friends for my 3 yr old CJ at his new preschool, and God to grow a intuitive spirit in 6 month old TJ to know and love God.

  53. Oh, Father. How blessed we are to have such wonderful husbands Father, I thank you for Savanna and I thank you for her husband. I praise you for the FIRE that is inside of Savanna! I lift up her husband right now Lord and ask that that same fire would burn inside of him. I pray that He would love you with all his heart, soul, mind and strength. That he would meditate on Your Word and pray without ceasing. Oh, Father and I pray that Savanna would be a prayer warrior for her husband. We thank you Father and praise You!
    If you could pray for my husband. We are in our four month of marriage and our first year of dental school. He is feeling SO overwhelmed with everything. He does not have confidence in his ability to lead me. Pray for him. Pray for me. We need guidance and He needs peace! 🙂
    Thank you!!!

  54. Please pray for my son David. At 22 he is a new dad, is trying to start his own lawn care business and pay the many bills that come in no matter what. There are “quicker” ways to make money and he knows them well – but that is all part of his old lifestyle – I pray that he maintains the right direction and the strength to resist the urge to go the wrong way.

  55. i pray that God would draw Stephanie’s sons Daniel and Justin to Himself. I pray that Daniel would stand out at the university like his Bible namesake Daniel because he will be different as God works to change his life. I pray that he will influence his brother justin as well. May they become men after God’s heart!
    I would like to give a testimony! I was the first to leave a prayer request for Alice. One of the problems she had was accomodation – yesterday a church friend offered her a place and she is moving in today. Thank you for praying Tracie! Thank god for his provision! I know He will walk her through the rest of the issues.

  56. Please pray for my stepson, Gerald, and my husband. Gerald is a good kid, but very strong willed. His father has been working on changes in how he deals with his sons since we were married. He is making progress, but consistency is not his strong point. Please pray for courage to continue to do what is right. Thank you!

  57. Father, we ask in the name of Jesus for protection for Matt and Dan and students everywhere. Protect them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Guide them in truth. And give our children including Daniel and Justin a hunger and thirst for righteousness and for more of you for then according to your word, they will be satisfied.
    My request is for my husband Gil who just started a new job after eight months out of work. God has totally supplied our every need abundantly. As Gil makes the transition back to work – long days – commute – new responsibilities – he needs encouragement and strength. I ask for favor in the sight of God and the sight of men, for flexibility and appropriate opportunties for time off to travel to be able to connect with elderly parent and adult children/grandchildren, as well as rest and relaxation. Thanks! Where 2 or 3 gather in agreement…. Blessings

  58. Cindy I pray for your husband Gil, as I’m sure adapting to a new schedule and responsibilities will be dautning. May God provide him energy and resilience, confidence and focus to continue to move forward in his day to day tasks. I also keep you in my prayers, as the wife and helper to Gil. May God continue to remind you of the compassion and nurturing Gil will need in this time of transition.
    My request is for my dear friend and co-worker Tammy. She will be undergoing surgery on Thursday for removal of several cysts on her liver. The doctors have considered her internal organs to be abnormal and very problematic…please pray that Tammy leans heavily in the arms of God before she enters surgery and during her post-op.

  59. May the Lord strengthen Tammy as she prepares for surgery, I pray that God would bring her into a place of rest and give her a peace that passes all understanding that would be a testimony to those around her. May God direct the hands of the doctor’s and all the medical personnel that will be attending to her and give them godly wisdom and grace to perform the surgery successfully.
    Please pray for my family, for salvation for my parents and brother-in-law, and for God to set my family free from the strongholds of fear, insecurity, depression and manipulation. Thank you.

  60. T,
    I lift your family in prayer. It echoes so many of the prayers we have prayed. Heavenly Father, please open the eyes of her parents and brother-in-law and set her family free from the strongholds that enslave them.
    Please pray that my husband will come to the Lord. Also my son started college today. Please pray that he continues to walk with God and that there will be a hedge of protection around him. He’s my first one, so I’m a worried mama. Thank you.

  61. I pray for Grace & Peace request. Lord may her husband come to know the Lord, and provide that hedge of protection over her son as he attends college. Keep her also near you and let her know that you are taking care of it all. Lord, I pray also for my own family members that are far from God. Those who have not yet given God control of their lives. Father bless them and call them closer to you. May they need you. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  62. Please pray for our family. We received a Notice of Default on our home today. We’ve known it would be coming, now we have 3 months to figure out if we will be able keep our house or not. Either way, we have financial challenges ahead.

  63. please pray for my husband james. he is overseas, and has fallen into a depression – satan got a foot hold on him and then used the depression as a strong hold, and now he has turned his back on God, and me and our kids, and is up to his head in sin as a result. i am standing strong and interceding in prayer for him to turn back to the Lord and “come home” to our family, and I know God is faithful… the persevering through it and watching him go down this path still hurts, even though I know God is still on the throne and He is still in control.

  64. Anna, I have your husband James in my prayers. I pray that he can find his way back to the Lord and away from this sin that he is following. God Bless.
    I ask for prayers for my father. He was just in an accident last friday and has no vehicle to drive to work. Thankfully, him and the other driver are fine. His job makes him very unhappy, although he’s happy to have one, but it’s slowly wearing him down. The accident happened as he left work. I just ask for prayer for some guidance for him and that maybe he can find a job that isn’t so physically wearing on him. I believe his distractions, one being my divorce, are what caused him to not pay attention to traffic.

  65. Lisa, I will hold you and your father in prayer this week. I will pray for clarity of mind and heart during this difficult time.
    I ask for prayers for my son and his life at college. I pray that God will provide a good friend for him and help him to find the courage necessary to step out of his comfort zone.

  66. My prayer for my husband and sister is that they allow the Lord into their lives as He is continually calling out to them and they refuse to hear. They need Him desperately.

  67. Mary, I pray that your son feels God’s presence as he navigates the challenges of college, that God guides his every footstep and helps him make positive choices. I pray that He brings brothers and sisters in Christ into His life as well. I also pray for you, as it can be difficult when a parent has a child in college.
    Beth, I pray that your husband and sister experience the transforming power of God’s love and that they accept Him as Lord and Savior. I also pray for you. Never underestimate the power of a praying wife and sister. May God continue to strengthen you.
    I ask for prayers for one of my best friends and his family, as his grandfather went home to be with the Lord yesterday and they are dealing with the pain and sorrow of this loss. Also, he and his family are from Nigeria and would like to go home to bury him, but the expenses of this trip are very high and my friend has two parents and 4 siblings.

  68. Kristin, I pray that God will help comfort your friend from Nigeria and his family as they deal with the pain of losing a loved one.I also pray that God provides a way for the whole family to travel there for the funeral.I also pray for God to envelope you and your family with His love.
    Please pray for God to renew my faith in His plan for my life as I sometimes doubt that still being single is truly in my best interest.

  69. I am praying… I lift each and every one of you up to our Heavenly Father. I pray that the Lord will bless you and your family members, and that the good Lord will not take you where His love and mercy will not keep you. I pray that you will all feel His loving arms of comfort wrapped tightly around you, and that you feel His mighty Hand moving in your lives and in the lives of your family members in a mighty way. I pray these things in Jesus’ name.

  70. Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for your prayers. I pray that God strengthens your faith as you wait on Him and that He speaks to you about His plans for you. As He tells us in His word, He knows the plans He has for us, plans for hope and a future. I, too, struggle with being single and wanting to have a Godly man for my husband, so I can definitely relate. Abide in His love and amazing grace, keep seeking Him, and trust that He knows what is best and that things will unfold according to His plan in His perfect timing. Be blessed.
    And Anna, thank you for your prayers for everyone as well. I feel so encouraged by this site.

  71. Kristin, I pray that God will bless you with a Christian husband. You are where you need to be right now…waiting and trusting in His plan. I am divorced, but I pray that God will give me a second chance for a strong Christian marriage. I have been waiting for many years, but my future is secure in Him, so I draw strength everyday from Him as I wait on His timing. Please pray for my sister. She has breast cancer and begins chemo this Friday.

  72. Susan, I am sending out prayers for your sister and your family. I pray that you and your sister will feel peace and find sanctuary in knowing that the Lord is watching over you all. Please pray for my sister. She is beginning a new phase in her life and I worry that she will feel alone and afraid, even though she’d never let it show. Thank you.

  73. Lord I thank you for all who have prayed and requested before me and ask that Your Perfect will be done in each situation in Jesus Name. I ask You Lord to give each one grace to accept Your answers to their request. I pray for Connie’s sister who is beginning a new phase that she will have the blessed assurance that Jesus is hers, and I ask you Lord to replace fear with faith and remind her of Your word,”I will never leave you nor forsake you”, whenever she is alone. Please pray for my husband who has bitterness and anger towards God and has resulted to living in sin to compensate for God letting Him bear the pain of my unwholesome past life before I met him.Pray for restoration of the joy of salvation for him and my son who both knew the Lord but are no longer doing His will.

  74. Our Father God, I pray for the 23 yr old son Daniel of Stephanie who is at university and might be studying for a degree course. May your hedge of protection be upon him Lord. Help him get to his destiny and cover him with your loving. I also pray for the 20 yr old Justin that he may hunger after you Lord and please bless him and the family unit, In Jesus Name! Amen! Please pray for my family as well that each one will all commit to serve the Lord our God and that they will also hunger for more of the Lord!

  75. Heavenly Father, I praise you for your holiness, love and compassion. You, who made us as we are, know how hurtful it is to us to see our families hurting. I lift up Joy’s husband and stand up against the spirit of bitterness and anger that has overtaken him. I pray that this spirit will be broken and that he will return to you. I also lay her son at your feet and pray for him to also rediscover joy in You. I also pray for Maria’s family. Not only do we desire salvation for each one, Lord, but we want them to hunger for you as the deer pants for water. I thank you, God, for what you have done, what you are doing, and what you will do in the future in these lives. I ask my sisters to pray for my two daughters and two daughters-in-love. One daughter, Ami, has remarried her husband in an effort to restore her family. Please pray for a strong marriage where both focus on Christ and financial wisdom. My other daughter, Christy, has had many physical and emotional problems these past few years and is struggling to get back in the habit of attending church & being in the fellowship with other believers. D-I-L’s Jenni and Nicole are stay-at-home moms and Jenni is a home school teacher. Please pray for encouragement for them. Thank you and God bless!

  76. Dear Holy Father, you are so gracious. You even use new things to bless us and bring us together, nothing is outside of your ability. Thank you so much for this community and most of all for the blessing of being able to draw near to your feet and receive grace and strength.
    Abba, I pray for Judi’s family, I pray you would bless her greatly for her heart for you and her family. I pray for Ami, it is so hard to try to reconcile relationships. I pray your unending grace upon her and her husband, I ask for you to bring strong, loving Sisters around her for encouragement and strength. I pray that her husband would also be surrounded by Godly men to sharpen him and challenge him to be the man you want him to be.
    I also pray for Christy as she seeks to put her feet on solid ground again. I know what it is like to fall away and go through a dark night of the soul, even there you work and create something beautiful. Please encourage her, and clearly guide her steps as she continues to learn the beautiful dance you have set for her life.
    Lord please have your hand on these brave mothers, Jenni & Nicole as they take on the work of a stay at home momma, that job never ends. Lord give them grace, love, peace and rest. I pray you would encourage them to receive their strength from you and that they would have your Word hidden in their hearts so that throughout the day is it refreshing their hearts and giving them strength and patience. Thank you for giving them such a loving and caring mother-in-law in Judi. As a daughter-in-law & love, I know what a blessing that is and how much it must mean to Jenni & Nicole.
    Dearest Father, I lift up my Grandma Janet. Only you can truly see how deep her hurt and wounds scar her heart. It is so painful to see her grasping on to them and refusing to let go, to watch her lash out at others in a feeble attempt to protect herself. She has reached the point of being completely irrational in her thinking and her actions, no one can seem to reason with her. Father, I know she claims your saving grace, please find a way to soften her heart to truly forgive and let go of the past so she can love and be loved freely. Please heal her heart, and the hearts of those she has hurt so deeply. Please bring healing and peace to my mother’s family, there are so many deep divisions and wounds that include Grandma. I ache to see them live in harmony and without the multiple disfunctional relationships. Thank you so much for your amazing love and grace.
    In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  77. Oh Dear Jesus, Please hear our prayers for deliverance and healing in all aspects of our daily lives and decision making. Make all our actions and words be directed by you and cause us to do no wrong or harm. We offer thanks and praise for the many blessings you have bestowed on us and help us to be a blessing to others. I especially am requesting support and love to surround the Travis and Pankratz families. You know their needs better than we. Dear Father, guide their surgeons and care providers to render loving care and answer their prayers as only You can. We earnestly ask for total healing this side of heaven for all your children in need of care. Thank you!
    God is good – all the time!!

  78. I just wanted to thank all my sisters in Christ for praying for my sons Daniel and Justin. You have no idea how much it meant to me to see how many people cared enough to pray for my family. I am asking Jesus to answer each precious prayer request that was submitted by each person on this site according to His perfect will.Blessings to all.

  79. Lord, I lift Stephanie to you. May you hear her prayers for her sons and bless them. A mother’s heart aches for safety for her children. May you reach your love and protection to both Daniel and Justin and bring about a thirst that can only be quenched by your Spirit. Bring them to your side and grow them into men after your own heart.
    I bring before you my prayers for my three children. My youngest especially needing a special outpouring of your grace, strength and blessings. His financial situation is dire and he is so tired of one kick back after another.

  80. Father, I lift Kelvin to you that you will provide guidance in his life. Lead him to have faith in you and self confidence. Help him to cope with changes in his teenage years and guide him to be a responsible person.

  81. My prayer today is for a young girl who is like a daughter to me. She had a procedure done last week, and due to complications had emergency surgery yesterday evening. Last night she was in a tremendous amount of pain. I am praying for healing, for God to guide the doctors, and for Lisa to take this time to draw back to the Lord. She has lost sight of Him, and may suffer the consequences of that all her life. But I pray if she must deal with this long term, she sees it as a reminder of how she needs God in her life. I pray God protects and comforts her (and she allows Him to do so).

  82. Please join me in praying for my family: my husband had an amazing word from the Lord at the beginning of this year that He wanted me to be full-time at home raising our three kiddos. this is such a blessing as i have been praying for God to speak to my husband that he would have faith that the Lord will supply for us if we follow His plan for husbands/wives & family. so we have been preparing and working diligently and seeking the next step from God along the way. please pray that we would be sensitive to the leading of the Lord, that our faith would overflow as God moves us into this awesome phase of life, that my husband’s job would be blessed and that our house would sell as we look for the new home that God has for our soon-to-be one income family. thank you for your belief and faith and prayers on our behalf. heather

  83. Dear Jesus I pray for Mary’s three precious children that You will provide grace and strength to live for You and to please bless their lives. I pray for Grace’s loved one named Kelvin.He is a teenager and needs Your guidance Lord.Please help him have faith in You Lord.I ask for healing and a hunger for You Lord for Kristi’s friend Lisa.Please give Heather and her family confirmation that they are in your perfect will for their lives and bless them Lord with your perfect goodness.I love you Lord and thank you for being so faithful to us all.

  84. Father, God please honor Stephanie’s prayer and please protect and bless my own family, my husband, Jeremy my children Tashanna, Scherrie and Jereyl Thank You in Jesus’s name Amen

  85. Cherry – I pray God’s blessing and protection on your family. He knows your every need and I pray for your strength and peace no matter what circumstances may come your way.
    I ask for prayers for my daughter Erin. She is doing things that degrade herself as a woman and separate her from a life that brings glory to God. I pray that she also sees that what she is doing makes her a stumbling block in others’ lives. Help me and her family communicate with her, too, in a way that brings her back to her walk with God.

  86. Susan – I prayed and asked the Lord to open Erin’s ears and heart to His love for her so she will know just how precious she is to her Heavenly Father.I also asked the Lord to give you wisdom on how to communicate biblical truth in love to your daughter.

  87. Susan, I have prayed for Erin to have a softening of her heart and to turn from the error of her ways. I also prayed that God gives you the strength and wisdom to continue to love your daughter unconditionally, so that she may get a glimpse of our Father’s amazing love for us.
    I’m here today to ask for prayers for my brother and sister-in-law. Their marriage is in trouble, and neither of them know the Lord very well, if at all. I ask for prayers for their spiritual lives, their marriage, and the daunting task of raising two children without God at the center of the household. Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for my family.

  88. Dear Lord I pray for Anna’s brother and SIL’s marriage and their two children.We know nothing is impossible for you God.I pray for peace to flood their household and for a hunger to be ignited to want You in the center of their lives.Thank you for listening to our prayers Father God. Please bless Anna and her family too Lord. In Jesus name Amen.

  89. My son has Hodgekins Lymphoma cancer and is stryggling with chemo and illness …..please oray for his relationship with god more importantly!! much thanks

  90. darrice, i pray mightly for your son, that he might know our Lord and Saviour on a personal level, i ask in the name of Jesus, that your son, be healed from this cancer, and that he will have no lasting ill effects from this disease and these chemo treatments..
    also, thanks to everyone who prayed for my request on behalf of my grandson.. i could feel a peace come over me, knowing that God was in control, and i should not worry.. he has had a much better week in school.. and i know it is a result of the prayers that were sent up for him..i am so thankful for this site. and the Godly women here..
    May God bless each one mightly on this glorious day. kathy

  91. Lord, I pray for Stephanie’s children as they grow into adulthood and attend college. May they find a deeper love for You as the grow.
    Now Lord, I switch to my own family. I pray Lord for my husband to come back home. He is loved so dearly by all of us. Please help him as he struggles and help clear his head. I pray Lord that his decision is to come back to me. I love him unconditionally.

  92. Pray for my sister Billie who is an alcoholic,for her daughter who is as well, for my Brother who is a pain killer prescription addict, my cousins who are addicts as well, salvation for my Daughter and two Sons………..